Church of Skippack



Upper Skippack Mennonite Church Cemetery




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Ramona Rickert


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Andrew M. ALDERFER 6/13/1891-9/17/1891, son of G.D. and Susan J. Alderfer


Catherine K. ALDERFER 10/24/1923-1/3/2001


Elmer ALDERFER 4/30/1887-12/18/1903, aged 16y 7m 18d, son of Garret D. and Susan J. Alderfer


Garret D. ALDERFER 10/25/1850-11/1/1895, aged 45y 6d


Garret M. ALDERFER 5/21/1885-11/3/1885, aged 5m 13d, son of ? and Susan Alderfer


Infant ALDERFER son of Samuel and Susan Alderfer


Jacob M. ALDERFER 10/12/1889-5/2/1890, son of G.D. and Susan J. Alderfer


John D. ALDERFER 12/25/1837-6/15/1909, with Deborah M. ALDERFER 9/9/1844-1/15/1890, Sarah M. 6/29/1864-2/21/1875 and Deborah M. 2/18/1866-8/5/1873


Rebecca M. ALDERFER 4/1/1894-4/23/1895, daughter of G.D. and Susan J. Alderfer


Samuel D. ALDERFER 1/10/1853-3/25/1896, aged 43y 2m 15d


Susan J. ALDERFER 1/27/1854-5/12/1939


Susanna Kriebel ALDERFER 9/15/1858-4/7/1940, aged 81y 6m 22d


Vincent B. ALDERFER 1888-1959, with Amanda G. ALDERFER 1889-1980


Estella(?) ALLEBACH 7/10/18??-1/18/18??, aged 3y(?) 6m 2d, daughter of Harvey and Kate Allebach


Fannie V. ALLEBACH 12/15/1827-5/28/1911, aged 83y 5m 13d


Jacob M. ALLEBACH 7/20/1820-3/17/1895, aged 74y 7m 27d


Daniel K. ANDERSON 1851-1934, with Lizzie C. ANDERSON 1858-1951


Jacob ATNER d. 2/11/1853(?)


Charles L. BARRINGER 2/9/1821-5/22/1899, aged 78y 3m 13d


Mary C. BARRINGER wife of Charles(?) Barringer


Abraham R.(?) BAUER 12/23/1859(?)-6/?/186?, son of Heinrich and Anna Bauer


Barbara BAUER ?/21(?)/1863-7/9/1865, daughter of Heinrich and Anna Bauer


Johannes BAUER 10/9/1804-4/4/1865, aged 60y 5m 24d, husband of Barbara


Mary Ann BAUER ?/20/1863-?/?/1864, daughter of Heinrich and Anna Bauer


Abraham BEAN 4/20/1821-10/25/1901


Abraham G. BEAN 5/12/1859-4/23/1949, with Amanda BEAN 3/26/1862-1/29/1929


Abraham S. BEAN 3/4/1860-2/5/1912, aged 51y 11m 1d


Ann BEAN wife of William


Annie BEAN 5/6/1825-6/19/1908, aged 83y 1m 13d, wife of John G. Bean


Barbara BEAN d. 12/14/1911, wife of Abraham Bean


Bertha E. BEAN 1888-1978


David BEAN 3/26/1828-3/12/1881, aged 52y 11m 16d


Elizabeth BEAN 1/29/1797-4/11/1886, aged 89y 2m 12d, wife of John Bean


Helena BEAN d. 11/22/ 1???, wife of William K.


John BEAN 11/24/1795-6/12/1867, aged 71y 6m 18d


John G. BEAN 5/14/1829-2/5/1901, aged 71y 9m 21d


Lewis G. BEAN 1/9/1839-4/28/1918, with Elizabeth BEAN 9/28/1841-9/18/1895


Magdalena K. BEAN 6/28/1831-7/20/1901, wife of David Bean


Mary BEAN 11/25/1833-9/2/1911, aged 77y 8m 8d, wife of William J. Bean


Mary A. BEAN 4/23/1867-11/23/1913, aged 46y 7m


Mary K. BEAN 1899-1995


Sara K. BEAN 1896-1975


Warren G. BEAN 1866-1949, with Anna W. BEAN 1865-1944


Warren Roscoe BEAN 1894-1964


William D. BEAN d. 1/15/1893, aged abt. 55y


William J. BEAN 2/10/1835-9/29/1909, aged 74y 7m 19d


William K. BEAN b. 3/12/????


Catharine BECHTEL 8/27/1793-4/14/1876, aged 82y 7m 17d


Sebina BECHTEL d. 4/27/1859, aged 94y, wife of Jacob Bechtel


Jacob L. BECK 1854-1951


Mary BECK 5/27/1850-12/4/1929, wife of Jacob L. Beck


Catharine C. BENNER 9/16/1832-10/1/1908, aged 76y 15d


David B. BENNER 3/21/1867-7/25/1878, aged 11y 4m 4d, son of David G. and Kitty G. Benner


David C. BENNER 12/4/1831-12/1/1901, aged 69y 11m 27d


Edwin M. BENNER 10/25/1892-3/7/190?, son of Jacob K. and Eliza Benner


Elisabeth BENNER 10/8/1830-11/5/1862, wife of David Benner, nee Kolb


Eliza J. BENNER 1/25/1855-1/21/1935, aged 79y 11m 26d, wife of Jacob K. Benner


Emma D. BENNER 5/23/1872-2/27/1890, aged 17y 7m 4d, daughter of Joseph and Kate Benner


Irvin N. BENNER 3/3/1889-2/23/1910, aged 20y 11m 20d, son of Jacob K. and Eliza Benner


Jacob K. BENNER 7/12/1854-12/13/1927, aged 73y 5m 1d


Jacob N. BENNER b. 12/3/1886(?), son of Jacob K. and Eliza Benner


Samuel BENNER 7/29/1870-4/10/1885, aged 14y 8m 21d, son of David G. and Kittie G. Benner


John BERGE 2/23/1823-7/19/1893, aged 70y 4m 26d


Barbara R. Tyson BERGEY d. 12/13/1933, aged 52y 5m 25d, wife of David S. Bergey


Isaac G. BERGEY 1846-1910, with Mary A. BERGEY 1848-1931


Jonas W. BERGEY 1907-1995, with Pearl L. BERGEY 1907-1999, and Gerald BERGEY 1946-1964


Susanna BERGEY 9/4/1827-11/3/1901, aged 74y 1m 29d


Mary V. BEYER 4/11/1863-6/22/1934


Annie S. BOWER 10/3/1832-1/18/1888, aged 55y 3m 15d, wife of Henry S. Bower, nee Reiff


Barbara BOWER 1/27/1810-7/4/1871, aged 61y 5m 7d, nee Stauffer


Rev. Henry S. BOWER 1/12/1836-4/8/1909, aged 73y 2m 26d


John BOWER d. 2/28/1869, aged ?y 4m 9d, son of Henry and Anna Bower


Thelma Lou BOWMAN 25319


Kate K. BRECHT 4/22/1854-9/21/1880, aged 26y 4m 29d, wife of Geo. E. Brecht


Anna CASSEL 4/17/1829(?)-10/9/1858(?), aged 28y(?) 7m 22d, wife of Jacob M. Cassel


Benjamin CASSEL 3/22/1795-11/17/1862, aged 67y 7m 26d


Catharine CASSEL 6/21/1801-3/12/1885, aged 83y 8m 21d


Daniel CASSEL 1816-1892, with Mary CASSEL 1826-1896, Emanuel R. CASSEL 1862-1928, and Annie R. CASSEL 1860-1953


Eliza CASSEL 2/16/1805-11/16/1893, aged 88y 9m


Elizabeth B. CASSEL 10/13/1819-7/20/1904, aged 84y 9m 7d


Henry B. CASSEL 5/2/1825-7/20/1899, aged 74y 2m 18d


Lizzie W. CASSEL 2/24/1852-6/5/1931


Maggie CASSEL 7/22/1860-4/29/1938, aged 77y 9m 7d


Mary CASSEL 9/22/1830-3/13/1882, aged 51y 5m 21d, wife of Henry B. Cassel


Mary B. CASSEL 10/10/1807-10/9/1891, aged 83y 11m 29d


Samuel CASSEL 7/10/1793-11/19/1853, aged 60y 4m 9d


Peter B. CLYMER 1841-1919, with Mary A. CLYMER 1844-1917


Charlotte COBLACOM 6/2/1790-12/1/1865, aged 75y 6m 2d, born in Bielefeld(?) Konzchreich(?) Preussen Europa


Abraham C. COLE 9/8/1855-2/9/1934, with Annie B. COLE 10/12/1859-9/3/1930


Benjamin COLE 4/13/1798-11/28/1864, aged 66y 7m 15d


Catharine COLE 10/13/1831-8/6/1890, aged 58y 9m 23d, wife of John Cole


Catharine COLE 9/19/1793-4/13/1866, aged 72y 6m 24d, wife of Benjamin Cole


Harry Z. COLE 1888-1962, with Alice M. COLE 1885-1918


John F. COLE 6/15/1828-4/5/1897, aged 68y 9m 20d


Son COLE 11/18/1898-9/13/1905, son of A.C. and Annie B. Cole


Elizabeth CROLL 2/26/1786-6/8/1858, aged 72y 3m 12d


William CROLL 1/15/1815-7/11/1867, aged 52y 5m 26d


William CROWELL d. 7/?/189?


George DANDO 1868-1951, with Mary E. DANDO 1879-1952




Rowland D. DERSTINE 1896-1985, with Sallie B. DERSTINE 1899-1978


Benjamin DETWEILER 4/7/1845-12/4/1851, aged 6y 7m 27d, son of George and Anna Detweiler


Mary DETWEILER 10/4/1808-5/15/1893, aged 84y 7m 11d, wife of Abraham Detweiler


Abel D. DETWILER 11/20/1837-1/29/1890, aged 52y 2m 9d


Abraham DETWILER 12/11/1799-1/17/1888, aged 88y 1m 6d


Abram C. DETWILER 12/23/1852-8/8/1914


Catharine DETWILER 10/15/1805-6/29/1887, aged 81y 8m 11d, wife of Geo. Detwiler


Elizabeth G. DETWILER d. 9/6(?)/1909, aged 71y 3m 1d


Emmeline B. DETWILER 1894-1952


Fannie DETWILER 6/22/1872-2/12(?)/1888(?), aged 16y, daughter of George and Annie Detwiler


George D. DETWILER 3/20/1849-12/27/1915


George S. DETWILER 5/13/1799-6/1?/1883, aged 84y, 20d(?)


Harry D. DETWILER son of George and Anna Detwiler


Henry S. DETWILER 1864-1919


Isaac B. DETWILER 1/4/1872-6/23/1889, aged 17y 5m 19d, son of Abel D. and Mary Detwiler


J. Percival DETWILER 10/14/1885-8/20/1906, son of A.C. and Lydia S. Detwiler


Jacob DETWILER 9/24/1840-9/9/1867, aged 26y 11m 15d


Jacob K. DETWILER 1833-1916, with Elizabeth DETWILER 1845-1887, John L. DETWILER 1875-1945, and Mary Ann DETWILER 1865-1934




Kate DETWILER d. 2/19/1915, aged 61y 11m, wife of Geo. D. Detwiler


Kate G. DETWILER d. 9/11/1895, aged 45y 1m 26d, wife of Geo. D. Detwiler


Katie DETWILER d. 8/22(?)/1882, daughter of George D. and Kate Detwiler


Lavina S. DETWILER 5/15/1826-10/30/1909, aged 83y 5m 15d


Lizzie DETWILER d. 4/24/1887, aged 6y 2m 27d, daughter of Geo. D. and Kate G. Detwiler


Lydia S. DETWILER 9/22/1856-6/28/1951


Mary Ann D. DETWILER 1865-1920


Mary Anna DETWILER 1865-1934


Mary C. DETWILER 10/19/1842-2/1/1901, aged 58y 3m 13d, wife of Abel D. Detwiler


Mattie DETWILER d. 10/15/1887, aged 23d(?), daughter of Geo. D. and Kate G. Detwiler


Samuel DETWILER d. 12/21/1890, aged 45y 8m 6d


Sarah DETWILER daughter of John and Lavina Detwiler


Verna Mae DETWILER 8/24/1901-3/5/1993, daughter of A.C. and Lydia S. Detwiler


Vincent C. DETWILER 1888-1939


William G. DETWILER 12/17/1886-7/14/1899, aged 12y 6m 27d, son of Henry S. and Mary A. Detwiler


Willie DETWILER son of George D. and ? Detwiler


Roman DMITRENKO 6/19/1887-12/20/1962


Eliza Jane 9/9/1853-1/27/????, aged 29y 4m 18d, wife of Benjamin


Charles K. ERB 


John G. ERB 1873-1923


Mary C. ERB 1842-1929


Betty FISHER 19??


Garrett B. FISHER b. 6/?/19??, son of J.H. and Mary C. Fisher


Mary K. FISHER 1865-1951


Paul K. FISHER 1899-1990


Daniel D. FITZGERALD 4/17/1792-5/22/1875, aged 83y 1m 5d


Elizabeth N. FITZGERALD 9/7/1801-2/1/1868, aged 66y 4m 24d, wife of Daniel D. Fitzgerald


John N. FITZGERALD b. 7/8/1837(?)


Kate C. FITZGERALD 5/27/1863-5/19/1907


Margaret FITZGERALD 7/9/1780-8/2?/1856, aged 76y 1m 15d


George S. FOSTER Jr. 6/22/1904-3/13/1996, with Elizabeth L. FOSTER 12/20/1904-3/26/1996


William M. FOX 1882-1882, with Lizzie M. 1881-1882, Maggie M. 1883-1883, Clara M. 1886-1892, and Harry M. 1891-1891


Henry M. FRETZ 1907-1994, with Lillian G. FRETZ 1908-1996


Henry D. FRETZ 1879-1968, with Margaret M. FRETZ 1880-1962


Mary R. FRETZ 12/5/1847-4/3/1925, aged 77y 3m 28d


Reuben K. FRETZ 12/2/1846-1/19/1916, aged 69y 1m 17d


William FRETZ 3/13/1877-10/11/1879, aged 2y 6m 28d, son of Reuben and Mary Fretz


William FRIDRICH 2/12/1824-6/20/1853, aged 29y 4m 8d


Angeline FRY d. 7/5/1843, aged 79y


Catharine FRY 6/21/1800-7/21/1880, aged 80y 1m, wife of Joseph Fry


Joseph FRY d. 2/28/1868, aged 74y 6m 9d


E. J. G. 


Joseph C. GANDER 10/14(?)/1858(?)-10/?/1889(?)


Susan GANDER 1853-1933, wife of Milton H. Walters, nee Wismer


Abram Z. GARGES 1890-1962, with Mamie T. GARGES 1891-1971


Harold L. GARGES 1915-1968


Vincent Z. GARGES 1895-1958, with Sallie L. GARGES 1895-1952


Barbara GODSHALK 12/12/1774-2/16/1867, aged 92y 2m 4d


Catharine GODSHALK 7/19/1815-12/28/1901, aged 86y 5m 19d, wife of Jacob Z. Godshalk


Daughter GODSHALK 6/16/1856-6/8/1865, aged 8y 11m 22d, daughter of William and Hannah Godshalk


Elizabeth G. GODSHALK 1/29/1834-8/26/1876, aged 42y 6m 27d


Hannah GODSHALK 2/8/1823-5/25/1901, aged 78y 3m 17d, wife of William Godshalk


Jacob Z. GODSHALK  View 2  2/18/1811-7/19/1888


William GODSHALK 7/21/1815-9/17/1865, aged 50y 1m 26d


Abraham G. GODSHALL 10/28/1843-1/19/1924, aged 80y 2m 21d


Elizabeth GODSHALL 12/25/1842-1/21/1887, aged 44y 27d, wife of Abraham Godshall


Henry GODSHALL 6/13/1844-10/28/1859, aged 15y 4m 15d, son of William and Elizabeth Godshall


Michael R. GODSHALL 4/24/1874-4/23/1949, with Mary A. GODSHALL 10/5/1876-12/21/1929


Catharine GOSHAW d. 10/14/1867, aged 42y 10m 18d, wife of John Goshaw


Jacob GOTSHALK d. 5/20/1859, aged 87y 7m ?d


Catharina GOTTSCHALL 11/29/1861-3/3/1862


Abraham C. GOTTSHALK 9/4/1831-5/2/1897, aged 65y 7m 28d


Dillman H. GOTTSHALK 4/30/1810-12/28/1892, aged 82y 7m 28d


Elizabeth GOTTSHALK 11/4/1807-1/6/1889, aged 81y, wife of Dillman H. Gottshalk


Joseph G. GOTTSHALK 9/10/1841-8/7/1923


Mahlon B. GOTTSHALK 1/31/1861-2/4/1923


Mary S. GOTTSHALK 12/15/1841-8/7/1907, wife of Joseph G. Gottshalk


Cornelius GOTTSHALL 


Sarahan GRIMLEY 1/17/1839-12/4/1873, aged 34y 10m 18d, wife of Oliver K. Grimley


Susanna D. GRIMLEY 12/12(?)/18?3-9(?)/25/1852(?), aged 28y 9m 16d, wife of Oliver K. Grimley


John HAAS 6/22/1919-6/5/2001, with Mabel S. HASS 2/23/1921-8/10/2003


Christopher M. HACKMAN 1989-1993, Our Buddy


Ada HALLMAN d. 3/26/1895, aged 4y 9d, daughter of Joseph S. and Ellen Hallman


Mary HALLMAN 12/2/1841-10/30/1868, aged 26y 10m 28d, wife of James H. Hallman


Chet R. HALTEMAN 1956-1957, with Laura J. HALTEMAN 1968-1987


Hiram M. HALTEMAN 7/29/1856-2/8/1933, with Elizabeth G. HALTEMAN 11/20/1856-11/16/1941


Anna HAUSEMAN 4/7/1910-2/9/1911, daughter of T.E. and Fannie Hauseman


Tilghman E. HAUSEMAN 1890-1965, with Fannie K. HAUSEMAN 1884-1957


Walter K. HAUSEMAN 1/28/1920-3/20/1920, son of T.E. and Fannie Hauseman


Abraham HAWK 7/9/1807-3/20/1879, aged 71y 8m 11d


Susan HAWK 6/6/1817-6/13/1897, aged 80y 7d


Catharine HEFFENTRAGER 7/29/1881-4/10/1917, aged 36y 8m 11d, wife of Frank B. Heffentrager


Frank B. HEFFENTRAGER 5/28/1878-1/20/1914, aged 35y 7m 22d


Curtis HENDRICKS 7/25/1938-10/16/2003, Pvt. US Army


H. Marvin HENDRICKS 7/26/1915-2/13/2002, with Mabel P. HENDRICKS 11/21/1910-8/24/2001


Kenneth E. HENDRICKS 1937-1959, A B 4520 Oper. Sq. Killed in Alamo, Nev.


Moses David HERDER  View 2  2/8/2000, Our Little Angel


Wyman C. HOUGH 6/15/1875-10/4/1954


Abraham HUNSBERGER d. 7/14/1883, aged 7y, son of Abraham and Hannah Hunsberger


Abram V. HUNSBERGER 4/30/1854-9/8/1906, aged 52y 4m 8d


Anna HUNSBERGER 1/27/1904-6/11/1904, daughter of Peter and Susanna Hunsberger


Anna HUNSBERGER b. 11/7/1806, wife of Peter Hunsberger


Annie O. HUNSBERGER 7/31/1848-4/24/1875, aged 26y 8m 24d, daughter of Peter and Annie Hunsberger


Annie P. HUNSBERGER d. 11/15(?)/1891, aged ?8y, daughter of John H. and Sarah Hunsberger


Christian R. HUNSBERGER 5/3/1823-5/8/1906, aged 83y 5d


Edwin K. HUNSBERGER 8/16/189?-?/28/????, son of Peter and Susanna Hunsberger


Elizabeth V. HUNSBERGER d. ?/10/191?, aged 64y 2m 18d, daughter of Christian R. and Frances Hunsberger


Hannah G. HUNSBERGER 9/20/???5-5(?)/8(?)/19?8, wife of Abram V. Hunsberger


Hannah V. HUNSBERGER 8/2/1855-1/12/1927, aged 71y 5m 10d, daughter of C.R. and Frances Hunsberger


Henry HUNSBERGER d. 5/15/1862, aged 3m 11d, son of Christian and Frances Hunsberger


Isaac HUNSBERGER 4/5/1868-9/27/1868, aged 5m 22d, son of Christian and Veronica(?) Hunsberger


Jacob F. HUNSBERGER 1859-1941, with Elizabeth D. HUNSBERGER 1864-1933


John H. HUNSBERGER d. 4/20/1894, aged 67y


Jonathan O. HUNSBERGER 10/26/1832-3/5/1919, aged 86y 4m 9d


Katie B. HUNSBERGER 10/29/1865-9/14/1884, aged 18y 10m 15d, wife of Jacob F. Hunsberger, daughter of Abel(?) and Mary Detwiler


Maurice HUNSBERGER d. ?/26/189?, aged 5m, Twin son of Peter and Susanna Hunsberger


Peter HUNSBERGER 11/3/1805-8/22/1887, aged 81y 9m 19d


Peter S. HUNSBERGER 4/4/1863-11/18/1925, with Susanna F. HUNSBERGER 1/13/1863-1/26/1929


Sarah HUNSBERGER 12/18/1828-5/1/1885, aged 56y 4m 13d, wife of Jonathan Hunsberger


Sarah HUNSBERGER d. 11/12/18??, wife of John H. Hunsberger


Veronica HUNSBERGER 11/6/1824-4/13/1881, aged 56y 5m 7d


Frank N. JAMISON 1907-1999


Charles K. JOHNSON 1899-1970 aged 71y, with Linda N. JOHNSON 1896-1971 aged 75y


Charles L. JOHNSON 12/26/1862-11/30/1891, aged 29y 11m 4d, son of Charles and Mary Johnson


Charles T. JOHNSON 11/17/1842-4/13/1918, aged 75y 4m 26d


Child JOHNSON stillborn child of John L. and Kate Johnson


Henry JOHNSON b. 1879, son of Charles and Mary Johnson


Mary L. JOHNSON 2/16/1872-4/8/1883, aged 11y 2m ?d, daughter of Charles and Mary Johnson


Mary R. JOHNSON 11/?/18?2-?/28(?)/1907, aged 82y 10m 7d, wife of Charles T. Johnson


Matilda JOHNSON 7/11/1873-10/2/1873, aged 2m 21d, daughter of Charles and Mary Johnson


Theodore JOHNSON 1/25/1870-5/21/1870, aged 3m 27d, son of Charles and Mary Johnson





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