Sandy Hollow

Church Cemetery

Carroll Township, Perry County





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Russell Fry


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Mary BAKER d. 10/2/1888, aged 68y 10m 12d, wife of W. L. Baker


Ralph A. BAKER d. 1/29/1896, aged 2m 24d, son of Silas and Emma Baker


Solomon BERKSTRESSER  View 2  d. 10/9/1862 at camp near Sharpville(?), aged 49y 1m ?d, Civil War Veteran


Rebecca BOGGS d. 1/11/1879, aged 55y 9m 18d, wife of Jacob Boggs


Peter CAMERON d. 8/1/1874, aged 75y


Susanna CAMERON d. 4/16/1877, aged 58y 2m ?d, wife of Peter Cameron


Margaret Alice COOK d. 12/17/1895, aged 18d, daughter of Harry E. and Anna M. Cook


Rev. Mary E. DONMOYER Who gave her life in his service 8/31/1952


Ella K. EMINGER d. 3/10/1890, aged 21y 8m 6d, wife of Clarion Eminger


Alfred FOLTZ d. 9/5/1862, aged 8y 9d, son of Michael and Susan C. Foltz


Henry FOLTZ d. 9/7/1894, aged 49y 10m 17d, Co. E 47 Regt. PA. Vol.


Maurice H. FOLTZ d. 1/25/1883 aged 1m 19d, with Ida A. FOLTZ d. 11/13/1895 aged 17y 9m 5d, children of Wilson M. and Anna E. Foltz


Michael FOLTZ  View 2  d. 2/2/1880, aged 54y 10m 19d, Civil War Veteran


Sarah E. FOLTZ with Amanda C. FOLTZ, d. 9/15/1862, Sarah aged 5y 10m 8d, Amanda aged 3y 5m 7d, children of Michael and Susan C. Foltz


Wilson M. FOLTZ d. 3/24/1900 aged 50y 6m 26d, with wife Anna E. Lickel d. 9/15/1925 aged 68y 2m


Abraham KITNER  View of plot  d. 5/7/1896, aged 66y 3m 22d, Civil War Veteran


Abraham KITNER 1861-1863


Benjamin KITNER d. 6/21/1865, aged 2y 1d, son of David and Sarah R. Kitner


Caleb KITNER d. 9/30/1846, aged 3y 3m 19d, son of George and Mary M. Kitner


Charles KITNER 1857-1858


Clara B. KITNER d. 9/22/1886, aged 8m 24d, daughter of J.S. and Martha A. Kitner


Enos KITNER d. 11/26/1873, aged 22y 9m 2d, son of George and Mary M. Kitner


George KITNER d. 5/23/1867, aged 55y 7d


John W. KITNER 1860-1861


Louisa KITNER 1872


Mary J. KITNER 12/4/1834-1/11/1873, aged 38y 1m 7d, wife of Samuel Kitner


Samuel KITNER 8/18/1862-8/16/1863, aged 1y 4m 28d, son of Samuel and Mary Kitner


Samuel KITNER 12/23/1822-3/18/1894, aged 71y 2m 23d


Sarah KITNER d. 5/17/1892, aged 55y 11m 22d, Mother


Sarah F. KITNER 1858-1862


Willamina J. KITNER d. 4/16/1862, aged 6y 4m 6d, daughter of George and Mary M. Kitner


Mamie SHEAFFER d. 9/18/1896, aged 11m 28d, daughter of Oliver and Annie Sheaffer


Benj. SMEICH Co. A. 101st PA Inf.


Catharine SMITH 5/1844-3/1911, wife of H. F. Smith (same stone)


Catherine SMITH d. 12/7/1894, aged 80y 11m 17d, wife of H.P. Smith (same stone)


Catherine SMITH d. 9/8/1852, aged 2y 3m 10d, daughter of H.P. and C. Smith


Cora SMITH  View 2  12/23/1879-6/23/1888, aged 6m, daughter of H.F. and Catharine Smith


H. F. SMITH 5/21/1837-2/9/1916, same stone as Catharine, Civil War Veteran


H. P. SMITH d. 4/13/1897, aged 83y 2m 22d, same stone as Catherine


Infant SMITH 9/20/1873, son of S.B. and S.J. Smith


Infant SMITH 8/16/1875, son of S.B. and S.J. Smith


Infant SMITH d. 1/28/1867, aged 6m 12d, son of S.B. and S.J. Smith


Son SMITH d. 5/3/1871, aged 1y 7m 3d, son of S.B. and S.J. Smith


Anna Elizabeth SOULE d. 8/20/1862, aged 8y 3m 20d, adopted daughter of John and Mary Soule


John SOULE 2/13/1804-4/2/1877, aged 73y 1m 19d


Nancey SOULE 9/7/1794-9/22/1875, aged 81y 15d, wife of John Soule


George W. WELCH d. 2/5/1897, aged 39y 5m 4d, Our Mother





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