Church of Skippack



Upper Skippack Mennonite Church Cemetery




Partial Transcription


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Ramona Rickert


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Charles KENNEY 1908-1966


Edwin R. KENNEY 4/2/1906-9/4/2002, with Edith F. KENNEY 7/9/1904-9/15/1993


William KENNEY 9/21/1904-2/26/1981


Abel D. KERR 11/1/1841-3/1/1882, with Mary W. KERR 9/20/1845-1/28/1944


Eugene K. KERR 1901-1988, with Martha L. KERR 1901-1972


John M. KERR 1870-1927, with Susan K. KERR 1878-1956


Philip M. KERR 10/19/1872-7/15/1896, aged 23y 8m 26d, son of Abel D. and Mary W. Kerr


Amanda Z. KEYSER 1/3/1867-12/21/1890, aged 23y 11m 18d, wife of B. T. Keyser


Elizabeth KEYSER 11/6/1801-3/18/1887, aged 85y 4m 12d, wife of John Keyser


Elizabeth KEYSER 11/22/1839-12/27/1911, aged 72y 1m 5d, wife of Isaac C. Keyser


Isaac C. KEYSER 10/21/1837-9/8/1902, aged 64y 10m 17d


Isaac T. KEYSER 4/22/1873-7/30/1914, aged 41y 3m 8d


John KEYSER 12/17/1800-11/7/1876, aged 75y 10m 20d


Martha Kulp KEYSER 3/7/1910-12/24/1996


Mary L. KEYSER 9/?/1852-7/4/1919, aged 66y 9m 28d


Nathan Z. KEYSER 11/29/1852-4/12/1908


Abraham K. KINSEY 8/24/1857-4/29/1925


Mary L. KINSEY 6/3/1885-1/17/1937 (dod per World Connect)


Susan V. KINSEY 9/1/1856-6/30/1921


Anna KOLB 5/22/1818-2/17/1897, aged 78y 8m 25d


Anna C. KOLB d. 1/6/1912, aged 72y 5m 29d, daughter of Jacob E. and Susanna Kolb


Benjamin KOLB 3/18/1811-1/18/1881, aged 69y 10m


Catharine H. KOLB 9/20/1803-2/17/1895, aged 91y 4m 23d


Elizabeth KOLB 11/23/1815-5/22/1856, aged 40y 5m 29d


Isaac KOLB 10/15/1796-10/7/1876, aged 79y 11m 22d


Isaac H. KOLB 10/10/1794-2/26/1882, aged 87y 4m 16d


Jacob F. KOLB 8/26/1805-4/9/1876, aged 70y 7m 13d(?)


Johannes KOLB 3/13/1781-11/13/1853, aged 72y 8m


Johannes KOLB 


John H. KOLB 11/9/1805-12/12/1882, aged 77y 1m 3d


Mary KOLB 2/20/1867-5/29/1871, aged 4y 3m 9d, daughter of David and Mary Kolb


Mary KOLB 9/20/1800-7/16/1883, aged 82y 9m 26d, wife of Isaac Kolb


Susanna KOLB 9/9/1814-6/9/1908, aged 93y 9m, wife of John H. Kolb


Susanna KOLB 8/25/1807(?)-5/10/1874, aged 6?y 8m 10d, wife of Jacob F. Kolb, nee Cassel


Catharine KOLP 8/4/1832-10/16/1860, aged 28y 2m 12d, daughter of Isaac and Maria Kolp


Elizabeth KOLP d. 2/19/186?, daughter of Henry and Esther Kolp


Jacob KOLP 8/23/1776-5/3/1853, aged 76y 8m 11d


Jacob KOLP d. 12/9/1860, aged 8m ?d, son of David and Rachel Kolp


Josiah KOLP d. 1/29/1858, aged 6y 11m 14d(?), son of Henry and Esther Kolp


Magret KOLP 3/12/1783-3/23/1855, aged 72y 11d, wife of Jacob Kolp


Anna B. KRAMER 1875-1958


Jacob B. KRAMER 1908-1936


Samuel B. KRAMER 1903-1967


Abraham C. KRATZ 8/18/1846-7/10/1923, aged 76y 10m 22d


Abraham C. KRATZ 9/1/1821-7/29/1908, aged 86y 10m 28d


Daniel KRATZ 11/15/1826-1/30/1885, aged 58y 2m 15d


Daniel B. KRATZ 9/18/1868-9/29/1888, aged 20y 11d, son of Daniel and Hannah Kratz


Ellen KRATZ 10/26/1864(?)-5/1/1870(?), aged 5y 6m ?d, daughter of Daniel and Hannah(?) Kratz


Fanny KRATZ 10/30/1824-1/19/1906, aged 82y 2m 19d, wife of Abraham Kratz


Franklin B. KRATZ 9/8/1860-1/22/1901, aged 40y 4m 14d


Hannah B. KRATZ 4/2/1834-9/3/1889, aged 55y 5m 1d


Harry F. KRATZ with Ellen M. KRATZ


Henry KRATZ d. 10/21/1863(?), aged 4y(?) 11m 6d, son of Daniel and Hannah Kratz


John B. KRATZ 8/28/1872-12/3/1894, aged 22y 3m 5d, son of Daniel and Hannah Kratz


Mary KRATZ 1/1/1847-1/5/1919, aged 72y 4d, wife of A. C. Kratz


Mary Ann KRATZ 12/11/1853-2/10/1887, aged 33y 1m 29d, wife of William K. Kratz, daughter of William and Anna Kinsey


Noah KRATZ 11/14/1849-7/9/1883, aged 33y 7m 25d


Unknown KRATZ 


Unknown KRATZ 


Warren M. KRATZ d. ?/27/1932(?), aged 7y 9m 27d, son of Frank and Maggie Kratz


William K. KRATZ 10/23/1848-3/8/1910, aged 61y 4m 15d


Lovina KREBEL 6/24/1856-8/23/1858, aged 2y 4m 30d, daughter of Philip and Hanna Krebel


Elizabeth KRIEBEL 7/23/1851-1/29/1853, aged 18m 6d, daughter of Phillip and Hanna Kriebel


Hannah KRIEBEL 3/29/1819-7/19/1903, aged 84y 3m 20d, wife of Philip Kriebel


Nathaniel KRIEBEL 11/16/1843-5/22/1854, aged 10y 6m 6d, son of Phillip and Hanna Kriebel


Philip KRIEBEL d. 5/9/1871, aged 55y 5m 3d


Susanna KRIEBEL 6/12/1858-7/2/1866, aged 8y ?m ?d, daughter of Philip and Hannah Kriebel


A. B. KULP 2/18/1845-12/18/1910


Abraham KULP d. 10/8/1865, aged 5y 5m 1d, son of Abraham and Magdalena Kulp


Abraham KULP 6/27/1836-7/9/1858, aged 22y 12d


Abraham H. KULP 4/20/1827-6/25/1867, aged 40y 2m 5d


Abraham S. KULP d. 8/6/1904, aged 83y 5m 10d


Abram KULP 1877-1936


Barbara Ann KULP 3/8/1872-2/5/1879, aged 6y 10m 27d, daughter of Isaac B. and Emeline R. Kulp


Catharine H. KULP 12/9/1812-12/2/1885, aged 72y 23d


David H. KULP 10/9/182?-5/14/190?, aged 78y 7m 5d


Deborah K. KULP 7/26/1842-1/24/1916, aged 73y 5m 28d


Deborah W. KULP 2/27/1848-6/19/1930


Emeline R. KULP 3/24/1847-8/6/1901, aged 54y 4m 12d


Esther KULP 3/16/1818-4/13/1897, aged 79y 27d, wife of Henry M. Kulp


Francis KULP d. 9/23/1865, aged 8y 9m 3d, son of Abraham and Magdalena Kulp


Francis L. KULP 1890-1959, with Sallie M. KULP 1895-1968


Frank A. KULP 1902-1978


Garret KULP 7/?/1823-?/?/1868, aged 45y 3m(?) 22d(?)


Harrison KULP 1891-1891


Harry D. KULP 1873-1944


Heinrich KULP 10/31/1792-10/19/1863, aged 71y 11m 19d


Henry KULP 6/12/1869-2/13/1875, aged 5y 8m 1d, son of Isaac and Susan Kulp


Henry D. KULP 6/2/1838-2/23/1888, with Matilda T. Kulp 1/18/1838-6/13/1923


Henry M. KULP 5/5/1817-10/18/1901, aged 84y 5m 16d


Infant Kulp child of Isaac and ? Kulp


Isaac KULP 1830-1901


Isaac B. KULP 3/18/1841-8/16/1906, aged 65y 4m 28d


Isaac M. KULP 1886-1925


Isaac S. KULP 1886-1969, with Matilda C. KULP 1884-1971


Isaac T. KULP 9/16/1835-9/23/1915, aged 80y 7d


Jacob M. KULP 10/11/1811-2/17/1875, aged 63y 4m 6d


John B. KULP 3/29/1820-6/15/1873


John K. KULP 3/26/1858-11/16/1936, with Mary A. KULP 5/16/1856-6/18/1916


John T. KULP 11/10/1837-3/2/1898, aged 60y 3m 22d


Katie K. KULP 11/12/1844-3/26/1927, aged 82y 4m 14d


Katie L. KULP 2/15/1900-9/24/1950


Lizzie K. KULP 12/2/185?-7/23/1888(?), aged 26y(?) 6m 29d, daughter of Benjamin and Anna Kolb


Lydia KULP 8/28/1808-3/1/1890, aged 81y 6m 9d, wife of Jacob M. Kulp, nee Tyson


Lydia M. KULP 1879-1978


Mabel A. KULP 1906-1998


Magdalena KULP 9/24/1790-3/12/1886, aged 95y 5m 18d, wife of John Kulp


Magdalena KULP 11/8/1832-5/9/1896, aged 63y 6m 1d, wife of Abraham H. Kulp


Magdalene KULP 8/19/1834-12/11/1903, aged 69y 3m 28d, daughter of Henry and Anna Kulp


Maggie L. KULP 4/26/1893-5/11/1969


Margaret T. KULP 9/16/1835-2/3/1917


Maria KULP 


Marietta Y. KULP 1877-1945


Mary KULP 1/1/1832-12/13/1887, aged 56y 11m 12d, wife of Garret Kulp


Mary F. KULP 6/30/1862-12/11/1928, aged 66y 5m 11d


Melvin KULP 10(?)/2/1871-?/15/181?, son of Isaac and Susan Kulp


Philip M. KULP 1870-1891


Rachel KULP d. 1/18/1862, aged 33y 3m 15d, wife of Daniel Kulp


Sarah KULP 3/3/1854-6/22/1870, aged 16y 3m 19d, daughter of John and Sarah Kulp


Sarah KULP d. 8/25/1901, aged 77y 8d


Sarah C. KULP d. 10/22/1907, aged 81y 7m 10d


Susan KULP 1836-1928, widow of Isaac Kulp


Susan KULP 6/7/1846-3/21/1927, aged 80y 9m 14d


Susan F. KULP 8/19/1859-11/7/1925, aged 66y 2m 18d


Susie L. KULP 12/11/1885-10/14/1966


William H. KULP 8/3/1878-1/16/1912, aged 33y 5m 13d, son of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac T. Kulp, died in Los Angeles Cal.


Wilson W. KULP 12/4/1907-4/6/1928


Abraham LANDES d. 8/20/1852, aged 3y 2m 10d, son of John and Elisabeth Landes


Abraham LANDES 12/7/1810-4/11/1881, aged 70y 4m 4d


Abraham S. LANDES 4/14/1863-2/14/1943


Amanda LANDES 8/26/1871-11/3/1956, wife of Abraham S. Landes, nee Bergey


Clarence S. LANDES 1919-1919, with Florence S. 1923-1923, and Clayton S. 1923-1925, children of Henry S. and Ella R.


Daniel LANDES d. 9(?)/11/1852, aged 5y, son of Abraham and Elisabeth Landes


Daniel D. LANDES 9/3/1806-5/13/1882 aged 75y 8m 10d, with Mary LANDES 12/26/1815-1/30/1887 aged 71y 1m 4d


Daniel G. LANDES 4/1/1831-6/26/1904, aged 73y 2m 25d, Veteran


Daniel U. LANDES 6/22/187?-3/31/189?, son of Jacob and Louisa Landes


Daughter LANDES 1919(?)-1920(?), daughter of I.T. and Hannah H. Landes


Eliza LANDES 8/5/1846-4/9/1902, aged 55y 8m 4d, wife of John Landes


Elizabeth LANDES 4/23/1806-1/15/1909, aged 96y 8m 22d, wife of Johannes Landes


Eugene Spang LANDES 7/14/1920-11/16/1995, PFC US Army WWII


Feronica LANDES 3/31/1821-1/25/1849, aged 27y 9m 25d, nee Ruth


Gerald G. LANDES 1935-1999


Henry LANDES son of Jacob(?) and Maria(?) Landes


Henry S. LANDES 1896-1954, with Ella R. LANDES 1896-1925, and Edna A. LANDES 1901-1992


Henry T. LANDES 2/22/1884-11/26/1937, with Clara C. LANDES 6/21/1882-11/14/1972


Henry T. LANDES 4/24/1872-12/2/1950, with Lizzie Ann J. LANDES 10/23/1872-6/19/1942


Howard LANDES 9/25/1870-5/15/1872, aged 1y 7m 21d, son of Isaac R. and Mary Landes


Isaac LANDES 10/11/1817-1/7/1904, aged 86y 2m 26d


Isaac N. LANDES 1881-4/18/1882, son of Jacob and Louisa Landes


Isaac S. LANDES 1861-1934, with Susan Z. LANDES 1863-1938


Isaac T. LANDES 1882-1968, with Hannah H. LANDES 1888-1968


Jacob LANDES 10/28/1804-2/9/1876, aged 71y 3m 11d(?)


Jacob R. LANDES 4/22/1852-12/19/1928, aged 76y 7m 27d


Jacob R. LANDES 7/23/1844-2/9/1923, aged 78y 6m 16d


Jacob T. LANDES 1875-1943, with Maggie J. LANDES 1876-1950


Jacob T. LANDES 1893-1992, with Stella T. LANDES 1895-1983, Florence T. LANDES 1900-2000, and Martha T. LANDES 1910-1999


Johannes LANDES d. 4/14/1860, aged 59y(?) 1m 11d


John LANDES 1842-1909, Fireman 2C U.S. Navy Civil War


John T. LANDES 2/13/1868-2/23/1925


Jonathan S. LANDES 1907-1999, with Sallie B. LANDES 1909-1988


Jonathan W. LANDES 11/25/1940-8/11/1945, son of Jonathan and Sallie Landes


Lizzie U. LANDES d. 8/5/1886(?), daughter of Jacob and Louisa Landes


Louisa W. LANDES 2/6/1852-2/18/1914, aged 62y 12d, wife of Jacob R. Landes


Maria LANDES 3/28/1778-7/4/1849, aged 71y 3m 7d(?)


Maria LANDES 1/9/1803-4/29/1873, aged 70y 3m 20d


Mary A. LANDES 4/26/1850-7/3/1925, aged 75y 2m 7d


Mary G. LANDES 7/20/1871-10/28/1923


Mary H. LANDES 4/9/1842-8/17/1924, aged 82y 4m 8d


Mary S. LANDES daughter of Isaac and Susan Landes


Mary U. LANDES 1/30/1878(?)-4/7/1882(?), daughter of Jacob and Louisa Landes


Michael LANDES 7/25/1847-7/18/1867, aged 19y 11m 24d, son of David and Mary Landes


Paul K. LANDES  View 2  1916-2004


Philip W. LANDES 7/3/1952-7/5/1952


Robert W. LANDES 7/17/1929-9/29/1951


Salome S. LANDES 2/25/1855-9/12/1897, aged 42y 6m 17d, daughter of Isaac and Sarah Landes


Sarah LANDES 1/8/1824-10/25/1896, aged 72y 9m 17d, wife of Isaac Landes


Sarah McGinnis LANDES daughter of John Landes, aged 4y 5m


Sebina W. LANDES d. 8/29(?)/1???, daughter of Abraham S. and Susan G. Landes


Susann LANDES 2/10/1867-5/12/1896, aged 29y 3m 2d, wife of Abraham S. Landes


Abraham S. LANDIS 4/8/1826-12/21/1897, aged 71y 8m 13d


Catharine LANDIS 10/30/1830-2/8/1912, wife of Abraham S. Landis


Elizabeth LANDIS 10/24/1815-8/29/1900, aged 84y 10m 5d, wife of Abraham D. Landis


Mary LANDIS 3/20/1841-10/31/1871, aged 30y 7m 11d, wife of Isaac B. Landis


Mary V. LANDIS 9/1/1851-9/10/1937


Sallie B. LANDIS 1925-1993


Wilmer L. LANDIS 4/1/1924-10/8/1925(?), son of A.B. and Anna U. Landis


Albert K. LICHTEL 6/29/1858-1/8/1869, aged 10y 6m 10d, son of Elias and Elizabeth Lichtel


Elias LICHTEL 2/6/1818-1/20/1904, aged 85y 11m 14d


Elizabeth LICHTEL 12/5/1825-8/10/1902, aged 76y 8m 5d


Isaac K. LICHTEL 4/24/1850-6/24/1881, aged 31y 2m


Mary LICHTEL 11/21/1852-10/4/1875, aged 22y 10m 13d, daughter of Elias and Elizabeth Lichtel


Jacob MARKLEY 1/25/1779-3/24/1874, with Elizabeth J. MARKLEY 3/18/1783-12/27/1861


Jacob J. MARKLEY 1/21/1818-1/18/1890, with Sarah Benner MARKLEY 9/30/1819-2/25/1904, and Sallie B. MARKLEY 2/18/1862-5/28/1864


Josiah B. MARKLEY 1847-1929


Lydia MARKLEY 7/9/1823-11/21/1906, aged 86y(?) 4m 12d


Philip K. MARKLEY 12/15/1816-11/5/1890, aged 73y 10m 20d


Sarah A. MARKLEY 9/27/1875-1882(?), daughter of Josiah and Sarah Markley


Sarah D. MARKLEY 1844-1924, wife of Josiah D. Markley


Aaron MATTES d. 8/2?/1881(?), aged 3m 28d


Alvin B. MATTES 1874-1960, with Cathrine H. MATTES 1868-1940, Wallace S. 1899-1900 and Alvin S. 1903-1939


Elizabeth G. MATTES 2/17/1852-12/3/1936


Henry T. MATTES 4/7/1855(?)-1/15/1919(?), aged ?y 9m 14d


Jesse MATTES 4/29/1818-7/8/1865(?)


Jacob B. MENSCH 4/24/1835-2/17/1912, aged 76y 9m 29d, Preacher


Mary MENSCH 6/7/1831-1/31/1906, aged 74y 7m 24d, wife of Preacher Jacob B. Mensch, nee Bower


Abraham B. METZ 1916-1945, Pvt. Basic Co. USA WWII


Harrison F. METZ 1889-1967, with Elizabeth B. METZ 1887-1969


John O. MEYER 12/28/1799-12/6/1877, aged 77y 11m 8d


Maria MEYER 8/22/1800-12/28/1868, aged 68y 4m 6d


Samuel MEYER aged 28y(?) 10m 10d(?)


Catharine K. MOYER d. 1/4/1919


Elizabeth K. MOYER 6/8/1838(?)-1/31/18??, aged 54y(?) 7m 23d


Irene MOYER aged 3?y ?m 14d(?), daughter of ? and Sophia Moyer


Marthe B. BOYER 1905-1996


Willoughby W. Moyer 7/19/1927-5/29/1995


Rev. Howard S. PENNAPACKER 4/15/1858-2/10/1931, with Mary C. PENNAPACKER 4/1/1857-9/5/1930


Conrad PLACE 2/2/1827-8/12/1902, aged 75y 6m 10d


John POPA 1885-1962


George K. RAWN 1/3/1852-8/8/1857, aged 5y 7m ?d, son of Isaac and Magdalena Rawn


Isaac H. RAWN 7/18/1824-2/15/1912, aged 87y 6m 27d


Magdalena Kriebel RAWN 10/21/1823-9/26/1901, aged 77y 11m 5d, wife of Isaac Rawn


Magdalena K. RAWN 10/12/1856-8/4/18??, aged 9?, daughter of Isaac and Magdalena Rawn


Mary K. RAWN 12/19/1861-12/22/1865, aged 4y 3d, daughter of Isaac and Magdalena Rawn


Susan K. RAWN 6/30/1858-7/9/1902, aged 44y 9d, daughter of Isaac and Magdalena Rawn


Catharine REIFF d. 3/9/1855, aged 3y 3m 10d, daughter of H.K. and M.H. Reiff


Elisabeth REIFF d. 4/5/1890, aged 91y 9m 22d, wife of Jacob Reiff


Emma REIFF d. 4/13/1855(?), aged 10m 1d, daughter of ? And M.H. Reiff


Henry K. REIFF d. 9/11/1857, aged 36y 5m 5d


Jane REIFF d. 8/9/185?, aged 8m 1d, daughter of H. and M.H. Reiff


Maria REIFF 2/5/1824-4/8/1858, aged 34y 2m 3d, wife of George S. Reiff


Mary H. REIFF 7/26/1821-1/8/1893


Nathaniel REIFF d. 9/9/1848, aged 2y 11m 19d, son of Henry(?) and Mary Reiff


Sarah REIFF 8/31/1843-10/8/1884, aged 41y 1m 8d, wife of Philip S. Reiff


Susanna REIFF d. 3/4/1855, aged 4y 27d, daughter of H.K. and M.H. Reiff


Betty Anne REINFORD 1930-1988


Claude E. REINFORD 1901-1975, with Mary Ella REINFORD 1900-1982


Ella F. REINFORD 1904-1973, with Mary F. 1896-1965, and Stella F. 1890-1974


Elmer L. REINFORD 2/11/1921-9/2/1921, son of F.F. and Bertha T. Reinford


Frank L. REINFORD 8/1/1924-7/4/1925, son of F.F. and Bertha T. Reinford


Frank F. REINFORD 1894-1979, with Bertha T. REINFORD 1895-1973


Henry H. REINFORD 4/15/1861-3/23/1935, with Ida W. REINFORD 5/21/1867-1/14/1938


Infant REINFORD 34719


Martha L. REINFORD 1923-1943


Norman S. REINFORD 1895-1986, with Mary T. REINFORD 1896-1976


Paul L. REINFORD 1919-1988, with Benedicta REINFORD 1921-1996


Ruth J. REINFORD 9/1/1928-7/21/1938


Walter M. RHOADS 


Elizabeth G. ROSENBERGER 5/23/1836-9/6/1915, aged 79y 4m 23d


Jonas R. ROSENBERGER 11/15/1831-11/6/1898, aged 66y


John H. ROSENBERY 4/1/1799-9/10/1872, aged 71y 5m 9d


Catherine RUTH 9/22/1852-11/29/19??


Henry A. RUTH 11/24/1846-1/27/1917, aged 70y 2m 3d


Bertha SANDERS d. 2/16/1923, aged 35y 1m 5d


Marvin SANDERS d. 2/6/1923, aged 13d


Amanda A. SCHLOTTERER 4/5/1860-8/20/1894, aged 34y 1m 15d, wife of Geo. B. Schlotterer


Child SCHLOTTERER child of Geo. And Amanda Schlotterer


Daughter SCHLOTTERER stillborn child of Warren and Emma Schlotterer


George B. SCHLOTTERER 4/29/1853-11/30/1936, aged 83y 7m 1d


Son SCHLOTTERER 9/2/1916, stillborn child of Warren and Emma Schlotterer


Warren K. SCHLOTTERER 1881-1968, with Emma M. SCHLOTTERER 1877-1950


Jacob H. SCHOCK 7/17/184?-5/13/1885, aged 37y(?) 9m 26d


John G. SIMMONS 11/30/1886-7/7/1922


Albert SMITH 10/16/1827-7/3/1855, aged 27y 8m 17d


Albert K. SMITH 2/18/1855-11/27/1937, aged 82y 9m 9d


Ann SMITH 6/3/1802-5/19/1862, aged 59y 11m 16d, wife of John Smith


Charles J. SMITH 1874-1952, with Margaret L. SMITH 1875-1965


Maria SMITH 4/2/1829-4/28/1900, aged 71y 26d


Mary Catharine SMITH 12/25/1851-5/4/1856, aged 4y 4m 9d, daughter of Albert and Maria Smith


Mary M. SMITH 10/24/1830-6/21/1879, aged 48y 7m 27d, wife of William Smith, daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth Bittenbender(?)


William SMITH 5/8/1826-11/17/1881, aged 55y 6m 9d


Angeline V. SPARE 10/30/1835-11/28/1925, aged 90y 8d


Lewis V. SPARE 1/15/1840-10/25/1920


Mary SPARE 2/15/1801-12/8/1878, aged 77y 9m 23d, wife of Isaac Spare


Sarah A. SPARE 2/9/1838-5/15/1911, aged 73y 3m 6d


Susanna SPARE 1/20/1851-1/7/1930


Isaac SPARR 4/11/1802-4/19/1882, aged 80y 8d


Esther STAUFFER 7/19/1812-11/22/1880, aged 68y 4m 3d, wife of Garret Stauffer


Garret STAUFFER 12/10/1809-6/6/1886, aged 76y 5m 26d


Garret G. STAUFFER 12/25/1809-7/17/1887, aged 77y 6m 22d


John G. STAUFFER 1836(?)-1913(?)


John K. STAUFFER 3/5/1814-4/29/1875, aged 61y 1m 24d


Susanna S. STAUFFER 6/20/1819-1/31/1889, aged 69y 7m 11d, wife of John K. Stauffer


Derek Scott SWARTZ 3/8/1989-5/17/2003


A.(?) T. 


William E. THORNTON 1907-1981, with Lavinia M. THORNTON 1908-1994


Carey TRAN 31840


Abel H. TYSON 3/5/1849-6/23/1912, aged 63y 3m 18d, son of John B. and Frances S. Tyson


Amos TYSON d. 10/24/1852, aged 18y 11m 18d


Andrew Poly TYSON 1/26/1865-8/17/1865, aged 6m 22d, son of Theodore and Sarah Tyson


Anna TYSON 9/3/1830-12/28/1877, aged 47y 3m 25d, wife of Henry Tyson


Edwin L. TYSON 9/26/1869-7/7/1892, aged 22y 9m 11d, son of Theodore and Sarah R. Tyson


Ellen TYSON d. 3/11/1867, aged 10m 8d, daughter of Henry and Susanna Tyson


Fannie S. TYSON 9/21/1815-8/27/1893, aged 77y 11m 6d, wife of John B. Tyson


Harry W. TYSON 1904-1980, with Mae K. TYSON 1904-1982


Henry H. TYSON 4/7/1828-12/1/1900, aged 72y 7m 24d


Henry S. TYSON 1897-1973, with Ruth TYSON 1903-1991


Infant TYSON son of Jacob H. and Lizzie C. Tyson


Infant TYSON b. 9/7/1877(?), son of Jacob H. and Lizzie C. Tyson


Infant TYSON b. 1886(?), son of Jacob H. and Lizzie C. Tyson


Jacob H. TYSON d. 5/23/1912, aged 73y 10m 7d


John TYSON d. 8/25/1866, aged 2y 6m 23d, son of Henry and Anna Tyson


John B. TYSON 2/21/1810-9/12/1889, aged 79y 6m 21d


John G. TYSON 10/18/1804-4/9/1864, aged 59y 5m 22d


Lizzie TYSON 7/1/1880-5/5/189?, aged 1?y, daughter of Theodore and Sarah Tyson


Lizzie C. Rosenberry TYSON d. 1/5/1899, aged 42y 11m 16d, wife of Jacob H. Tyson


Margaret R. TYSON 1929-1943


Mary H. TYSON 3/1830-8/29/1899, aged 69y


Mary R. TYSON 9/23/1814-7/8/1895, aged 80y 9m 15d, wife of John Z. Tyson


Sarah R. TYSON 10/14/1840-2/4/1910, aged 69y 3m 20d, wife of Theodore R. Tyson


Sarah R. TYSON 8/19/1850-10/6/1865, aged 15y 1m 18d


Theodore R. TYSON 7/5/1842-6/15/1890, aged 47y 11m 10d


R. S. U. 1871


Harrison S. UNDERCOFFLER 2/27/1889-10/2/1928


Infant UNDERCOFFLER son of J.B. and M. Undercoffler


John B. UNDERCOFFLER 6/19/1845-12/9/1929, with Mary C. UNDERCOFFLER 9/16/1846-6/14/1917


Unknown WAGNER d. 10/1?/19??


Susan Gander WALTERS 1853-1933, wife of Milton H. Walters, nee Wismer


George T. WAMPOLE 1/1/1877-1/21/1929


Mary L. WAMPOLE 8/19/1876-4/22/1922


Margaret S. WILLIAMS 8/23/1831-12/21/1894, aged 63y 3m 28d


Mathias T. WILLIAMS 12/31/1835-6/14/1907, aged 71y 5m 13d


Samuel WILLIAMS 3/16/1773-9/22/1866, aged 93y 6m 6d


Susanna WILLIAMS 3/13/1765-3/18/1850(?), aged 8?y, wife of Samuel Williams


Benjamin WISLER 5/4/1850-6/11/1864, aged 14y 1m 7d, son of Henry and Mary Wisler


Charles WISLER 2/18/1866-8/19/1866, aged 6m 1d, son of Charles and Mary Ann Wisler


Henry WISLER b. 2/19(?)/????


Isaac T. WISLER 9/23/1852(?)-2/18/1853, aged 4m 24d, son of Jacob and Maria Wisler


Jacob B. WISLER d. 4/30/1897(?), aged 49y 2m 6d


Mary WISLER wife of Henry Wisler


Mary WISLER d. 3/14/1916, aged 66y 1m 28d, wife of Jacob B. Wisler


Abraham WISMER 4/10/1860-10/11/1866(?), aged 6y 6m 4d, son of David and Sarah Wismer


Abraham K. WISMER ?/4/18?4-1912(?)


Abraham R. WISMER 1797(?)-10/15/1877(?)


Amanda B. WISMER 4/21/1854-8/10/1886, aged 32y 4m 20d, wife of John B. Wismer


Amanda B. WISMER 6/17/1883-1/10/1916, aged 32y 6m 23d


Annie WISMER 9/14/1897-12/19/1910, aged 13y 3m 5d, daughter of Benjamin C. and Hettie Wismer


Benjamin C. WISMER 1/27/1856-2/24/1934, aged 78y 27d


Catharine WISMER 10/30/1898-9/5/1900, aged 1y 1m 6d, daughter of John and Laura Wismer


Catherine WISMER d. 12/29/1878, aged 24y 8m(?), daughter of Henry and Mary Wismer


David K. WISMER 10/1/1830-11/16/1899, aged 68y 1m 15d


Elizabeth WISMER 1887-?, daughter of Henry and Mary Wismer


Frany R. WISMER 1/28/1839-?, wife of Abraham K. Wismer


Henry WISMER son of Henry and Mary Wismer


Henry B. WISMER 5/20/1846-7/17/1897, aged 51y 1m 27d, G.A.R. marker


Henry K. WISMER 2/11/1823-9/19/1910(?), aged 87y 6m 22d


Hettie WISMER 5/10/1857-1/26/1928, aged 70y 8m 16d, wife of Benjamin Wismer


John WISMER 1822-18??


John B. WISMER 2/1/1849-6/14/1936, aged 87y 4m 13d


Joseph T. WISMER 1867-1943, with Mary F. WISMER 1869-1953


Mabel WISMER 11/7/1896-11/9/1898, aged 2y 2d, daughter of John and Laura Wismer


Martha K. WISMER 1902-1948


Mary WISMER d. 1/?/1895, aged 68y 7m 26d, wife of Henry Wismer


Mary WISMER 1818-?


Mary A. WISMER 9/8/1850-2/26/1918, aged 67y 5m 18d


Mary G. WISMER daughter of Benjamin and Hettie Wismer


Mary S. WISMER 5/6/1865-4/19/1875, aged 9y 11m 26d, daughter of ? and Sarah Wismer


Paul K. WISMER 1895-1989, with Ruth E. WISMER 1901-1956


Robert L. WISMER 1/20/1910-12/16/1910, son of J.W. and Laura Wismer


Sarah H. WISMER 5/26/1838-8/26/1924, aged 86y 3m


Sophia WISMER 3/22/1836-10/18/1863(?), aged ?y 6m 26d, wife of Abraham Wismer


Susanna WISMER d. 2/24/1855, aged ?y 8m 23d, wife of Abraham Wismer


Edwin WOLFART d. 1/13/1856, aged 4m 9d(?), son of J. and L. Wolfart


Barbara ZEIGLER 12/8/1822-2/28/1866, aged 43y 2m 20d, wife of Henry R. Zeigler


Elizabeth Bean ZERN 10/16/1867-11/3/1934


Abraham ZIEGLER 2/11/1795-3/24/1875, aged 80y 1m 10d


Henry K. ZIEGLER 10/10/1815-4/9/1885(?), aged 69y 5m 29d


Rachael ZIEGLER 9/22/1798-11/3/1870, aged 72y 1m 11d, wife of Abraham Ziegler


Susanna ZIEGLER 8/31/1825-12/19/1891, aged 66y 3m 18d, wife of Henry K. Ziegler





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