United Church of Christ



3246 Skippack Pike





Partial Transcription


Photos contributed by

Ramona Rickert

except where noted.


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Surnames:   A thru J     K thru Z



Henry W. AGNEW 1880-1936


Benjamin F. ALDERFER 9/4/1866-10/16/1892, aged 26y 1m 12d


John K. ANDERSON 1839-1896, with A. Lizzie 1847-1925, M. Jane 1874-1878, and Laura 1880-1880


John H. ARGALL 4/18/1870-6/18/1922


Frank Taylor ASHCROFT d. 7/30/1865, aged 3m 12d, son of George and Willey Ann Ashcroft


Mary Ann ASHCROFT d. 10/20/1866, aged 24d, daughter of George and Willey Ann Ashcroft


Willey Ann ASHCROFT wife of George Ashcroft


M. BALTZER wife of George Ashcroft


E. Laura BEAN 10/15/1860-12/25/1935, wife of J. Edward Bean


Elizabeth BEAN d. 4/17/1870, wife of Henry Bean, Contributor: Chris Zabaska


Elwood K. BEAN 1869-1960, with Minerva M. BEAN 1870-1947


Emma S. BEAN 1/5/1860-7/22/1955


Harry K. BEAN 1851-1932, with Savilla B. BEAN 1856-1924


Henry BEAN d. 5/6/1865, Contributor: Chris Zabaska


John BEAN d. 7/4(?)/1828, aged 76y 7m


John J. BEAN d. 1/30/1912, aged 87y 1m 16d


Joseph J. BEAN 1840-1919, with Hannah C. BEAN 1844-1895


Margaret BEAN d. 1/22/1838, aged 78y 27d, wife of John Bean


Mary Ann BEAN d. 3/10/1901, aged 71y 3m 1d, wife of John J. Bean


William K. BEAN 6/4/1856-9/1/1917


Barbara BEAVER d. 11/24/1872, aged 81y 1m 13d, consort of Henry Beaver


Henry BEAVER d. 12/19/1837, aged 81y 1m(?) 14d(?)


William Henry BEAVER d. 9/15/1853, son of Barnet W. and Lydia Beaver


Abigail BEYER 1/9/1795-10/8/1876, wife of Abraham Beyer


Abraham BEYER d. 6/30/1851, aged 55y




Amelia BEYER d. 7/23/1859, aged 2y 9m, daughter of Jacob(?) and Matilda Beyer


Catharine A. BEYER 1834-1910


Cordelia BEYER 3/9(?)/1833-7/24/1899, wife of Jacob B. Beyer


Daniel BEYER 1830-1883


Elizabeth BEYER 8/21/1822-1/?/1842(?), daughter of Abraham and Abigail Beyer


Elizabeth A. BEYER 1860-1861


Ellen J. BEYER 1856-1905


Emma C. BEYER 1868-1961


Franklin B. BEYER d. 8/8/1881, aged 29y 4m(?) 16d


Hannah BEYER d. 8/19/1895, aged 68y 3m(?) ?d, wife of George M. Weber, widow of Samuel Beyer


Hannah BEYER 1834-1920


Jacob B. BEYER 6/21/1834-7/8/1910, aged 76y 17d


Jesse BEYER 1825-1906


John BEYER 7/26/1860-3/11/1878, aged 17y 7m 15d, son of Jacob and Cordelia Beyer


John BEYER 4/8/1824-8/22/1898


Mary BEYER wife of Adam Beyer, b. 1828


Mary A. BEYER 7/25(?)/1865-12/8/1865, aged 5m 13d,


Mary J. BEYER 


Mary O. BEYER 1864-1948


Samuel BEYER 2/13/182?-3/29/1867, aged 44y(?) 1m 16d


Sarah BEYER 11/9/1829-10/6/1910


Sarah BEYER 


Sophia H. BEYER 6/9/1858-3/19/1916


Theodore BEYER 4/14/1852-6/22/1852, son of John and Sarah Beyer


William N. BEYER 1862-1937




Celia A. BIGONY 8/2/1872-6/27/1949


Latinus V. BIGONY 6/10/1865-8/21/1901


Willard G. BIGONY 3/26/1900-1/16/1954


Mahlon M. BILLGER d. 12/5/1891, aged 66y 6m 17d


Mary Ann BILLGER d. 12/1/1892, aged 6?y 9m 11d, wife of Mahlon M. Billger


Hannah BISSON 1/24/1816-10/10/1891, aged 75y 10m 16d


Hillary BISSON 2/5/181?-8/5/1876(?)


Jonathan BLARE d. 11/8(?)/1805, aged 57y 2m 20d


Susanna BOOKHEIMER 11/9(?)/1853-12/31/1886, aged 3?y 1m ?d, wife of A. K. Bookheimer


Ann Elizabeth BOSSERT 1851-1930, wife of Theodore B. Bossert


Harry H. BOSSERT 1877-1921, with Martha F. BOSSERT 1878-1963


Jane BOSSERT 1851-1919


Martin BOSSERT d. 7/?/1851, aged 30y(?) 2m 18d


Mary BOSSERT d. 1881, wife of Martin Bossert


Theodore B. BOSSERT 10/22/1845-12/7/1919, aged 74y 1m 15d


Barbara BOWER d. 1/31/1821, aged 61y 4m


Nicholas BOWER d. 12/6/1821, aged 72y


Elizabeth BOWMAN 1/6/1811-7/20/1884, aged 73y 6m 14d, wife of Peter Bowman


Peter BOWMAN 6/4/1807-12/24/1869, aged 62y 6m 20d


William T. BOWMAN 9/12/1838-4/19/1922, with Amanda B. BOWMAN 3/?/1840-12/28/1913, and Irwin W. 5/2/1868-11/28/1932


Agnes Maria BRECHT 9/22/1818-8/8/1898, aged 79y 10m 16d, wife of John G. Brecht


Annie H. BRECHT 2/16/1849-12/11/1929


John G. BRECHT 2/6/1806-9/25/1881


Samuel F. BRECHT 6/15/1844-10/18/1910


Harry H. BRUNER 9/27/1860-3/11/1915, aged 54y 5m 14d


Ida C. BRUNER 12/17/1857-4/1/1901, aged 43y 3m 11d




Mary BRUNER 8/15/1827-12/26/1909, aged 82y 4m 11d


Albert BRUNNER 2/14/1823-1/18/1896, aged 72y 11m 4d


Amanda BRUNNER d. 2/?/1845, aged 22y ?m 6d, wife of Frederick Brunner


Anna BRUNNER 3/22/1810-1/29/1879, aged 68y 10m 7d, daughter of Jacob and Sophia Brunner


Catharine BRUNNER 10/14/1804-7/18/1844, aged 40y 9m 4d, wife of John Brunner


Emeline BRUNNER d. 3/8/1873, aged 41y 2m(?) 18d(?), wife of Franklin Brunner


Frederick BRUNNER 12/10/1797-11/27/1869, aged 71y 11m 17d


Irene B. BRUNNER 1887-1961


Isabella M. BRUNNER 1848-1883


Jacob BRUNNER 9/17/1784-1/20/1874, aged 89y 4m 3d


John W. BRUNNER 5/27/1816-6/11/1889, aged 73y 14d


Lydia BRUNNER wife of Frederick Brunner


Lydia BRUNNER 10/13/1818-3/9/1855, aged 36y 4m 27d, wife of John Brunner


Maggie C. BRUNNER 11/9/1860-9/7/1919, aged 58y 9m 28d


Mary J. BRUNNER 3/13/1808-11/18/1877, aged 69y 8m 5d, wife of Jacob Brunner


Sarah BRUNNER 1820-1844, wife of John W. Brunner


Sophia BRUNNER 9/1?/1792-1/24(?)/1846, aged 54y ?m 10d, wife of Jacob Brunner


Catharine BURKERT 5/12/1837-1/6/1909


David B. BURKERT 7/29/1833-3/22/1907


Esther BURKERT 3/14/1806-12/2/1889(?), aged 83y(?) 8m 18d


John W. BURKERT 2/1/1828-7/6/1885, aged 57y 5m 5d


Kate E. BURKERT 6/13/1857-3/5/1890, aged 32y 8m 22d, wife of William L. Burkert


Kate K. BURKERT 11/5/1854-8/22/1879, aged 24y 9m 17d


Mary A. BURKERT 10/24/1836-12/26/1891, aged 55y 2m 2d


George W. BUSTARD 1918-1980, with Anna Jean BUSTARD 1922-2008, Contributor: Chris Zabaska


Joseph P. BUSTARD 1856-1935, with Sarah R. BUSTARD 1856-1936, and Mina R. 1898-1899


Wellington R. BUSTARD 1886-1952, with Mary BUSTARD 1890-1975, Charles FARRINGTON 1871-1939, and Ellen B. FARRINGTON 1873-1959


John BUTCHER d. 10/29/1887


Rachel BUTCHER d. 10/29/1876, aged 74y, wife of John Butcher


Abram H. CASSEL 1868-1970, with Mary R. CASSEL 1861-1938


Annie CASSEL 1818-1891


Annie P. CASSEL 1854-1922


E. P. CASSEL 1857-1948


Ida Lizzie CASSEL 7/24/1870-2/6/1912, wife of Joseph D. Cassel


Ida P. CASSEL 1863-1933


Jacob D. CASSEL 8/29/1828-12/6/1870, aged 42y 3m 8d


Jacob K. CASSEL 1844-1921, with Susan H. CASSEL 1846-1928


John B. CASSEL 2/20/1821-3/10/1899


John S. CASSEL 1905-1991, CY SGT 3rd BN 5th Marines, 1st MAR DIV WWII


Joseph B. CASSEL 1844-1925, with Elizabeth CASSEL 1851-1934


Mary Elizabeth CASSEL 1857-1923, daughter of John B. and Matilda S. Cassel


Matilda S. CASSEL 2/13/1828-5/12/1869


Peter CASSEL 1815-1871


Russell S. CASSEL 1898-1973, PFC Co. F(?) 111th INF WWI


Stella S. CASSEL 2/6/1900-1/12/1901, with Dorothy 2/6/1904-8/26/1904, and Lydia M. 5/29/1908-7/27/1908, daughters of Jos. B. and Ida L. Cassel


William H. CASSEL 12/6/1850-6/12/1888, aged 37y 6m 6d, son of John B. and Matilda S. Cassel


Catharina CONRAD d. 12/7/1777, aged 21y 1?m 3d(?)


Catharine CONRAD d. 3/28/1846, daughter of Frederick and Catharine


Catharine CONRAD d. 8/25/1811, aged 52y, next fo Frederick Conrad


Frederick CONRAD d. 8/3/1827, aged 68y, Veteran


Fredk W. CONRAD d. 6/28/1829, aged 37y 25d


Heinrich CONRAD d. 7/7/1788


Maria Elisabeth CONRAD d. 1/12/1770, aged ?y 7d


Unknown CONRAD 


John H. COOK 1874-1961, with Irene COOK 1873-1897, and Annie M. COOK 1873-1969


John H. COOKER 1873-1947, with Mary E. COOKER 1877-1953


John COOPER d. 2/14/1912, aged 33y 8m 8d


William H. COOPER b. 2/7/1850(?)


Albion F. CUSTER 11/23/1854-4/14/1900


Ann B. CUSTER relict of Henry Custer


Catharine CUSTER 1/9/1790-2/9/1867, aged 77y 1m, wife of Harman Custer


Clare K. CUSTER 9/?/1873-1/?/1880, aged 6y ?m 9d


Harman CUSTER 7/?/1788-4/1?/1871, aged 83y(?) 8m 28d(?)


Harvey K. CUSTER d. 8/?/1872, son of Samuel and Amanda Custer


Howard K. CUSTER 1875-1879, son of Samuel and Amanda Custer


John H. CUSTER 1/21/1806-3/26/1888


Lydia CUSTER 1844-1924


Margaret H. CUSTER d. 11/18/1911, aged 73y 8m 29d


Mary CUSTER 6/23/1817-3/12/1885, aged 67y 8m 19d


Pearl C. CUSTER 7/26/1899-9/13/1914


Philip B. CUSTER d. 4/28/1900, aged 78y 10m 28d


Samuel C. CUSTER 1847-1939, with Amanda S. CUSTER 1853-1920, John K. CUSTER 1878-1925, and Winfield K. CUSTER 1880-?


Sarah CUSTER 10/13/1812-10/26/1880, wife of John H. Custer


Jerome H. DAVIS 10/6/1852-9/12/1886, aged 33y 11m 6d


Sarah Ann DAVIS 2/28/1841-12/26/1916, wife of Samuel Davis


Andrew DENNER 6/12/1810-3/20/1877, aged 66y 9m 8d


Andrew S. DENNER 1845-1920, with Sarah S. DENNER 1859-1932


Elizabeth DENNER 11/15/1813-9/28/1890, aged 77y 11m 13d, wife of Frederick Denner


Elizabeth DENNER 6/11/1837-2/10/1918, aged 80y 7m 29d


Frederick DENNER 5/3/1810-7/20/1871, aged 61y 2m 17d


Fredrick DENNER and three children


Isabella DENNER 3/18/1808-2/?/1896, wife of Andrew Denner


Jesse DENNER 3/15/1826-2(?)/19/1894, aged 6?y 11m 4d


William DENNER 1/12/1834-5/23/1894, aged 60y 4m 11d


Alvin(?) DETWILER child of Samuel R. and Lizzie Detwiler


Elizabeth C. DETWILER 1842-1918


Elizabeth J. Bean DETWILER 1828-1876, first wife of Samuel R. Detwiler


Infant DETWILER b. 7/17/1878, aged 3d, daughter of Samuel R. and Lizzie Detwiler


Jacob B. DETWILER 7/3/1858-10/31/1902


Samuel C. DETWILER 1884-1974, with Ruth Naomi DETWILER 1893-1959


Samuel R. DETWILER 1827-1910


Arthur P. DEWEES 1889-1965, Wagoner US Army WWI


Ann DORWORTH 9/5/1804-2/13/1890, aged 85y 5m 8d, wife of Jacob Dorworth


Jacob DORWORTH 11/19/1805-10/9/1891, aged 85y 10m 20d


Jacob DORWORTH d. 3/22/1870, aged 65y 6m 6d


Margaret DORWORTH 1801-1885, wife of Jacob Dorworth


Ruben R. DORWORTH 8/10/1840-7/1/1933


Aram DRAKE 9/21(?)/1819-12/19(?)/1885


Hannah DRAKE aged abt 76y(?), wife of Levi Drake


Hannah L. DRAKE 9/8/1818-7/23/1887


Levi DRAKE aged abt 57y


Mary EATON d. 6/24/1911, aged 79y 9d


Mary Jane ECKERT d. 1881(?), wife of John F. Eckert


Anna S. EICKHOFF 1880-1917


Mary E. ENSLEY 8/18/1873-5/21/1881, aged 7y 9m 3d, daughter of Wm. C. and Sarah J. Ensley


Capt. William C. ENSLEY 8/17/1827-12/21/1911 Co. ? 138 Regt. PA Vol., with Sarah J. ENSLEY 2/27/1832-2/25/1917


Nora B. EPRIGHT 1891-1931, with John F., Elizabeth G. and Alverda Ruth Frick


Charles FARRINGTON 1871-1939, with Ellen B. FARRINGTON 1873-1959, and Wellington R. and Mary Bustard


Elenora FELTY 1883-1883, daughter of Franklin and Sarah Ann Felty


Maggie Idella FELTY 12/6/1889-8/6/1890, aged 9m, daughter of Franklin and Sarah Ann Felty


Abylonia FENSTERMACHER 8/10(?)/1807-8/19/1883, aged 76y, wife of Samuel Fenstermacher


Annie S. FENSTERMACHER aged 1m 29d, daughter of Wm. G. and Rachel Fenstermacher


Children FENSTERMACHER stillborn 6/1?/1878, twin(?) children of S. and E. Fenstermacher


Elizabeth FENSTERMACHER 1839-1889, wife of Samuel Fenstermacher


John F. FENSTERMACHER 1866-1929, with Amanda H. FENSTERMACHER 1865-1950


Mary FENSTERMACHER 10/31/1863-8/2/1883, aged 19y 10m 2d, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Fenstermacher


Rachel Z. FENSTERMACHER 7/5/1852-9/10/1879, aged 27y 2m 5d, wife of William G. Fenstermacher


Samuel FENSTERMACHER 1805-1887


Samuel G. FENSTERMACHER 4/28/1838-5/9/1920


Wm. G. FENSTERMACHER 9/30/1848-11/12/1885, aged 37y 1m 12d


Hilda FOX b. 1891(?), infant daughter of Samuel and Rebecca Fox


Jesse G. FOX d. 10/3/1892, aged 56y ?m 22d


Margaret S. FOX d. 2/21/1913, aged 63y 5m 20d, wife of M. G. Fox


Rebecca FOX d. 1893, wife of Jesse G. FOX


Sarah FOX 5/16/1845-5/3/1875, aged 29y 11m 17d, wife of Jesse Fox


Aaron H. FRANTZ d. 4/25/1886, aged 73y 10m 25d


Matilda FRANTZ 1842-1915


Sarah Ann FRANTZ d. 10/25/1841, aged 1y 5m 6d, daughter of Aaron and Sophia Frantz


Sophia FRANTZ d. 1/31/1896, wife of Aaron H. Frantz


John S. FREDERICK 10/29/1826-6/6/1904, with Hannah FREDERICK 7/26/1836-5/22/1914


Justus FREDERICK d. 9/26/1834(?), aged 84y 8m 26d


Mary E. Nyce FREDERICK d. 9/8/1924, aged 82y 9m 24d


Bertha FREEMAN 9/28/1881-3/3/1890, aged 8y 5m 5d, daughter of Jesse S. and Mary Freeman


Catharine A. FREEMAN 9/16/1818-?/8/1890(?), wife of John Freeman


Frances Anna FREEMAN 5/29/1862-11/20/1902, wife of Henry S. Freeman


Howard N. FREEMAN 11/15/1879-8/5/1880, aged 8m 20d, son of Jesse S. and Mary A. Freeman


Jesse S. FREEMAN 8/21/1852-11/26/1935, aged 83y 3m 5d


John FREEMAN 8/5/1819-2/25/1896


Louis W. FREEMAN 1895-1965, Sgt. Depot Svc Co 48 WWI, Contributor: Chris Zabaska


Lewis S. FREEMAN 12/19/1857-11/25/1937


Mary FREEMAN 1819-1878, wife of John Freeman


Mary A. FREEMAN 8/25/1853-1/5/1890, aged 36y 4m 11d, wife of Jesse S. Freeman


Sallie FREEMAN 12/16/1856-2/3/1898, aged 41y 1m 17d, wife of Jesse S. Freeman


Mahlon S. FREEMANN 1855-1920, with Eliza Jane FREEMAN b. 1858


Lewis A. FREY 1/11/1859-6/5/1918


Lydia FREY 3/8/1867-4/6/1948


Adam FRICK 3/30/1804-10/7/1804, aged 6m 7d


Ann FRICK 1834-1920


Catharine Van Fossen FRICK d. 10/24/1883, aged 73y 8m


Fanny FRICK 2/27/1803-11/5/1874, aged 71y 8m 8d


Harriet C. FRICK 1846-1918


Henrich FRICK 7/24/1748-7/26(?)/1828, aged 80y


Henry FRICK d. 10/17/1894, aged 86y 1m 16d


Henry FRICK 1856-1940, with Lizzie FRICK 1857-1915, and Lizzie A. FRICK 1870-1970


John FRICK 1801-1856


John E. FRICK 1865-1907, with Elizabeth G. FRICK 1866-1946, Alverda Ruth 1906-1906, and Nora B. EPRIGHT 1891-1931


Joseph FRICK 1/21/1841-1/12/1909


Kate I. FRICK d. 3/29/1865, aged 2m 8d, daughter of Joseph and Maria Frick


Kate L. FRICK 5/11/1858-7/23/1919


Maria FRICK 8/29/1840-10/24/1892, wife of Joseph Frick


Ruth Spare FRICK 6/15/1882


Sara E. FRICK 1869-1915


Susanna FRICK 1800-1896


Zenas A. F. FRICK 2/19/1857-12/26/1881


Catharine FRY 1795-1864, between Jacob and Joseph Fry


Elizabeth A. FRY d. 12/14/1910, aged 76y 14d, sister of Peter S. Fry


Jacob FRY d. 9/25/1835, aged 40y 7m 25d(?)


John B. FRY 6/7/1798-3/11/1869, aged 70y 9m 4d


Joseph FRY d. 4/18/1824, aged 15y


Mary FRY b. 7/6/1805, wife of John B. Fry


Mary FRY d. 8/9/1894, aged 76y 4m 28d(?), wife of Peter S. Fry


Peter S. FRY d. 7/23/1898, aged 71y


William B. GARGES 1897-1927, Veteran


Henry GELLER 5/11/1812-4/7/1874, with Mary GELLER 4/16/1815-4/12/1901


Henry S. GELLER 12/7/1847-7/16/1923, with Hannah N. GELLER 5/7/1850-10/19/1912


Howard C. GELLER 4/30/1873-8/22/1873, son of Henry S. and Hannah Geller


Infants GELLER b. 10/31/1878, son and daughter of Henry S. and Hannah Geller


M. Ellen GELLER 12/21/1883-2/26/1956, with Minnie G. GELLER 1882-1883


Washington S. GELLER 7/15/1853-12/2/1929, with Catharine B. GELLER 8/23/1860-9/22/1920


Amanda F. GEYER 1861-1948


Irene F. GEYER 1884-1943


W. M. GEYER 1857-1922


Andrew L. GODSHALK 6/10/1835-8/4/1894, aged 59y 1m 24d


Annie H. GODSHALK 12/4/1878-3/9/1896, wife of Edwin S. Godshalk, daughter of S.F. and A.M. Brecht, "Bride"


Edwin S. GODSHALK 1865-1937, with Nina S. GODSHALK 1862-1926


John GODSHALK 2/6/1802-4/5/1883, aged 81y 1m 29d


Sarah N. GODSHALK 1835-1920


John B. GODSHALL 1863-1939, with Emma J. GODSHALL 1869-1953


Margaret GODSHALL 10/20/1853-4/28/1923


Samuel B. GODSHALL 1874-1939, with Laura E. GODSHALL 1877-1955


Charles F. GOTWALS 1834-1928, with Anna Elizabeth GOTWALS 1837-1918


Amanda C. GROFF 12/16/1862-3/?/1875, aged 13y 2m ?d, daughter of Rogers and Catharine Groff


Rogers D. GROFF 1838-1925, with Catharine S. GROFF 1842-1920


Saraj GROFF 1812-1900


M. H. 1792


John D. HAENGE 10/7/1847-2/2/1895, with Milton D. HAENGE 11/23/1840-12/14/1861


Catharine HALLMAN 10/25/1833-2/19/1906, aged 72y 3m 24d, wife of James T. Hallman


Eli R. HALLMAN 1853-1921, with Mary Z. HALLMAN 1861-1940


Fietta HALLMAN 1856-1889, wife of Eli Hallman


Isaac HALLMAN 3/1/1822-7/6/1914, aged 92y 4m 7d


James T. HALLMAN 9/1/1829-10/22/1904, aged 75y 1m 21d


Jesse HALLMAN d. 10/26/1857, aged 79y 7m(?) 29d


Jonas W. HALLMAN 1859-1931, with Lizzie J. HALLMAN 1868-1949


Lucy HALLMAN d. 4/9/1863, aged 18y 1m 21d, wife of John Hallman, daughter of Henry and Lovina Loch


Lydia HALLMAN 8/24/1828-12/21/1914


Reuben T. HALLMAN 9/5/1833-1/2/1917, with Elizabeth C. HALLMAN 3/18/1847-10/12/1877


Susanna HALLMAN 7/4/1826-5/31/1897, aged 70y 10m 27d, wife of Isaac Hallman


Anthony HAMSHER 1724-7/6(?)/1806


Infant HANSELL daughter of John and Sallie Hansell


John O. HANSELL 12/26/1865-10/30/1939, with Sallie B. HANSELL 5/16/1873-1/15/1950


Norris C. HANSELL d. 1/12/1898, aged 19y 4m 19d, son of Samuel and Hannah Hansell


Samuel L. HANSELL d. 9/20/1937 aged 100y 4m 29d, with Hannah HANSELL d. 10/14/1907 aged 66y 11m 13d


Bertha G. HARLEY 1889-1916


Samuel S. HARLEY 1858-1926, with wife Amanda HARLEY 1862-1922


John C. HARP d. 2/14/1883, aged 75y


Mary HARP  View 2  2/21/1797-1/16/1872, aged 74y 10m 26d, wife of John C. Harp, daughter of Benjamin and Mary Spear


Samuel HARTMAN 1855-1922, with Mary 1854-1933, William 1875-1951, Sallie 1879-1956, Walter A. 1905-1991, and Russell 1903-1903


Anna HARTMANN d. 1/28/1779(?), aged 81y(?) ?m, located in middle of Conrad stones


Leah Ann HARTZEL 5/16/1822-9/30/1888, aged 66y 4m 14d


Sarah Ann HEDRICK 3/3/1855-7/23/1938, aged 83y 4m 20d


Emma S. HEFFENTRAGER 5/1/1852-5/8/1920, aged 68y 7d, wife of John K. Heffentrager, nee Denner


Jacob HEISLER d. 9/22/1821, aged 82y 7m


Jacob HEISLER d. 1845


Peter HEISLER d. 4/18/183?


Elizabeth HEIST d. 3/7/1849, aged 24y 9m 27d, wife of Mahlon V. Heist


Abigail HENDRICKS 12/31/1814-3/14/1874, aged 59y 2m 14d, wife of Amos Hendricks


Amos HENDRICKS 2/14(?)/1815-12/21(?)/1880


Charles HENDRICKS d. 11/4/1879, aged 80y


David Elmer HENDRICKS 2/20/1866-8/10/1869, aged 3y 21d, son of D.K. and Sarah Elizabeth Hendricks


Elizabeth HENDRICKS d. 2/27/1833 (s/b b. 1833?), aged 34y(?)


Jacob HENDRICKS d. 3/13/1833, aged 29y 1m 19d


John HENDRICKS 1/8/1773-12/18/1855, aged 82y 11m 10d


John HENDRICKS d. 10/27/1831, aged 5y 8m ?d, son of Charles and Elizabeth Hendricks


John C. HENDRICKS 8/16/1842-5/6/1861, aged 19y 8m 21d, son of ? and Abigail Hendricks


John J. HENDRICKS 4/14/1835-1/15/1908, aged 72y 8m 1d


Joseph H. HENDRICKS 1833-1913, with Catharine B. HENDRICKS 1833-1915


Joseph J. HENDRICKS 9/12/1836-5/19/1864, aged 27y 7m 7d


Mary HENDRICKS 1/28/1775-3/28/1847, aged 72y 2m, wife of John Hendricks


Mary C. HENDRICKS 5/23/1839-4/6/1889, aged 49y 10m 13d


Milton Hendry HENDRICKS 9/11/1869-11/12/1870, aged 1y 2m 1d, son of D.K. and Sarah Elizabeth Hendricks


Samuel J. HENDRICKS 1839-1884, with Charlotte Hendricks LOCH 1839-1923


Samuel K. HENDRICKS 11/30/1801-1/19/1844, aged 42y 1m 20d


Samuel W. HENDRICKS   Full View d. 6/11/1891 aged 59y 7m 29d, with Elizabeth K. HENDRICKS d. 10/3/1914 aged 77y 3m 10d,  Irvin W. HENDRICKS  1865-1959, Elisabeth Craig HENDRICKS 1870-1961, Paul Craig HENDRICKS 1895-1916,  Elwood C. HENDRICKS  7/2/1857-8/30/1880 aged 23y 1m 28d,  Angeline HENDRICKS  d. 7/28/1860 aged 29y 11m 16d, and Wm. K. BEAVER M.D. 4/6/1835-7/21/1860


Sarah Elizabeth HENDRICKS 1/13/1845-9/24/1885, aged 40y 8m 11d, wife of David K. Hendricks


Susanna R. HENDRICKS 12/8/1835-7/25/1892, aged 56y 7m 17d, wife of John J. Hendricks


Andrew HENNING 9/2/1805-9/7/1884, aged 79y 5d


David HENNING 8/27/1807-8/28/1894


Henry HENNING 1848-1931


Margaret HENNING 1845-1915


Rebecca HENNING 10/7/1822-6/26/1899, wife of David Henning


Susanna HENNING 1/?/1816-?/2(?)/1903(?), wife of Andrew Henning


Jacob HISLER b. 11/13/1804, aged 9m


Barbara HOFFMAN d. 3/16/1815, aged 84y 11m, wife of Nicholas Hoffman


George S. HOFFMAN d. 11/11/1871, aged 36y 5m 11d, son of Peter and Sophia Hoffman


Nicholas HOFFMAN d. 1(?)/17/1815(?), aged 84y 3m(?) 4d


Peter HOFFMAN 2/16/1800-3/12/1875, aged 75y 26d


Sophia HOFFMAN 10/21/1807-8/2/1896, aged 88y 9m 11d, wife of Peter Hoffman


Paul HOFFMANN d. 9/16/1797, aged 22y 2m 15d


Adam HOFMAN d. 5/4/1797, aged 71y 5m 2w ?d


Adam HOMSHER 1754-1848, Rev. Soldier, Erected by W.C. No. 33 P.O.S. of A.


Catharine HOMSHER d. 1/2/1841, aged 75y 4m(?) 24d(?)


Elizabeth HOMSHER d. 3/12/1849, aged 42y ?m 25d


Jesse HOMSHER d. 11/30/1853, aged 59y 9m 9d


John HOMSHER d. 6/8/1827, aged 70y 4m 19d


Joseph HOMSHER 11/4/1845-2/23/1883, aged 37y 3m 19d


Margareth HOMSHER d. 11/8/1792, aged 72y(?) 4m 16d


Mary HOMSHER d. 7/21/1855, aged 52y 5m 3d, consort of Jess Homsher


Elizabeth HOOT 3/16/1801-4/7/1883, aged 82y 21d, wife of Philip Hoot


Maranda HOOT 3/14(?)/1828-4/29/1868, aged 40y 1m 15d


Peter C. HOOT 9/30/1825-1/30/1859, aged 33y 4m


Peter W. HOOT 3/23/1859-5/8/1904


Sarah Elizabeth HOOT d. 6/16/1886, aged ?y 11m 1d, daughter of David and Elizabeth Hoot


Philip HOOT 9/2?/1799-2/11/1878, aged 78y 6m(?) 9d


Adam HUBER d. 10/17/1852, aged 73y(?)


Catharine HUBER 7/1/1814-7/24/1902, aged 88y 23d


George G. HUBER 1849-1928, with Mary Ann HUBER 1838-1910, Catharine 1871-1875, and Howard 1878-1878


Lydia HUBER d. 8/6/1852, aged 9y 7m 16d


Rev. S. M. K. HUBER 1838-1916, with Amanda E. HUBER 1837-1925


Solomon HUBER 4/17/1813-9/29/1852, aged 39y 5m 12d


William T. HUGHES  Full View  1806-1886, with Charlotte HUGHES 1808-1874, Annie HUGHES 1847-1868, Charles Y. HUGHES 1849-1894, John Y. HUGHES 1841-1866, and Mary HUGHES 1843-1924


Edith C. Frick HUMMEL 1880-1954, wife of George W. HUMMEL


George W. HUMMEL 1883-1959


Catharine HUMSHER 1832-1914


Joseph HUMSHER d. 6/21/1868(?), aged 65y 5m 18d


Horace K. JACOBS 1857-1914


Kate JACOBS 1853-1907


Benjamin JOHNSON 9/15/1853-12/10/1899, aged 46y 2m 25d


Margaret S. JOHNSON 10/9/1860-6/15/1920, wife of Robert B. Johnson


Peter JOHNSON 5/6/1811-2/29/1852, aged 40y 9m 23d


Susie JOHNSON 9/25/1897-5/10/1898, daughter of Robt. C. and Maggie Johnson


William B. JOHNSON 1849-1928, with Amanda G. JOHNSON 1855-1889, Louisa S. JOHNSON 1866-1896, and Katie M. JOHNSON 1869-1904





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