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Esther 1900-1901


Albert C. EVANS 1890-1970, with Elvira EVANS 1893-1964


Benjamin I. EVANS 4/1/1862-2/15/1934, with Eliza Ann Persing EVANS 4/11/1887-8/20/1977


Calvin C. EVANS 1892-1954, with Viola J. EVANS 1895-1968


David A. EVANS 12/25/1934-2/14/2001, US Navy Korea


David E. EVANS 1896-1961 Veteran, with Edna EVANS 1902-1957, and daughter Marion E. 1919-1922


Elizabeth A. EVANS 7/31/1871-10/2/1872


Elmer J. EVANS 1905-1954, with Mabel V. EVANS 1904-1980


Emma V. EVANS 1905-1912


Gueny EVANS 7/20/1863-1/19/1897, wife of Thomas Evans


Gueny W. EVANS 1863-1897


Howard EVANS 8/26/1926-4/6/1992, COX US Navy WWII


James EVANS 3/7/1897-10/26/1988(?)


James EVANS 2/22/1834-4/28/1898, with Alice EVANS 7/9/1833-11/14/1903


Margaret W. EVANS 1907-1984


Matilda D. EVANS 1869-1954


Richard EVANS 1867-1943, with Elizabeth A. EVANS 10/22/1874-6/8/1875 daughter of W.R. and Sarah Evans


Thomas EVANS 1863-1942


Walter J. EVANS 1901-1974, with Stella E. EVANS 1901-1981, and Lillian M. 1926-1926


Walter S. EVANS 1934-1996


William EVANS 3/4/187?-11/20/190?, aged 34y ?m 16d, son of W.R. and Sarah Evans


William H. EVANS 1867-1947, with Anna M. EVANS 1866-1927


William M. EVANS 1856-1930, with Ida A. EVANS 1857-1926


William R. EVANS 1838-1927, with Sarah EVANS 1840-1919


William V. EVANS 7/8/1887-10/6/1888, with Nicholas S. EVANS 9/13/1899-9/17/1891


William W. EVANS 1887-1955, Ck. Sup. Co. 314th Inf. 79th Div.


Wm. Harry EVANS 1921-1976, with Margaret EVANS 1920-1992


Wm. V. EVANS 1864-1938, with Eliz. J. EVANS 1866-1936


Eva Evans JACOBS 1923-1983


Forrest L. JACOBS 1912-1987


Emily J. ROADARMEL 1894-1923


Margaret Evans RYAN 1903-1971


Marion Evans SPENCER 3/19/1875-10/8/1961, wife of Rev. Thomas G. Spencer, born Mt. Carmel PA


Thomas Evans SPENCER 4/3/1883(?)-10/11/1912, born East Grange, N.J.


Rev. Thomas George SPENCER 6/23/1867-3/9/1928, Pastor Meth. Epis. Church Montclair N.J.


Edith E. STEWART 1900-1926


William 1888-1903


Charles G. WILLIAMS 7/19/1905-6/21/1084


George WILLIAMS 1863-1934, with Elizabeth WILLIAMS 1872-1938





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