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Index of Biographies from "Philadelphia, A History of the City and its People; A Record of 225 Years", Published 1912, by S.H. Clark in Philadelphia, Author, Ellis Paxson Oberholtzer Feb 2005 Diana Smith
jordan.htm Everyname Index and Genealogy Clues, Colonial Families in Philadelphia, edited by John W. Jordan, 1911 Mar 2000 Hamilton Computer Service
arment-sb.txt Samuel B. Arment; 1852-after 1899; Physician and Surgeon Aug 2005 Joy Fisher
behr-fa.txt Frederick August Behr; 1823- , Lumberman and Miller Apr 2007 Joy Fisher
boody-lh.txt Lincoln H. Boody; 1860-after 1899, Proprietor of the Rupert Granite & Marble Works (NJ) Jul 2005 Joy Fisher
boon0003.txt George Boone Jr; c. 1636- :England> USA, Phil Co > Berks Co Oct 1997 Bill Scroggins
chalfant-t.txt Thomas Chalfant; 1819-after 1899, Carpenter, Patternmaker & Postmaster Jul 2005 Joy Fisher
clement-jk.txt John Kay Clement; 1820-1882; Prominent Criminal Lawyer Jul 2005 Joy Fisher
cox-jb.txt John B. Cox; 1826-1892; Photographer, Blacksmith, Wagon Maker and Undertaker Feb 2008 Joy Fisher
dehaev0001.txt Biographical Notes on the DeHaven Family in America, 1698 - Sep 1997 Joe Patterson
dehawm001.txt Biographical Notes on William Dehaven, Philadelphia/Montgomery Co, 1714-1784 Sep 1997 DeHaven-L
dehavj0001.txt Biographical Notes on John Dehaven, Philadelphia/Montgomery Co, 1713-1812 Sep 1997 DeHaven-L
dehavs0001.txt Biographical Notes on Samuel Dehaven, Philadelphia/Montgomery Co, 1724-1815 Sep 1997 DeHaven-L
duc-fa.txt Frank A. Duk (Duke), 1902-  ; Vaudeville Actor Dec 2008 Charles Duke
dundas-j.txt DUNDAS, James, 1788-1865; Pres. Pennsylvania Bank Sep 2012 Alice Warner Brosey
foote-wh.txt Rev. William Henry FOOTE, 1794-1869; Presbyterian Pastor Jun 2009 Alice Warner
fritz-al.txt Andrew Lucius Fritz; Lawyer Jul 2005 Joy Fisher
garman-mb.txt Martin B. Garman; 1827-1891; Owner of Old Blue Anchor Inn Nov 2009 P Barr
glenn-hf.txt Henry F. Glenn; 1837-after 1899; Manager at Jackson & Woodin Manufacturing Company Jul 2005 Joy Fisher
goodwell-r.txt Robert Goodwell; 1827-1898; President of Goodwill Coal & Coke Company of West Virginia Jul 2005 Joy Fisher
hardie-rj.txt Robert James Hardie; Autobiography (1996) Jan 2002 Vince Summers
harris-rn.txt Rev. Robert N. Harris; 1866-after 1899; Pastor of the First Congregational Church of Mount Carmel Aug 2005 Joy Fisher
harrison-wj.txt W. Joseph Harrison; 1863-after 1899; Manager of Danville Knitting Mill Company Aug 2005 Joy Fisher
heim-aa.txt Andrew A. Heim; 1874-after 1899; Capitalist and Business Promoter Jul 2005 Joy Fisher
Kenneth Andrew Hudson, Jr.; 1964- ; U. S. Coast Guard Member and Environmental Inspector Oct 2008 Kenneth Hudson
hens0001.txt Hensel Family History, 1798 - 1920 Jul 1997 JemYem
hieber-eg.txt Emanuel G. Hieber; 1830- ; Farmer Feb 2008 Joy Fisher
ingr0001.txt Ingraam Descendants: Chester/Philadelphia Counties Apr 1998 Diane M. Butcher
joy-j.txt Jacob Joy, 1760-1839; Rev. War Soldier May 2006 Dan Lindley & Faith Lindley Smith
kleim-ca.txt Christopher A. Kleim; 1847-after 1899; Drug Store Proprietor Jul 2005 Joy Fisher
kraus-c.txt Conrad Kraus; 1858- ; Sullivan County Court Judge Feb 2008 Joy Fisher
kraus-wh.txt William H. Kraus; 1863- ; Butcher and Dealer in Meats Feb 2008 Joy Fisher
kreamer-c.txt Conrad Kreamer; 1824-after 1899; Farmer Jul 2005 Joy Fisher
leaf-eb.txt Edward Bowman Leaf; 1866-1910; Iron and Steel Businessman Jun 2007 Diana Quinones
mills-w.txt William Mills, 1749-1842 ; Rev. War Soldier May 2006 Dan Lindley & Faith Lindley Smith
morgan01.txt Edward Morgan c. 1670- :Wales> USA, Phil Co > Berks Co Oct 1997 Michael Milton Mason
montgomery-jr.txt Dr. James R. Montgomery; 1858-after 1899; Graduate of Jefferson Medical College Jul 2005 Joy Fisher
oram-whm.txt William H. M. Oram; 1842-after 1899; Attorney-At-Law Jul 2005 Joy Fisher
ostrander-oh.txt Ogden H. Ostrander; 1837-after 1899; Civil Engineer, Real Estate Business and Accountant Aug 2005 Joy Fisher
peirce-g.txt Thomas May Peirce, 1837-1896; Established Peirce College of Business Sep 2009 Lew Smedley
William Penn, 1644-1718;
- The Ghost of William Penn: My Happiest Times I Spent in Delco
- Resolve Troubles with Heartfelt Amicability
- A Sterling Tale of Two Delco Politicians
- A Grand Tale of Justice for All
- The Forgotten “Period of Togetherness”
- Touting Chester and “First Voyages” to Pennsylvania
Dec 2011 Thomas Smith
redeker-t.txt Theodore Redeker; 1868-after 1899; Furniture Manufacturer Jul 2005 Joy Fisher
sauer-c.txt Christopher Sauer, 1693- ; Settled in Germantown from Germany Jul 2003 Candace Roth
smit0001.txt Sebastian Schmidt/Smith c. 1700-1750 Jun 1997 Robert E. Smith
smedley-sl.txt Samuel Lightfoot Smedley, 1832-; Chief Engineer and Surveyor of Philadelphia for 21 Years. Aug 2008 Lew Smedley
smit 0002.txt George W. Smith: from Philadelphia Dec 1997 Candy Grubb
s3400001.txt Dr. Charles Janeway Stille', 1819-1899 Jan 1997 Linnea Miller
vincent-fp.txt Fred Porter Vincent; 1856- , Proprietor of Men's Clothing Store May 2007 Joy Fisher
watson-jv.txt Autobiographical Notes of James Verree Watson, 1895 Aug 2001 Jane Peppler
weinert-jn.txt Johan Nicholas Weinert, 1716-bef. 1800 Jun 2002 Sheri LeQuia
whiteley-j.txt John Whiteley; 1838-after 1899; Farmer Aug 2005 Joy Fisher
williamson-w.txt Walter Williamson; 1811-1870; Homeopathic Practitioner / Physician Feb 2009 Joy Fisher
wright-t.txt Theodore Wright; 1868- ; Sullivan County Court Judge Feb 2008 Joy Fisher

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