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Henry ADAMS  6/4/1829-1/16/1875, aged 45y 7m 12d


Jane ADAMS  d. 6/18/1855, aged 65y


William ADAMS  d. 3/12/1868, aged 50y 11m 25d


George W. ALBERT  5/15/1827-4/29/1864 Corporal Co. H 47th Regt. PA Vol. War of Rebellion, died on board steamship Yaron and buried at sea, with wife Elizabeth ALBERT 2/24/1831-3/7/1905


Jane ASKINS  4/3/1788-11/4/1866, aged 78y 7m 1d, wife of William Askins


William ASKINS  d. 7/21/1851, aged 65y 6m 24d


Barbara BAKER  d. 12/5/1847, aged 64y, wife of William Baker


Edward L. BAKER  3/21/1894-9/12/1953, presented by son Frankie


Heady BAKER  d. 8/31/1863, aged 5y 2m, daughter of John and Catharine Baker


John BAKER  d. 6/29/1873, aged 55y 10m 11d


Wm. BAKER  d. 8/27/1848, aged 94y


Geo. BISTLINE  d. 9/12/1863, aged 70y 5m 19d, funeral sermon by Rev. Sahm


George A. BISTLINE  1856-1923, with wife Mary J. BISTLINE 1861-1921, and daughter Maggie M. 1883-1885


Jane BISTLINE  d. 5/10/1875, aged 81y 4m 17d, wife of George Bistline


John BISTLINE  d. 11/20/1880, aged 57y 11m 25d


Margaret BISTLINE  d. 10/13/1903, aged 78y 1m, wife of John Bistline


Matilda BISTLINE  d. 11/17/1880, daughter of John and Margaret Bistline


Miles G. BISTLINE  1896-1964, PVT U.S. Marine Corps WW I


Joseph BLACKLAY  2/19/1849-3/20/1875, Aged 26y 1m 1d, G.A.R.


John BLACKLIA  d. 8/10/1861, aged abt 75y


Cornelius BLAIN  d. 7/29/1849, aged 66y 6m


Amos L. BLUMENSCHEIN  5/5/1912-11/12/1967


Amos M. BLUMENSCHEIN  1864-1934, aged 69y 10m 3d


Bennie E. BLUMENSCHEIN  1897-1902, with S. Lizzie BLUMENSCHEIN 1910-1910


John F. BLUMENSCHEIN  6/15/1893-2/15/1960, with Eva I. BLUMENSCHEIN 5/21/1895-4/5/1948


Sarah A. BLUMENSCHEIN  1875-1960


Barbara BURKEPILE  d. 10/25/1858, aged abt 66y, wife of George Burkepile


John Geo. BURKEPILE  d. 3/22/1855, aged 65y 8m 20d


Elizabeth CARL  d. 9/2/1845, aged 71y 5m 21d, wife of Isaiah Carl


Andrew CHAPMAN  d. 7/1867, aged abt 94y


Mary CHAPMAN  d. 4/13/1860, aged 76y, wife of Andrew Chapman


Ernest CLELAN  1904-1985


Ernest CLELAN  8/6/1904-1/10/1985, with Olive P. CLELAN 5/7/1913-8/20/2002


Patsy Ann CLELAN  1936, Infant


C. Maurice CLESS  1903-1969


Claude M. CLESS  1903-1969, with wife Helen G. CLESS 1922-2005, and son Lester R. 1945-1945


Harvey L. CLESS  1873-1944, with wife Sara E. CLESS 1876-1928


John C. CLESS  1909-1990, with Wilma O. CLESS 1913-1990


Unknown CLESS  (possibly Lester R. d. 1945, who is shown on an undated earlier transcription)


Albert C. CLOUSER  1910-2004, with Vertie C. CLOUSER 1911-1966


Benjamin N. CLOUSER  9/24/1934-6/19/1979


Carol Lee CLOUSER  1955-1963


Cornelius B. CLOUSER  1880-1945


Mabel A. CLOUSER  1934-1998


Thelma V. CLOUSER  5/25/1920-6/2/1995


James Ottis COLEMAN  d. 4/15/1868, aged 10m 19d, son of S.S. and Maggie A. Coleman


Ora S. COLEMAN  d. 12/11/1869, aged 1m, son of S.S. and Maggie A. Coleman


Amanda COOPER  d. 6/1/1847, Aged 9m 3d, daughter of J.B. and Sarah Cooper


J. B. COOPER  d. 10/19/1866 aged 63y 1m 25d, with wife Sarah COOPER d. 11/19/1902 aged 82y 8d


Kate M. CORMAN  1846-1886


John DIEHL  d. 6/27/1847, aged 42y 10m 12d


Abraham S. DILE  d. 11/30/1899, aged 62y 5m 3d, G.A.R. Co. I 208th Pa. Vol. Inft.


Eliza Jane DILE  d. 7/13/1866, aged 24y 9m 29d, wife of Abrm Dile


Frances Amanda DILE  d. 6/26/1865, aged 1y 11m 22d, daughter of Abrm and Jane Dile


Wm. DILE  Co. A 101st PA INF, G.A.R.


Caroline DUM  d. 7/26/1846, aged 11y 11m, daughter of Fredk and Susanna Dum


Jacob S. DUM  12/4/1850-10/27/1858, aged 7y 10m 23d, son of William and Sarah Dum


Sarah DUM  7/27/1827-10/7/1858, aged 31y 2m 10d, first wife of William Dum


Sarah Jane FLEISER  d. 9/9/1852, aged 9m 11d, daughter of Henry and Mary Fleisher


Elizabeth FLEMING  d. 5/21/1861, aged 79y, funeral by Rev. S. Kuhn


Andrew FOOSE  d. 8/20/1850, aged 1m, son of William and Eliza Foose


Charles D. FOOSE  d. 9/27/1865, aged 1y 9m 18d, son of Henry and Susan Foose


Eliza Comp FOOSE  d. 8/18/1899, aged 76y 2m 2d, wife of William Foose (same stone)


Elmer E. FOOSE  d. 9/1/1853, aged 11m 9d, son of Henry and Susan Foose


Harry C. FOOSE  1874-1928, with Rose A. FOOSE 1875-1949, and Maud M. FOOSE 1901-1903


Henry FOOSE  d. 12/7/1907 aged 74y 5m 22d, with wife Susana Shadow FOOSE d. 4/19/1895 aged 57y 9m 5d


Ida M. FOOSE  1925-1992


Infant FOOSE  d. 5/26/1867, aged 28d, son of Henry and Susannah Foose


John W. FOOSE  d. 9/24/1862, aged 2y 2m 21d, son of Henry and Susan Foose


Mary E. FOOSE  5/30/1916-1/27/1939, Mother


Mary Jane FOOSE  d. 3/16/1851, aged 2y 1m 25d, daughter of William and Eliza Foose


Mary Jane FOOSE  1939-1950, Daughter


Michl. FOOSE  d. 1/5/1858, aged 65y 5m 22d


Rachel Jane FOOSE  d. 11/28/1852, aged 9y 11m 16d, daughter of Asa and Margaret A. Foose


Raymond C. FOOSE  1900-1965, with Mary Ann FOOSE 1906-1990


Raymond James FOOSE  1925-1927, Son


Samuel S. FOOSE  1855-1940, with wife Frances J. FOOSE 1854-1922


Susanna FOOSE  d. 10/7/1881, aged abt 82y, wife of Michael Foose


William FOOSE  d. 12/5/1898, aged 78y 2m 6d, same stone as Eliza


George FOUST  d. 1/11/1858, aged 25y 10m 27d, son of Henry and Mary Foust, G.A.R.


John S. FOUST  d. 3/31/1868, aged 25y 6m 4d, son of Henry and Mary Foust


Abraham FRY  1859-1917


Catharine FRY  d. 2/22/1870, aged 35y 4m 27d, wife of David Fry


Earl R. FRY  1896-1969, with wife Grace R. FRY 1906-1983 (death year per SSDI)


Harry E. FRY  3/5/1896-2/3/1946, with Rella M. FRY 5/24/1899-5/23/1958


Jane FRY  d. 5/4/1853, aged abt 70y, wife of John Fry


John FRY  d. 3/20/1863, aged abt 83y


Maggie C. FRY  1865-1944


Robert FRY  d. 2/23/1895, aged 67y 9m 17d, Co. H 47th Regt. PA Vol.


Sarah FRY  d. 4/6/1856, aged 36y 11m ?d, wife of David Fry


John M. GARLIN  9/6/1868-1/14/1948, with Sarah J. GARLIN 3/27/1872-9/2/1943


Mary C. GARLIN  9/10/1900-4/10/1927


Michael GARLIN  d. 9/22/1884, aged 69y 5m 2d


Sarah A. GARLIN  d. 4/6/1891, aged 52y 11m 24d


Elizabeth GEHR  1827-1905, with Mary GEHR 1826-1905, Daughters, same stone as Jacob, Sarah, J.B., G.W. and L.F. Gehr


Jacob GEHR  1784-1859, with wife Sarah GEHR 1802-1878, Father and Mother, same stone as Elizabeth, Mary, J.B., G.W. and L.F. Gehr


J. B. GEHR  1831-1869 buried near Shiremanstown PA, with G. W. GEHR 1836-1911, and L. F. GEHR 1838-1903, Sons, same stone as Jacob, Sarah, Elizabeth and Mary Gehr


Gertrude M. GOOD  1897-1967


Robert J. GOOD  7/16/1919-1/9/1985, S Sgt US Army WW II


William J.  1894-1977


Geo. W. GOODLING  1857-1923, with wife Sarah A. GOODLING 1860-1924


John K. GRUBE  d. 10/9/1909 aged 83y 9m 8d, with wife Sarah Ann Baer GRUBE d. 6/27/1909 aged 76y 9m 26d


Susannah HASSINGER  d. 1/28/1855, aged 22y 8m 3d, wife of Sam'l Hassinger


Franklin P. HOOVER  1853-1922, with Bertha C. HOOVER 1865-1945, Sara C. HOOVER 1894-1896, Lottie A. HOOVER 1892-1918 and Luella M. HOOVER 1888-1933


Sean A. HYDE  1967-1981


Xemina JACOBY  d. 5/19/1851, aged 1y 2m 19d, daughter of Reuben and Mary Jacoby


Elizabeth KELL  d. 3/15/1862, aged 35y 2m 12d, wife of John Kell


James A. KELL  d. 2/28/1884, aged 25y 6m 18d


Lizzie KELL  d. 6/16/1862, aged 3m 6d, daughter of John and Elizabeth Kell


Virginia A. KELL  d. 7/30/1860, aged 2m 12d, daughter of John and Elizabeth Kell


W. P. KELLER  Co. I 190th PA INF, G.A.R.


Robert Henry KINDER  d. 3/3/184?, aged 3y 3m 25d, son of John and Susanna Kinder


Abrm KISTLER  d. 9/1/1858, aged 60y 9m


Christiana KISTLER  d. 4/16/1885, aged 84y 4m 1d, wife of Abraham Kistler


John KISTLER  d. 9/29/1893, aged 56y 10m 29d, of Co. K 7 Regt. PA CAV, G.A.R.


John Gruver KISTLER  d. 2/16/1886, aged 3m ?d, son of John S. and Lydia Kistler


Lydia Ann KISTLER  d. 11/12/1885, aged 45y 10m 14d, wife of John S. Kistler


Mollie KISTLER  d. 9/10/1886, aged 14y 10m 2d, daughter of John S. and Lydia A. Kistler


Oliver C. KISTLER  d. 3/29/1879, aged 3y 6m 9d, son of John and Annie Kistler


Sarah Jane KISTLER  d. 9/27/1858, aged 19y 5m 24d, daughter of Abrm. and Christina Kistler


Walter KISTLER  1868-1928


Ida Mae KITNER  1890-1932


Henry KOCH  d. 11/17/1846, aged 75y 4m 15d


Daniel C. KOCHENDERFER  d. 9/6/1865, aged 2y 6m 28d, son of John and Ellen Kochenderfer


Jacob Charles KOCHENDERFER  d. 3/27/1859, aged 1m 12d, son of John and Ellen Kochenderfer


Jonh B. KOCHENDERFER  d. 11/30/1898, aged 62y 1m 12d, Co. C 208 Regt. Pa. Vol.


Rebecca E. KOCHENDERFER   View 2  d. 12/8/1884, aged 46y 1m 24d, wife of J. B. Kochenderfer


Elizabeth Elen LOY  5/2/1842-6/17/1862, aged 20y 1m 15d, wife of John Loy


James B. LYNCH  d. 4/15/1871, aged 3y 2m 11d, son of M.C. and Mary E. Lynch




Letitia Adams McALISTER  d. 5/9/1897, aged 68y 2m 27d, wife of Christian McAlister


Cloyd A. MITCHELL  1893-1954, with Lillie M. MITCHELL 1903-1942


Ruth MITCHELL  1941


Jane Lourmer MORRISON  d. 12/27/1896, aged 63y 12d, wife of Thomas Morrison


Thomas MORRISON  1846-1926


Amanda Jane MYERS  8/10/1866-6/4/1918


August H. MYERS  8/3/1867-6/17/1919


Mary Ellen NOY  d. 8/11/1857, aged 1y 1m 17d, daughter of Isaac and Martha Noy


David PECK  d. 4/1/1898 aged 74y, with wife Caroline Perry PECK d. 12/15/1912 aged 73y


Flora E. K. PECK  1879-1921


Harvey T. PECK  1869-1942


Laurence W. PECK  d. 11/29/1900, aged 1d, son of W.D. and F. E. Peck


Paul Woodrow PECK  d. 1/29/1913, aged 2m 2d, son of H.T. and Florence Peck


Walter D. PECK  d. 4/23/1903, aged 29y 7m 3d, Husband


David Grove PERRY  d. 6/18/1846, son of Sam'l and Mary Perry


Samuel PERRY  d. 11/14/1852, aged 57y 6m


Daniel REAPSOME  d. 10/30/1887 aged 71y 3m 26d, with wife Susanna d. 7/16/1902 aged 76y 10m 3d, same stone as William, John, Adaline, Margaret (both of them) and Infant Daughters REAMSOME


Margaret REAPSOME  d. 6/12/1846 aged 28y 9m 11d, with Margaret REAPSOME d. 11/25/1864 aged 8y 4m 3d, Infant Dau. d. 7/28/1855 aged 3d, and Infant Dau. d. 4/15/1848 aged 19d, same stone as Daniel, Susanna, William, John and Adaline REAPSOME


William REAPSOME  d. 10/11/1914 aged 48y 9m 2d, with John REAPSOME d. 7/1/1865 aged 26y, and Adaline REAPSOME d. 3/13/1909 aged 48y 6m 15d, same stone as Daniel, Susanna, Margaret (both of them) and Infant Daughters REAPSOME


Catharine E. REED  10/4/1864-11/6/1910


John F. REED  1864-1920, with Elmer L. REED 1893-1916


John REEDER  d. 12/15/1870, aged 78y 4m 12d


Mary REEDER  d. 9/21/1863, aged 34y 11m, daughter of John and Sarah Reeder


Sarah REEDER  d. 12/16/1889, aged 82y 9m 9d, wife of John Reeder


Jacob H. REICH  1873-1959, with Florence M. REICH 1879-1922


Daniel RICE  1862-1944, with wife Lillie R. RICE 1864-1938


John RICE  d. 5/28/1916 aged 81y 7m, G.A.R., with Catherine RICE d. 5/28/1871 aged 33y


Margaret RICE  d. 9/2/1888, aged 22y 2m 12d, same stone as Susan Rice


Pearl RICE  6/11/1887-1/31/1963


Susan A. RICE  d. 11/10/1884, aged 20y 7m 9d, same stone as Margaret Rice


Richard E. RUDY  4/26/1954-4/29/1954


David T. SEAGER  d. 3/19/1848, aged 10m 13d, son of Jonathan and Sarah Seager


Sarah SEAGER  d. 2/8/1849, aged 39y 6m 27d, wife of Jonathan Seager


Mary A. SHEIBLY  d. 3/3/1891, aged 63y 5m 3d, wife of Daniel Sheibly


Charles M. SHULER  d. 8/13/1868, aged 2y 3m 23d


Marietta SHULER  d. 3/16/1856, aged 9y 8m, daughter of John and Nancy Shuler


Nancy SHULER  d. 2/28/1858, aged 38y, wife of J. Shuler


Philip SHULER  d. 2/25/1909, aged 84y 6m 6d


Jacob SHULL  d. 5/6/1861, aged 73y 8d


Magdalena SHULL  d. 9/6/1852, aged 64y 2m 9d, wife of Jacob Shull


Harvey M. SMITH  View 2   d. 12/24/1876 aged 3y 3m 4d, with Mary F. SMITH d. 12/24/1876, aged 6m 15d, children of David M. and Margaret M. Smith


Hezekiah SMITH  d. 7/10/1853, aged 2y 5m 2d, son of Saml. C. and Matilda Smith


David STAMBAUGH  1/23/1803-5/9/1885, aged 82y 3m 17d, an honest, upright, candid, worthy man


Elizabeth K. STAMBAUGH  9/11/1804-12/6/1858, aged 54y 2m 26d, wife of David Stambaugh


Margaret A. STAMBAUGH  11/12/1846-2/26/1854, aged 7y 3m 14d, daughter of David and Elizabeth Stambaugh




Amy L. STRUNK  1976-1982


Edward N. TURNBAUGH  1890-1957


Ida E. TURNBAUGH  1891-1955


Kenneth E. TURNBAUGH  4/11/1912-1915




Sarah E. WEAVER  4/24/1858-7/23/1858, daughter of Michael and Elizabeth Weaver


Mary Jane WERTS  d. 9/1/1862, aged 7m 22d, daughter of Dan'l and Elizabeth Werts


Maggie Adora WERTS  8/13/1868-9/12/1871, aged 3y 29d, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Wertz


Mary WERTZ  d. 1/21/1882, aged abt 85y, wife of Peter Wertz


Peter WERTZ  4/1/1792-10/1/1873, aged 81y 6m


Robert N. WILLIS  d. 6/13/1872, aged 41y 3m 1d


Susannah WILLIS  d. 1/16/1859, aged 27y 4m 5d, wife of Robert N. Willis


Mary M. WURSTER  1869-1955




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