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Church Cemetery

Newport, Perry County




Photos contributed


Russell Fry



Jacob ARNOLD with Annie


William J. ARNOLD 5/19/1905-10/19/1958, with Elizabeth M. ARNOLD 2/12/1908-7/31/1971


David A. A. BAIR 4/5/1863-12/8/1864, aged 1y 8m 3d, son of John J. and Elizabeth Bair


Edward E. BAIR 7/11/1866-2/11/1868, aged 1y 7m, son of John J. and Elizabeth Bair


Elizabeth BAIR 2/26/1841-2/26/1869, wife of John J. Bair


John J. M. BAIR 5/4/1861-8/2/1864, aged 3y 2m 29d, son of John J. and Elizabeth Bair


Margaret C. L. Bair 7/29/1859-12/23/1864, aged 5y 4m 25d, daughter of John J. and Elizabeth Bair


Mary BAIR d. 3/28/1868, aged 22y 5m 10d, wife of Sylvester Bair


Larry E. BAKER 6/7/1947-8/6/1966


Edna M. BEASOM 1904-1966


Isaac Newton BEASOM 1878-1964


John C. BEASOM 3/1/1876-2/2/1912, with Mary E. BEASOM 1877-1932, and sons Cloyd I. aged 1m 11d, and David H. aged 7y 4m 5d


Josephine M. BEASOM 1877-1917


M. Kathryn BEASOM 1907-1988


Ralph H. BEASOM 1909-1978, 306 Int. Reg. 77 Div.


Russell F. BEASOM 1902-1970


Hellen A. BELL aged 1m, daughter of Irvin and Ruth E. Bell


Bruce W. BERNHEISEL  View 2  1/18/1922-1/12/1990 US Army WWII, with Arletta M. BERNHEISEL 3/6/1919-12/19/1986 American Legion Auxiliary


Carrie B. BITTING 1874-1929


Helen M. BITTING 1927-1986






James I. BITTING 1909-1934


Jonathan W. BITTING 1901-1956


Joseph H. BITTING 1868-1956


Gerald E. BONSALL 11/6/1930-7/21/2004


Agnes B. BRETZ 5/19/1843-3/30/1926, with Elmira B. McKnight b. 8/15/1847


Catharine BRETZ 2/7/1812-8/3/1882, aged 71y 5m 28d


Isaac BRETZ 11/8/1806-8/9/1876, aged 69y 9m 1d


Walter M. BRETZ 1911-1982


Gerald Casper BUCHER 1905-1963


Miranda J. BUCHER 1905-2000


John G. BUPP 1870-1953, with Emma M. BUPP 1869-1945


C. Ray BURD 1893-1972


Carl W. BURD 1905-1973, with Anna M. BURD 1915-1997(?)


Clarence BURD 1912-1995, with Marian A. BURD 1913-1992


Ethel L. BURD 1893-1960


Geo. Wm. BURD 9/29/1903-12/19/1930, with wife Eleanor Wright BURD 6/27/1905-2/14/1993


Maurice R. BURD 1880-1933, with Flora C. BURD 1881-1947


Mary Bretz BURKHOLDER 1845-1926


Jeffery Lee CAMPBELL 9/19/1961-6/21/1991


Albert D. CLOUSER 8/5/1910-7/8/1987


Grace R. CLOUSER 10/2/1905-10/8/1994


David COX d. 1/11/1865, aged 17y 5m(?) 28d, son of John and Rebecca Cox


John COX 12/1802-4/12(?)/1870, aged 67y 4m


Rebecca COX d. 1/10/1867, aged 57y ?m 13d, wife of John Cox


E. Woody CRISSMAN 1895-1986


John "Jack" CRISSMAN 4/19/1923-10/19/1997


Mary E. CRISSMAN 1896-1970


C. CRUM 1902(?)


John CRUM 6/17/1834-5/11/1919 Pvt. Co. 9 165th Reg. PA Vol. Inf., with wife Catharine CRUM 6/29/1834-3/2/1912


Regina Anne DIDRICKSON 1886-1957


Charles I. EBY 1881-1949, with Laura Y. EBY 1889-1948


Audrey J. FOGLE 2/8/1929-6/14/1999, nee Bitting


Joseph H. FORTENBAUGH Jr.  View 2  6/17/1926-11/29/1993, Sgt. US Army Air Corps WWII


Catharine P. FRANK d. 8/22/1867, aged 3y(?) 3m 12d(?), daughter of Louis and Susan Frank


Ida L. FRANK d. 4(?)/4/????, daughter of Samuel and Susan Frank


Irvin J. FRANK 9/14/1859-2/13/1900, aged 40y 4m 29d


Lewis FRANK 5/25/1837-2/11/1884, aged 46y 8m 16d


Susanah FRANK 7/16/1842-9/18/1911, aged 69y 2m 2d


Willmer W. FRANK d. 12/29/1862(?), son of Samuel and Susan Frank


Elmira M. FREE 1/12/1829-3/7/1868, aged 29y 1m 26d, wife of Brant Free


Harry Clinton FREE 11/7/1867-12/5/1879, aged 12y 28d, son of Brant and Elmira Free


Katie E. FREE d. 1/3/1869, aged 3y 5m 9d, daughter of H. and E. Free


Mary D. FREE 1/28/1806-8/17/1877, aged 71y 6m 19d


Mira F. FREE 9/18/186?-1/5/186?, daughter of Brant and Elmira Free


Peter FREE 6/1/1797-10/7/1853, aged 56y 4m 6d


Baby Boy FREELAND 1944


Bertha E. FREELAND 1919-1998


Charles N. FREELAND 1851-1922, with wife Sidney A. Meck FREELAND 1852-1937




Earl E. FREELAND 1916-1996


Earl M. FREELAND 1882-1953, with Susanna C. FREELAND 1884-1944


Eby G. FREELAND 1880-1967, with Sidney A.M. FREELAND 1925-1944, E. Ethel FREELAND 1885-1963, and Lester E. FREELAND 1914-1940


Edna C. FREELAND 1920-1960


Franklin H. FREELAND d. 4/4/1903, aged 1y 1m 20d




John FREELAND 4/23/1841-3/11/1911, with Catharine FREELAND 11/16/1841-12/7/1936, and Martin R. 1879-1942


L. Clair FREELAND 1907-1986


Lester E. FREELAND 1914-1940


Lois E. FREELAND 1907-1974


Madaline E. FREELAND 


Martha M. FREELAND 1877-1968


Newton M. FREELAND 2/9/1873-2/22/1941, with wife Bertie B. FREELAND 11/21/1877-1/21/1919, and L. Clair FREELAND 4/4/1907-10/15/1936


Norman F. FREELAND 1906-1989


Paul "Bucky" FREELAND 1905-1978


Pauline E. FREELAND 




Sidney A.M. FREELAND 1925-1944


Donald R. FRY 1940-1960


Leo A. GARMAN 12/21/1931-11/26/2003


Hannah A. GLAZE d. 4/10/1865, aged 15y 11m 20d, daughter of Sam'l and Margaret Glaze


Henry A. GLAZE 12/26/1853-8/16/1867, aged 13y 7m 21d, son of Samuel and Margaret Glaze


Maggie S. GLAZE 12/22/1845-6/26/1913


Margaret GLAZE 10/22/1822-2/24/1887, aged 64y 4m 2d, wife of Samuel Glaze


Samuel GLAZE 7/7/1818-12/6/1891, aged 73y 4m 29d


Elizabeth GREEN 1/1/1859(?)-4/26/1891, with daughter Adaline Green


Richard GREEN 1/27/1804-1/1/1874, aged 66y 11m 4d


Lois A. GREGORY 3/6/1922-7/17/1972, nee Reisinger


Hannah E. HARRIS 12/?/1826-5/19/1900, wife of B. F. Harris


Kermit B. HARRY  View 2  5/8/1911-12/21/1991 TEC 5 US Army WWII, with Arlene E. HARRY 7/4/1919-10/5/2002


John W. HENRY Sr. 12/2/1921-4/28/1978, with Cherlette M. HENRY 9/25/1927-6/30/2004


Marlin E. HENRY Sr. 6/21/1917-3/20/1996, S1 US Coast Guard WWII


Ruth I. HENRY 1924-1977


Chester HOCKENBERRY S. Sgt. Air Corps


Conrad R. HOCKENBERRY d. 1970, with Hattie E. HOCKENBERRY 1899-1969, and Chester W. d. 1949


Daniel Anderson HOCKENBERRY 1864-1923, "Myers"


Ella G. HOCKENBERRY 1906-1977


Ida Bell HOCKENBERRY 1866-1933, "Myers"


Stanley L. HOCKENBERRY 1923-2006, with Charlotte M. HOCKENBERRY 1917-1997


Joey L. HOFFMAN 7/9/1982-11/8/1990


Harry N. HOSAN 4/9/1873-3/22/1904, aged 30y 11m 13d


Louisa A. M---- HOSAN 10/7/1824-10/15/1847, aged 23y 8d


Phianna C. HOSTETTER 1841-1940, with William R. HOSTETTER 1867-1926, Grace M. b. 1881, and Newton N. 1884-1918


Howard E. HOUCK 1900-1976, with wife Catherine L. HOUCK 1899-1981


James HUGGINS 12/15(?)/18?8-10/13(?)/18??, aged 24y 9m 28d


Hoyt Lacey JOHNSTON 3/1/1879-10/25/1958, with Annabell Wingert JOHNSTON 3/11/1881-10/26/1961, and Oren D. and Frances Frazier WINGERT


Rev. Wm. JOHNSTON 6/15/1788-6/24/1874, aged 86y 9d, Member of Adams Lodge No. 319, F. and A.M.


S. Elizabeth Coup JOHNSTON d. 9/24/1866, aged 33y 9m 23d, wife of Elder William Johnston


Albert JONES 1859-1948, with Annie S. JONES 1861-1908


Catharine M. JONES d. 2/5/1897, aged 76y 4m 19d


Charles O. JONES 1883-1952


Ezekiel JONES d. 4/7/1897, aged 74y 6m 24d, Co. A. 9 Regt. PA. Cav'y


John M. JONES d. 9/2/1913 aged 60y 4m 26d, with wife Elizabeth D. JONES d. 10/19/1917 aged 64y 11m 2d


Lewis G. JONES d. 10/13/1897, aged 52y 3m 2d


Mitchell JONES 1862-1906, with wife Annie E. JONES 1863-1922, Harry F. 1888-1911, and Melvin 1903


Nora B. JONES 1886-1949


Anna M. KAUFFMAN 1922-1996


Milton W. KAUFFMAN 1917-1949


H. Earl KIRKPATRICK 1895-1974, Pvt. Co. F 120 Eng.


J. KNOUSE 1908-1912


Jean KORTH 6/11/1931-7/31/1969


Mary LONGACRE d. 1/12/1867, aged 1m 3d, daughter of Jacob E. and Eliza Longacre


Elizabeth A. LOWE d. 2/12/1911, aged 75y 3m 26d, wife of Samuel E. Lowe


Elmira B. McKNIGHT b. 8/15/1847


Walter L. MECK 1917-1991, with Mildred E. MECK 1920-1991


Hazel J. MEISER 1920-1957


William H. MEISER 1873-1938, with Mary S. Meiser 1876-1922, and William K. MEISER 1896-1914


Harriet E. MILES 1873-1898


Verna Marie MILES d. 10/26/1897, aged 6w, daughter of Logan and Mary E. Miles


Betty MILLER  View 2  1929, with Danny 1939, children of Edgar and Laura Miller


Clara May MILLER 7/31/1870-5/21/1897, aged 26y 9m 21d


Earl U. MILLER ?/10/1894-9/9/1894(?), son of ? And Mary E. Miller


Edgar E. MILLER 1892-1950


Harriet L. MILLER 1896-1964


Harry Leo MILLER 1896-1947


Henry H. MILLER 4/13/1849-3/11/1918, aged 68y 10m 28d


James W. MILLER 1884-1969, with Floy L. MILLER 1888-1960, Earl H. MILLER 1907-1969, and Elsie MILLER 1906-1958


John H. MILLER 1900-1987


Lenus MILLER 1915-1919, with Helen 1926, children of Edgar and Laura Miller


Malinda C. MILLER 


Margaret S. MILLER 1872-1931


Maria M. MILLER 1888-1965


Michael S. MILLER 1878-1971


Milton A. MILLER 1880-1952


Rhoda M. MILLER b. and d. 7/15/1898, daughter of U. H. and Mary E. Miller


Ulrich H. MILLER 1871-1933, with Mary E. MILLER 1869-1943


Infant Daughter NEIDIGH 12967


LeRoy E. NEIDIGH 1910-1974, with G. Pharelee NEIDIGH 1907-1996, and Infant Daughter 1935


Clara E. OREN 2/22/1867-3/13/1880, aged 13y 21d, daughter of Jesse and Rebecca J. Oren


Harvey S. OREN 9/17/1863-1/9/1889, aged 25y 3m 27d


Jesse OREN Jr. 6/22/1834-10/8/1889, aged 55y 3m 16d


Jesse OREN Sr. 5/7/1802-11/11/1891, aged 89y 3m 4d


Margaret OREN 11/15/1809-2/13/1884, aged 74y 2m 28d, wife of Jesse Oren, Sr.


Rebecca OREN 12/10/1839-10/21/1917, aged 77y 10m 11d


Cathrine W. PICKING 1891-1952


Mary Bertha PLYMYER 1887-1956


John B. RADLE 1901-1968, with Anna P. RADLE 1904-1954


Lewis RADLE 1875-1946, with Mary E. RADLE 1865-1941


Bertha B. REISINGER 8/18/1893-1/17/1983


E. Kay REISINGER  View 2  View 3  4/9/1929-8/1/1996, with E. Marilyn REISINGER 8/18/1938-8/16/1994


Edna H. REISINGER 1915-1992


William L. REISINGER 4/2/1889-1/2/1982


Howard O. RICE 1881-1944, with Nellie M. RICE 1886-1937, Virginia M. 1910-1913, and Roland H. 1912


Elcala C. Bretz ROTH 1/4/1852-1/24/1920 wife of Van A. Roth, with daughter Ellen G. GAFFNEY 6/25/1893-1/17/1913


Helen M. ROTH 1924-1983


Eva M. RUSH 1896-1967


Belle Alice SAYLOR 1874-1955


Jessie B. SHATTO 1872-1911, with wife Ellen G. SHATTO 1876-?, Frank 1900-1910, Lewis H. 1899-1914, and Maud 1898-1898


William C. SHATTO 2/25/1870-8/16/1957, with Estella M. SHATTO 3/27/1874-3/7/1965, Michael SHATTO 8/28/1829-2/10/1910, and wife Sarah J. Wax SHATTO 3/11/1833-6/22/1921


J. William SHAW 9/1891


Levi SHRAWDER 1857-1931, with Laura Belle SHRAWDER 1881-1916


Russel SHRAWDER 1910-1912


Ambrose C. SHULL 3/17/1859-2/4/1917, with Rebecca E. SHULL 8/5/1860-8/2/1932, and Clara Belle SHULL 2/7/1888-4/2/1959


Edward SHULL d. 9/20/1876, aged 5m, son of John and Mary E. Shull


George SHULL 1852-1926, with wife Margaret J. SHULL 1857-1931


George C. SHULL 1893-1950, with Ethel C. SHULL 1894-1933


Ira M. SHULL 1877-1934, with Susannah SHULL 1883-1956


Marlin R. SHULL 1896-1967, Pvt. Evacuation Hospital 49


Robert E. SHULL 7/24/1931-12/21/19?8, Sgt. US Marine Corps Korea


Sara J. SHULL 1902-1971


Barbara SLOUGH 8/28/1829-5/24/1896, aged 66y 8m 26d


Keziah SLOUGH 10/30/1812-4/7/1881, aged 71y 5m 7d, wife of Solomon Slough


Sarah SLOUGH d. 12/11/1854(?), aged 52y 5m, wife of Solomon Slough


Solomon SLOUGH d. 2/20/1879(?), aged 71y(?)


Annie M. SMITH 1868-1950


Zelda M. SMITH 1900-1934


George SOWERS Jr. 5/23/1906-2/13/1985, with Constance H. SOWERS 9/23/1909-10/6/1970, and George E. SOWERS 11/20/1932-12/15/1978


George E. SOWERS 1932-1978, US Navy 2/C Machinist Mate


George E. STAHL 1951, Baby


George E. STAHL 10/15/1911-2/18/1983 Co. B 324 C Eng BN 99 Inf. Div., with C. Pauline STAHL 3/24/1915-6/16/1970


Raymond S. STEELE 7/1/1913-1/2/1989, with Esther R. STEELE 11/25/1917-11/6/2003


William E. STEELE Sr. 7/19/1936-8/31/1996, Loving husband of Debra, Father and Grandfather, Friend and Mentor, Eldest son of Raymond S. and Esther R.


Ruth I. STOKES 9/13/1906-7/9/2006


Harold Daniel SWARTZ 1947-1972


Harold E. THOMAS 4/20/1909, aged 3m 13d


James A. TITTLER 11/8/1847-4/6/1932 aged 84y 5m Co. I 107 PA Vol. and Co. L 2nd US Cav., with wife Catharine W. TITTLER 3/5/1856-6/29/1927 aged 71y 3m 24d


Dennis L. TROUTMAN 1914-1981


Dennis L. TROUTMAN Jr. 1944-1996


Dennis L. TROUTMAN Sr. 1914-1981, with Evelyn F. TROUTMAN 1921-2002, and Dennis L. TROUTMAN Jr. 1944-1996


Evelyn TROUTMAN 1921-2002


Grace M. TYSON 1919-1983


Harry A. TYSON 1917-1944, Seaman 2nd Class


John W. WAGNER 1853-1930, with Rebecca WAGNER 1858-1930


Martin M. WATTS d. 10/25/1918 aged 77y 7m 14d, with wife Mary J.


Sylvia E. WILSON 1902-1996


Oren D. WINGERT 4/14/1854-7/10/1936, with Frances Frazer WINGERT 11/17/1857-6/7/1944


Rudolph H. WINGERT d. 10/24/1906 aged 80y 1m 1d, with wife Mary and son Harvey H.


Marie E. WOODY 1882-1968


Annie May WRIGHT 10/28/1876-11/1/1935, wife of Rev. Wesley N. Wright


Archibald WRIGHT 4/12/1863(?)-12/19/1901


Charles E. WRIGHT 1911-1912


Elizabeth WRIGHT 4/22/1857-2/9/1919, wife of Joseph A. Wright


Elotilla WRIGHT d. 9/8/1906, aged 56y 8m 22d


Elwood L. WRIGHT 1936-1936


Emanuel WRIGHT 11/22/1851-1/24/1920, with M. Adelaide WRIGHT 7/17/1857-6/22/1942


George A. WRIGHT 6/20/1909-1/20/1996, with Mary M. WRIGHT 11/5/1912-11/4/1977


George F. WRIGHT 11/5/1867-11/13/1928


George F. WRIGHT d. 9/29/1899 aged 78y 5m 7d, with Elizabeth WRIGHT d. 2/21/1900 aged 74y 7m 26d


Grover C. WRIGHT 1884-1928, with Annie M. WRIGHT 1884-1971


Hellen A. WRIGHT aged 1m, daughter of Irvin and Ruth E. Bell


Henry WRIGHT 1848-1928


James C. WRIGHT 1/11/1872-6/12/1947


Jesse W. WRIGHT  Navy Plaque  1874-1943, Sgt. Co. B. 12th Inft.


Joseph A. WRIGHT 4/9/1843-11/2/1913, Serv. 3 yrs. In Co. H. 47 Regt. PA Vol.


Kathryn E. WRIGHT 1875-1944


Lester C. WRIGHT d. 11/18/1910 aged 7m 25d, with Lena M. WRIGHT d. 2/18/1911 aged 2y 9m 16d


Marguerite M. WRIGHT d. 9/27(?)/1915, aged 6y 6m, daughter of H.M. and E.B. Wright


Mary Eleanor WRIGHT 2/28/1901-2/9/1909, daughter of Wesley N. and Annie M. Wright


Rebecca J. WRIGHT 1851-1932


Sarah R. WRIGHT d. 7/29/1864 aged 7y 11m 23d, with George d. 10/16/1864 aged 11y 2m, and Elmer E. d. 1/24/1869 aged 4y 4m 16d


Violet P. WRIGHT 1909-1987


Rev. Wesley Newton WRIGHT 9/11/1877-1/28/1966


Willis A. WRIGHT 12/30/1859-9/4/1910, with Emma L. WRIGHT 10/21/1864-6/4/1946


Wm. H. WRIGHT 7/4/1869-10/28/1950, with wife Susan E. WRIGHT 4/27/1873-9/23/1946


Howard E. YOHN 5/25/1878-5/29/1902, aged 24y 4d


Beatrice P. ZEIGLER 1900-1969


Charles N. ZEIGLER d. 5/22/1905 aged 36y 5m 26d, with Mary C. ZEIGLER d. 9/16/1938 aged 68y 8m 15d


Jesse O. ZEIGLER 12/3/1875-2/11/1893, aged 17y 2m 8d


Morris E. ZEIGLER 1889-1966


Philip C. ZEIGLER 1897-1959


Philip T. ZEIGLER 11/23/1842-3/6/1899 aged 56y 3m 13d, with wife Annie J. ZEIGLER 10/18/1849-9/11/1912 aged 62y 10m 22d


Phyllis C. ZEIGLER 10/8/1936, "Myers"



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