Mt. Gilead

United Methodist

Church Cemetery

Carroll Township, Perry County







Photos contributed


Russell Fry







George W. ASKINS d. 5/31/1892, aged 63y 1m ?d, 8th Inf.(?) ----- Y. Batt., GAR marker


Lois AUGHENBAUGH 12/8/1953-12/22/1953


Ronald Lee AUGHENBAUGH Jr. 1964-1967, "Chip"


Wendell D. AUGHENBAUGH 8/10/1918-1/13/2001


Lewis W. AYERS 2/22/1921-7/24/2002


Ronald L. AYERS 5/8/1941-4/9/2003


G. C. BARRICK 8/20/1884-12/11/1973, with S. Elizabeth BARRICK 10/19/1884-9/7/1963


Harold C. BARRICK 9/9/1902-11/25/1949, with Alta B. BARRICK 11/9/1902-4/1/1978


Merle L. BARRICK 12/2/1909-2/26/1910, son of G.C. and Lizzie Barrick


Vivian A. BARRICK 9/5/1935-11/30/1987


Bennie L. BAUM 1928-1988, with Wilma H. BAUM 1930-2005


Charles C. BAUM 1898-1968, with Frances C. BAUM 1900-1986, and Lester H. BAUM 1923-2000


Elizabeth J. BAUM 8/11/1921-8/13/1921, with Laurie E. 1/16/1933, and Baby Boy 5/4/1937


Gerald C. BAUM  View 2  3/30/1925-7/4/2005, PFC US Army WW II, Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart & OLC


Trevon Steven BAUM 4/16/2001-6/4/2001


James W. BAXTER 1848-1927


Mary J. BAXTER 1861-1936


Samuel BAXTER d. 12/11/1901, aged 82y 4m 29d, Corp. Co. G 11(?) Regt. U.S. Inf., 4 Sergt. Co. I 1st Regt. Pa. Inf. Res. Corps., GAR marker


George W. BILLOW d. 9/10(?)/1886, aged 1y 3m(?) 4d, son of J.S. and B.J. Billow


Jacob BILLOW 10/9/1805-2/11/1887, aged 81y 4m 2d


Sarah BILLOW 3/15/1811-12/7/1893, aged 82y 8m 22d, wife of Jacob Billow


Carol J. BINGAMAN 5/2/1942-3/8/1985


Charles A. BLACK 2/3/1881-7/20/1962, with Ruth M. BLACK 11/16/1888-8/24/1971, and Dorothy F. 12/11/1909-1/13/1910


Paul B. BLACK 1915-1992, with Helen R. BLACK 1911-1990


M. Joanne BLESSING 11/10/1930-7/2/1991


Laura V. Smith BRIDGE 6/10/1883-3/25/1952, wife of Christian Bridge


Cameron Heath BROWN 8/31/1994-12/19/1994




John D. CARBERRY 4/6/1824-11/7/1903, aged 79y 7m 1d


Nancy Soull CARBERRY 5/10/1832-1/12/1924, wife of John D. Carberry


Harold B. CASSELL Sr. 3/16/1940-10/14/1995


Lester M. CASSELL 1908-1984, with wife Edith Bishop CASSELL 1909-1969


Martin CLAY d. 6/18/1887, aged 67y 9m 27d


John B. CORMAN 6/23/1836-5/22/1908, with Sarah E. CORMAN 3/7/1860-7/4/1922


W. Scott CORMAN 9/9/1888-9/15/1961


Dollie CRUM d. 4/28/1904, aged 34y 3m 18d, wife of John N. Crum


Eli H. CRUM 3/23/1843-2/18/1930, Co. C. 202 PA Vol. Inf., GAR marker


Ernest M. CRUM 6/9/1910-5/13/2001


John N. CRUM 1868-1937


Mary A. CRUM 1886-1980


Valeria R. CRUM 1912-1924


James P. CULHANE Sr. 3/17/1962-3/1/1986


Earl G. DICK 1/4/1932-3/7/1979, with Pearl E. DICK 10/24/1930-7/9/1993


Charles M. DIEHL 7/7/1955-2/6/1983


William N. DIEHL 9/3/1917-8/26/1976, with Violet R. DIEHL 5/23/1918-12/9/2003


Russell E. DORSEY 8/21/1959-4/7/1995


Russel Ray DROMGOLD d. 5/20/1906, aged 23d, son of E.T. and Carrie Dromgold


Mary DURHAM d. 7/9/1901, aged 86y 6m 14d


Bridgett Alisha EARNEST 5/6/1986-7/23/1987


Roger Sidney EARNEST Sr. 7/8/1938-7/4/1998 U.S. Air Force, with Ida Marguerite Bettilyon EARNEST 8/25/1937-5/28/1998, married 5/2/1957


Irvin M. EISENHOUR 1900-1983, with Mary E. EISENHOUR 1899-1990


William H. EMERICK Sr. 1843-1923, with Eliza J. EMERICK 1852-1908, and William H. EMERICK Jr. 1885-1919


George L. EYER Sr. 12/4/1915-6/18/1997, with Ida Mae EYER 6/17/1916-10/5/2001


James A. EYER Sr. 12/16/1936-11/1/1992


Pearl Sibert FAIR 1/27/1885-6/24/1969


Alma L. FEASTER 1896-1973


Jerome E. FEASTER 5/16/1895-7/19/1972, with wife Alma L. Stock FEASTER 7/5/1896-8/8/1973, Charles E. STOCK 4/7/1869-4/28/1926, and May N. Henderson STOCK 5/12/1871-1/14/1913


Jerome E. FEASTER 1939-1998, Douglas T. Boyer Funeral Home


Ruth C. FELTMAN 1939-1998, Douglas T. Boyer Funeral Home


Christian FENICLE 4/1/1824-2/15/1907, aged 82y 10m 14d


Mary Ann Hair FENICLE 2/25/1828-12/21/1902, aged 74y 9m 26d, wife of C. Fenicle


Infant FISHER 7/16/1952, infant daughter of W.M. and Louise Fisher


William M. FISHER  Stone 2  1919-1989, CPL US Army WW II


Charles A. FLEISHER 1871-1948, with Lurena M. FLEISHER 1875-1956


Nicholas A. FOX 2/13/1954-5/25/1997


Robert C.(?) FREET 1/17/1911-3/28/1911, son of R.H. and A.E. Freet


Charles E. FRY d. 8/22/1877, aged 10m 22d, son of Samuel and Harriet FRY


Elizabeth J. FRY 8/12/1869-3/18/1909, aged 39y 7m 6d, sister of Ida Katie and Harry Fry


Samuel FRY 4/1/1849(?)-?/8/18??, aged 10y(?) ?m 1d


Carl E. FRYE Jr. 1/30/1933-11/26/1994, US Marine Corps Korea


Carl E. FRYE Sr. 3/10/1908-5/12/1988, with Margaret Rebecca FRYE 12/8/1910-11/30/1978


Carl L. FRYE 1952-1995, Ronald C.L. Smith Funeral Home


Ronald E. FRYE 10/7/1955-11/1/2001


Lyle R. GEHR 1904-1983, with Minnie E. GEHR 1908-1935


Minnie E. Range GEHR 1908-1935, By Mother


Morse Woods GEHR 1870-1939, with wife A. Mae Rickenbach GEHR 1877-1956


Dean GILL 12/15/1924-9/2/1982


George L. GILL Jr. 8/6/1921-8/15/2002, US Army WW II


Tyrus R. C. GROFF 4/26/1923-8/27/1986 PVT. U.S. Army WW II, with Betty M. GROFF 12/5/1929-9/30/1986


Harry C. GUTSHALL 1915-1961


Harry C. GUTSHALL 1/28/1875-3/23/1947, with Cora K. GUTSHALL 11/7/1880-11/21/1959


Jacob W. GUTSHALL 9/19/1844-1/13/1914, with wife Matilda GUTSHALL 5/3/1854-2/12/1933


David HAIR  View 2  d. 12/30/1897, aged 66y 5m 10d, Co. C. 201 Regt. PA Vol., same stone as Ellen


Dorothy B. HAIR d. 6/20/1916, aged 2y 1m 6d, daughter of H.H. and G.I. Hair


Ellen A. HAIR d. 10/29/1900, aged 64y 2m 16d, wife of David Hair (same stone)


Emma H.(?) HAIR d. 8/?/1889(?), daughter of David and Ellen Hair


Harry E. HAIR 12/1/1918-7/16/1997, with Elsie M. HAIR 4/27/1924-8/25/1999


Harry H. HAIR 12/12/1887-3/22/1960, with Grace I. HAIR 1/29/1888-6/16/1980


Joseph HAIR 1840-1902, with wife Mary M. HAIR 1847-1920, and John Q.A. 1871-1879


Rachel HAIR d. 4/?/188?, wife of Joseph Hair


Minnie Zorger HALL 1884-1920, with Elizabeth J. ZORGER 1881-1945


Diana Lee HARTZELL 8/24/1941-10/16/1994


Harriet M. HARTZELL 1/21/1913-2/20/1954


Harry V. HARTZELL 1874-1927


Howard Rayman(?) HARTZELL d. 10/18/1901, aged 1y 6m 18d, son of Herbert(?) and ? Hartzell


Mollie L. HARTZELL 1880-1976


Isabelle HEADINGS 12/31/1921-5/11/1991


Dewey W. HENRY Jr. 7/4/1929-10/22/1996, with Evelyn I. HENRY 2/17/1931-1/22/2002


Emmet W. HICKS d. 8/26(?)/1894, aged 35y(?) 10m(?) 30d(?), Husband


George H. HICKS d. 3/27/1880, aged 26y 2m ?d, son of Henry and Priscilla Hicks


Jacob Scott HICKS 1851-1919, with wife Adalaide HICKS 1847-1906


Priscilla E. HICKS d. 4/16/1898, aged 75y 24d, wife of Henry Hicks


William E. HICKS 10/8/1877-3/7/1950


William K. HORNBERGER 9/17/1907-1/6/1979, with Mary E. HORNBERGER 12/20/1899-12/24/1984


Douglas Eugene KAPP 12/21/1972-2/2/1974


KEPPERLEY Children Ben(?), Lizzie, Abraham and Mary, Children of Frederick and Susanna Kepperly


Frederick KEPPERLEY  View of plot  3/9/1817-6/28/1887 aged 70y 8m 19d, with wife Susanna KEPPERLEY 7/30/1812-1/26/1886, aged 73y 5m 26d, wife of Frederick Kepperley


Mark E. KIRK 7/2/1965-1/3/2001


Marlin E. KIRK 7/2/1965-10/28/1989


Ronald A. KIRK 9/27/1988-8/18/2005


Amelia KITNER d. 9/1/1900, aged 54y 7m 21d


Brenda R. KITNER 1962-2001


Carrie R. KITNER 10/7/1910-8/24/1976


Clyde M. KITNER d. 5/14/1928, aged 5m 29d, son of Jesse L. and Jean M. Kitner


Daniel J. KITNER 5/19/1889-2/20/1982, with Jennie L. (see her photo)


Dorothy M. KITNER 6/4/1916-1/3/1918


Fred B. KITNER  Stone 2  3/1/1868-11/21/1931, with Minnie J. KITNER 12/16/1871-12/4/1933


George A. KITNER d. 7/22/1902, aged 25y 1m, son of Henry and Eliza A. Kitner


Henry KITNER d. 4/12/1914 aged 83y 11m 19d, with Eliza A. KITNER d. 1/21/1903 aged 64y 8m 3d


Holden James KITNER 37298


Jacob S. KITNER 1871-1942, with Florence M. KITNER 1885-1961


Jennie L. KITNER 11/26/1889-9/27/1973, with Daniel J. (see his photo)


Jesse Irvin KITNER 1889-1951, with Jean Marie KITNER 1900-1977


John KITNER 8/12/1866-12/20/1926


Maurice S. KITNER 11/12/1908-1/9/1958, with Carrie R. KITNER 10/7/1910-8/24/1976


Raymond L. KITNER 2/8/1917-5/20/1966, with Miriam E. KITNER 4/27/1922-2/3/2003


Ellen E. KOCHENDERFER d. 9/2/1900, aged 19y 14d, daughter of G.W. and Isabella Kochenderfer


George W. KOCHENDERFER d. 2/26/1904, aged abt. 62y, Co. D. 47 Regt. PA Vol.


John Andrew KUGLE 12/19/1966-12/21/1966, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Kugle


Lester J. KUGLE 4/9/1909-12/17/1982, with Eleanor A. KUGLE 4/6/1913-4/3/2002


William KUNKLE d. 4/28/1915 aged 41y 11m 25d, with wife Katharine KUNKLE d. 3/7/1947 aged 73y 5m 30d


Carson LACKEY 2/1814-12/1889


Henry LACKEY d. 5/27/1855, aged 66y


Sarah Bair LACKEY 5/1817-2/1889, wife of Carson Lackey


J. Daniel LEHMAN 5/29/1904-6/29/1986, with Mary O. LEHMAN 1/18/1906-9/13/1987, married 59y




N. H. MASTERSON 1847-1917, with wife Fannie K. MASTERSON 1849-1919


Samuel B. MATLACK 5/1/1829-8/1/1913, with Mary A. Fry MATLACK 2/13/1832-11/21/1875


Ida Elverda MATTHEWS 9/26/1885-10/4/1913, aged 29y 8d, with Infant Son


Raymond W. McALISTER 6/19/1911-8/24/1967, with Esther M. McALISTER 5/24/1911-6/29/2000


Archie McALLISTER 8/15/1895-11/29/1970 PVT 1/C Co. D 56 Pioneer Inf. WW I, with Mary E. (see her photo)


Mary E. McALLISTER 6/4/1900-3/10/1976, with Archie (see his photo)


Sarah McCLAY d. 2/20/1937, aged 74y 8m 28d


Annie McCLINTOCK aged 1d, daughter of John S. and Hannah McClintock


J. S. McCLINTOCK Co. A 9th PA Cav., GAR marker


William McCORD 1829-1884


Eva May McDONALD 11/20/1897-4/5/1898(?), daughter of Wm. S. and Ida McDonald


Harry G. McDONALD d. 6/9/1889, aged 20y 2m 4d, son of Robert and Isabella McDonald


John R. McDONALD 1856-1934, with Mary A. McDonald 1857-1897


Robert McDONALD 1/8/1834-3/7/1922, with wife Isabella McDONALD 2/9/1835-6/21/1904


Fern V. McNEAL 3/29/1890-3/30/1913, daughter of Wm. H. and Elizabeth S. McNeal


John A. McNEAL 12/14/1854-11/2/1932, with Emma J. McNEAL 12/6/1856-5/25/1934


Wm. H. McNEAL 1863-1949, with wife Sarah McNEAL 1867-1935


Joseph MOORE 1840-1911, aged 71y 1m 9d, Priv. Co. B. 97 Regt. Pa. Vol. Inf.


Daniel J. MULLEN 1/24/1929-2/25/1934, infant son


Frank J. MULLEN 2/15/1884-6/13/1977, with Ermyn A. MULLEN 12/28/1894-12/5/1984


G. Homer MULLEN 7/29/1905-10/14/1997, with El Reta B. MULLEN 10/11/1911-11/16/1998, and Infant Son 1932


George W. MULLEN 1869-1963, with wife Dollie F. MULLEN 1885-1968, son Arden E. MULLEN 1911-1999, and son James D. MULLEN 1921-1980


Harry E. MULLEN 7/2/1903-4/29/1943, with Helen M. MULLEN 6/27/1903-2/4/1994, and Infant Son 10/27/1943


James H. MULLEN 4/18/1875-2/27/1900, aged 24y 10m 9d, son of James D. and M. A. Mullen


James D. MULLEN 5/11/1833-1/10/1913, with wife Margaret A. MULLEN 7/8/1851-6/3/1928


Jason Paul O'MALLEY 11/30/1973-11/14/1993


Sherri Ann O'MALLEY 1/1/1976-11/11/1976


Annie E. OWINGS 1879-1967


Harvey E. OWINGS 9/14/1945-12/11/1968, SP4 US Army Vietnam


Mark OWINGS 1954-1974


Porter L. OWINGS Jr. 1937-1937, with Reynold S. OWINGS 1956-1956


Porter L. OWINGS 1916-2001


Robert M. OWINGS 1859-1938


W. C. PAGE 1878-1951, with Mary F. PAGE 1885-1943, Arthur B. PAGE 1915-1935, and John M. Thomas PAGE 1867-1938


Howard B. PATTERSON 10/8/1913-2/14/1989, with Erma L. PATTERSON 1/5/1913-3/31/1988


Nancy PETRE 10/3/18?9(?)-1/19/1861


Peter PETRE Co. D 47th PA Inf.


Sarah A. PETRE 5/2/1807-8/8/1884, wife of William Petre, married 4/27/1829


William PETRE 8/20/1807-4/22/1885, married 4/27/1829


Richard F. PIKE 10/2/1940-3/4/2006


Stacey Lee REBERT 4/16/1972-8/29/1973


Arlene K. REISINGER 6/26/1928-2/17/2005


George W. RHEAM 1/12/1908-4/18/2003, with Evelyn E. RHEAM 10/29/1911-11/13/2005


Ada K. ROSS 4/7/1924-3/20/2004


Jack A. RUSH Jr. 1/6/1968-7/22/2004


Charles F. SANNO 5/21/1920-1/31/2006, with Myra F. SANNO 9/17/1924-12/30/1999


Charles F. SANNO Jr.  Stone 2  7/30/1942-3/23/2004, US Army


Rodney H. SAYLOR 3/9/1923-5/7/1995, TEC 4 US Army WW II


Amos SHATTO 1858-1940, with Minnie E. SHATTO 1861-1932


Darwin E. SHATTO 7/7/1943-8/3/1991


Elmer L. SHATTO 1882-1955, with Lillie M. SHATTO 1883-1974


Florence A. SHATTO 3/8/1882-11/15/1973


John E. SHATTO 10/6/1910-1/23/1911, son of Elmer and Lillie M. Shatto


Paul V. SHATTO 12/27/1915-12/27/1915, son of Elmer and Lillie M. Shatto


Elizabeth SHEAFFER d. 11/4/1885, aged 63y(?) 11m 4d, wife of Peter Sheaffer


Jacob E. SHEAFFER 1858-1937, with Hannah Bell SHEAFFER 1862-1889, John W. 1881-1881, and Herbert M. 1885-1885


Peter SHEAFFER d. 4/24/1889, aged 81y 8m


Rudolphus SHEAFFER d. 9/9/1908, aged 54y 10m 24d, son of Peter and Elizabeth Sheaffer


Clara E. SHEARER 1856-1943


Edward H. SHEARER 1888-1980, with Leaphy M. SHEARER 1892-1964


Homer N. SHEARER 1916-1928, son of E.M. and L. M. Shearer


Stephen SHEARER 1856-1933


Daniel M. SHUMAKER 1973-2004


Matthew D. SHUMAKER 8/8/1977-10/20/2000


W. Ray SHUMAKER 1932-1988, with Betty G. SHUMAKER 1934-2002


Infant SIDERS Stillborn 3/17/1933, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Siders


Eleanora L. SIMMONS 1882-1932


Catharine SMEICH 9/7/1827-12/15/1888, aged 61y 3m 8d, wife of George Smeich


George SMEICH 12/4/1811-2/5/1882, aged 70y 2m 1d


John M. SMILEY d. 11/27/1892, aged 7y 3m, son of W.A. and M.A. Smiley


John M. SMILEY 10/20/1920-6/3/1962, 279 QM. REF. CO.


Louis A. SMILEY 10/19/1882-3/2/1970, with Mary B. SMILEY 7/23/1886-5/6/1954


Louis A. SMILEY Jr.  Stone 2  12/18/1918-6/30/1990 PFC US Army WW II, with Betty J. SMILEY 1924-1991


W. A. SMILEY 6/23/1833-3/14/1902, with M. A. SMILEY 10/17/1841-7/16/1933


Aubrey L. SMITH Stillborn 5/28/1922


Daniel S. SMITH 1866-1939


James K. SMITH 1/17/1843-11/4/1923 Co. E 5(?) Regt. PA Vol. Art., with wife Anna M. SMITH 10/4/1848-8/27/1926


John C. SMITH 12/1/1884-7/5/1953, with Viola B. SMITH 1/2/1888-8/10/1972


John F. SMITH 1920-1964


Robert Blaine SMITH 5/11/1884-3/25/1960, with Lyda Jane SMITH 9/22/1879-12/21/1971


Robert Cecil SMITH 8/28/1909-7/2/1971, with Bertha K. SMITH 10/5/1914-9/3/1973


Roy J. SMITH 1898-1969, with Frances G. SMITH 1894-1981, and Aubrey 1922-1922


Helen M. SNAVELY 8/12/1911-7/6/1992


John M. SPANGLE  Stone 2  9/7/1929-8/19/2002, CTC US Navy Korea Vietnam


J. Clifford SPANGLER 1913-1987, with Ida E. Smith SPANGLER 1913-1992


Mary F. STAUFFER 4/21/1899-3/26/1981


Clifton V. STERNBERGER 9/25/1915-2/16/1917, son of Roy E. and Effie L. Sternberger


David STERNBERGER 1870-1925


David W. STERNBERGER 1890-1944


John L. STERNBERGER 1867-1946, with Florence I. STERNBERGER 1871-1955


Mildred P. STERNBERGER 9/2/1917-11/28/1917, daughter of R.E. and Effie L. Sternberger


Charles E. STOCK 4/7/1869-4/28/1926, with wife May N. Henderson STOCK 5/12/1871-1/14/1913, Jerome E. FEASTER and Alma L. Stock FEASTER (see other photos for Jerome and Alma)


J. Henderson STOCK 2/22/1893-2/6/1957, with Jessie B. STOCK 8/15/1889-9/20/1969


George E. STONE d. 9/24/1888, aged 24y 6m 6d, son of Thomas M. and Catharine Stone


Harry E. STONE 1859-1937, with Annie V. STONE 1861-1929, and Nora A. STONE 1870-1927


Jacob S. STONE 1807-1894, Father


Louisa M. M. F. STONE d. 4/21/1882, aged 16y 2m 7d, daughter of T. M. and C. Stone


Sarah E. STONE 1919, daughter of C. W. and Clara Stone


Thomas M. STONE d. 5/5/1882 aged 47y 6m 22d, with wife Catharine Fry STONE d. 11/17/1909(?) aged 72y 11m 6d


Cora Bella STONER d. 2/18/1909, aged 25y 3m 23d, wife of James Stoner


Gary Mark STOOPS  Stone 2  10/15/1947-6/8/1983, S. Sgt. US Marine Corps Vietnam


Gertrude Wilson STOOPS d. 3/16/1907, aged 31y 14d


J. Mark STOOPS 3/24/1920-1/27/2003


Elizabeth SWEGER 11/4/1818-2/9/1892, aged 73y 3m 5d, wife of John Sweger


John SWEGER 2/10/1815-2/5/1890, aged 74y 11m 25d


Mary SWEGER 8/13/1807-7/23/1883, aged 75y 11m 10d


David THOMPSON d. 5/15/1873, aged about 85y


Richard THOMPSON d. 10/15/1877, aged about 59y


Ella M. TRAYER 1889-1973


William H. ULRICH 2/5/1913-1/16/1990, with Dorothy S. Kline ULRICH 3/13/1920-3/15/1990


Nancy M. WAGLEY 4/9/1942-10/17/2004


Eugene R. WALLACE 4/15/1918-5/11/2005


William P. WARDECKER 12/4/1872-8/22/1913


Baby Boy WEAVER 29179


I. Martha WEBB 10/21/1911-1/5/1986


Michael David WEBB 4/15/1966-8/5/1989


William W. WEBB 1904-1985 WW II Veteran, with Elizabeth M. WEBB 1910-1992


Alfred S. WELCH Sr. 1916-1983


Opal M. WELCH 1920-1982


Alfred J. WILSON 1857-1933, with Annie C. WILSON 1864-1944


Charles R. WILSON 1887-1967, with Elizabeth S. WILSON 1888-1988, Ethel L. 1915-1925, and Ray S. WILSON 1925-1977


Deckard E. WILSON 1872-1947, with Gertrude O. WILSON 1883-1976


Dorothy E. WILSON 1912-1913, with Alice B. WILSON 1900-1901


Emory J. WILSON 1894-1975, with Helen O. WILSON 1895-1979


Ethel Loraine WILSON 1915-1925, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Wilson


Frank E. WILSON d. 1/27/1897, aged 3m 5d, son of Allen J. and Anna C. Wilson


Grant J. WILSON 1870-1936, with Sarah E. WILSON 1867-1954


Jennie S. WILSON d. 2/6/1915, aged 71y 11m 26d


Jeremiah B. WILSON d. 2/26/1896, aged 62y 3m 4d


John P. WILSON 1860-1942, with Clara M. WILSON 1863-1944


John Walter WILSON 9/25/1918, PVT., 112 INF. 28 DIV


Joseph M. WILSON 1893-1957, CPL. CO. H, 314th INF. 79th DIV. WW I, Awarded the Purth Heart


Joseph P. WILSON 1860-1940, with wife Jennie WILSON 1860-1933


Joshua L. WILSON d. 1/20/1883(?), aged 54y 10m 7d


Margaret WILSON d. 10/26/1877, aged 45y 8m 27d, wife of Jeremiah Wilson


Mary J. WILSON d. 4/?/1904, aged 65y 10m 23d, wife of J. L. Wilson


Scott Emory WILSON 12/11/1961-12/20/1983


Vernon W. WILSON 1900-1982, with Eleanor J. WILSON 1919-2001


William H. WILSON 3/4/1863-5/27/1884, aged 21y 2m 23d, son of Jeremiah and Margaret Wilson


Wm. Edgar WILSON 11/9/1902-9/15/1976, with Mabel M. WILSON 10/6/1904-4/21/1981


L. Fay Black WOMER 1908-1928


Frank E. YOHE 1871-1955, with Maggie YOHE 1878-1952, David W. YOHE 1912-1942, and George M. YOHE 1914-1989


Joseph E. YOHE  Stone 2  8/17/1907-1/15/1980, with Helen V. YOHE 7/4/1917-12/12/1976, TEC4 US Army WW II


Martha E. YOHN 11/4/1869-4/7/1892(?)


Ellen V. ZEIDERS 3/30/1926-10/9/1985, with daughter Mary E. ZEIDERS 5/5/1949-4/21/1996


Genevieve F. ZEIDERS 11/11/1949-9/12/1999


Melvin T. ZEIDERS Sr. 8/18/1921-3/2/2001


Nancy J. ZEIDERS 3/9/1954-11/1/1984


Adam H. ZORGER 1/30/1820-10/17/1893, aged 73y 8m 17d


Elizabeth ZORGER 8/10/1822-12/10/1891, aged 69y 4m


Elizabeth J. ZORGER 1881-1945, with Minnie Zorger HALL 1884-1920


Jacob H. ZORGER 1858-1923, with Anna M. ZORGER 1858-1939


John B. ZORGER 6/25/1845-2/26/1917, with Sarah A. ZORGER 3/23/1844-5/24/1912 aged 68y 2m 1d





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