Rudolph Cemetery

Juniata Township, Perry County


Photos contributed by

Russell Fry and Karl Miller





Civil War

Daniel Gless, Jacob Brown, J. A. Haney,
G.W. Wise, John Clay


World War Two

Martin B. Orwin


Ezekiah ALBRIGHT  d. 3/12/1854, Aged 18y 4m 20d, Son of John and Susanna Albright


Mary E. ASPER  7/14/1859-11/5/1880, Aged 21y 3m 21d


Naoma J. ASPER  5/12/1857-10/17/1868, Aged 11y 5m 5d


Susannah BARNS  d. 1/18/1863, Aged 46y 10m 11d, Wife of John S. Barns


Amelia Ann BROWN  d. 4/9/1855, Aged 24y 7m 22d, Wife of Ananias G. Brown


Charlotte BROWN  10/20/1790-12/7/1881, Aged 91y 1m 13d


Ephram Lindford BROWN  d. 2/6/185?, Aged 4d, Son of Ananias G. and A--- Brown


Jacob BROWN  8/17/1780-9/13/1854, Aged 74y 26d


Chester CLAY  d. 4/18/1841(?), Aged 17y 18d, Son of M. and E. Clay


Dollie M. CLAY  d. 8/23/1877, Aged 12y 5m 8d, Daughter of William B. and Ann Clay


Elizabeth CLAY  d. 11/9/1880, Aged 67y 1m 25d, Wife of Mathias Clay


James W. CLAY  d. 5/13/1857, Infant son of W. B. and L. A. Clay


John B. CLAY  d. 9/7/1907, Aged 71y 2m 17d


Mary J. CLAY  d. 3/27/185?, Aged ?y ?m, Daughter of M. and E. Clay


Mary M. Keefer CLAY  1845-1927, Wife of John B. Clay


Matthias CLAY  d. 5/17/1853, Aged 45y 2m 9d


Sarah E. CLAY  d. 3/11/1851, Aged 4y 2m 4d, Daughter of M. and E. Clay


S. H. and A. L. CLAY  Born and died 5/16/1887


Wm. B. CLAY  2/1/1833-3/31/1873, Aged 40y 1m 30d


Catharine Kough GANTT  d. 2/3/1853, Aged 28y 1d, Consort of Jesse L. Gantt


J. L. GANTT  10/10/1810-3/1/1880, Aged 69y 4m 21d


Margaret Jane GANTT  d. 8/2/1869, Aged 9y 5m 22d, Daughter of Jesse T.(?) and Catharine Gantt


J. A. HANEY  Co. A, 9th PA. CAV


Abraham E. HANY  10/7/1858-11/21/1862, Aged 4y 1m 14d, Son of --mas and Barbara Hany


Barbara A. HEANY  d. 6/23/1869(?)


Barbara Fleurie HEANY  d. 10/16/1904, Aged 77y 10m 1d, Wife of Thomas Heany


Catharine A. HEANY  d. 7/1/1860, Aged 5m 4d, Daughter of Tho's Heany


Eleanor HEANY  d. 6/3/1848, Aged 32y 5m 8d, Wife of Tho's Heany


Frances A. HEANY  d. 12/28/1889, Aged 1y 2m 18d, Daughter of Daniel M. and Anna M. Heany


Harriet E. HEANY  d. 4/3/1872, Aged 2m 11d, Daughter of Daniel M. and Anna M. Heany


Robert H. HEANY  4/26/1899, Aged 47y 4m 21d


Thomas HEANY  d. 2/11/1891, Aged 74y 10m 20d


John KOSIER  d. 8/28/1868, Aged 60y 8m 21d


Maria Rice KOSIER  d. 12/7/1864, Aged 57y 7m 18d, Wife of John Kosier


Sarah N. KOSIER  d. 5/17/1863, Aged 18y 8m 7d


Alfred B. KOUGH  d. 10/29/1855, Aged 4y 7m 9d, Son of William and Mary Kough


Amanda KOUGH  d. 3/31/1848, Aged 1y 1m 9d, Daughter of Will-- and Mary Kough


Eleanor KOUGH  d. 9/25/1856, Aged 68y 7m 25d, Wife of John Kough


Emma Carrie KOUGH  d. 12/8/1863, Aged 4y 1m 11d, Daughter of Willm and Mary Kough


James Calvin KOUGH  d. 10/29/1853, Aged 4m 3d, Son of William and Mary Kough


John KOUGH, Sr.  12/14/1787-7/9/1867, Aged 79y 6m 26d


Mary Ann KOUGH  d. 10/20/1862, Aged about 60y, Wife of John Kough, Sr.


Margaret A. MAXWELL  d. 5/?/1867(?), Aged 23y 1m 21d, Wife of George W. Maxwell


Abraham ORWAN  9/11/1845-7/25/1917


Martin B. ORWAN  1904-1941, Sgt., Seaman PFC U.S.S. Saratoga, Pvt. 30th Ord. Co. H.M.


Martin E. ORWAN  1866-1944, "Father"


Mary E. ORWAN  d. 9/16/1931


Aaron C. OSBORN  3/30/1821-7/6/1846, Aged 25y 3m 6d


David OSBORN  10/30/1845-3/25/1846, Aged 4m 25d, Son of A. and S. Osborn


Martha J. OSBORN  9/13/1843-1/22/1846, Aged 2y 4m 9d, Daughter of A. and Susan Osborn


Mary OSBORN  d. 9/25/1845, Aged 48y 3m 4d, Consort of Ma. Osborn


Emaline ROBINSON  d. 5/4/1846, Aged 9m 1d, Daughter of James and Margaret Robinson


Rudolph Cemetery 


Julia A. Troup SHATTO  d. 5/19/1865, Aged 66y 8m 14d, Wife of David Shatto, "Our Mother"


Mary E. SMEICH  d. 3/11/1918, Aged 80y 10m 28d


Maudie -.-. SMITH  d. 2/8/1892, Aged 3y 2m 22d, Daughter of J. H. and Maggie M. Smith


Nellie Jane SMITH  9/17/1879-10/22/1879


P. Marie I. SMITH  d. 8/26/1897, Aged 7m 23d, Daughter of J. H. and Maggie M. Smith


Robert TILBURY  d. 11/18/1888, Aged 72y 4m 2d


A. G. TROUP  d. 12/25/1872, Aged 44y 1d


Nellie A. TROUP  d. 10/25/1862, Aged 1y 4m 25d, Daughter of A.G. and Rosannah Heany Troup


George WEISE  d. 1/4/1855, AGed 71y 2m 27d


George W. WEISE  d. 3/25/1865, Aged 42y 11m 29d, Of Co. G 208 --- P.V. Killed by a shell from a Confederate -----in front of ----


Mary E. WEISE  2/10/1793-6/4/1870, Aged 77y 3m 24d, Wife of Geo. Weise Sr.


Rebeca WISE  6/9/1825-9/19/1846, Aged 21y 3m 10d, Daughter of George and Mary E. Wise






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