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John P. Washleski from Shamokin was a decorated serviceman in WWII. He was a tail gunner on a B-26 marauder and flew some of the most historical bombing missions in the war.  NOTE:  This link is to an independent web site.  Use your back arrow to return here.

I'm sending one of my grandmother & her sisters. It was taken in Shamokin about 1890. My grandmother is Annie Wilson (Peifer) & she is the one standing on the extreme left in the back.     Sue Marcus

I'm pretty sure this is a photo taken at the 80th birthday party (1920) for my great grandmother, Annie McNally Wilson. She has white hair & is seated. The woman standing to the left of the woman directly behind Ann is my grandmother, Annie Wilson Peifer. My father, Harry Wilson Peifer, is standing on the extreme right. Would love to know who the others are. Sue Marcus

Here is one of Immanuel Lutheran & Reformed Church in Little Mahanoy Twp. Picture was taken in July 1999,  Sue Marcus

1999 photo of St. Peter's (Kreb's) Church in Jackson Twp.     Sue Marcus

My mother separated family photos before she died. These ended up in the Peifer box. I don't know who they are. They are tintypes.     Sue  Marcus

This is my grandfather, Harry E. Peifer b. 1873 in Shamokin.     Sue Marcus [Smrcus@aol.com]

This is a postcard dated 1913 from Moline IL. It shows the Charlie & May  Heim family who moved from Shamokin. I have more photos of the Heims (no  relation)  & would like to find a "home" for them.     Sue Marcus

The Altomare family. The names of the children from left to right are: Joe, Conch(Bressi) Lena (Colozzi-Manz) (on chair), Mildred Cesari, and Louie. Suzanne Cesari

The Halkowicz  family. Suzanne Cesari

Mary Williams. Suzanne Cesari

Attached you will find the Walker family.  I believe the people in the photograph are Samuel Edward Walker and his wife Anna Josephine Haviland with some of their children, Grover Cleveland Walker, Minnie G. Walker (m. Wesley Imschweiller), Ruth E. Walker (m. Ira Sanders), Maude Adams (cousin?), Martha Mae Walker (m. Omer Aurand).  Not pictured are Robert Benton Walker, George Lester Walker, Clarence Miles Walker, and Harry E. Walker (who changed his name to Smith).
   My grandmother, Martha Mae Walker Aurand, was born in Sunbury Aug. 7, 1900. She is the little dark-haired girl with the big bow. The Walkers came to Northumberland county by way of Bucks county and were Scotch-Irish if our information is correct.  Lisa Wright Betts     betts@sprintmail.com

2ncalvary, a photo of the WWI second Calvary, that was taken in either Mount Carmel or Atlas.
One of the guys, (top row, 6th from left) is Alexander Halkowicz.

Church picnic around 1915. One person I know on the photo if Lucia Halkowicz. She is in the back row, 6th from left.
(there are 2 small children in front of her). Lucia belonged to 2 different churches. Initially, SS Peter & Paul in Mount Carmel, and then St. Michaels. The group could be from either parish.

 People identified on 1915 Atlas photo.  Tom "Tucker" Halkowicz, 2nd row from bottom, 5th child from left.  Jimmy Muff, front row, second from right.  Laura Bridy, 1st girl on left.  Anna Danshak, to the right of Laura   Irene Polinak, 6th girl from left (tall) in front of teacher  Adeline Profit, to the right of Irene  Mildred Revels (girl on right end with arms crossed)   Stella Menapace, 5th girl from right(top row)  ? Dickson (to right of Stella)  Julia Halkowicz, to the right of Dickson
 Mildred Marnell, top row, on end  Teacher is Miss Haffey (she is next to Mildred, cannot see)  Male teacher is Mr. Joyce
 Please contact Suzanne at decogrl@hotmail.com if you can identify others.

 This is a photo of my 3rd great-grandfather, Rev. RudolphDuenger (1808-1902).  A native of Wurttemberg, Rudolph was a prominent German Reformed minister who served the Lower Mahanoy Charge in southern Northumberland and Schuylkill counties, 1836-1855.  His parishes included Himmels, Howerter Church, Red Cross, Shamokin, Leck Kill, Hebe, and Hegins. He later served Ashland, Tremont and Donaldson, 1856-1891. Jdeeben@aol.com

 This is a photo of Christian Tobias Binder (1829-1897) and Walburga Jacobs (1828-1893).  Tobias was a cabinet maker and one of the first settlers of Trevorton, Northumberland County.  Jdeeben@aol.com

These two photos are the wedding portraits of William Albert Duenger (1864-1922) and Bessie Grant Hodge (1869-1925) of Shamokin.  William was a carpenter in the coal mines.  They were married on January 16, 1896.  (William was a grandson of Rev. Rudolph Duenger.) Jdeeben@aol.com

This is the wedding portrait of my great-grandparents, Jacob Hugo Ernest Deeben (1863-1931) and Margaret Bassler (1866-1931), who were married in the Zion Lutheran Church in Trevorton on August 18, 1889.  Jacob came from
Germany in 1884 and was a miner at the North Franklin Colliery near Trevorton. Jdeeben@aol.com

These three photos (33,34 and 35) of women were part of my grandmother's collection, but are (alas!) unidentified.  Given the format of the pictures (two are tintypes), I suspect they are 1870s? 1880s? My grandmother was Jennie Dooley O'Gara, and I suspect these women are her stepsisters.  They are Elisabeth Schaffner (b. c.1859, Mrs. James Burcaw); Lillian Schaffner, (b.26 Apr 1861, Mrs. Kimber Mills); and Catherine Schaffner, b. c.1862.  Their parents were Carolyn Castetter d/o Daniel Kerstetter and Elisabeth Eisenhart, and Isaac Schaffner, who was killed in a mine train accident 3 Jun 1862 at Big Mountain colliery.  An account of the accident is given in "The Shamokin Herald," v.1, no.1 10 June 1862.
   As I said, I have no proof that these are Schaffner daughters, only a process of elimination suspicion.  Hope somebody out there can recognize them and confirm or refute my idea.       Carolyn Taby Larkins    LarkLine@aol.com

This is an interior view of the Zion Lutheran Church in Trevorton, circa 1890s.  The sanctuary is decorated for Harvest Home.  Pastor A.J.L. Breinig is behind the pulpit; my great-grandfather Jacob Deeben stands next to the pump organ. Jdeeben@aol.com

Here is another photo of early Trevorton settlers, Matthias Bassler (1828-1889) and Clophia Barbara Sheese
(1827-1898).  Both came to Pennsylvania from Wurttemberg between 1851-1853. Jdeeben@aol.com

Here's a photo of the Shamokin High School girls' basketball team, 1917.  The only two ids I have are for the back row.  Extreme left Eileen Bradley and extreme right, Hilda O'Gara.   Carolyn Larkins

I got this photo (St. Ed's ) from Joyce Wojiehowski (Thomas' old Studio) but she did not know the photographer.  There are no ientifying marks I can find.    Carolyn Larkins

I found this postcard among my Mom's papers, photographer unknown.

To go with the old students, ( St. Eds) here're some from out own times.  The kids are: Front: Margaret Cleary, Marlene Skoskie, Barbara Jo Gemberling, Susan Grego, Hugh Gallagher, Ricky Finder, Robert Graeber; Middle: Jo Dascani, Anna Jashinski, Kay Kuzmick, Anne Maher, Carolyn Taby, Gerry Kodack, unidentified, Bernie Szverra;  Back: Vince O'Gara and Andy Moyer.    Carolyn Taby Larkins

This photo is J. R. Conrad that came from my grandmother.  Her grandmother was Catharine Conrad; October 31, 1825 - February 14, 1906; daughter of Jacob Conrad and Hannah Hill.  Catharine Conrad was married to Mathias Kerschner.  I am sure that J. R. Conrad is related to Catharine Conrad but I do not know how. Maybe someone has the same picture or will recognize J. R. Conrad and be able to tell me. --  Marti Wise marti@wisefam.com

Celebration of the 7th or 8th birthday of Bill and Emma Taby in their home. Sitting: Martha Sharp, Elwood Yost, Emma Taby, Harry Muir, Margaret Clements, Dorothy Mangle, Ann Kolody, William Martin; Standing:  Martha Tasker, Emma Jane "Jennie" Taby (children's mother), unknown, unknown, (back) Viola Taby, Adele Hartman, Alvin Long, unknown, Fannie Taby, Carrie Taby, Jesse Stoop, Bill Taby, Howard Eddy.  Portrait on back wall is of Mrs. Taby's father, Charles Conrad.  My thanks go to Sam Poliniak for helping me to identy many of these youngsters.   Carolyn Taby Larkins

I had sent some otheres that were from Shipes of northumberland, as are these 9317518 is of the bridge over the river to Northumberland. 9262504 is of Aaron Shipe  Son of John & Mary Shipe 9266512 is of Lucinda Shipe Daughter of John and Mary Shipe      JShipe3911@aol.com

This tintype was identified as Susie Conrad by my grandmother.  Her grandmother was Catharine Conrad; October 31, 1825 - February 14, 1906;  daughter of Jacob Conrad and Hannah Hill.  Catharine Conrad was married to Mathias Kerschner.  I am sure that Susie Conrad is related to Catharine Conrad but I do not know how, perhaps a niece?   I sure hope that someone has the same picture or will recognize Susie Conrad and be able to tell me. --  Marti Wise marti@wisefam.com

My grandmother (Her grandmother was Catharine Conrad; October 31, 1825 - February 14, 1906;  daughter of Jacob Conrad and Hannah Hill) identified this photo as a cousin, Jacob Conrad.  I don't know what degree of cousin he was to her.  It was probably Catharine Conrad's nephew.  Marti Wise marti@wisefam.com

This photo was taken outside on the steps of McKinley Elementary School in Coal Township in the summer circa 1933, give or take a year.  It is a Vacation Bible School photo.  On the lowest step to the left is Georgina Ritzman.  Anyone out there able to identify the teacher or other children?  -- Marti Wise marti@wisefam.com

This is the wedding photograph of early Trevorton residents Daniel Yonner (1862-1940) and Cathryn Dorothy Bassler (1858-1898).  Daniel was born in Prussia and came to Trevorton in 1881.  He and Cathryn were married December
13, 1885. Jdeeben@aol.com

 I found this picture in some family papers.  I am not sure who he is, or if he is related to the Morgan family.  The picture had deteriorated to where it was in two pieces.  I tried to put it together as much as possible for scanning purposes.  The back side, also enclosed has handwriting that is not familiar to me.  Hopefully he belongs to someone!  "Rhea" <rhea@mindspring.com>

Here is a photo for the gallery. It is the Henry Clay Mine Explosion of  June 10, 1873.   Sue Marcus   Smrcus@aol.com

 Photograph of the family of Noah Rebuck Bahner, taken at his home in Pillow, Northumberland County, PA. Photo believed taken in September, 1910. Pictured: (seated, front) Noah Rebuck Bahner b. 5/10/1844; Mary (Troutman) Bahner b. 12/13/1847; (standing, from left to right) Adam Franklin Bahner b. 2/19/1871; Harvey Edward Bahner b. 10/30/1872;
Jonathan Elmer Bahner b. 1/4/1874; Charles Gilbert Bahner b. 10/9/1876; Harry Peter Bahner b. 6/10/1880; Noah Carnie Bahner b. 6/30/1883; Mary Mabel Bahner b. 3/8/1891; David Lloyd Bahner b. 2/14/1885. Contributed by Eric A. W. Behrens.  behrens@swarthmore.edu

Tombstones from Saint Patricks Cemetery , Trevorton Pa.  suzanne_cesari@atkearney.com

Stone for Patrick Corocan
Born in Killbride Parish of Dallycastle? County Mayo Died May 14, 1876 Aged 60 years,

Stone for Mary Readdy
Mary, wife of Luke Readdy, a native of the parish of Dramnard, County of  Sligo died December 24, 1859 aged 67 years.
Mary, daughter of Patrick and Ann Readdy died July 14, 1862 aged 6 years 10 months and 6 days. Requiest en Pace, Amen

“Our mother here lies underground
The dearest friend we ever found
But through the Lord’s unbounded love
We’ll meet again in realms above”.

Stone for Bridgett Quinn
To the Memory of our mother, Bridget, wife of Peter Quinn, Native of the county Galgay? Ireland Died June 11, 1879
Aged 52 years (To the left of the stone was Ellen A Quinn, to the right was a stone marked Katherine Quinn

Photo of Jacob Davis (born about 1879) and one of his sons, (could be Lamar, Earl, or Robert) one of the sons was a doctor at Ashland hospital. The mother would be my gr-grandma's sister, Harriet (Hattie) Williams. The next photo is Hattie's brother, Edward Williams (son of Bridgett (Carroll) and David Williams). Edward was born about 1898. All people lived in Mount Carmel.

These are actually Shultz boys. Mary (Williams) and John Shultz had about 11 children. These are three of them. The first photo are of William Shultz (born 1908, died Nov 1999) and Tom Shultz (born abt. 1907, died 1999) in Mount Carmel.
The second photo is of Elmer Shultz (born between 1910-1915) and Tom Shultz as a young child.

This picture is of my father's maternal or paternal grandmother.  I do not have a name to go with the picture.  Any chance that she looks familiar to anyone else's family pictures?  I am estimating that the picture was taken most likely after 1910. Rhea  rhea@mindspring.com

We have no idea who this fellow is or what year this was taken. However, it does have "killed at Cameron" written on it and we believe that this fellow was probably killed in the Cameron mine.  I'd be thrilled if we could identify him. I thought you might want to post this on your site some where and maybe someday his descendents will find him!  JLynnAS@aol.com
Lynn Schneider   Note:  I am the owner of the above picture and I have a few more clues to provide to make an identification.  The photo is a cabinet card taken by T. H. Lippiatt, Independence Street, Shamokin.  And on the back it along with the studio name are the words "Cloudy Days Good as Sunshine.  The Original of the Photograph is Preserved."  This photo was with other pictures in an album that have at least some of the children, grandchildren, a sister, a brother-in-law
of Balzer Ritzman 1841 - 1910.  Others positively identified in the album are siblings of Mary Ellen Schlegel 1874 - 1959 who married Milton Ritzman (son of Balzer and Sarah Ann (Faust) Ritzman.  I would think that he is either a Ritzman, Schlegel or from a family that is connected to one of these families. It was with the Schlegel family members so I think that it is probable that he is a Schlegel or someone connected with the Schlegels, ie Rebuck.  -- Marti Wise marti@wisefam.com

Martin Baidokus, Mt. Carmel Area.  Contact Clara Cherry,  CCherry@tbaisd.k12.mi.us    if you have info on this family.

This is Nathan C. Schlegel 6/16/1877 - 10/23/1918; married to Malinda C. Ritzman 6/24/1878 - 1/3/1938.  He was the son of Daniel Haas Schlegel 9/8/1839 - 11/21/1914, and Polly Rebuck 8/30/1843 - 9/17/1921.  -- Marti Wise marti@wisefam.com

This man is identified as Norman Reddick taken by Ripely Studio in Sunbury ca 1900. I would love it if anyone could verify this identity and tell for sure who it is.Robin  Birds4214@aol.com

This is a picture of Robert Kerstetter's family taken sometime before his death on March 16, 1896.  He was my great grandfather.  His Civil War Pension Application can be found under the Northumberland County Archives Military Records.  Top row: Sophrona Elizabeth Kerstetter Martz,  Joseph W. Kerstetter, William J. Kerstetter, Robert Alonzo Kerstetter, Emma D. Kerstetter Pensyl.  Middle row: Harriet S. Kerstetter Haldeman, Robert Kerstetter, Elizabeth  Gass Kerstetter, Katherine  Kerstetter Noll, David Franklin Kerstetter,  Bottom row: Allie M. Kerstetter Schlagle, Florence Ida Kerstetter Bixler.  Gwen Bixler Drivon at GGDGEN@aol.com

 This is a family reunion of the Robert Kerstetter/Elizabeth Gass family.  It was taken in 1906. Bottom row: Olive Kerstetter, d/William Kerstetter and Emma Haldeman; Carl Bixler, s/Arthur Elwood Bixler and Florence Ida Kerstetter; Grace and Harold Kerstetter, c/Robert Alonzo Kerstetter and Mary Billman; Cecil Schlegel, s/John Schlegel and Allie Kerstetter; Raymond, Beatrice and Russell Kerstetter, c/David Franklin Kerstetter and Emma Hummel.
2nd row: William Kerstetter, Sophrona Kerstetter Martz, Elizabeth Gass Kerstetter holding Marlin Bixler, s/Florence Ida Kerstetter and Arthur Bixler; Emma Kerstetter Pensyl, Katherine Kerstetter Noll; Emma Haldeman Kerstetter, w/William Kerstetter; Harriet Kerstetter Haldeman.
3rd row: Lloyd Noll, s/Rueben Noll and Katherine Kerstetter; Florence Ida Kerstetter Bixler; Allie Kerstetter Schlegel; Mabel Haldeman, d/Harriet Kerstetter and John Haldeman; Dora and Viola Kerstetter, d/William Kerstetter and Emma Haldeman; Emma Hummel Kerstetter, w/David Franklin Kerstetter; Mary Billman Kerstetter, w/Robert Alonzo Kerstetter; John Haldeman, h/Harriet Kerstetter; David Franklin Kerstetter.
top row: Arthur Martz, s/Sophrona Kerstetter and Daniel Martz; John Schlegel, h/Allie Kerstetter; Miles Pensyl, h/Emma Kerstetter; Fain Reed, raised by Miles Pensyl; Robert Martz, s/Daniel Martz and Sophrona Kerstetter; Charles
Haldeman, s/Harriet kerstetter and John Haldeman; Robert Alonzo Kerstetter; Joseph Kerstetter.

This photo, taken by the Thomas Studio, Shamokin, in 1932 is of Jack O'Gara's family; front row: Morris, Ruth O'G Finnegan, Jack, Jennie Dooley O'G, Art, and Mary O'G Mullen;  middle: Carolyn ; back row: Dot, Liz, Leon, Helen, Edwin, Hilda, Warren, Marg, and Martha.   Carolyn Larkins

This photo is of a campaign poster of Jack O'Gara, (my grandfather) during his 12 years as Northumberland County Commissioner 1920-1932.  Carolyn Larkins

Postcard of Glen Burn Colliery, date unknown  Carolyn Larkins

This photo, taken about 1914 is of Jack O'Gara's daughters:   front: Hilda, Dot, Marg, Liz and Ruth;   back: Martha and Helen   from Carolyn Larkins

Picture taken at Trevorton, PA, Left to Right--Unknown, Daniel Jefferson Kerschner 6/9/1858 - 1/6/1939, George Washington Kerschner 1/15/1883 - 11/15/1961       Marti Wise marti@wisefam.com

This is the wedding portrait of my great-grandparents, Allen William Clark (1870-1930) and Elsie Anna Zimmerman (1876-1853), married on June 19, 1895.  Both were from Trevorton and later moved to Upper Augusta Township, where Allen served as a U.S. mail carrier.  He delivered the mail by horse and buggy.  John Deeben

This is my great-great-grandfather, William Henry Clark (1843-1920).  He was a railroad foreman in Mount Carmel and later a farmer in Upper Augusta Township.  He was married to Catharine Savidge (1846-1882) of Plum Creek in Rockefeller Township.  John Deeben

Mrs Shipe was a sister of Henry Shipe's wife Adaline Wilkerson  Jeffrey Shipe

Westward veiw of Sunbury from cem. hill. around 1916  Jeffrey Shipe

St. Patrick's Catholic church on Shamokin St. Treverton,Northumberland   looking east  Jeffrey Shipe

Photo of Alexander Sober, b. March 30, 1807 in Northumberland Co.,  d.  Nov. 14,1869 in Northumberland Co.  Married  about 1830,  Mary
Foy, b. March 17, 1807, d. August 12, 1895.  Mary was blinded by whitewash splashed in her eyes about 1870.  They are buried in Summit
Cemetery. Mary Hetzel

1923 Atlas Baseball Team submitted by Suzanne Cesari.

A 1920s picture of the Russian Brotherhood Society taken in front of an old Greek Orthodox Church in Mount Carmel, PA. Michael Halkowicz, one of the founders is standing second row, second from right. submitted by Suzanne Cesari.

I think this is a photo of Americus Fire Co. members taken at Sunbury abt. 1900 because of letter "A" on their belt buckles and on drum in background.  My grandfather William M. Anderson was born in 1880 and appears in early 20's on picture.  He is 8th from left in second row(standing).  Other names taken from back of picture are: First Row: Frank Pyers, Wm. Persing, James Wier, William Baylor, James Kreider, Charles Hovis, Boy on Drum: John Krohn.  Second Row: Jack Hoy, Daniel Conrad, Foster Rarick, Isaac Hovis, Ben Lyons, William Anderson, Ezra Miller, James Shissler, Herbert Breck, Wm H.(?), Robert Logan, Charles Smith, Dan Cosper. If anyone can provide more  information about the men in this picture, please have them contact me.  Some name transcription/spelling errors may have occurred. Bob Anderson Lewisburg, PA

Mount Carmel 1924 West End Tigers football team. Suzanne Cesari
Mount Carmel Township 1933 football team
High School football team pictured from top row left:
Kuz, Buick, Vincenzes, Redinger, Rosinko, Eshmont, Katchick, P. Masciantonio, "Bones" Kwitkowski.
Middle row from left: Trainer Zaleski, Palembas, Gamble, Culton, Henninger, Mellow, Furlani, Doc Greco, Solomon, Menapace, Coach Masciantonio. Front Row: Homiak, Matchik, Kozak, Fracalosi, Frank, Sam Scicchitano, Chick Scicchitano, Menapace, Walter Halkowicz, Greco

This is a photograph of Shamokin resident David Hodge (1830-1901).  He was a Civil War veteran, serving as 4th Corporal in Co. D, 6th Pennsylvania in 1861.  After the war he lived in Shamokin, where he worked as a carpenter.   He is pictured here with his daughter, Eupha Milla Hodge (1853-1865).  jdeeben@aol.com

This photograph is of my great-uncle Frederick Paul Deeben (1892-1934). He is pictured here in his army uniform.  He served in World
War I as a private in Co. C, 27th Engineers.  Fred was a lifelong resident of Trevorton, where he operated a garage after the war with
his brother, Charles. jdeeben@aol.com

This picture is the confirmation photograph of my great-uncle, Herman Matthias Deeben (1890-1905).  It was probably taken a few months
before he was fatally injured at age 15 in an explosion at a local gun powdermill in Trevorton.  He had been working there to earn money
for a horse and buggy. jbeeben@aol.com

This is a picture of John Wesley Conrad son of John &Heste  Miller   Conrad.  Paulette Hockman

Jessie Young Conrad   Paulette Hockman

John Wesley Conrad    Paulette Hockman

Edward O. Chamberlin, 1869-1906 and Zella Sober Chamberlin, 1875-1901 descend from the CHAMBERLIN AND SOBER familes of Northumberland County.  Their children are Esther m. Gunther, Royal Austin and David Clinton.  David was raised by his uncle Clinton Sober after Zella's death.  David C. Chamberlin, 1901-1970 and Bernice Ebert, 1906-1982 (Tharp and Broscious Families) had ten children.  Over one hundred people currently descend from this couple. Edward's line is Lewis, Caleb and Joseph CHAMBERLIN of Northumberland County, PA.  I'm not quite sure of Zella's line.  I think her parents are Martin Luther SOBER and Sara Ann FISHER.  If so, that would make her part of the Isaac, Samuel, Isaac SOBER line.  Roileen Chamberlin

This is Jeremiah Shipe and son Benjamin from Sunbury, Pa. photo ca 1900 from Sally Kerstetter

Bridget O'Gara, (later Mrs. Alec Bradley) and her brother Dan C. 1885.      LarkLine@aol.com

Jane Brown  1922-2001

Derk and Feaster Reunion :     "Paulette Hockman" <harveen1@earthlink.net>  #1, #2, #3

This photo of Carolyn O'Gara and her Grampap, Michael Dooley, was probably taken close to his home on Boyd St., Shamokin about 1923. Carolyn Larkins  LarkLine@aol.com

This photo of Bridget O'Gara (later Mrs. Alec Bradley) and her brother Jack was taken at the end of the 1870s? or beginning of the 1880s.  Photographer  unknown.     Carolyn Taby LarkinsCarolyn Larkins  LarkLine@aol.com

This photo is Mary Anna O'Gara b.1856, later Mrs. Owen Moran.  After growing up in Trevorton, she lived the early part of her married life (early 1880s)  in Pittston, PA. The Morans came back to Shamokin before 1900.  She and a daughter were counted in Shamokin in the 1920 census, but I don't know what  happened to them after that.   Carolyn Larkins  LarkLine@aol.com

Nunzio, Albert and Anne Santelli (Originally Santilli, then Santelli, and then Santell) taken around 1923.  Born and raised in Atlas, Pa. BSantelli@aol.com

Lizzie Dusman & Jennie Dooley  Carolyn Larkins   LarkLine@aol.com

This is Margaret "Maggie" McCaffrey, b in Zanesville, OH in 1853 and died in Shamokin May 1921, wife of Thomas O'Gara. Carolyn Larkins   LarkLine@aol.com

1910 photo of Halkowicz store in Diamondtown. People in photo are: a Kellagher, Tom "Tucker" Halkowicz, (boy), father, Michael Halkowicz, Squire Hayden, and a Moyer.  Suzanne Cesari

Photo of Michael Halkowicz, of Atlas, PA prominent member of American Rusyn Society, circa 1910. Photo taken from Rusyn magazine article about the village of Binczarowa, Poland,from 1996 titled, "Besida".  Other prominent members shown are: Michael Holod, Joseph Koval, Michael Havola, George Vretyak, Basil Fekula, John Kucha, Joseph Warcholik and Alexy Kovalchik.  Suzanne Cesari

This photo is of the Hockenbroch/ckt/ck/ough Family Reunion in 1917 at Rolling Green Park. There are 63 people on the photo, I have identified about 20 of them. I am interested in finding the identity of any of the remainder. Also, interested in finding any more copies of this photo, I know of 4 so far.  Frank Hockenbrocht

This photo is unidentified. It is probably either HockenbroXXX or Persing.  Frank Hockenbrocht

Shamokin Brick Company   This is a photo of the Shamokin Brick Company taken in 1890 at Tharptown. James A. Francis started the brick company on the South side of Shamokin Creek. It was later named the Union Brick Company and located to Tharptown.  Gentlemen pictured are: Starting in left foreground: Harry Francis, William Salter, Mr. Murdock, John Francis, James Cook, Euguene Mutchler, George Burkett, and George Zimmerman, standing in upper left. The company went out of busines about 1910.     cesar.sm@verizon.net

Shamokin Drum Corps Photo taken from 1939 Shamokin 75th Anniversary book.  Drum Corps of Shamokin Guards, organized in 1854.  Enlisted for service in Civil War, April 22, 1861.  On the extreme right, two standing and one seated are three brothers of a famous family of drummers, William, Henry, and Nathan Startzel.  Seated on the lower left, William Taylor, later director of Zouave Drum Corps, Lincoln Post, G.A.R. cesar.sm@verizon.net

Central School class picture       From 1939 Shamokin 75th Anniversary Book, the class picture of the Old Central School (location?). Picture taken May, 1881. Annie John, daugher of Dr. J.J. John, is the teacher. cesar.sm@verizon.net

POS of A Fife and Drum Corps From 1939 Shamokin 75th Anniversary Book, Washington Camp, P.O.S. of A Fife and Drum Corps, circa 1890    cesar.sm@verizon.net

John Charles "Jack" O'Gara served Northumberland County in the office of County Commissioner from 1920 until 1932.  LarkLine@aol.com

IOOF Orphanage as viewed from the railroad tracks.   Marlin Lively tomlively@earthlink.net

IOOF Orphanage Band. Marlin Lively tomlively@earthlink.net

IOOF Orphanage barn. Marlin Lively tomlively@earthlink.net

Wedding of James Bressi (age, 28) and Maria Concetta (age, 16) (Conch) Altomare circa 1927.  Back row from left: Anthony Guarna, James Bressi, brother ? Bressi. 2nd row: Olga Chango, Bride, and Margaret Schicchitano. Young girls in front: Betty Petello and Mary Avellino. Suzanne Cesari

Elena Coloztzi Wedding circa 1948.  Back row: ? Colozzi, Giovanni (John) Altmire (my great-grandpa), groom, Anthony Colozzi, ? Front row: ? Colozzi, Elena Altmire Colozzi, ? Colozzi Suzanne Cesari

Elena (Altmire)Colozzi -Mantz circa 1948. Suzanne Cesari

Cesari Wedding- September 1934 Suzanne Cesari

Unknown Italian Wedding Picture from either Kulpmont or Mt Carmel circa 1935. Suzanne Cesari

Unknown Italian Wedding Picture from Kulpmont circa. 1930. Suzanne Cesari

These are photos of my great grandparent's wedding portraits from 1899. "Pearl", Parascevia Wronik and "Nicholas", Nikolaj Halkowicz came to Atlas circa 1887, and married at SS Peter & Paul church in Mt Carmel, May 1899. They had 10 children (pictured in a group family portrait already on this site).  Nikolaj lost a leg in the mines, and then opened a store in Diamondtown.  He was from Binczarowa, Nowy Sacz Poland, and was born in November of 1865.  Pearl was also born in Binczarowa in November of 1874. He died 1928, she, in 1952. Suzanne Cesari

Sister Katherine Drexel, 4th Cousin to Maurice and Anna Laura Keyser of Chillisquaqua who is mentioned in Floyds Pages. Sister Katherine was recently cannonized.  Gary & Elizabeth Herring

Anna Laura Keyser and William Whalen of Sunbury, my Great Grandparents.  William Whalen was a police officer in Sunbury early in the 20th century.  Gary & Elizabeth Herring

Unknown women, in a group of pictures from my Halkowicz family.  These women were probably in old country (Grybow) Poland at the time the picture was taken circa 1890. Suzanne Cesari

Here's a photo of my grandfather and other members of the engine house crew at Reading RR yard, Shamokin, taken 1 May 1931.
Shown are, standing from left, Harry Adams, carpenter; Harry Yocum, hostler's helper; George Wendell, hostler; Al Hummel, stationary boilerman; Milt Troutman, machinist; Clayton Deppen, storehouse; Harry Persing, blacksmith's helper; Bill Eslick, boiler washer; Ben Wraggs, boiler maker; John Murphy, machinist.
Seated, from left, John Coleman, storekeeper; Bo Unger, airbrake inspector; Frank Klemick, fire cleaner; John Hower, blacksmith; Ellwood Spotts, boiler maker's helper; Edward Yocum, laborer; Renold Perry, machinist; Frank Johns, boiler maker's helper, and Bob Lindermuth, laborer. This engine house was built between 1927-29. John Lindermuth jackrl@ptd.net

 Earp family playing in Susquehanna River.  I do not know the entire group.  Back left are my grandparents, Elizabeth Burkey Earp (1895-1989) and John Earp, and I believe their daughter Thelma Earp Valente (1913-).  I think this photo was taken in the 1920's.  Mearps@aol.com

My great-grandfather, Archibald Pittaway Earp (born 1865). Mearps@aol.com

My grandfather, John Earp (1895-1976), owned Earp's Flowers and greenhouses in Northumberland from approximately 1913 to approximately 1950.  This photo taken circa 1940's from back of greenhouses. Mearps@aol.com

Attached is a photo of my father, John Earp (born in Northumberland 1917 & died in Pismo Beach, CA 1999), in front of his father's flower shop circa 1940's. Mearps@aol.com

Northumberland ariel photo of John Earp's greenhouses taken in October 1922. Mearps@aol.com

Northumberland ariel photo of John Earp's greenhouses taken in 1949. Mearps@aol.com

These pictures are from the Big Mountain School.  This was a small, one room school house located about two miles outside of Shamokin in a small "patch" called Big Mountain. None of the pictures are labeled, with the exception of #2.  On the back of #2 is the inscription, "Presented to Henry Fessler, by his teacher Henry Clayberger, May 27, 1902."
Big Mountain 1,2,3, and 4.

# 4 list:
Schoolteacher, Miss Ellen Quinn
Bottow row, sitting:

1. Ophelia Piech Pirozek   2. John Choker   4. Lomie Treon
Second row, standing:
1. Francis Taby 3. Irvin Treon 4. George Kappen 5. Anna Yanowiak 10. Pearl Poliniak Hemlick 13. Matthew Ferentz
Third row:
3. Theodore Lubis 5. Minnie Rhoads 6. Phoebe Taby 8. Beulah Rhoads 9. Maude Fessler 13. Kate Campbell
Top row:
1. Dan Rhoads 2. --- Schell 3. Herb Fessler 4. Henry Fessler 5. Charles Campbell 6. Sophie Gallick 7. Tillie Poliniak Raywak 8. Edith Fessler

I hope these pictures will be of value to someone.  If anybody can identify the individuals in the photos I would love to hear from you.  Also, I have larger, better quality scans of the photos that I would be more than willing to email directly to anyone who makes a request.
  Thank You,  Heather Makal   hmakal@hazleton.net


This is the William J. Kerstetter family, taken around 1905. Clockwise:  William J. Kerstetter, Viola Millicent Kerstetter, Dora Lillie Kerstetter, Emma L. Kerstetter (nee  Haldeman), and the child in the lap is Olive May Kerstetter.  Evan at antdan2@optimum.net or Gwen at GGDGEN@aol.com

This picture was taken approximately 1915.  This group of men were working on the Navee (railroad around the mines) in Shamokin.  The first on the left is William E. Henninger, second is Garlan Derr, both Shamokin residents. Joyce Kornemann

Photo of the sons of Lorenzo Dow Weaver 1833-1894 and Matilda Metz 1834-1910.  The only one that is identified is the youngest sitting in the center who was Charles Atwood Weaver 1872-1948.  If anyone knows the identity of any other  brothers in the picture, please contact me. Joyce Kornemann Joyceann@bellatlantic.net

Florence Ida Kerstetter Bixler andArthur Elwood Bixler resided in Shamokin.  This picture was taken in the late 1940's. Gwen Bixler Devron.

Sophia Jeanette Arner, Age 21    Judy McElderry

Hannah Dornbach Durkin and husband Richard F. Durkin    Judy McElderry

George W. Dornbach, age 30    Judy McElderry

I am sending you a photo of the Northumberland High School football team 1923. My grandfather Paul Bird is located on the first row sitting, 3rd from the left. Sharon Stamis  Queenbee 44@hotmail.com

Northumberland Troop 4. Paul W.Bird standing in middle row 2nd from the right. Around 1918. Sharon Stamis  Queenbee 44@hotmail.com

These photos are of my ggg-grandparents, Samuel Reeder (1806-1882) and his wife Anna Campbell Reeder (1805-1871). Samuel Reeder, a farmer in Shamokin Twp., was the son of John Reeder & Elizabeth Fisher.Anna Campbell was the daughter of James Campbell & Sarah Hoffman.They had the following children: William, Willamina (married her cousin David Reeder), James C., Elizabeth, Obadiah C., Sarah C. (married Christian Teitsworth), Samuel W. (married DamiusFetterman),Robert M. (married Sarah Pensyl), and Mary Catherine (married Theodore Pensyl).Samuel & Anna Reeder are buried at SharpRidgeCemetery in Mayberry Twp., Montour Co.Lois Volence Lois649@yahoo.com

This is Samuel & Anna Campbell Reeder’s daughter Willamina (1830-1892) and her husband David Reeder (1835-1906), son of Samuel’s brother John and his first wife Sally Rogers.They were the parents of Emma; Minnie and Samuel, who all died young; William Montgomery “Gummy” Reeder who married Harriet Matilda Leiby; and Kate Agnes Reeder who married ElwellMensch.Lois Volence (Lois649@yahoo.com) This is a picture of TheodorePensyl (1845-1895), a Civil War veteran of the 16th Cavalry Regiment, and his wife Mary Catherine Reeder (1849-1913), daughter of Samuel Reeder and Anna Campbell.Lois Volence (Lois649@yahoo.com) This is my ggg-grandfatherJohn Reeder (1808-1880), a farmer in Lower Augusta Twp.He was the son of John Reeder and Elizabeth Fisher.He and his 1st wife Sally Rogers were the parents of David; Catherine “Katie” (Mrs.John McWilliams); and Susan, who died young.The second picture is his 2nd wife Maria Sears (1815-1885), daughter of John Sears and Mary McMahan.John and Maria were the parents of Sarah “Sallie” (Mrs. Daniel Zimmerman); Mary (Mrs. Charles Smith); John; James; Joseph; Robert Landis; William Henderson; Ellen Jemima (Mrs. Charles Weston); Matilda (Mrs. Leonard Fetterman); and Henry.Lois Volence (Lois649@yahoo.com)

William Henderson Reeder (1854-1933), a farmer in Rockefeller Twp., was the husband of Maria Rebuck, daughter of Godfried (Godfrey) Rebuck and Catherine Reitz of Lower Augusta Twp.Lois Volence (Lois649@yahoo.com)

The attached portrait was taken on New Year's day, January 1, 1900. The family lived in Riverside, Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania.  Anna May Hendricks married Frank F. Keller.  Ezra J. Hendricks married Sarah Jane Bogar.  Lillian G. Hendricks married William "Will" Leiby.  Cora E. Hendricks married Montier L. Hummer. John Shipman Hendricks

This  photo was found among the possessions of Charles Henry Peifer (1863-1937) who was probably born in the Northumberland area.  He was rearedby Isaac Peifer and Sarah Dunkelberger Peifer, although his exact parentageis uncertain.   I'd appreciate learning if anyone recognizes anyone in thephoto.  Sandra V    sandara@cheerful.com

This is a photo of the first grade class of Northumberland Elementry School dated 1917. Included in the picture is Margaret Harris (nee Bird), Ruth Hockenbrock (neeBird) both relatives of mine. Sharon Stamis Queenbee_44@hotmail.com

This is a photo is of the Mertz family of Northumberland. The heads of household are my grt grt grandparents, George Abner Mertz and Margaret "Maggie" Stamm.
From left to right:  My great grandmother Clarinda "Rinnie", Carl, Artie,Jeff,Neda,Bob in front of parents Herman "Pete".

This photo is Emanuel Sharpless Bird's and Olive Ann Newberry. They are my grt grandparent's on my grandfather's side of the family. Front left to right Levi Bird ,  William J.Bird, Susan A. Bird, Lillie L. Bird, Frank Shuman Bird   Back row left to right Charles H. Bird, Olive Ann Newberry, James W. Bird, Emanuel S. Bird, Jennie M. Bird   Those searching this lineage can contact me at Queenbee_44@hotmail.com Sharon Stamis

Photo of my great grandfather James Wesley Bird of Northumberland ca 1903.

Photo of my grandfather Paul W.Bird. HIs sister Margaret C. Bird left and cousin Charles Spellman right
Sharon Stamis Queenbee_44@hotmail.com

Shamokin RailwayStation   circa 1910       marie berens

This is a picture of Dennis and Emma Engle Conrad married November 21, 1899, parents of Russell, Bessie, Wilbert, Bertha, Byron, Ethel, Carrie, Darrington, Merrill, Ernest. Robin Sutherland, KyMombo@aol.com

This is a picture of Paul and Abigail Shipman DeWitt, parents of Beatta, Anson, Emma, Galen, Lemuel, Samuel, Emmanuel and Frank. Robin Sutherland, KyMombo @aol.com

This is a photograph of the Coleman/Lindner family. The father, Frank P. Coleman was born about 1855 and his wife, Sarah Jane (Lindner) Coleman was born about 1857. One of the daughters, Lebressa, was born 1880. I believe this photo may have been taken about 1900. Does anyone have names for the other two children? Contact Evan Lindner at antdan2@optimum.net

A young girl in front of a store. I am hoping you can post it on  the Northumberland web site and some  might
know the store and the year about maybe that will help to idenify who it is. John & Jeanie Stout.
Osman Family .  Top tow left to right about winter of 1904.   Mother and father Mr and Mrs Henry OSMAN and 6 children and  2 son-in-law's.   On 842 West  Mulberry Street Coal Township , Shamokin, Northumberland County PA USA   George  W "Peffer" HAINES born about 1881   Harvey Henry OSMAN, born September 27, 1891 in Shamokin Pa   Mr Henry Alexander OSMAN, born 1855 in Germany.   Sarah Emma (MOYER "MOWERY"? CHERRY) first marriage- ADAMS,  OSMAN. Wife of Henry. born 1859 in  Irish PA.   Mrs. Florance OSMAN HAINES wife to George born  October 18 1883 in Shamokin Pa.   George Edward "Ed" FEESE born August 1, 1878 in Shamokin.    Mrs. Anna M. OSMAN FEESE wife of "Ed" born May 22 , 1882 in Shamokin.  Bottom row     First man ?   Elva Gertrude OSMAN  born September 39, 1899. Later she married George L. MADARA.    Raymond  William OSMAN  born September 10, 1900    Verna M. OSMAN born August 2, 1895 she later marries Raymond C SCHOYER.    Man on end ?    The two men could be boarders.    In the year 1900 there is a man Benjamin BLACK age 29 living with them.   One could be a step son Harry L. ADAMS born 1877?    It could be an Uncle Frederick G OSMAN?   I am not sure when Sarah OSMAN's dad died but his name was John CHERRY?    John & Jeanie Stout.
The girl is a picture of Mary Schultz  she was born September 27,1903.   This may be taken at South River Road Sunbury they were living there before 1920. She may of been born in Mt Carmel or Ashland PA her brother was born 5 years later in Ashland.  Her father was John William Schultz he was first born German imigrant in New York 1881.  Her mother was Jeanette Rockwell born in Mt Carmel. They died in Sunbury Pa.  Mary Schultz lived in Sunbury Northumberland County until she died in 1977.  I am not sure who the older women is in the picture.  I have another picture of her in same clothes and  it has a good look at the old houses she stands in front of.  I think I might have a 3rd picture of older women also.
If any one wants to see it E-mail me at msjbostian@rootsweb.com. The older women could be Mary's mother ? Jeanette Rockwell who would be about 40 in Picture ? Can any one please identify women? Thank you Jeanie
Photo of George P. Mertz and Amelia Hummel. Originators of Mertz line in Northumberland.    Sharon   queenbee 44@hotmail.com

Right to left Erma Conrad, Merlin Conrad & Elsie Conrad Shamokin PA abt 1922    
here is Erma Conrad with 2 unidentified friends in 1937.    
here is another one of Elsie, another unidentified friend, and Erma.  Photo taken in Shamokin probably in the late 30's    
This is R to L: Elsie Conrad, an unidentified friend, and Erma Conrad Photo taken in Shamokin                                       
Edith Viola Spade Ramp, July 1959
These are three of the children of Raymond and Lillie Conrad. photo taken in Shamokin circa 1920.  My grandfather Merlin born 1919 is the little boy in the middle.  The other two children are his sisters Erma and Elsie.  Elsie is the eldest, born 1917.  Merlin passed away in 1974, Elsie in 2003 and Erma is living. 
Dan Ramp navy photo
Merlin Conrad circa 1943 (born in Shamokin 1919, moved to York about 1939)
Dan Ramp who married Elsie Conrad, both of Shamokin
Dan Rampon pony
Lillie and Raymond Conrad        
Ray and Merlin Conrad                 Chris Buckingham   Lookin4treasure@aol.com       

Photo #1) 50th anniversary of Battle of Gettysburg, 1912. sitting l to r; Mrs. Cyrus Young, Mrs. Sophronia Walker (1851-1913) and Mrs. Emma Caroline (Miller) Epler (1843-1913). Standing l to r; Mr. John Francis Epler (1844-1934), Mr. Cyrus Young, Mr. John Voris Walker (1841-1920). The Epler's lived in Point Township. The Walker's lived in Northumberland. A. G. Joyce

Photo #2) Wedding picture 29 Nov 1862, Milton, PA John Voris Walker (1841-1920) and Sarah Emily VanKirk (1846-1873). John was the s/o Robert & Mary Ann (Voris) Walker. Sarah was the d/o William & Alvina Ellen (Huntzinger) VanKirk. John & Sarah had 3 son's; Voris Carl (1863-1952), William Robert (1867-1939), & Harry Edwin Walker (1872-1944). This is a picture of
an oil painting. A. G. Joyce

#3) John Francis & Emma Caroline (Miller) Epler & children, 1912. standing l to r; William Epler 1871-1957, Rosa Epler Kennedy (1879-1958), George Epler (1875-1930), Mary Epler Morgan (1869-1956), Samuel Epler (1876-1963), Emma Epler Arter
(1888-1971), Fred Epler (1877-1931), Franklin (1882-1930) & Grace Epler Walker (1873-1944) sitting; John Francis Epler (1844-1934) and Emma Caroline Miller Epler (1843-1913). A. G. Joyce

#4) Wedding picture 28 Mar 1864 Emma Caroline Miller Epler (1843-1913), w/o John Francis Epler.
#5) George Miller (13 Jun 1794-24 Jul 1880) lived between Shamokin & Paxinos, s/o John Miller & Catherine Raber.  George and wife are buried in Blue Cemetery.   A. G. Joyce

#6) Maria Magdelina Startzel Miller (24 Jun 1804-17 Aug 1880) w/o George Miller. d/o George Startzel & Elizabeth Jacobi. A. G. Joyce
#7) Wedding Portraits, c. 1892  Harry Edwin Walker (1872-1944) and wife Grace Darling Epler (1873-1944) Harry & Grace lived on Queen St. in Northumberland, their house and store stood where St. John's Lutheran Parking Lot is now.  Harry ran Walker's Hardware.   A. G. Joyce

#8) Walker children c. 1906, children of Harry & Grace Walker. clockwise from top John Edwin Walker, Sr. (1897-1973), Leanora Nelson Walker Simons (1899-1986), Marjorie Claire Walker Johnston (1901-1963), and Nina Barker Walker Cornwell (1893-1974). All 4 of these children taught school in Northumberland at one time. A. G. Joyce

Photo #9)c. 1887 Grace Darling Epler & sister Rosa Lewis Epler, d's/o John & Emma Caroline Epler A. G. Joyce

Photo #10) c. 1919 l to r; Marjorie C. Walker, John E. Walker, Sr., Nina B. Walker Cornwell, and Leanora Nelson Walker.
A. G. Joyce

Photo #11) Leanora Nelson Walker c. 1913, 14 yrs. old A. G. Joyce

Photo #12) Voris Carl Walker Children, c. 1910. l to r standing, John Voris Walker (1892-before1977), Anna M. Walker VanKirk (1889-1977), Harry F. Walker (1893-1978). l to r seated, Emma Walker (1895-?), Fred Walker (1899-?), Bertha Walker VanKirk (1897-?) A. G. Joyce

Photo #13) Russia Miller Savidge, b. 16 Sep 1830 Paxinos, Northumberland, PA, m. 27 Apr 1858, d. 10 Aug 1859. d/o George & Mary (Startzel) Miller. 1st wife of Dr. Aaron R. Savidge. A. G. Joyce

Photo #14) 4 generations. l to r, Grace Darling Epler Walker (1873-1944), John Francis Epler (1844-1934), Eugene Willard Kline Cornwell, Jr. (1918-1987), and Nina Barker Walker Cornwell (1894-1966). Picture taken on the front porch of the Epler Homestead, Old Danville Rd. Point Township, Northumberland Co., PA, c. 1919. A. G. Joyce

Riverview Cemetery Stones #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, A. G. Joyce

Photo of the family of Concetta and Nicola Nestico of Marion Heights.  Concetta and Nicola were born in Isca, Calabria, Italy.  The children are James, Nicholas, Mary Ann, Joseph, and Anthony.  Concetta operated a grocery store in Marion Heights; Nicola was a coal miner.

Attached is a picture of Mrs. Anna Pauza who operated a grocery store on South Market Street in Mount Carmel directly across from the train station.
This is a photo of Lt. Joseph Pauza of Mount Carmel.  He was killed in action in Normandy in 1944.
Concetta Nestico and daughter Lillian, circa 1943.
Father Walter Karaveckas of Mount Carmel with relatives in Lithuania where he was studying.
This is a picture of Mrs. Anna Pauza of Mount Carmel and her daughter Beatrice.  Circa 1945.
The Karaveckas Family of Mount Carmel.  1945.  The parents are Lithuanian immigrants.
Sgt. William Pauza.  Trained at Indiantown Gap.  Crewman on the Enola Gay.

These are pictures that were in my mothers things.  She was a FLECK, from Pennsylvania and this picture has been in the family for many years....  It is an unusual one, like I have never seen before as the picture is on the back of the glass itself, not stuck to it, but more like an x-ray, not on paper behind glass either.  I would be interested if anyone knew what type of photo this is and around the time era it was used.   Also, of course if anyone would happen to recognize the photo, please e-mail me.  Thanks, Betty in Virginia...  #1,   #2,   #3,   Doug and Betty Hopkins   dbhopkins@ccisp.net

Photo of the "Red Men's Cornet Band".  I have not been able to find any information about this band.  The man standing, far right (with tuba) is my Grandfather, James Beneville Walter Carl.  He usually went by Walter, or Wally.  Photo probably taken in either Shamokin, or Gowen City. (The only two places I'm aware of, where he lived.)                  Ned Boryschuk

I recently purchased this photo with the following description on Ebay.  I would love get this child back to his or her family.  In addition to the comments below, the flowers at the feet read J DROGY and those by the head NASZ, DROGY, SYN.  Please contact me if you know whose family it belongs to.

Marie Berens

This photo was taken at the T. H. Lippiatt art photography studio on Independence Street Shamokin PA.  (Thomas Hodges Lippiatt went into the furniture business in 1892 and quit the photo business.)  John is written on the back with a modern ball point pen, so that may or may not be this gentleman's name.  The cabinet card photo style dates to between circa 1870-1900 and I find most of the dated cabinet cards in my collection to be from the late 1880's & early 1890's, but that could be narrowed down even more depending upon how long this photographer was in business at that address.  Contact me if you can identify this young man.   Lookin4treasure@aol.com

John Vandevender” Photo was taken by Robert Swank in Shamokin, PA, ca. 1912-15. Lookin4treasure@aol.com

This is a picture of my great-grandparents, Jacob Narkiewicz/Narcavich and Mary Jeroski/Zurawski taken in Shaokin, Pa shortly after their wedding in Sunbury in October of 1901. They were divorced in 1910 and I believe Mary began using the name Nark, and so did my grandfather, Dr. John A. Nark. Jacob Narcavich came to the United States in 1884 from Russia/Poland. Jason R. Nark.    Blackwood, NJ. nark44@comcast.net
     Doctor John A. Nark was born in Shamokin, PA on 26, July 1902.  He first attended Saint Rose Academy (now Sacred Heart H. S.) in Carbondale and then Minersville H. S., where he graduated in 1920. He had been captain of the basketball team at Minersville. He went on to Saint Joe's College in Philadelphia and later transferred to Temple Medical School where he graduated in 1927. In the early 1930s he opened his medical practice at 1904 E. Allegheny Ave. He married Mary T. McAleese, a long time friend at Ascension Church in Kensington in Feb. 1934. They had their only child, John A., Jr., on 2 July 1935.   Mary Nark passed away in 1947 and Dr. Nark in 1957.
     His son John went on to serve in the US Army retiring in 1978 as a Lieutenant Colonel.
Submitted by:  John A. Nark Jr.,: dinotales1@aol.com   Delran, NJ

This lot contains three small cabinet card photos of young ladies who attended a female seminary. These are most likely class pictures, taken in Feb. of 1891. The photos were obtained with others from Mahoney and Shamokin, PA so I assume the seminary was somewhere around that area. The young ladies are all identified as follows: Lizzie Maderia, Lillian Shalkop, and Mame Godshall. Lookin4treasure@aol.com

This picture is Eva Rugalla Shesniak her husband Harry Shesniak and brother Michael
Children are Ella and Paul Shesniak. Photo is cira 1912.
They went on to have more children. Eva died in the flu epidemic and Harry remarried Anna and had several more children. They lived in Sunbury, Natalie and Marion Hts, PA.
Harry owned a farm and then was a coal miner. He was poisoned.
ANY INFORMATION?? Please feel free to contact me Whitekar54 @ yahoo.com

William F. Cronin lived Sherman and Tioga in Springfield   
Sarah Brennan Cronin
Sarah (Brennan) Cronin who was a schoolteacher (we think in Mount Carmel) before she married William
John Cronin and his wife, Jane "Jennie" (Gillespie) Cronin. mfthartigan@triad.rr.com

I came across six photographs of unidentified individuals taken by studios in Shamokin.  From the clothing, the pictures
appear to have been taken about 1900-1910. mccollumw@comcast.net

This photo was taken at Krigbaum Studios in Shamokin.  The frame indicates that Krigbaum was located
"opposite the P&R depot."

This one was taken by T.H. Lippiatt in Shamokin.

This one is attributed to M. Thomas Studios in Shamokin.

Also from M. Thomas studios.

Another from T.H. Lippiatt.

Another picture.


This is a photo of the Halkowicz girls in Sunbury, PA. Olga Halkowicz married Clarence Gass and lived just outside of Sunbury. Pictured from left to right: Unknown, Anna Halkowicz Curilla, Olga Halkowicz Gass, Catherine Halkowicz Viglietta. The children are: Joseph Curilla Jr, and Shirley Gass Dagle. This picture was taken about 1932. cesarism@lycos.com

The next one is a photo of Catherine Halkowicz's wedding in 1937. She married Joseph Viglietta of Locust Gap. She died in labor with her baby in 1939. cesarism@lycos.com

This photo is of Johanna Halkowicz (born about 1917)on top of the Newberry Bldg in Shamokin during WWII She is the daughter of Nikolaj and Parascevia Halkowicz. cesarism@lycos.com

This photo is two photos together of sisters, Anna and Olga (Ella) Halkowicz having fun with their friends in their swimsuits circa 1928. cesarism@lycos.com

This photo is Anna Halkowicz and friend, Elsie Halkowicz both of Atlas. This photo was taken also around 1928. cesarism@lycos.com

Victoria Halkowicz (Spencer) taken in Atlas, circa 1913. She was the daughter of Nikolaj and Parascevia Halkowicz. cesarism@lycos.com

The next two are both of Victoria Halkowicz as a teenager in the late 1920s---she was quite the fashionplate! cesarism@lycos.com

Charles B. Bostian photos 1 and 2. If you can identify either of the ladies with Charles Bostian, please contact Jeanie Stout msbostian@yahoo.com

This is an old picture post card left in the family in  Sunbury PA.   The   two children unknown. It was marked Lud ROCKWELL.
If any one knows who this kids are or give me a date that the picture may of been taken please e-mail me at msjbostian@yahoo.com

This is a picture of William Harvey Kimble, son of John B. Kimble and Hannah Jane Wolverton. He was born in 1842 and died in 1900. He is brother to Joseph Richard Kimble/Kimbel. John B. and Hannah J.'s known children: William Harvey- married Martha  issue 2 children John W.    Charles A- married Sarah V. Hornberger issue 10 children Anna Joseph Richard married Mahala Loreman issue 5 children submitted by Diane K. Jacob

Here is a photo of John B. Kimble, son of William Kimble and Susanna Bird John was born in 1820 and died after 1880. He had 5 known children with his wife Hannah Jane Wolverton, daughter of Richard Wolverton and Barbara Farley. She was born 30 Mar 1823 and died 23 Dec 1909, in Shamokin, Northumberland, PA. Both are buried in the Sharp Ridge Cemetery.   submitted by Diane K. Jacob

This photo is of my 2rd great uncle, Joseph Richard Kimbel/Kimble. He was born 12 April 1864 and is the youngest of the 5 children of John B. Kimbel/Kimble and Hannah Jane Wolverton. Joseph married Mahala(Matilda) Loreman, daughter of Andrew Loreman and Elizabeth Leiby. Mahala was born 6 Oct 1863.   
The children in the photo are oldest to youngest- Esther J., born  1888, Elizabeth E. born 1889, Anges M., born 1890, Ruth Ann born 1890 and Roy Richard born 1896. All the above children seem to be born in Northumberland County. submitted by Diane K. Jacob

Here is a photo of my great aunt Adeline Procopio and Giuseppe Altomare at their wedding May 29, 1929. Bottom row from
left to right: ?, bride Adeline Procopio, ?, Michelena Altomare, the thin woman is a Scchicitano , ?.
Back row, Giuseppe Altomare, Adeline's brother??, and the guy on the end is Louie ALtomare.Suzanne Cesari

Wedding of Louie Altomare, son of Giuseppe and Maria Teresa Altomare and Anna Stellar, daughter of Luigi Stellar and Giovanna Naimo of Kulpmont circa 1937 From left to right: ?, Elena Altomare, Louie Altomare, Anna Stellar, one of Anna's sisters, Suzanne Cesari

Hi,  Here are a couple of photos of my family who once lived in Shamokin, Pa. The first [older man] is my Great Grandfather
William K. Schroyer born 1856 in Pa. he married Elizabeth Yoder, both are buried Amsbry Union Cemetery Cambria Co. PA. The second photo is my Grandfather who was born in Shamokin, Pa. in 1875, he moved his wife Annie Pugh Schroyer and their children to Muskingum co. Ohio, Zanesville in 1923. He died there in 1936. If anyone has informaton about a John Schroyer and his wife Anna [Coucher] or Goucher born about 1832/35 in Pa.  i'd sure appreciate your help.   Joan Blanton jbdes@voyager.net

Attached is a picture of the children of the IOOF Orphanage at Sunbury taken at their summer picnic in 1899.  Unfortunately the only one I can identify is my Great-uncle, William Hepner, who is the last one on the right side of the second row from the bottom.
 Tom Dempsey

This is Anna Halkowicz born February 20, 1908 of Atlas, PA. 

This is an unknown girl from Atlas looking for anyone who could
identify her. Suzanne Cesari
    This is my Grandfather and Grandmother from     Shamokin.  
"Charles B Haines" is the man on the left.Emma Fox       Brenda Dolan.