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Calvin W. DERR 1868-1945


Catharine DERR d. 4/21/1895, aged 87y 11m 19d


Charles H. DERR d. 6/27/1871, aged 36y(?) 1m 7d


Cora A. DERR 1863-1951


Cora E. DERR d. 5/1/1895, aged 20y 12d, wife of Miles J. Derr


Daniel DERR d. 5/25/1873, aged 74y 27d


Edwin L. DERR d. 9/17/1865, aged 5m 17d, son of C. and E. Derr


Emerson L. DERR 1904-1974, with Hazel M. DERR 1908-1987


Eva J. DERR 1871-1901


Father DERR 


Flora May DERR 1/27/1888(?)-9/28/1889(?)


Hiram DERR 


J. Miles DERR 1868-1917


James G. DERR, M.D. 9/6/1868-3/5/1900


James W. DERR 1834-1907


John F. DERR 1823-1913, with wife Sarah H. DERR 1834-1928, and Hiram H. DERR 1858-1876


Lillie E. DERR 4/2/1874-11/11/1933, wofe of Dr. J.G. and S.B. Derr


Lizzie S. DERR 1865-1960


Minnie M. DERR 1870-1917


Mother DERR 


Sallie A. DERR 1836-1912


Schuyler DERR 1860-1866


Thelma L. DERR 1901-1901, with Martha R. DERR 1911-1917


Thelma L. DERR d. 3/17/1887(?)


William DERR 11/8/1834-6/15/1913, with wife Sarah Yagel DERR 4/9/1841-8/10/1913




Children GRESH Son and Daughter of C.G.(?) and L.A. Gresh, d. 11/29/1886(?)


Elizabeth Ann GRESH d. 10/3/1856, aged 22y 11m 18d, daughter of Jacob and Anna Gresh


J. Darius GRESH 1857-1926, with Dulcina C. GRESH 1857-1951


Mary Ann GRESH 


Samuel B. GRESH 1844-1920


Mary M. SPECK 9/12/1794-9/19/1878, aged 84y 7d


Veterans Plaque Presented to Turbotville Cemetery Company from Veterans of Foreign Wars Muffly-Huff Post 8206  




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