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Photos contributed by

Ethel (Yerges) Copeland



Adam L. KEHRES 11/17/1899-7/11/1968, with Emma S. KEHRES 2/24/1906-8/13/1995


Catharine KEHRES 5/25/1818-7/8/1895, aged 77y 1m 13d, nee Erdman


Charles E. KEHRES 2/13/1880-4/10/1880, aged 1m 27d, son of Henry and Mary A. Kehres


Charles R. KEHRES 1869-1947, with Catherine E. KEHRES 1872-1941


Cora A. KEHRES 1881-1952


Franklin L. KEHRES 11/30/1857-3/30/1917, aged 59y 4m


George L. KEHRES 7/20/1865-3/31/1868, son of Daniel and Mary Kehres


John O. KEHRES 1879-1935, with Jennie H. KEHRES 1895-1962


Mary Etta KEHRES 7/18/1867-8/10/1886, aged 19y 22d, daughter of Nathan E. and Catharine Kehres


Nathan E. KEHRES 9/29/1832-9/10/1902 aged 69y 11m 11d, with Catharine KEHRES 1/9/1835-11/11/1895 aged 60y 10m 2d nee Hoffman


Polly A. KEHRES 3/22/1872-10/27/1880, daughter of Goerge and Sarah Kehres


Russell E. KEHRES 1910-1971, with Anna E. KEHRES 1915-1992


Sarah E. Hetrich KEHRES 12/2/1860-9/22/1893, aged 32y 9m 20d, wife of Franklin L. Kehres


W. Henry KEHRES 1860-1938, with Mary Ann KEHRES 1861-1900


William KEHRES 4/5/1808-3/31/1891, aged 82y 11m 26d


William N. KEHRES 1902-1976, with Jennie F. KEHRES 1890-1946


Elizabeth LATSHA 4/7/1812-8/19/1894, aged 72y 4m 12d, wife of John Latsha


Henry J. LATSHA 5/15/1785-6/30/1859, aged 74y 1m 15d





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