Evangelical Lutheran

Church Cemetery

14 Strawberry Ridge Road

Washingtonville, Montour County


Partial Survey


Photos contributed by

Dennis Benson




Gideon BOYER,  aged 70y, and Mary Ann aged 66y


Alevia Viola GRESH,  d. 2/9/1857, Daughter of Geo. and Elizabeth Gresh


Amelia GRESH,  d. 1/13/1861, Aged 17y 9m 19d, Daughter of Jacob and Anna Gresh


Anna H. GRESH,  d. 2/22/1876, Aged 73y 10m 21d, Wife of Jacob Gresh


Clement B. GRESH,  d. 3/29/1858, Aged 21y 8m 2d, Son of Jacob and Anna Gresh


Elizabeth GRESH,  7/16/1827-1/19/1874, Aged 46y 6m 3d, Wife of George B. Gresh


Elizabeth Ann GRESH,  d. 10/3/1856, Aged 22y 11m 18d, daughter of Jacob and Ann Gresh


Elizabeth G. GRESH,  d. 9/9/1880, Aged 18y 10d, Daughter of Geo. B. and E. Gresh


Ephraim GRESH,  1847-1920, with Margaret GRESH 1849-1930


Frances GRESH,  d. 12/31/1864, Aged 31y 9m 21d, Wife of B. B. Gresh


George D. GRESH,  1845-1914


Irvin B. GRESH,  4/28/1854-8/1/1878, Aged 24y 3m 3d


Isaiah E. GRESH, Jr.,  1888-1916


Jacob GRESH,  d. 3/14/1868, Aged 59y 4m 5d


Jacob C. GRESH,  d. 1/23/1895, Aged 1y 4m 17d, Son of Geo. B. and Margaret Gresh


Jacob D. GRESH,  d. 12/1/1857 Aged 19y 5m 21d, with William D. GRESH, d. 12/31/1857 Aged 27y 3m 14d, Son of J. and M.D. Gresh


Jesse GRESH,  d. 4/1/1884 Aged 79y 2m 7d, with wife Mary Derr GRESH d. 5/29/1869 Aged 63y 2m 5d


Lydia A. GRESH,  1843-1914


Mary Ann GRESH,  d. 1/4/1858 Aged 23y 4m 8d, Daughter of J. and M.D. Gresh, with Joseph D. GRESH, d. 1/3/1914 Aged 81y 2m 22d


Samuel D. GRESH,  d. 11/2?/1880, Aged 1d, Son of G.D. and L.A. Gresh


Thomas E. GRESH,  3/11/1894-5/23/1894, Son of Thos. K. and Amanda Gresh


Thos. K. GRESH,  1853-1930


Samuel HERR,  d. 8/23/1889 Aged 71y 8d, with wife Christiana, d. 4/25/1895 Aged 65y 5m 15d


Samuel HERR,  and wife Christiana, Full view


John L. MARR,  1917-1917


William H. MARR,  1854-1927, with wife Barbra Ann, 1854-1931




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