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1684philmap.txt 1684 Map, Philadelphia as William Penn Knew It Apr 1999 Michael Milton Mason
adsaldine.txt Ads in the Aldine Theatre Magazine; February 20, 1928 Jun 2001 BettyAnn
alexandersloanco.txt Alexander Sloan Jr. & Co., Military Goods, 1903 (Letter) Dec 2008 Barbara W. Brown
baederadamsonco.txt Baeder, Adamson & Co., Glue & More, 1889 (Letter) Jul 2008 Barbara W. Brown
adsbranford.txt Ads in the Branford Theatre Program; December 29, 1923 Jun 2001 BettyAnn
ads1891.txt Ads in the Boyd's Blue Book for 1891 Nov 2000 Diane Frunzi
bransonknitting.txt Branson Knitting Machines, 1899 (Letter) Dec 2008 Barbara W. Brown
bucksocial.txt BUCK in Philadelphia Social Registers (1923-32) Feb 2002 Jane Hamilton
9th-fire-mem.txt Bureau of Fire, Ninth Annual Memorial and Patriotic Service: Feb. 19, 1919 Sept 2000 Michael Dick
carpenters1786.txt Carpenter's Company, Members 1786 Oct 2001 Donna Bluemink
corneliusbaker.txt Cornelius & Baker, 1891 (Letter) Aug 2008 Barbara W. Brown
consolidatedmfgco.txt Consolidated Manufacturing Co., Brush Machinery, 1891 (Letter) Jul 2008 Barbara W. Brown
adscrosskeys.txt Ads in the Cross Keys Theatre Program; May 12, 1924 Jun 2001 BettyAnn
garmanhouse.txt Garman House; The Blue Anchor Inn Nov 2009 P Barr
hgermtwn01.txt "Guidebook to Historic Germantown", 1902 Oct 1997 EVC

General Alumni Catalogue Of Jefferson Medical College, 1917
- History of Jefferson Medical College
- Board of Trustees
Sep 2007 Joy Fisher
lwdb0001.txt A Lady's Traveling Wardrobe Oct 1997 EVC
yfever1793.htm A Short Account of Malignant Fever in Philadelphia (1793) Mar 2005 Marjorie B. Winter
acttoholdland1731.txt Act of 1731 - For The Better Enabling Divers Inhabintants Of The Province Of Pennsylvania To Hold Lands And To Invest Them With The Privileges Of Natural-Born Subjects Of The Said Province Feb 2008 Earl Hoffman
acttoholdland1739.txt Act of 1739 - An Act For The Better Enabling Divers Inhabintants Of The Province Of Pensylvania To Trade And Hold Lands Within The Said Province Feb 2008 Earl Hoffman
carpentershall.jpg Carpenters Hall (Image) Feb 2008 Nancy Annie Odegard
Christ Church & side door (Image) Feb 2008 Nancy Annie Odegard
dixoninterviews.txt Dixon Educational Bureau Interviews of Joseph M. McCabe, Harry Brozarth, William Coneys, Alice Eckert, Amelia Eichert, R.V. Irving, 1903 (Letter) Jul 2008 Barbara W. Brown
ehbutlerco.txt E. H. Butler & Co., Educational Publishers, 1896 (Letter) Jan 2009 Barbara W. Brown
fringsbroscigars.txt Frings Bros. Co. Cigars, 1928 (Letter) Jul 2008 Barbara W. Brown

Gloria Dei Old Swedes Church & Cemetery, (Image) Founded 1700
Columbus Blvd. and Christian Street
Wood Carving (Image)
Feb 2008 Nancy Annie Odegard
horne-r-ltr.txt Ralph Horne At Pennsylvania Reform School, Morganza, 1897 (Letter) Jul 2008 Barbara W. Brown
jamesmvanceco.txt James M. Vance & Co., Hardware, 1897 (Letter) Jul 2008 Barbara W. Brown
knickerbockericeco.txt Knickerbocker Ice Company, 1892 (Letter) Dec 2008 Barbara W. Brown
louisdreka.txt Louis Dreka, Stationary Printing, 1899 (Letter) Dec 2008 Barbara W. Brown
hospadm-newo.txt Philadelphians Admitted to the Lunatic Asylum and Public Hospital in New Orleans during the 1840's and 1850's Jul 2002 Colleen Fitzpatrick
morristaskerco.txt Morris Tasker & Co., Pascal Iron Works, 1866 (Letter) Dec 2008 Barbara W. Brown
amitytwppetition.txt Reaffirming Petition for Amity Twp. 1744 Nov 2001 Liz Harrison
oldphil01.txt Surnames mentioned in "Happenings In Ye Olde Philadelphia" Apr 1998 Michael Milton Mason
manwaring.txt Retirement of  Mr. A. H. Manwaring: 1927 Mar 2001 Vince Summers
phil0001.txt Mayors, 1701-1926 and city officials 1926: Philadelphia upd.
Aug 1999
John McAnulty's Saloon, 39th and Aspen sts. s/e corner W. Phila. 1880's Sep 2006 Billy Dorsch
williamdolierco.txt William D'Olier & Co., Yarns & Cotton, 1900 (Letter) Dec 2008 Barbara W. Brown
pennwill4.txt Fourth Will of William Penn, 1701 Feb 1998 Nancy Hammes
pennhouse.jpg William Penn House (Image) May 2006 RSM
pasaltmanuco.txt Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Co., 1900 (Letter) Dec 2008 Barbara W. Brown
Full Size Images:
policeclass1950c.jpg (1MB)
policeclass1950d.jpg (.5MB)
Police College Class #102 (October 31, 1950)
 - Image of Graduating Class
 - Image of Graduate James T. Brown's Diploma
Nov 2005 Jim Brown
stereo-powelton1859.jpg Powelton House
From the NW, March 12, 1859
Nov 2006 Christina Hunt
crewrecords.txt Crew Lists from the Philadelphia Maritime Records Dec 2000 Liz Harrison
philneig.txt Philadelphia Neighborhoods Nov 1997 Sally Huntley
pitkinthomas.txt Pitkin & Thomas, Government Goods, 1881 (Letter) Dec 2008 Barbara W. Brown
pitkinaugustusthomasco.txt Pitkin & Thomas, Augustus Thomas & Co., Uniforms, 1889 (Business Letter) Jul 2008 Barbara W. Brown
adsplays.txt Ads in Plays and Players; January 2, 1928  Jun 2001 BettyAnn
1855 REPORT OF THE PHILADELPHIA RELIEF COMMITTEE Appointed to Collect Funds For The Sufferers By Yellow Fever Jun 2004 Donna Bluemink

Ads in The Stanley Theatre Programme; March 15, 1920
Pages from Program (1920):
Program Cover
Program Listing
Next Week's Program
Ads from Program
Ads from Program
Ads from Program
Jun 2001 BettyAnn
Ads in The Stanton Theatre Magazine and Program; February 18, 1924
Pages from Program (1924):
Program Cover
Program Listing
Upcoming Program
Gloria Swanson (star)
Ads from Program
Ads from Program
Ads from Program
Ads from Program
Back Cover of Program
Jun 2001 BettyAnn
staugustinec.jpg St. Augustine Catholic Church, (Image) 4th and Vine Streets Feb 2008 Nancy Annie Odegard
thompson-jb-ltr.txt James B. Thompson, Letter Of Recommendation, 1902 (Letter) Jul 2008 Barbara W. Brown
Gotthilf Gottlieb G. Thon's Saloon/Hotel/Cigar Shop at the corner of Broad and Christian Sts.,circa 1900-1910. Gotthilf Gottlieb G. Thon is in the center of the picture taken inside the bar. Jun 2009 Sheryl Moore
wirwincheyney.txt W. Irwin Cheyney, Consulting Engineer, 1903 (Letter) Jul 2008 Barbara W. Brown
wpwilstachco.txt W. P. Wilstch & Co., Saddlery, 1864 (Ad) Jul 2008 Barbara W. Brown
williamhthomasco.txt William H. Thomas & Co., Institutional Supplies, 1898 (Ad) Jul 2008 Barbara W. Brown
Ads in The Walnut Street Theatre Program; 1920
Pages from Program (1920):
Front Cover of Program
Theatre's First Program (1812)
Re-Opening Program (1920)
Interesting Events & Ads
Information Page
Jun 2001 BettyAnn
willseye.txt Wills Eye Hospital, Board and Staff: 1952 Oct 2000 Barbara Brown Hootman

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