Mahanoy Union


Mahanoy Road, Miller Township


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Irene and Helen ?  located near Edward Green


Albert M. BAKER  1895-1951


Alexander R. BAKER  9/9/1837-1/15/1916, with Rebecca J. BAKER 1845-1920


Andrew J. BAKER  3/9/1909-3/5/1964


Charles A. BAKER  1882-1962, with Edna G. BAKER 1883-1951


Clayton E. BAKER  1943-1964


Franklin P. BAKER  Stone 2   6/7/1899-12/14/1918


George E. BAKER  1886-1970


Harry W. BAKER  1889-1976


James N. BAKER  2/15/1901-1/12/1976, with Catherine E. BAKER 5/27/1903-8/11/1976


Maggie Jane BAKER  Stone 2   4/23/1893-1/13/1930 (note difference in birth dates)


Richard BAKER  1920-1920, with Edward BAKER 1921-1921, infant sons
of Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Baker


S. Alice BAKER  5/11/1873-6/22/1911, wife of U.G. Baker


Thelma I. BAKER  1917-1918


U. Grant BAKER  1871-1953


Viola M. BAKER  1890-1955


Walter M. BAKER  10/7/1895-10/4/1964


William K. BAKER  1903-1981, PFC US Army WW II


Oliver R. BURD  1879-1944, with Anna Bell BURD 1877-1967


Son BURD  Close-up   born and died 10/29/1901, son of Oliver R. and Anna B. Burd


James E. EVANS  1885-1971


Joshua W. EVANS  1889-1917


Myrtle E. EVANS  1893-1968


EVANS Twins  12/23/1921, infant twins of J.E. and Myrtle Evans


Edward GREEN  1865-1921


Minnie Bertha HARTZELL  1891-1966


Abram T. HUSS  1852-1939, with Susanna HUSS 1852-1918, Margaret M. HUSS
1877-1949, and Joseph E. 1891-1891


Henry C. JOHNSTON  3/22/1859-6/8/1921, with wife Victoria A. JOHNSTON


Harry MAGUIRE  4/16/1899-4/23/????, son of G.W. and Rosa M. Maguire


Charles E. METZGER  1865-1930


Charlie METZGER  12/18/1887-12/22/1887, with Harry METZGER
5/24/1891-6/13/1891, sons of O.V. and E.C. Metzger


Ella D. METZGER  3/15/1874-3/15/1904


Elmira C. Yocum METZGER  12/8/1867-12/28/1895, wife of O.V. Metzger


Judson V. METZGER  8/23/1872-9/30/1894


Peter F. METZGER  Full view   12/25/1821-1/12/1886, with wife Anna C. METZGER 8/15/1831-11/18/1899, with Judson and Ella


Annie M. POTTER  4/16/1873-2/19/1915, aged 41y 10m 3d, wife of W.H. Potter


Nancy G. POTTER  1851-1908


Paul POTTER  1899-1923, aged 23y


W. H. POTTER  1877-1917, aged 40y


Baby SMITH  born and died 8/24/1903, daughter of A.M. and Emma D. Smith


J. M. SMITH  1834-1913, with wife Leah SMITH 1830-1908


John W. STRUNK  1852-1914, with Catherine E. James STRUNK 1863-1940,
and son James E. STRUNK 1883-1943


Frank P. YINGST  1869-1921, with J. Gertrude YINGST 1877-1945


Anna M. YOCUM  12/24/1874-8/22/1876, daughter of H.H. and E.A. Yocum


Henry H. YOCUM  4/5/1838-3/28/1920, with wife Elizabeth A. Swiler YOCUM





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