PAGE 1. This is a photo of the Jacob Reitz (b. 1780, d. 1838) Bible frontispiece. The Bible was published in 1829, and the earliest hand-written entries in the Bible are dated 1836. Additional handwritten entries were made through the next two generations: Jacob's son, Isaac, Isaac's two marriages, and the birth of all Isaac's children.
PAGE 2. This begins the recordings of various family events, although they do not seem to be strictly in accordance with the printed headings. Again, the translations are available at the Northumberland County Historical Society.
PAGE 3. Note the apparent recording of some family historical information that pre-dates the Bible's publication date.


PAGE 5. A note about this page. At some point in the Bible's history, someone wrote an English translation of a small portion (1 line) of an entry onto a piece of paper, and taped it over the original handwritten entry . The tape-over began "Benjamin Franklin was..." The extant photocopies all have this English translation obscuring the original handwritten text. When scanning this page, it was found that the tape-over was loose on the left edge, and could be folded over to the right without harming the underlying page. However, it was not possible to remove the tape-over without risking damage to the page. So, the page was scanned with the tape-over in place, then a section was re-scanned with the tape-over folded to the right, and a composite image was created from these two. The intent was to reproduce the original as exactly as possible. Remnants of the folded addition can be seen in the upper right hand column. -Paul Reitz September 9, 2000