Mount Zion

Evangelical Lutheran


Reformed Church Cemetery


aka Old Dutch Cemetery


Carroll Township, Perry County


Photos contributed by

Russell Fry and Karl Miller



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Amanda ALBRIGHT  2/20/1847-9/15/185?, daughter of George & Elizabeth Albright


Elizabeth ALBRIGHT  d. 4/28/1869, aged 83y 8m 3d


George ALBRIGHT  View 2  d. 3/23/1830, aged abt. 51y


George ALBRIGHT  d. 8/27/1861, aged 51y 6m 27d


Jacob ALBRIGHT  d. 6/27/1826, aged 1y 11m 11d, son of G. & Elizabeth Albright


John ALBRIGHT  1/6/1833-5/6/1853, aged 20y 4m, son of William & Rosanah Albright


Rosanna ALBRIGHT  8/12/1808-3/14/1882, aged 73y 7m 2d, wife of William Albright




William ALBRIGHT  d. 7/29/1871, aged 63y 5m 23d


Sarah ANGNEY  7/14/1834-2/11/1861, aged 26y 6m 27d, wife of James Angney


Reghina BARDALL  5/30/1813-12/30/1852, aged 39y 7m, wife of John Bardall


Mary C. BARE(?)  d. 9/14(?)/1858, aged 2y 8m 23d, daughter of Samuel & Barbara Bare(?)


John BENTZEL  d. 8/18(?)/182?, aged 20y


Mary BENTZEL  d. 7/16/1855(?), aged 35y, wife of Henry Bentzel


Henry BENTZSLE  d. 11/26/1841, aged 59y


Catharine BISTLINE  d. 5/24/1839, aged 1y 11m 29d, daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Bistline


Henry BISTLINE  d. 12/22/1841, aged 39y 10m 3d


Margaret BISTLINE  d. 12/24/1838, aged 14y 2m 26d, daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Bistline


Sarah E. BROWNAWELL  d. 8/20/1886, aged 30y 7m 6d, wife of A. J. Brownawell


Isaac CARL  d. 3/25/1830, aged abt 27y


Augustus DAVIS  5/21/1853-10/25/1856, aged 3y 5m 4d


Jacob DAVIS  8/20/1807-12/30/1863, aged 55y 4m 10d


William DAVISON  d. 12/19/1832 aged 27y 8d


David DRAWBAUGH  d. 7/5/1898, aged 60y 10m 15d


Elizabeth Myers DRAWBAUGH  d. 3/24/1902, aged 92y 6m 2d, same sone as Jacob Drawbaugh


Jacob DRAWBAUGH  2/22/1804-6/12/1861, aged 57y 3m 20d


Jacob DRAWBAUGH  d. 6/12/1861, aged 57y 3m 20d, same stone as Elizabeth Drawbaugh


Jacob DRAWBAUGH  d. 9/14/1911, aged 61y 10m 2d, with Mary A. Drawbaugh


Christain ENSMINGER  6/8/1762-3/6/1836, aged 73y 8m 28d


Daniel ENSMINGER  d. 6/20/1863, aged 63y 3m 17d


Margaret ENSMINGER  1813-2/17/1875, aged 62y, wife of William Ensminger


Margaret E. ENSMINGER  1/11/1852-4/16/1857, aged 5y 3m 5d, daughter of William & Margaret Ensminger


Regina ENSMINGER  9/29/1769-9/30/1842, aged 73y, consort of Christain Ensminger


Sarah A. ENSMINGER  3/22/1852-5/28/1875, aged 23y 2m 6d, wife of G. F. Ensminger


Sarah J. ENSMINGER  2/25/1840-8/18/1867, aged 27y 5m 23d, daughter of William & Margaret Ensminger


William ENSMINGER  9/29/1813-10/9/1894


Carolina FAIR  d. 1/28/1841, aged 1y 1m 22d, daughter of Conrad & Susanna Fair


Conrad FAIR  d. 2/16/1871, aged 64y 1m 13d


David FAIR  5/9/1777-8/16/1862, aged 85y 3m 7d


Elizabeth FAIR  10/18/1780-10/5/1846, aged 65y 11m 17d, wife of David Fair


George FLEISHER  8/2/1806-11/15/1888, aged 82y 3m 13d


Infant Daughter FLEISHER  d. 5/3/1872, aged 4d, daughter of Jacob & Caroline Fleisher


Infant Son FLEISHER  b. 2/28/1884, son of J. & C. Fleisher


Jacob FLEISHER  1848-1933, with wife Caroline S. Fleisher 1851-1918


Lizzie May FLEISHER  2/17/1878-4/10/1879, daughter of Jacob & Caroline Fleisher


Susanna FLEISHER  d. 3/27/1879, aged 73y 7m 24d, wife of George Fleisher


Catherine FOULK  7/12/1774-6/7/1855, aged 81y 1m 5d, wife of Peter Foulk


John FOULK  4/27/1806-8/21/1879, aged 73y 3m 24d


John FOULK(?)  11/4/1797-9/17/1867 (info from previous transcription)


Mary FOULK  d. 8/23/1840, aged 24y 11m 24d, wife of John Foulk


Mary FOULK  5/6/1814-7/2/1889, aged 75y 1m 26d, wife of John Foulk


Peter FOULK  d. 4/4/1823, aged 50y 8m 4d


Anna Mary GAMBER  d. 6/11/1892, aged 91y 2m 11d, wife of Henry Gamber


Henry GAMBER  d. 5/1/1873, aged abt. 76y


John Eli GAMBER  d. 5/17/1879, aged 3y 6m 17d, son of William & Fredrica Gamber


John HAIR  10/18/1799-5/19/1868, aged 68y 7m 1d


Joseph HAIR  9/13/1822-5/13/1824, son of John & Polly Hair


Mary HAIR  5/13/1800-1/23/1879, aged 78y 8m 10d, wife of John Hair


Elizabeth HOFF  11/14/1799-12/3/1868, aged 69y 19d, wife of John Hoff


Isaac HOFF  d. 12/23/1841, aged 14y 10m 17d, son of John & Elizabeth Hoff


John HOFF  5/28/1796-2/17/1871, aged 74y 8m 10d


Kiziah HOFF  d. 12/24/1841, aged 11y 9m 2d, daughter of John & Elizabeth Hoff


Sylvester KAHNEY  12/31/1825-5/2/1853, aged 27y 4m 2d


Anthony KIMMEL  d. ??/28/1823, aged 54y 6m 11d


Dr. F. KLINEYOUNG  d. 8/12/1845, aged 66y 2m 15d, with wife Elizabeth Klineyoung
d. 7/12/1862 aged 73y 5m 27d


Catherine KOHR  d. 2/13/1875, aged 48y 1m, wife of John Kohr, Sr.


John KOHR Sr.  d. 11/23/1893, aged 69y 10m 15d


Mary E. Kunkle KOST  8/17/1873-2/3/1955, wife of George L. Kost


Catharine KUNKLE  d. 11/7/1885, aged 44y 11m 10d, wife of G. J. Kunkle


Mary KUNKLE  d. 4/20/1881(?), aged ?y 5m 15d, wife of John Kunkle


Louisa LICHTI  View 2  d. 1/7/1844, aged 19y 7m 7d, daughter of Joseph & Annmaria Lichti


Barbara Ann LILLY  4/19/1804-2/25/1883 aged 78y 10m 6d, wife of Andrew Lilly


Andrew LOW  d. 1842, aged abt 10y, son of Jacob & Catharine Low


Catharine LOW  d. 1840 aged abt 26y, wife of Jacob Low


George L. LOW  d. 8/16/1843-9/3/1843, abed 18d, son of Solomon & M. Low


Adam LUCKENBAUGH  12/4/1832-4/4/1877, aged 44y 4m


Elizabeth LUCKENBAUGH  2/4/1863-1/29/1866, aged 2y 11m 25d, daughter of Adam & Leana Luckenbaugh


Leana LUCKENBAUGH  5/29/1829-10/12/1893, aged 64y 4m 13d, wife of Adam Luckenbaugh


Roseann LUCKENBAUGH  12/25/1871-4/11/1872, aged 3m 16d, daughter of Adam & Leana Luckenbaugh


William A. LUCKENBAUGH  12/12/1868-1/3/1870, son of Adam & Leana Luckenbaugh


Catharine MAYER  d. 2/??/1861, aged 78y 4m 15d, wife of Christopher Mayer


Catherine MESSINGER  d. 9/10/1838, aged 74y 7m 19d


Henrietta MESSINGER  6/15/1856-12/12/1867, Aged 11y 5m 27d, daughter of George & Elizabeth Messinger


Jacob MESSINGER  d. 9/1835, aged 37y 7m 23d


John William Henry MESSINGER  d. 10/28/1829, aged 70y


Mary Ann MESSINGER  d. 12/10/1846, aged 20y 5m 10d, daughter of William & Barbara Messinger


Susannah MESSINGER  9/17/1794-12/28/1867, aged 73y 3m 11d, wife of Jacob Messinger


William H. MESSINGER  d. 10/12/1838, aged 2y 7m 22d


Joseph MICKEY  9/28/1793-6/3/1875, aged 81y 8m 6d


Mary MICKEY  6/24/1792-1/12/1859, aged 66y 6m 18d, wife of Joseph Mickey


Elizabeth Albright MILLER  d. 12/9/1891, aged 79y 11m 6d, widow of Geo. Albright, wife of Henry Miller


John MYERS  d. 11/8/1898, aged 80y 10m 15d


Susanna MYERS  d. 10/8/1881, aged 60y, wife of John Myers


E. L. N.  1824


Mary Margaret OSMAN  11/18/1793-6/18/1846, aged 52y 7m, wife of Daniel Osman


Adam POWERS  d. 12/21/1878, aged abt 58y


Hannah REED  d. 10/13/1889, aged 83y 3m 19d


John REED  9/12/1796-10/29/1868, aged 72y 1m 17d


E. C. S.  d. 1822


Elizabeth SECHRIST  5/14/1809-1/14/1883, aged 73y 8m, wife of Henry Sechrist


Henry SECHRIST  6/1/1805-11/1/1886, aged 81y 5m


Elizabeth SHADE  d. 4/11/1844, aged 60y 4m 16d


George SHADE  d. 12/20/1831, aged 52y


David SHATTO  12/31/1810-8/30/1856


Jacob SHATTO  3/31/1843-5/16/1850, aged 7y 1m 16d, son of David & Annamary Shatto


Susanna SHATTO  9/14/1840-12/15/1844, aged 4y 3m 16d (sic), daughter of David & Annamary Shatto


Franklin SHEFFER  d. 4/11/1845, aged 5y 24d


Maria Elizabeth SIDLE  d. 11/26/1835, aged 48y 8m 21d


Catharine SLOOP  12/15/1786-10/24/1873, aged 86y 10m 9d, wife of Conrad Sloop


Elizabeth SLOOP  d. 8/28/1892, aged 65y 2m 1d, wife of Jacob Sloop


George SLOOP  11/28/1848-1/18/1880, aged 31y 1m 21d


J. Conrod SLOOP  d. 6/19/1842, aged 69y 13d


Jacob SLOOP  d. 10/21/1887, aged 70y 9m 16d


John SLOOP  1/26/1836-5/22/1900


Margaretta SLOOP  11/10/1804-12/4/1863, aged 59y 24d, wife of William Sloop


Susanna SLOOP  8/16/1819-4/10/1885, aged 65y 7m 24d


William SLOOP  11/4/1808-12/21/1890, aged 82y 1m 17d


Charles W. SMEE  12/17/1892-7/7/1894, son of Jacob & Caroline Smee


Elizabeth SMEE  8/8/1809-8/1/1889, aged 79y 11m 23d, wife of John Smee


George W. SMEE  d. 11/20/1899, aged 13y 5m 27d, son of J.H. & Caroline Smee


Jacob H. SMEE  1862-1934, with Caroline Smee 1868-1898


John SMEE  1/6/1805-4/8/1882, aged 77y 3m 2d


Henry SOUDER  d. 1/9/1879, aged 63y 9m 19d


Infant Daughter SOUDER  3/22/1854-3/30/1854, aged 8d, daughter of Martin & Elizabeth Souder


Lydia SOUDER  10/26/1818-3/10/1867, aged 49y 4m 12d, wife of Henry Souder


Mary E. SOUDER  d. 3/27/1851, aged 46d, daughter of Martin & Elizabeth Souder


Regina SOUDER  3/15/1829-10/2/1899


Elizabeth SOUDERS  d. 5/22/1853, aged 6y 6m 22d


Jacob SOUDERS  d. 7/2/1825 aged 45y, with Susannah Souders d. 2/20/1863 aged 66y 8m 24d,
Erected by J. Souders


Susanna SOUDERS  d. 8/1825, aged 9y


John STOUFER  d. 5/8/1820, aged 15y 20d, "Crawford Duncan"


Elizabeth STOUFFER  d. 8/22/1852, aged 72y 1m 24d, wife of Jacob Stouffer


Jacob STOUFFER  d. 11/27/1851, aged 68y 7m 10d


Margaret Ann SWEGER  d. 8/24/1853, aged 37y 6m 23d, wife of Daniel Sweger


Franklin K. WHITE  10/20/1850-4/27/1876


John G. WHITE  d. 2/23/1866, aged 19y 11m 20d, son of James & Margaret White


Joseph G. WHITE  6/26/1840-5/4/1870, G.A.R.


Margaret WHITE  2/23/1808-4/19/1892


William  2/23/1808-4/19/1892


Barbara WOMELSDORF  2/27/1831-10/28/1869, wife of Geo. C. Womelsdorf


Unknown YOH  6/??/1793(?)- ?






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