Little Germany Cemetery

Spring Township, Perry County


Photos contributed by

Russell Fry






Barbara(?) ---GART,  d. ?/11/1870(?), Aged ?y 4m ?d


Calvin CLOUSER,  d. 7/18??, Aged 2y


Harry CLOUSER,  d. 9/18??, Aged 8m, Son of J.W. and Susanna Clouser


Abraham FOOSE,  d. 10/26/1850(?), GAR Marker


Daisy M. FOOSE,  1884-1945, and B. Pearl FOOSE 1888-1869


Daniel FOOSE,  d. 4/24/1879 Aged 67y 6m 28d, Susanna d. 1/4/1877 Aged 61y 3m 9d


Fianna FOOSE,  d. 4/5/1915, Aged 73y 11m 10d, Wife of Jacob Foose (same stone)


Infant FOOSE,  d. 1/18/18??, Aged 4d, Son of Janes B. and Ida Foose


James B. FOOSE,  d. 10/5/1887, Aged 47y 3m 23d, Same stone as Fianna


Jacob FOOSE,  1852-1925, and Ida J. Kistler FOOSE 1863-1926


John D. FOOSE,  d. 4/13/1852, Aged 17y 3(?)m 11d, Son of David and Susanna Foose


Paul FOOSE,  d. 9/9/1882, Aged 35y 11m 2d, "Our Father"


Samuel FOOSE,  d. 10/31/1902, Aged 64y 4m 17d, Co. D. 47 Reg. PA Vol.


Bertha L. FRY,  d. 4/30/1894, Aged 23y 7m, Wife of Daniel E. Fry


Daniel FRY,  1863-1946, and Della R. 1871-1935


Elmer E. FRY,  12/6/1904


James R. FRY,  d. 10/15/1904, Aged 5m 6d, Son of D.E. and Della R. Fry


Martha A. FRY,  d. 2/1/1916, Aged 4y 9m 14d, Daughter of Daniel and Della Fry


Nora V. FRY,  d. 1/29/1903(?), Aged 9m ?d, Daughter of Daniel and Della R. Fry


Simon G. FRY,  1865-1924, and Alice 1865-1924


Abraham GARLIN,  died 7/7/1912, Aged 79y 5m 19d


Elijah GARLIN,  1851-1936, and Elizabeth 1849-1937


Ida Elizabeth GARLIN,  d. 6/15/1899, Aged 37y 1m 28d, Daughter of Abraham and Jane Garlin


Peter GARLIN,  d. 12/10/1891, Aged 86y 11m 10d


Rebecca J. GARLIN,  d. 5/12/1902, Aged 66y 2m 22d


Samuel GARLIN,  1857-1943, with Maggie J. 1865-1949, and Ella M. 1884-1904


Samuel GARLIN,  1857-1943, with Maggie J. 1865-1949, and Ella M. 1884-1904


George JACOBS,  10/4/1804-1/13/1877, Aged 72y 3m 9d, "Our Father"


Jacob KITNER,  8/8/1811-8/9/1873, Aged 59y 1d


John PECK,  d. 1/25/1887, Aged 62y 5m 1d


Susanna PECK,  d. 8/20/1853, Aged 10y 6d, Daughter of John and Susanna Peck


Catharine SMITH,  d. 2/9/1853, Aged 82(?)y, ?m 3d, Wife of Abraham Smith


Amos F. STAHL,  1889-1976


Wm. F. STAHL,  8/18/1866-?, and Mary A. Mary 2/1/1866-?


Infant WEAVER,  d. 3/17/18??, Son of Ira S. and Maggie E. Weaver


Ira S. WEAVER,  b. 12/1/1852, and Margaret E. 10/22/1847-2/27/1912





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