Trinity Christian

United Church of Christ




Montgomery County


Partial Transcription


Photos contributed by

Ramona Rickert



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Abraham H. ALDERFER 1882-1944


Andrew F. ALDERFER 1859-1935, with Mary H. ALDERFER 1858-1943


Clayton H. ALDERFER 1881-1953, with Eva S. ALDERFER 1879-1943


Robert H. ALDERFER 1899-1982, with Selma ALDERFER, and Grace 1924-19??


Unknown ALDERFER d. 1881(?)


Glenn L. BAER 1898-1994


Charles N. BAUER 11/26/1916-1/10/1989, with Grace L.(?) BAUER 8/24/1916-4/20/2004


Florence A. BECK 8/5/1924-4/23/1991, wife and mom


Weston D. BECK 1902-1974, with B. Ella BECK 1904-1989, and George W. 1929-1930


Mary R. BECKMAN 12/6/1845-9/31/1927 (sic)


Anna D. BERGEY 3/18/1889-9/24/1909, aged 20y 6m 6d, Daughter


Anna Roberts BERGEY 4/21/1861-5/25/1927, aged 66y 1m 4d, wife of John B. Bergey


David BERGEY 1/9/1804-7/1/1887


David Hendricks BERGEY M.D. 1860-1937 Veteran, with wife Annie S. Hallman(?) BERGEY 1863-1949


Elizabeth Reiff BERGEY 9/14/1809-3/2/1870, aged 60y(?) 10m 18d, wife of Rev. David Bergey


George R. BERGEY 1835-1882, with wife Barbara BERGEY 1836-1912


Godshalk R. BERGEY 1833-1918, with wife Sussanna BERGEY 1828-1914


J. Wilmer BERGEY 1892-1958


Jacob R. BERGEY 11/1/1838-2/13/1897, aged 58y 3m 12d


Rev. James B. BERGEY 1867-1940, with Ella Naomi BERGEY 1868-1952


John B. BERGEY 12/30/1864-12/13/1938, aged 73y 13d, Father


Leanna D. BERGEY 9/3/1866-9/19/1899, aged 33y 16d, wife of John B. Bergey


Susanna BERGEY 7/17/1834-2/2/1900, aged 65y 6m 16d


William K. BITTING 1884-1967, with Louise S. BITTING 1887-1971


Henry A. BOSSERT 1849-1927, with Elizabeth A. BOSSERT 1850-1925, Lydia M. BOSSERT 1879-1952, and Clara H. BOSSERT 1874-1963


Jessie N. BOYER 7/9/1921-11/16/1988, nee Naylor


William Henry BOYER 2/11/1913-8/31/1986, S. Sgt. Med. Det. 306(?) Inf. WW II


Susanna BUGSCH b. 9/26/1876


Agnes T. CAMPBELL 1876-1950, with Isabelle M. 1911-1918, and Josephine A. CAMPBELL 1909-1973


Daniel B. CAROFALO 1884-1943, with Elisabeth C. CAROFALO 1884-1927


Harry B. CAROFALO 1910-1996


Atwood T. CASSEL 1912-2001, with Evelyn M. CASSEL 1909-2003


Carl N. CASSEL 1901-1940


David A. CASSEL 1881-1915, with Carrie H. CASSEL 1884-1915, and Alec H. 1909-1935


Elizabeth H. CASSEL 1835-1919


Elwood K. CASSEL 1882-1960, with Marcella K. CASSEL 1883-1944




Florence M. CASSEL 1904-1993


Forrest CASSEL 


Frances E. CASSEL 1906-1968


Harriet J. CASSEL 1866-1944


Harry B. CASSEL 1877-1963, with Anna S. CASSEL 1881-1951


Henry B. CASSEL 3/26/1824-3/27/1887


Isaac S. CASSEL 10/8/1856-1/18/1943


Isaac W. CASSEL 1897-1965, with Helen P. CASSEL 1898-1957, Adella 1923-1924 and Isaac W. Jr. 1917-1945 60th Armored Inf Battalion, 9th Armored Division


Jesse S. CASSEL 1832-1899


Julianna K. CASSEL 3/12/1857-2/3/1931


Mary A. Snyder CASSEL 2/25/1828-1879, wife of Henry Cassel


Morris B. CASSEL 1883-1968, with Catharine J. CASSEL 1890-1971


Rosa B. CASSEL d. 3/1/1899, aged 11y, daughter of Isaac S. and Julia K. Cassel


W. Copeland CASSEL 1910-1996


William CASSEL 1861-1934, with Sallie A. CASSEL 1860-1937


William R. CHOYCE 1887-1958, with Kathryn D. CHOYCE 1886-1970, Howard W. 1911-1911, Kathryn M. 1915-1929, and Doris E. CHOYCE 1924-1973


John C. COLE 1858-1935, with Mary J. COLE 1863-1941


Katie K. COLE 8/2/1889-6/13/1903, aged 13y 10m 11d, daughter of John C. and Mary J. Cole


Richard COTTEE 1891-1969, PFC 312th EA 79th DIV WWI


Henry G. CROLL 5/20/1858-10/9/1930, with wife Annie S. CROLL 2/19/1864-8/14/1948


Lillie C. CROLL 4/1?/1878(?)-1/25(?)/188?, daughter of Samuel G. & Catharine Croll


Perry B. CROLL  View 2  1884-1952, with Ella K. CROLL  1884-1976


Robert K. CROLL 1926-2005


Robert B. CROLL 1902-1974, with Anna T. CROLL 1903-1991


Samuel G. CROLL 1853-1935(?), with wife Catharine H. CROLL d. 10/25/1912 aged 58y


William C. CROLL d. 5/21/1901, aged 24y, son of S.G. and Catharine Croll




Alva S. DAMBLY 1899-1959


Augustus E. DAMBLY 1839-1885


B. Witman DAMBLY 1864-1936


Clara DAMBLY 1876-1880, with Hannah 1878-1878, children of Aug. E. and Rosa Dambly


Eugene DAMBLY 1864-1917


Frances J. Eames DAMBLY 1/14/1864(?)-6/29/1895(?), wife of John A Dambly, born in Portsmouth, Eng.


Harold A. DAMBLY 1899-1953


Harry W. DAMBLY 1873-1952


Hattie W. A. DAMBLY 1864-1943


Hermann H. DAMBLY 11/25/1911-12/15/1999


John A. DAMBLY 5/27/180?-11/8/1849(?), aged 36y(?)


Margaret DAMBLY 9/14/1898-9/13/1901(?), daughter of B. Witman and Hattie W. Dambly


Mattie F. H. DAMBLY 1866-1955


Paul A. DAMBLY d. 8/13/1901, aged 6y(?) 4m, son of Eugene and Mattie F. Dambly


Rosa DAMBLY 1842-1917


Sallie H. DAMBLY 1885-1967


Amanda W. DAVIS 1/14/1862-5/23/1928, same stone as Eugene


Catharine F. DAVIS 11/24/1805-4/2/1883(?), aged 78y(?) 4m 8d, wife of William H. Davis


Eugene S. DAVIS  View 2  3/24/1858-8/20/1944, same stone as Amanda


Sarah W. DAVIS 2/13/1854-4/20/1937


Stella DAVIS daughter of E.S. and Amanda W. Davis


William F. DAVIS 5/26/1854-3/24/1926


William H. DAVIS 12/28/1826-6/2/1887(?), Co. H. 96(?) PA Vol.


Gertrude Place DE CHANT 8/30/1918-12/2/1996


Samuel H. DELP 1883-1951, with Mary E. DELP 1884-1950


Isaac DENGLER son of Frank(?) and Lizzie(?) Dengler


Abram D. DETWILER 1877-1949, with Sophia S. DETWILER 1874-1926, with Lloyd Newell 1899-1902, Luke Wesley 1909-1910, and Philip Fendall 1901-1918


Bertha B. DETWILER 2/8/1897-6/7/1912, daughter of Joseph and Lizzie B. Detwiler


George R. DETWILER 1846-1911, with Anna A. DETWILER 1846-1927


Infants DETWILER Son 8/10/1909, Daughter 6/8/1899, and Son 5/3/1894, next to Bertha B. Detwiler


Joseph D. DETWILER 1868-1945, with wife Elizabeth B. DETWILER 1866-1932


Diane L. DIESINGER 1952-1993


Laura G. DISE 9/14/1927-2/18/1967


Infant DRAKE 


Savilla B. DRAKE 1/17/1860-7/8/1877, aged 17y 5m 21d(?)


Susanna H. DRAKE 8/12/1831-12/6/1889, aged 58y 3m 24d, wife of John A.L. Drake, nee Bean


William A. ELLIS Jr. 1/23/1926-8/18/1992, CPL US Marine Corps WWII


Joaghim ERNST d. 5/23/1891, aged about 68y


John U. FAUST 1857-1938, with Sarah S. FAUST 1860-1923


Harry S. FELTY 1887-1976, with Alice L. FELTY 1883-1973


Henry R. FELTY 7/28/1848-7/30/1933, with Catharine FELTY 6/13/1847-8/8/1919


Lizzie S. FELTY 2/20/1873-11/13/1894, aged 21y 8m 23d, daughter of Henry and Kate Felty


Miriam C. FELTY 1910-1998


Daniel C. FETTEROLF d. 1891, aged 3m(?)


Laura C. FETTEROLF 1874-1892


Ann R. FETTERROLF 1852-1928


Daniel C. FETTERROLF 1847-1928


Emma C. FETTERROLF 2/2/1881-7/30/1881, daughter of Daniel G. and Anna R. Fetterrolf


Mary C. FETTERROLF 10/20/1877-3/27/1880, aged 2y 5m 7d, daughter of Daniel G. and Ann R. Fetterrolf


Matilda C. FETTERROLF 2/28/1884-6/26/1886, aged 2y 3m & ?, daughter of Daniel C. and Anna R. Fetterrolf


Conrad FISCHER 1858-1931, with Caroline FISCHER 1859-1955


Paul L. FISCHER 1900-1961, Pvt. Coast Artillery Corps U.S.A. WWII


Idella C. FISHER 1903-1966


William G. FRANK 1884-1956, with Mary F. 1896-1979, Dorothy E. 1924-1926, Eleanor 1927-1928, Robert E. 1932-1951 PVT Co. B 27th Inf. Korean Campaign, Helen 1923-2003, and Frances 1926(?)-2004(?)


Wilmer M. FREDERICK 1899-1946


Jacob K. FREYER 4/24/1844-5/17/1901, aged 57y 23d


Mary K. FREYER 12/23/1854-9/22/1922


Ambrose S. FRY 1868-1929, with Lavina S. FRY 1873-1940


Henry FRYER 4/4/1824-4/16/1902


Mary D. FRYER 5/7/1844-8/3/1886, aged 42y 3m 26d, wife of Jacob K. Fryer


Sarah H. FRYER 10/2/1836-12/21/1914


Lizzie K. GEISINGER 9/19/1886-12/31/1902, aged 16y 3m 2d, adopted daughter of Sylvester and Deborah Orr


Kath H. GERHARD d. 5/17/1903, aged 57y 2m 14d, wife of N. H. Gerhard


Martha J. GERHARD 12/3/1857-4/14/1919


N. H. GERHARD d. 4/6/1919, aged 73y 2m 19d, Co. G. 197 Regt. Civil War, Mc Clellan Post 515


Charles H. GODSHALK 1/31/1834(?)-8/3/1893(?), aged 59y 6m 3d


Charles S. GODSHALK d. 4/17/1904, aged 29y


Elmer GODSHALK 5/6/1871-12/19/1881, aged 10y 7m 13d, son of Charles H. and Mary Godshalk


Florence H. GODSHALK 


Frank S. GODSHALK 1859-1944, with Lizzie G. GODSHALK 1864-1930, Katie T. 1883-1892, and J. Norman 1896-1896


George GODSHALK b. 4/23/1878, son of Charles H. and Mary Godshalk


Howard S. GODSHALK 1866-1942


Infant GODSHALK b. 12/30/1898, son of Ulysses and Sallie Godshalk


Mary GODSHALK 7/12/1835-11/11/1907, aged 72y 3m 29d


Mary May GODSHALK 11/4/1880-6(?)/15(?)/188?, daughter of Charles H. and Mary Godshalk


Oler GODSHALK 9/30/1876-1/12/1882, aged 5y 3m 12d, son of Charles H. and Mary Godshalk


Sallie S. GODSHALK d. 6/11/1920, aged 51y


Ulysses M. GODSHALL 1869-1927, with wife Sallie S. GODSHALL 1874-1943


Abbott Byron GOTTSHALK 9/16/1892-4/7/1893, son of Dillman H. and Alice Gottshalk


Beulah D. GOTTSHALK b. 7/14/191?, daughter of Dillman H. and Alice Gottshalk


Dorothy Eva GOTTSHALK 9/27/1906-3/7/1909, daughter of Dillman H. and Alice Gottshalk


Mary Lizzie GOTTSHALK 9/4/1888-10/7/1888(?), daugher of D.H. and Alice Gottshalk


Harvey G. GOTTSHALL 1880-1959, with Susan B. GOTTSHALL 1885-1963


Joseph H. GOTTSHALL 1920-1927(?), son of H.G. and Susan M. Gottshall


Walter K. GOTTSHALL 1906-1995, with Catherine S. GOTTSHALL 1905-1980


Walter Merrill GOTTSHALL 2/6/1926-1/3/1929


Amanda GRATER 1850-1913


Blanche V. GRATER 1887-1926


Jacob GRATER(?) 1878, located with Grater stones


Lewis T. GRATER 1845-1910


Robert Earl GRATER d. 4/10/1898, aged 1y(?) 3m(?) ?d, son of Lewis T. and Amanda Grater


Sallie GRATER d. 3(?)/3/1878, aged 3y(?) 3m ?d, daughter of Lewis T. and Amanda Grater


Unknown GRATER 


Wilmer T. GRATER d. 9/20/1895, aged 18y 9d, son of Lewis T. and Amanda Grater


Carl GUNTHER 1893-1950, with Cora GUNTHER 1894-1987


J. H. 


Arthur R. HALL 1880-1945, with Elizabeth B. HALL 1879-1952


A. D. HALLMAN 1876-1920


Enos H. HALLMAN 8/5/1864-1/31/1940, aged 75y 5m 26d


Enos T. HALLMAN 1/25/1820-2/2/1892, aged 73y 8d


Garret S. HALLMAN 1858-1915, with wife Maud 1861-1954


Harry H. HALLMAN 1883-1931, with Florence G. HALLMAN 1887-1949


Henry T. HALLMAN 1831-1916


Howard H. HALLMAN 1866-1935


Irwin S. HALLMAN 1874-1954, with Mary T. HALLMAN 1880-1959


Jacob HALLMAN 12/21/1806-9/11/1871, AGED 64y 8m 20d


Mary HALLMAN d. 6/7/1886, aged 79y 1m 3d, wife of Mary Hallman


Rosa Dambly HALLMAN 1883-1941, wife of A.D. Hallman, W. A. Peppel


Sarah A. HALLMAN 1829-1908, wife of Henry T. Hallman


Sophia H. HALLMAN 1/26/1824-6/20/1899, aged 75y 4m 24d


William D. HALLMAN 1880-1958, with Estella S. HALLMAN 1884-1958


William F. HALLMAN 1834-1910, with Sarah Z. HALLMAN 1845-1936


Joseph T. HAMMOND 1891-1964, with Sue M. HAMMOND 1895-1975


Infant HARTMAN 7/12/1926, son of Walter and Stella Hartman


Abraham HAWK 4/13/1877-8/6/1877, son of Emanuel and Effie Hawk


Emanuel F. HAWK 1839-1916, with Effie U. HAWK 1841-1955, and Lillie S. HAWK 1871-1955


Abram S. HECKLER 1875-1963, with Alice D. HECKLER 1872-1945


Linwood Y. HECKLER 1895-1968, with Florence G. HECKLER 1895-1975


Unknown HECKLER 4/?/1897-6(?)/29(?)/1897, child of Abram and Alice Heckler


Sarah HERSCH 11/16/1830-10/2/1906, aged 75y 10m 18d


William E. HICE 1908-1956, MM 3C 6003 Constr. Bn. WWII


Ralph HILDEBRAND 1912-1985, with Lillian HILDEBRAND 1918-1998 (dates per SSDI)


Wallace R. HILDEBRAND 1889-1966, with Stella W. HILDEBRAND 1906-1994


Frederick HILDENBRAND 1837-1923, with Laanna HILDENBRAND 1847-1931


Edward HOLROYD 1877-1949, with Minerva HOLROYD 1876-1957


Anna HUNSBERGER 1894-1977


Annie E. HUNSBERGER d. 8/21/1923, aged 86y 1m 20d


Elizabeth W. HUNSBERGER 10/13/1915-9/20/2001


Emily Baily HUNSBERGER 5/16/1893(?)-1/21/19??, daughter of J. Newton and Susan Hunsperger


Dr. J. Newton HUNSBERGER  View 2  1867-1947, with wife Susan F.B. HUNSBERGER 1866-1960


J. Newton HUNSBERGER Jr. 1896-1969, Veteran


M. B. HUNSBERGER d. 10/2/1910, aged 83y 6m 16d


Morris S. HUNSBERGER 1872-1941, with Amanda M. HUNSBERGER 1875-1947


Dr. Russell B. HUNSBERGER 2/22/1901-2/19/1996, with Jeannette B. HUNSBERGER 9/20/1904-3/28/1994




Ellen S. HUNSICKER 5/1/1863-9/16/1889, wife of Irwin C. Hunsicker


Henry G. HUNSICKER 2/16/1855-12/3/1933


Lizzie G. HUNSICKER 1/10/1856-1/14/1910


Abner S. JOHNSON 1840-1917


Annie JOHNSON d. 8/12/1879, aged 1y 20d, daughter of Joseph S. and Eliza J. Johnson


Annie L. JOHNSON d. 7/4/1902, aged 32y 7m 19d, wife of Geo. M. Johnson


Eliza J. JOHNSON d. 9/28/1901, aged 57y 11m 6d, wife of Jos. S. Johnson


Gertrude I. JOHNSON d. 1961


Hannah JOHNSON 1857-1920


Jacob JOHNSON d. 7/8/1899, aged 84y 2m 29d


Joseph H. JOHNSON 1853-1938


Joseph S. JOHNSON d. 2/9/1918, aged 83y, 2nd Lieut. Co. H 96 Reg. P.V.


Kate H. JOHNSON 1846-1869


Margaret JOHNSON wife of Jacob Johnson


Mary M. JOHNSON 1842-1912


William JOHNSON 1810-1897, with Katie JOHNSON 1834-1914, and Harriet H. JOHNSON 1843-1924


Abner R. JONES 1/17/1844-7/4/1881, aged 37y 5m 17d


Mary Ann JONES 3/12/1849-1/16/1873, aged 23y 10m 4d, wife of Abner R. Jones


Sarah Elizabeth JONES d. 5/17/1872, aged 1y 10m(?) 10d(?), daughter of Abner and Mary Ann Jones


William C. KEELY 1867-1937, with Ida H. KEELY 1867-1967


Harry A. KELLER 11/13/1864-1/1/1946, with Lydia B. KELLER 11/6/1876-1961


James D. KERR 1846-1930, with Elizabeth D. KERR 1850-1930, Horris Z. KERR 1872-1938, and Sallie W. KERR 1871-1944


Maria KERR 6/20/1817-5/9/1905, aged 87y 10m 19d


John M. KEYSER 1909-1967, with Dorothy KEYSER 1910-1962


John G. KEYSER 1880-1962, with Kathryn M. KEYSER 1883-1958


N. Byron KEYSER 12/30/1856-1/28/1919, with wife Kate S. KEYSER 9/28/1866-11/18/1958


Rachel May KEYSER 5/10/1887-7/29/1887


Franklin KINSEY 7/2/1870-09/11/1870, aged 2m 9d, son of Jacob and Susanna Kinsey


Jacob D. KINSEY 12/27/1827-8/10/1897, aged 69y 7m 13d


Susanna KINSEY b. 3/12/1872, daughter of Jacob and Susanna Kinsey


Susanna KINSEY 3/23/1835-12/26/1886, aged 51y 9m 2d, wife of Jacob D. Kinsey


Gertrude S. KLINE 1885-1962


William W. KLINE 1850-1930, with Elizabeth H. KLINE 1856-1942, Florence D. 1876-1925, Calvin D. 1885-1925, Margaret M. 1877-19--, and Jerome D. 1882-1956


Earl R. KOONS 1896-1987, with Semina J. K. KOONS 1899-1986


Beatrice KRIEBEL 1908-1992


Eve KROKER 1918-2003


Frank L. KROKER 1880-1927, with Anna W. KROKER 1884-1946


John F. KROKER 1914-2000, with Helen D. KROKER 1912-1993


Charles Cyprian LEE 1858-1929


Bert LEEDOM 1/26/1868-11/5/1917


Charles J. LUDWIG 1870-1923, with Lillian V. LUDWIG 1870-1944


Edward Lyon LYNN 1898-1963, located in Hunsberger plot


Frances H. LYNN 1904-1968, wife of Edward L. Lynn, located in Hunsberger plot


Elizabeth MATTIS 1/14(?)/1809-2/17/1885, aged 76y 10m(?) ?d, wife of John Mattis


Eric McILLMURRAY 1920-2001, with Dorothy H. McILLMURRAY 1924-2001


Amos S. MOYER 3/26/????-8/25/1879(?)


Annie MOYER aged 6m 5d, daughter of Amos S. and Annie W. Moyer


Frank J. MOYER 1893-1989, with Beatrice H. MOYER 1897-1953, and Mary Keller MOYER 1918-1998


Louisa R. Kulp MURPHY 3/25/1862-7/28/1892, aged 30y, wife of John Murphy, with infant son George


John A. NAYLOR 8/12/1889-4/18/1948, with Annie R. NAYLOR 10/16/1880-1/29/1966 nee Rosenberry


Robert J. NICHOL 7/12/1915-6/8/2001


Elmer L. NYCE 12/22/1884-9/11/1914, aged 29y 9m 19d


Sylvester H. ORR 1856-1929, with Deborah B. ORR 1854-1947


C. Clifford OTTO 1893-1964, with Esther M. OTTO 1896-1989, and Marion 1926-1926


Emma Nyce PENDER 1/8/1886-4/29/1947, aged 61y 3m 21d


Frank W. PENNAPACKER 1881-1953, with Anna B. PENNAPACKER 1884-1970


Reinhart D. PENNAPACKER 1857-1947, with Mary E. PENNAPACKER 1858-1941


Rose Dambly PEPPEL 1883-1941, wife of A.D. Hallman, W. A. Peppel


Warren A. PEPPEL 1883-1970


Rebecca PIPER 1834-1919


E. Raymond PLACE 1908-2001, with Winifred S. PLACE 1909-1978


Elmer B. PLACE 1872-1953, with Annie D. PLACE 1877-1969


Courtland POINSETT Jr. 1914-1915


Courtland R. POINSETT 1883-1949, with Mary L. POINSETT 1883-1956


Harry L. POINSETT 1888-1957


Harry N. POINSETT 1921-1977


Flora K. POLEY 1919-1963, P M 2/C U.S. Navy WWII


Gerald E. POLEY Sr. 6/18/1913-11/4/1980, 1st LT OM US Army WWII


Eli POOL 10/1/1827-8/19/1896, aged 68y 10m 19d


Mary Ann POOL 5/16/1827-4/24/1896, aged 68y 11m 8d


Catharine H. RAPP 1860-1952


Jacob M. RAPP 1856-1885


Mary E. RAPP 1881-1896


Catharine A. REICHARD 5/30/1872-7/31/1895, aged 23y 2m 21d, nee Trumbore


Abraham D. REIFF 11/27/1879-3/22/1915


Jacob D. REIFF 1835-1916


Leroy S. REIFF 10/23/1901-9/15/1924


Susan L. REIFF 2/22/1845-6/18/1941


Allen H. ROSENBERRY 12/29/1890-9/28/1918, Veteran


Elizabeth ROSENBERRY 4/22/1836-2/2/1912, aged 75y 8m 10d


Harry H. ROSENBERRY 1906-1908, son of W.C. and Kate Rosenberry


Jesse G. ROSENBERRY 1840-1918, Co. C 179 Reg Pa. Vol ----


John G. ROSENBERRY 6/30/1836-11/18/1922, aged 86y 4m 18d, Co. K. 176 Reg. Penn Malitia


Katie M. ROSENBERRY 8/2/1879-5/21/1905, aged 25y 9m 19d, daughter of John G. and Elizabeth Rosenberry


Mary Elizabeth ROSENBERRY 12/21/1859-3/31/1873, with Peter F. ROSENBERRY 4/15/1865-4/15/1883, children of John G. and Elizabeth Rosenberry


Mary H. ROSENBERRY 5/4/1896-1/9/1990


Unknown ROSENBERRY d. 8/30/1869, in the 25th year of her age, wife of Jesse G. Rosenberry


William C. ROSENBERRY 1867-1940, with Kate H. ROSENBERRY 1866-1956


William H. ROSENBERRY 1899-1900, son of W.G. and Kate Rosenberry


Winfield H. ROSENBERRY 1894-? Veteran, with Margaret W. ROSENBERRY 1914-1991


Carl O. SANDSTROM 1893-1967


Alexander M. SCHEIBLEY 1847-1924


Gertrude Hawley SCHEIBLEY 1843-1928


George B. SCHRACK 1864-1938, with Margaret C. SCHRACK 1866-1935


John M. SCHUNEMANN 1810-1877


Rosanna SCHUNEMANN 1816-1892


Ida E. SEARS 1863-1935


Byron R. SEIBERT 1891-1952


Frank J. SEIBERT 1868-1946


Lawrence H. SEIBERT 1889-1920


Minerva S. SEIBERT 1869-1941


Benjamin A. SEITZ 1903-1923


Benjamin R. SEITZ 1860-1936, with Mary K. SEITZ 1861-1925, and Benjamin A. 1903-1923


Claude A. SEITZ 1894-1955


John C. SHINER 11/26/1943-2/12/1994


John SIOMKO 1888-1971(?), with Pauline SIOMKO 1892-1941, Stephen 1927-1928, and Nellie 1927-1928


Edgar A. SMALE 1875-1944, with A. Irma SMALE 1883-1960


Alice H. SMITH 


Benjamin H. SMITH 3/26/1869-11/11/1907


Charles H. SMITH 1935, with Katie L. SMITH 1954


Charles N. SMITH son of Chas. H. and Katie L. Smith


Elizabeth B. SMITH 3/3/1860-6/20/1927


Harry H. SMITH 9/25/1888-10/11/1902, aged 14y 16d, son of William and Lizzie B. Smith


Ida H. SMITH 4/13/1881-3/1/1928


Wayne H. SMITH 8/31/1890-8/9/1932, aged 41y 11m 9d


William J. SMITH 1914-1983, with Verda H. Smith 1910-1992


Willie N. SMITH 1898-7/?/1899, aged ?y ?m 5d, son of William and Lizzie Smith


Charles P. SOLLIDAY 1886-1887


Emanuel F. SOLLIDAY 1850-1911, with Emma J. SOLLIDAY 1852-1920


Rosa SOLLIDAY ?/27(?)/1882-12/29/1883, aged 1y ?m 2d, daughter of Emanuel F. and Emma J. Solliday


Clinton B. SPRINGER 12/11/1880-9/18/1940


Hannah S. STAUFFER d. 8/25/1919, aged 58y 8m 1d


Harvey B. STAUFFER 1879-1947, with Kathryn R. STAUFFER 1877-1956


John A. STAUFFER d. 10/28/1919, aged 60y 5m 21d


John B. STAUFFER 1889-1956, with B. Anna STAUFFER 1894-1976


Maggie B. STAUFFER d. 3/28/1915, aged 37y 8m 6d


Marion E. STAUFFER 12/21/1918-4/20/1956


Samuel STAUFFER 1854-1927, with Catharine STAUFFER 1858-1924


Paul S. STOUDT 1903-1963, with Mary E. STOUDT 1902-1970


Margaret G. STOUT 8/24/1928-3/12/2001


Robert E. STOUT 1923-1978, F2 US Navy WWII


Ella Mae STROUSE 9/18/1923-2/26/2001, wife of William T. Strouse Jr.


William T. STROUSE Jr. 1/1/1918-3/25/1995, TEC4 US Army WWII


Henry D. SWARTLEY 12/12/1825-9/6/1900


Henry W. SWARTLEY  View 2  6/29(?)/1830(?)-6/10/1890(?) aged ?y 11m 17d, with

Salome H. SWARTLEY 11/11/1829-5/25/1908 aged 78y 6m 14d


Mary H. SWARTLEY 11/12/1824-1/26/1900


Milton H. SWARTLEY d. 2/13/1869(?), aged 18y 9m 18d, son of Henry David and Mary H. Swartley


Anna Catharine TRUMBORE d. 12/10/1883, aged 24y 5m 9d, wife of Harrison Trumbore






W. Harrison TRUMBORE 18??-1884(?), aged 22y 8m


Vincent J. TULLY 1893-1970, with E. Helene TULLY 1903-1992


A. R. TYSON, M.D. d. 2/6/1891, aged 55y


Abraham G. TYSON d. 8/2?/1873, aged 11m 1d(?), son of ? and Mary Tyson


Daniel L. TYSON 1866-1939, with Rosa S. TYSON 1867-1937


Grace TYSON d. 3/3(?)/1877, aged 9y 8m 26d


Infant TYSON daughter of Isaac H. and Mary H. Tyson


Isaac H. TYSON 6/29/1844-9/21/1897, aged 53y 2m 22d


John S. TYSON 1882-1899, with Mary K. TYSON 1886-1959


M. Blanche TYSON 1876-1939, daughter of Mary and A. R. Tyson, M.D.


Marcella TYSON 1854-1914


Mary TYSON 1843-1932, wife of A. R. Tyson, M.D.


Mary H. TYSON 3/22/1852-9/13/1876, aged 24y 5m 21d, wife of Isaac H. Tyson


Unknown TYSON 


Warren M. TYSON d. 6/9/1873, aged 8y 7m 2?d, son of A.R. and Mary Tyson


Irvin S. UNDERCOFFLER 1879-1940, with Elizabeth UNDERCOFFLER 1881-1976, and Wilson Keller UNDERCOFFLER 1907-1929




Belle C. VINEYARD 11/12/1861-6/19/1946


R. Oscar VOGT 1900-1982, with Sara F. VOGT 1901-1982


Samuel D. WAMPOLE 1916-1991


Catharine WEIDEMAN 3/24/1835-6/21/1918


George A. WEIGNER 1845-1915, with Emma S. WEIGNER 1849-1929, and H. Frank G. WEIGNER 1872-1963


Horace Clayton WEIGNER 1868-1910, with Kate S. WEIGNER 1871-1932, Alma Veola 1900-1906, and Infant Daughter 1903


D. Kelsay WHITAKER 1855-1920, with wife Katharine V. WHITAKER 1862-1937


Josephine H. WILLEVER d. 2/12/1953, aged 89y 10m 29d


William -------------- 6/12/1846(?)-1/7/1916, Co. I(?) ?8 Pa. Vol.


B. Edwin WITMAN 1875-1938, with Ida K. WITMAN 1880-1941


Richard A. WITMAN Jr. 3/5/1960-11/13/1977, son of Richard and Lillian Witman


WITMAN Sons G. Dewey son of B.E. and Ida 1899, infant son of R.A. and Lillian 1958, and infant son of D.M. and Dorothy 1960


Anna WOOD 


Frank WOOD d. 6/29/1873, aged 7y 6m 7d


Magdalena WOOD 1808-1888


Bertha K. WRIGHT 1878-1959


Harold C. WRIGHT Infant, born and died 8/31/1922


Phebe E. WRIGHT 1876-1918


Roy WRIGHT 1886-1973, with Susie K. WRIGHT 1887-1969


Winfred J. WRIGHT, M.D. 1876-1937


William E. ZAUN 1893-1965, with Edna D. ZAUN 1894-?


Frederick D. ZENDT 7/27/1819-8/20/1901


Lucy Ann ZENDT 6/12/1838-10/5/1920, aged 82y 3m 23d, wife of Frederick D. Zendt, nee Schwenk


N. Clayton ZENDT 8/27/1871-4/9/1910




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