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Russell Fry



Cloyd E. BITNER d. 12/13/1889, aged 9y 15d, son of J.M. and Maggie J. Bitner


Maggie J. BITNER d. 4/18/1884, aged 23y 1m 8d, wife of J. N. Bitner


Alexander Atley CLOUSE d. 3/25/1863, aged 3m 25d, son of J.M. and E. Clouse


Annie CLOUSE d. 9/10/1878, aged 47y 3m


Hannah CLOUSE 1/7/1807-3/1/1885, aged 78y 1m 23d


Jacob CLOUSE d. 8/9/1880, aged 73y 8d


John CLOUSE d. 1/20/1873, aged 71y 11m 23d


Margaret CLOUSE d. 2/21/1876, aged ?2y 16d, wife of John Clouse


Catharine CRIDER d. 3/18/1866, aged 28y 6m 6d, wife of John Crider


George d. 6/15/1863, aged 7y 6m 5d, son of David(?) and E. ------


David HASEL d. 1/27/1869, aged 39y 3m 17d


Catharine HENRY 1/29/1792-7/28/1876, aged 84y 5m 29d, wife of Christian Henry


Christian HENRY d. 12/2/1871, aged 81y 1m 28d


Daniel D. HENRY d. 10/14/1902, aged 77y 4m 26d


Mary A. HENRY 8/15/1826-2/21/1885, aged 58y 6m 6d, wife of D.D. Henry


Matilda E. HENRY b. 3/26/1866, aged 9m 7d


Samuel D. HENRY b. 4/6/1862, aged 2y 9d


Solomon HENRY d. 9/19/1855, aged 1y 3d


Caroline Keck MILLER 3/29/1837-6/18/1871 wife of Noah Miller, with Eliza MILLER 7/27/1856-11/11/1870,

and Sarah MILLER 9/7/1858-3/15/1878


Elsie J. MILLER d. 2/16/1893, aged 4m 23d, daughter of W.K. and M.E. Miller


Catharin NEIDIGH d. 9/6/1877, aged 81y 5m 21d, wife of Daniel Neidigh


Daniel NEIDIGH d. 11/6/1875, aged 80y 11d


John NEIDIGH d. 8/8/1855, aged 43y 3d


Julia A. NEIDIGH d. 12/11/1889, aged 90y


David SHAMBAUGH d. 9/22/1884, aged 40y 8m 7d, GAR marker


Margaret A. Creeger SHEAFFER 1849-1882, wife of Solomon Sheaffer


William D. SHEAFFER son of Solomon and Margaret A. Sheaffer





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