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The photos below include all legible tombstones.


Flora ALLEBACH 11/9/1874-3/1/1901, wife of Moses G. Allebach


E. C. C. 


Emma C. GROFF d. 10/30/1855, aged 5y 11m 30d, daughter of Jesse & Susanna


Emmi Maria GROFF d. 8/4/1852, aged 6m 25d, daughter of Charles & Rebecca


E. K. 


Benjamin Franklin KREMER 11/23/1857-6/28/1858 son of Samuel & Rebecka


Edwin KRIEBEL d. 4/14/1860, aged 2m 16d son of Septimus & Susanna


Cornelius LONG 12/27/1830-3/1/1831, with Samuel 12/27/1830-3/1/1831


Hannah LONG 11/11/1797-10/22/1866, aged 74y 11m 11d (sic), wife of Joseph


Joseph LONG 10/28/1799-1/22/1883


B. S. 


W. S. 


Angeline SCHLOTTERER 7/17/1829-5/14/1901, aged 71y 9m 27d


Calvin SCHLOTTERER 10/17/1862-7/7/1864, son of Jesse & Sarah


Emma Elizabeth SCHLOTTERER d. 4/27/1858, aged 1y 2m 22d, daughter of William & Angeline


George SCHLOTTERER 7/6/1790-7/24/1865, aged 75y 18d


Sarah Louisa SCHLOTTERER 10/28/1855-3/25/1857, daughter of Geoorge and Mary Schlotterer


William SCHLOTTERER 9/14/1828-1/27/1892, aged 63y 4m 13d


Elizabeth SCHOLL 6/27/1792-6/12/1852, aged 59y 11m 15d, wife of Benjamin


Benjamin SHOLL 3/17/1791-2/13/1868, aged 76y 10m 26d


Elisabeth TREISBACH 4/18/1787-11/2/1868, aged 81y 6m 14d, wife of Johan


Johannes TREISBACH 9/18/1791-8/19/1867, aged 75y 11m 1d, husband of Elisabeth Underkoffler


Susanna TREISBACH 3/24/1825-4/9/1829, aged 4y 16d, daughter of Johannes & Elisa


J. U. 


Johan Jacob UNDERKOFFER  View 2  10/25/1747-9/17/1826, aged 78y 10m 22d, married on 10/25/1774 to Magdalena Weidner, 7 sons and 5 daughters,

Revolutionary War Veteran - Capt. Henry Boyer's Company from Frederick township, Philadelphia County militia (pg. 794, Vol. 1, 6th Series, Penna. Archives)


Elizabeth UNDERKOFFLER 1/24/1809-8/13/1887, nee Sell, wife of David Underkoffler


Jane UNDERKOFFLER d. 10/28/1831, aged 2y, daughter of Jacob & Hester


Johan UNDERKOFFLER 7/27/1783-8/23/1843, aged 60y 27d, son of David & Catharina


Rebekah UNDERKOFFLER d. 5/22/1815, aged 3y 9m, daughter of Jacob & Hester


Sarah Ann UNDERKOFFLER d. 11/14/1835, aged 1y 10m, daughter of Jacob & Hester


Jesse UNDERKOFLER 11/10/1815-2/18/1843, aged 27y 3m 8d, memorial from Maria Espenship


Susanna UNDERKOFLER 8/1/1786-12/8/1841, aged 55y 3m 24d


Maggie UNDERKUFFER d. 1/1/1832, in her 35th year, wife of David


Magdalena UNTERKOFFLER 3/3/1753-9/13/1826, aged 73y 6m 10d, nee Weidner, wife of Johan Jacob Underkoffer


Magdalena UNTERKOFFLER 4/6/1779-6/17/1824, aged 45y 2m 11d, wife of George, daughter of Gottfried Sechler


Magdalena UNTERKOFFLER 11/2/1802-7/27/1832, aged 19y 8m 25d





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