Deardorff Cemetery

Oliver Township, Perry County


Photos contributed by

Allison and Russell Fry



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Mexican War

John Deardorf

Civil War

Samuel Myers, Andrew Powell, Rubin Stahl


NOTE:  It is believed that the name DEARDORFF was

misspelled as DEARDORF when the above plaque

was made.  All tombstones for that surname

show the spelling as DEARDORFF.



Donna J. BAER  1941-1942


Peter F. BAILOR  1849-1911, with Louisa C. 1852-1931, James W. 1893-1897, and George E. 1884-1963


Solomon F. BENDER  d. 4/7/1881, aged 3m 22d, son of Cloyd C. and Mary Bender


Waldo S. BENDER  d. 12/19/1874, aged 2y 10m 11d, son of Cloyd C. and Mary Bender


W. Clyde BRENIZER  1910-1969


Alice G. CREE  10/2/1893-?/?/1895(?)


David Richard CREE  12/4/1929-2/2/1930


James M. CREE  10/18/1907-10/6/1972


Letitia Louise CREE  2/13/1867-1939


Mary Viola CREE  2/19/1907-3/11/1976


Maurice Edgar CREE  7/21/1897-8/7/1945


Millard Filmore CREE  1862-1935


Millard N. Jack CREE  5/11/1924-3/15/1985


Wayne D. CREE  12/24/1926-4/17/1996, TEC 5 US Army WW II


Maria CROSLEY  1/23/1860-3/17/1883


Abraham DEARDORFF  d. 8/10/1854, Aged 88y(?) ?m 11d(?)


Elmira DEARDORFF  12/17/1862-1/1(?)/1881


Eve DEARDORFF  d. ?/??/1871(?), aged 60y 23d


John DEARDORFF  7/?/1816-12/11/1888


Lydia DEARDORFF  2/15/1824-7/2/1874, wife of John Deardorff


Susanna DEARDORFF  d. 12/4/1861, aged 65y(?) 5m 10d(?), wife of Abraham Deardorff


Magdalene DILMAN  d. 3/17/1831, aged 39y 5m 5d, wife of George Dilman


Lester McClellan DUCHESNEY  d. 12/6/1902(?), aged 1m 28d, son of Clarence and Naomia Duchesney


Aleitha Viola GLOSSER  d. 12/9/1892(?), aged 2y 9m(?) 22d, daughter of Frederick and Naomi Glosser


Charles J. GLOSSER  d. 11/16/1877, aged 21d, son of Frederick and Naomi Glosser


Benjamin LEINAWEAVER  d. 10/31/1846, aged 55y


Margaret A. LEINAWEAVER  d. 11/8/1865, aged 5y 11m 24d, daughter of Jacob and Matilda C. Leinaweaver


Matilda C. LEINAWEAVER  3/1/1831-1/25/1871


Nancy LEINAWEAVER  d. 1/26/1859, aged 61y 11m 20d, wife of Benj. Leinaweaver


Sarah E. LEINAWEAVER  d. 8/3/1858, aged 8m 22d, daughter of John A. and Mary A. Leinaweaver


Jacob LEINAWEVER  1/28/1824-7/25/1903, aged 79y 5m 27d


John A. LEINAWEVER  d. 1/17/1899, aged 68y 23d


Mary A. Ostrander LEINAWEVER  d. 1/5/1899, aged 62y 10m 23d, wife of John A. Leinawever


Mary Olive LEINAWEVER  10/?/1862?-12/7/1865(?), aged 3y 1m 28d, daughter of John A. and Mary A. Leinawever


Catharine LENIG  d. 12/12/1854, aged 43y 5m(?) 15(?)d, wife of John Lenig


Sarah A. LIDDICK  d. 4/23/1907, aged 48y 10m 10d, wife of Jacob L. Liddick


Anna M. McNAUGHTON  1845-1922, wife of Huston, Pres. by Grandchildren


Geo. W. McNAUGHTON  d. 9/11/1880?, aged 66y 8m 19d


Huston McNAUGHTON  d. 3/1/1888, aged 56y 1m 2d


Lavena McNAUGHTON  d. 9/4/1900, aged 80y 2m 25d, wife of C. W. McNaughton


Pearl Henrietta McNAUGHTON  d. 10/1/1906, aged 3m 13d, daughter of S.B. and Sarah E. McNaughton


Orval E. MILLER  6/25/1912-7/3/1964, Corp. 1377th Army Air Forces


Albert H. MURLATT  3/5/1860-3/7/1887


Catherine MURLATT  1771-7/27/1876


Samuel MURLATT  9/9/1818-1/12/1871


Caroline A. Powell MYERS  d. 11/21/1868, aged 21y 11m, wife of John C. Myers, daughter of John and Annie Powell


Samuel MYERS  d. 10/11/1864 aged 25y 5m 9d, son of Eve Deardorff, Enlisted at Harrisburg 9/23/1862 in the U.S. Service Co. I(?) 17 Regt Pa. Cav., killed near Winchester VA


Andrew POWELL  d. 8/3/1861, aged 43y 6m 8d


Benjamin L. POWELL  d. 10/2/1875(?), aged 2y 11m 8d, son of Andrew and Elizabeth Powell


Catharine POWELL  3/11/1849-3/26/1851, aged 2y 15d


Daniel POWELL  9/4/1809-4/26/1875, aged 65y 7m 22d, Funeral sermon by Rev. G. W. Bingham


John POWELL  d. 10/1-/1875(?), aged 52y(?) 9m(?) 28d


Mary POWELL  6/20/1818-11/21/1886, aged 68y 5m 1d, wife of Daniel Powell


Mary A. POWELL  1/11/1843-3/22/1851, aged 8y 2m 11d


Nancy J. POWELL  4/12/1851-4/16/1869, aged 18y 4d


Robert B. POWELL  1859-1930, with Elizabeth A. POWELL 1857-1919


C. Elwood RHOADES  3/22/1933-2/17/2003


Charles A. RHOADES Jr.  7/2/1941-7/3/1941


Clarence E. RHOADES  1892-1966, with Alma V. RHOADES 1898-1976


Cloyd E. RHOADES  6/14/1916-1/21/1993, with Olive A. RHOADES 6/21/1917-9/28/1996


G. Edwin RHOADES  1890-1963, with Catherine A. RHOADES 1893-1943


George E. RHOADES  1860-1927


Josephine I. RHOADES  1/14/1861-4/17/1936


Lenus A. RHOADES  1926-1966, Tech. 5th Grade W. W. 2


Maggie Martha RHOADES  1893-1944, Sister


Robert L. RHOADES  7/11/1977-3/1/1998


George Edgar RIDER  d. 3/22/1893, aged 5y 7m 25d, son of E.E. and L. E. Rider


Nancy M. RIDER  d. 12/23/1878, aged 23y 5m 13d, wife of Ephraim E. Rider


Thomas W. ROSS  1905-1972


John Anderson SHARAR  8/19/1912-7/7/1983, S1 US Navy World War II


David E. STAHL  10/28/1903-9/16/1907, son of W.E. and Nora M. Stahl


Minnie L. STAHL  9/21/1905-12/23/1905, daughter of W.E. and Nora M. Stahl


Nancy Jane STAHL  10/6/1843-7/30/1904, aged 60y 9m 24d, wife of Reuben Stahl


Ramond L. STAHL  8/30/1910-9/22/1910, son of W.E. and L.M. Stahl


Reuben STAHL  8/10/1833-3/7/1907


Jonas STUTSMAN  d. 6/8/1855, aged 20y 3m 24d


SUPER Family  To rescue from oblivion the older members of the Super family, this fence was erected by the third generation.


SUPER Family  view of plot


Jacob SUPER  aged 80y, with Mary SUPER aged 5y


Charles J. WOODS  1/7/1875-1/27/1894, aged 19y 20d, son of Hiram J. and Mary E. Woods


Hiram J. WOODS  3/1/1850-9/21/1879, aged 29y 6m 20d


Lottie H. WOODS  3/20/1880-12/12/1899, aged 19y 8m 22d, daughter of Hiram J. and Mary E. Woods


Cora Bell ZEIGLER  with Bertha May ZEIGLER, twin daughters of J.H. and S. Zeigler


Sarah ZEIGLER  d. 6/5/1890, aged 33y, wife of Jerome H. Zeigler


Alfred M. ZELLERS  1854-1932, with Clarissa D. ZELLERS 1845-1900


Lawrence M. ZIMMERMAN  1892-1974, with wife Sallie P. ZIMMERMAN 1895-1978






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