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Herbert N. BEACHAM 1883-1936 son of Joseph and Salina Beacham, with Verna M. BEACHAM


Joseph J. BEACHAM 1851-1934, husband of Salina Beacham


Salina M. BEACHAM 1859-1913, wife of Joseph Beacham


Edward E. HARPSTER 1881-1958, with Mary M. Whitmeyer HARPSTER 1886-1946


James H. HARPSTER 1921-2005, with Phyllis J. (Albright) HARPSTER 1923-2007


Paul P. HARPSTER 1896-1977, with Bertha A. HARPSTER 1892-1968 daughter of Joseph and Salina Beacham, and memorial to Paul P. HARPSTER Jr. 1924-12/21/1944 S/Sgt. W.W.II killed in action in France and interred in Lorraine, France





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