Salford Mennonite

Meetinghouse Cemetery


Lower Salford Township


Photos contributed by

Ramona Rickert



Partial Transcription


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Surnames:  A thru H    I thru Z


E. J. 


Louisa Grimley JACOBS 10/10/1812-1/12/1891, aged 78y 3m 2d, wife of Jeremiah Julian Jacobs, former wife of Andrew K. Ziegler


Anna JOHNSON 7/31/1814-4/11/1897, aged 82y 8m 20d, wife of Jacob Johnson


Charles JOHNSON 2/24/1844-5/15/1885, aged 41y 2m 21d


Elizabeth JOHNSON 8/21/1842-9/15/1900, aged 58y 24d


Jacob JOHNSON 2/11/1808-3/29/1883, aged 75y 1m 18d


Susana JOHNSON 5/28/1875-9/24/1877, aged 2y 3m 26d, daughter of Charles and Eliz. Johnson


A. K. 


A. K. 


H. K. 


Maurice K. KERR 1898-1977, with Elmira W. KERR 1899-1978


Catharina KIELE 11/30/1794, aged 5d


Catharina KIELE 9/11/1767-1/25/1836, aged 67y nee Miller


Conrad KIELE 2/18/1768-9/30/1836, aged 68y 7m 12d


Elisabeth KIELE 1/1/1792-7/24/1824, aged 32y 6m 21d


Henrich KIELE d. 9/16/1791, aged 1y 10m 8d


Margaretha KIELE 5/10/1806-1/8/1886, aged 79y 7m 28d


Susana KIELE 6/16/1799-9/14/1814, aged 15y 2m 28d


Anna KINSEY 5/14/1780-8/17/1825, aged 45y 6m 3d, nee Alderfer


Catharine KINSEY 12/23/1878-1/1/1918, aged 40y 8d, wife of Irwin L. Kinsey


Henrich KINSEY 10/20/1820-8/15/1849, aged 28y 9m 26d


Irwin L. KINSEY 12/15/1875-5/15/1926, aged 50y 5m


Jacob KINSEY 4/14/1770-4/15/1845, aged 75y 1d


Jacob KINSEY 6/4/1814-10/30/1891, aged 77y 4m 26d


John KINSEY 12/6/1815-1/7/1892, aged 76y 1m 1d


Abraham KLEIN 11/18/1797-1/10/1843, aged 45y 1m 22d


Elisabeth Dorothea KLEIN 6/9/1731-11/5/1806, aged 75y


Gabriel KLEIN d. 8/25/1805, aged 75y 3m


Isaac KLEIN d. 11/24/1774, aged 85y 10m 14d


Isaac KLEIN d. 8/18/1831, aged 68y


Jacob KLEIN 1/22/1770-11/17/1821, aged 51y 9m 25d


Magdalena KLEIN d. 10/?/1825, aged 61y 6m


Maria KLEIN 7/25/1765-7/20/1828, aged 63y 4d


Sarah KLEIN 2/2/1799-5/10/1875, aged 76y 3m 8d


Sabila KLEIN d. 4/18/1775, aged 80y 10m


Elizabeth KLINE 9/14/1808-9/3/1896, aged 87y 11m 19d, wife of Jacob C. Kline


Gabriel KLINE 1/1/1786-1/30/1866, aged 80y 29d


Jacob C. KLINE 1/26/1802-12/17/1883, aged 81y 10m 22d


Lydia KLINE 9/25/1801-2/26/1891, aged 89y 5m 1d, wife of Abraham Kline, nee Musselman (spelled Klein on his stone)


Rebecca KLINE 4/11/1794-9/8/1840, aged 46y 4m 27d


Abraham KOLB 11/19/1841-10/11/1864, aged 22y 10m 22d, son of Peter and Maria Kolb


Abraham KOLB 1/23/1809-5/10/1843, aged 34y 3m 17d


Anna KOLB 12/21/1806-5/1/1855, wife of Jacob Kolb, nee Alderfer


Benjamin KOLB 10/5/1841-3/8/1863, aged 21y 5m 3d, son of Abraham and Hanna Kolb


Benjamin Franklin KOLB 2/6/1864-4/20/1864, aged 2m 14d, son of Abraham and Malinda Kolb


Catharina KOLB d. 1/8/1859, wife of Peter Kolb


Elizabeth KOLB 12/12/1818-11/24/1891, aged 72y 11m 12d, wife of Henry Kolb


Hanna KOLB 12/26/1776-11/18/1861, aged 84y 10m 22d, wife of John Kolb


Heinrich KOLB 9/8/1812-12/6/1894, aged 82y 2m 28d


Henrich KOLB 7/14/1769-3/20/1850, aged 80y 8m 6d


Jacob KOLB d. 8/3/1820, aged 75y 5m(?), Revolutionary War Veteran


Jacob KOLB 1/7/1802-11/7/1845, aged 43y 10m


Jacob KOLB 11/26/1781-11/23/1869, aged 88y 3d


Jacob KOLB 11/2/1799-4/18/1867, aged 67y 5m 16d, husband of Anna Alderfer


Jacob KOLB 10/12/1846-7/27/1849, son of Henrich and Elisabeth Kolb


Jacob KOLB d. 5/22/1846, aged 1y 24d


John KOLB 7/6/1774-5/20/1845, aged 71y 10m 14d


Kate H. KOLB aged 79y


Katie F. KOLB 4/23/1865-10/25/1885, aged 20y 6m 2d, daughter of William and Mary Kolb


Lizzie F. KOLB 9/17/1862-9/5/1883, aged 21y 11m 18d, daughter of William and Mary Kolb


Maria S. KOLB d. 9/17/1837, aged 2y 2d


Mary S. KOLB 5/19/1834-5/21/1925, aged 91y 2d


Peter KOLB 


Rebecca KOLB 9/8/1781-4/21/1862, aged 80y 7m 13d, wife of Jacob Kolb


Sallie F. KOLB 11/22/1863-1/20/1939, aged 75y 1m 28d, daughter of William and Mary Kolb


Susanna KOLB 4/25/1775-3/23/1856, aged 80y 10m 28d


William KOLB 3/14/1811-6/8/1880, aged 69y 2m 24d


Abraham KRATZ 11/22/1786-6/3/1868, aged 81y 6m 11d


Abraham KRATZ 8/23/1785-2/1/1870, aged 84y 5m 7d


Abraham F. KRATZ 6/28/1825-2/10/1903, aged 77y 7m 12d


Alice KRATZ 8/2/1889-1/8/1895, aged 11y 5m 6d


Angeline Percella KRATZ b. 9/16/1851, aged 7y(?), daughter of Elias and A. Kratz


Anna KRATZ 11/17/1778-10/24/1823, aged 44y 11m 7d


Anna ------- KRATZ 9/25/1795-9/16/1884, aged 88y 11m 21d, wife of Isaac Kratz


Anna KRATZ 11/19/1791-1/23/1873, aged 81y 2m 4d, nee Alderfer


Balle KRATZ 12/26/1803-2/13/1887, aged 83y 1m 18d, wife of Jacob Kratz, nee Stauffer


Ballentine KRATZ 5/1747-7/28/1834, aged 87y 2m 27d


Benjamin KRATZ 6/12/1817-9/16/1860, aged 43y 3m 4d, son of Isaac and Anna Kratz


Cathine B. KRATZ 8/5/1837-12/30/1885, aged 48y 4m 25d, wife of Abraham F. Kratz


Elisabeth KRATZ 5/20/1792-9/17/1872, aged 80y 3m 27d, wife of Abraham Kratz, nee Fretz


Elisabeth KRATZ 2/23/1786-11/9/1861, aged 75y 8m 14d, wife of Abraham Kratz, nee Cassel(?)


Elisabeth KRATZ 1824


Emma Lucy Ann KRATZ 5/18/1856-12/14/1863, aged 7y 6m 27d, daughter of Elias and Angeline Kratz


Felti(?) KRATZ 1780


Hannah R. KRATZ 1/21/1857-3/31/1914, aged 57y 2m 10d


Henry D. KRATZ 3/9/1817-10/13/1889, aged 72y 7m 4d


Henry K. KRATZ 5/20/1855-2/28/1904, aged 48y 9m 8d


Isaac KRATZ 7/17/1749-9/17/1823, aged 74y 2m, Revolutionary War Veteran


Isaac KRATZ d. 4/20/1847


Isaac A. KRATZ 9/9/1829-11/28/1871, aged 42y 2m 19d


Jacob KRATZ 1819


Jacob KRATZ 6/24/1798-8/25/1881, aged 83y 2m 1d, husband of Maria Stauffer


Jacob D. KRATZ 3/22/1819-6/22/1893, aged 74y 3m


Johannes KRATZ 4/27/1788-10/21/1820, next to Cath. Nee Detweiler Kratz Bien


John A. KRATZ 7/16/1882-5/27/1883, aged 10m 11d, son of Isaac and Mary Ann Kratz


John Valentine KRATZ  View 2  1707-1780, Progenitor of the Kratz Family of America, Migrated From the Palatinate 1727, Married Ann Clemens Dau. Of Gerhart Clemens, Lived in Lower Salford


Margaret KRATZ d. 4/4/1835, aged 75y 2m 5d, 2nd wife of Valentine Kratz


Maria KRATZ 9/13/1784-1/5/1824, aged 39y 23d


Maria KRATZ 3/14/1758-1/3/1832, aged 73y 9m 19d


Maria KRATZ d. 1/23/1805, aged 47y


Maria KRATZ 5/4/1788-3/6/1866, aged 77y 10m 2d


Maria KRATZ 1814


Martin KRATZ 12/9/1817-11/15/1846, aged 28y 11m 6d


Mary KRATZ 12/28/1856-4/12/1863, daughter of Jacob D. and Elizabeth M. Kratz


Mary Ann M. KRATZ 6/19/1860-6/25/1906, aged 46y 6d, daughter of Abraham F. and Rachael M. Kratz


Mary Catharine KRATZ b. 6/7/1856, aged 18d


Mary F. KRATZ 8/3/1814-2/16/1888, aged 73y 6m 13d


Mary K. KRATZ 12/14/1821-12/14/1912, aged 91y


Michael KRATZ d. 11/17/1845


Rachel KRATZ 10/26/1833-9/1/1867, wife of Abraham Kratz, daughter of ? and Catharine Moyer


Sarah KRATZ 3/6/1830-12/11/1908


Sarah Alice B. KRATZ 4/30/1872-6/8/1942, aged 70y 1m 8d


Valentin KRATZ 2/5/1783-10/29/1865, aged 82y 8m 24d


Andreas KROB d. 12/31/1817, aged 58y 6d


E. KROB 1828(?)


Elisabeth KROB 6/14/1775-10/20/1845, aged 70y 4m 6d, wife of Andreas Krob


Ernst Frederick KRUMM Born in Germany, aged 65y


Abraham KRUPP 10/7/1807-1/5/1872, aged 64y 2m 29d


Catharine KRUPP 11/11/1803-4/9/1889, aged 85y 4m 28d, daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Krupp


Catharine KRUPP 9/3/1838-7/10/1874, aged 35y 10m 7d


Catharine KRUPP 5/6/1845-10/28/1861, aged 16y 5m 22d, daughter of Abraham and Susanna Krupp


Mary KRUPP 3/1805-3/18(?)/1889, aged 84y, wife of Samuel Krupp


Mary M. KRUPP 10/24/1835-4/7/1905, aged 69y 5m 13d, daughter of Samuel and Mary Krupp


Samuel KRUPP 12/19/1800-4/13/1883, aged 82y 3m 24d


Sarah M. KRUPP 8/14/1832-8/14/1910, aged 78y, daughter of Samuel and Mary Krupp


Abraham L. KULP 5/18/1838-6/12/1878, aged 40y 24d


Abraham Y. KULP 5/18/1889-10/15/1889, aged 4m 27d, son of Jacob and Eliza Kulp


Abram F. KULP 2/20/1874-3/22/1951, aged 77y 1m 2d


Angeline KULP 8/31/1840-8/23/1909, aged 69y 11m 24d, wife of Elias K. Kulp


Annie H. KULP 1/26/1876-11/4/1962, aged 86y 9m 9d


Benjamin Z. KULP 3/3/1872-9/22/1872, with Jonas Z. KULP 9/20/1875-9/25/1875, children of Elias K. and Angeline Kulp


Child KULP b. 3/11/1883 child of J.A. and Sarah Kulp, next to Anna KULP 1/4/1876-8/11/1877


Elias K. KULP 12/9/1845-7/20/1922, aged 76y 7m 11d


Eliza S. KULP 12/17/1859-3/26/1932, aged 72y 3m 10d(sic)


Elizabeth L. KULP 4/12/1844-1/10/1916, aged 71y 8m 28d


Elizabeth R. KULP 1870-1957


Esther K. KULP 5/21/1852-2/20/1938, aged 85y 9m


Harvey Y. KULP 4/19/1891-3/6/1897, aged 5y 10m 17d, son of Jacob A. and Eliza Kulp


Henry D. KULP 12/14/1881-2/27/1882, aged 2m 13d, son of Jacob A. and Sarah W. Kulp


Jacob A. KULP 4/1/1848-7/28/1924, aged 76y 3m 27d


Jacob D. KULP 3/19/1884-8/28/1885, aged 5m 9d, son of Jacob A. and Sarah Kulp


John D. KULP 4/28/1871-6/28/1881, aged 10y 2m, son of Jacob and Sarah Kulp


John M. KULP 8/28/1839-3/29/1883, aged 43y 4m(sic) 1d


Jonas M. KULP 10/20/1834-5/2/1863, aged 28y 6m 19d


Malinda G. KULP 1/1/1841-3/10/1879, aged 38y 2m 9d, wife of Abraham L. Kulp


Mary M. KULP 6/3/1850-4/8/1870, aged 19y 10m 5d


Oliver M. KULP 7/24/1847-3/7/1873, aged 25y 7m 13d


Peter KULP 11/9/1805-7/3/1876, aged 70y 7m 24d


Sarah W. KULP 10/22/1844-3/24(?)/1884, aged 43y, wife of Jacob A. Kulp


William M. KULP 8/20/1844-12/19/1869, aged 25y 3m 29y


Catharina LANDES 8/17/1846-9/9/1852, daughter of John and Sarah Landes


Elias G. LANDES 1870-1945, with Elizabeth D. LANDES 1870-1949


Elias H. LANDES d. 12/5/1903, aged 9d, son of E. G. and Elizabeth Landes


Elizabeth T. LANDES 11/18/1843-1/24/1919, aged 75y 2m 6d, wife of Jacob S. Landes


Ella Victoria C. LANDES 5/17/1917-2/18/1921, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Landes








Herbert H. LANDES 2/7/1908-5/8/1908, aged 3m 1d, son of Elias and Elizabeth Landes


Infant LANDES d. 12/13/1901, son of Elias G. and Lizzie Landes


Jacob S. LANDES 3/10/1842-9/17/1913, aged 71y 6m 7d


Jonas H. LANDES 3/25/1893-9/25/1910, aged 17y 6m, son of Elias G. and Elizabeth Landes




Millin LANDES 9/30/1848-?/29/18??, son of Johannes and Sarah Landes


Abraham G. LANDIS 9/18/1875-12/18/1930, aged 55y 3m


Abraham M. LANDIS 1871-1956, with Susan L. 1874-1962, Sallie A. 1905-1905, and Annie A. 1916-1916


Abraham R. LANDIS 9/20/1840-3/6/1907, aged 66y 5m 16d


Amanda LANDIS 12/19/1874-6/17/1904, aged 29y 5m 28d, wife of John D. Landis


Catharine C. LANDIS 5/28/1846-6/1/1885, aged 39y 4d, wife of Samuel Landis


Elias R. LANDIS 8/21/1852-3/12/1925, aged 72y 6m 21d


Elizabeth K. LANDIS 11/21/1847-10/16/1939, aged 91y 10m 25d


Frank M. LANDIS 1/17/1864-10/5/1945, aged 81y 8m 18d


Henry M. LANDIS 7/14/1874-3/16/1941


Isaac LANDIS d. 7/12/1896, aged 84y 4m 9d


Jacob L. LANDIS 8/4/1880-9/8/1961, with Lizzie M. LANDIS 2/10/1882-8/20/1982


Jeremiah LANDIS 5/4/1869-4/16/1875, aged 5y 11m 12d, son of John and Rebecca Landis


Rev. John D. LANDIS 5/27/1874-12/30/1950, aged 76y 7m 3d


Jonas H. LANDIS 2/8/1848-2/17/1929


Lizzie B. LANDIS d. 2/6/1918, aged 58y 8m 5d, wife of Frank M. Landis


Lizzie K. LANDIS 1/13/1875-6/7/1930


Sabina B. LANDIS 9/7/1843-6/23/1925, aged 81y 9m 16d


Samuel R. LANDIS 10/2/1849-12/7/1929, aged 81y 2m 5d


Sarah C. LANDIS 7/6/1844-10/18/1942, aged 98y 3m 12d


Lovina K. LARKENS 12/11/1824-10/11/1884, aged 60y 10m


Geo. LASCH 1891-1933


John LAUXMAN d. 8/31/1918, aged about 75y, born in Germany


Anna LEATHERACH 3/13/1769-5/17/1861, aged 92y 2m 4d, wife of Henrich Leatherach, nee Alderfer


Anna LEDERACH 9/15/1801-3/28/1885, wife of Henry Lederach


Catharine LEDERACH 1791


Daniel LEDERACH 10/25/1864-?/25/1865, son of John and Debrah Lederach


Deborah G. LEDERACH 11/27/1841-5/25/1913, aged 71y 5m 28d


Henrich LEDERACH 1/8/1766-9/4/1841, aged 75y 7m 26d


Henry LEDERACH 11/3/1797-2/2/1876, aged 78y 2m 29d


Henry F. LEDERACH 10/16/1862-3/31/1873, aged 10y 5m 15d, son of John and Deborah Lederach


Jacob LEDERACH d. 11/17/1824, aged 14y 6m 23d


Johannes LEDERACH 1805


John LEDERACH 1/24/1775-11/7/1848, aged 73y 9m 14d


John LEDERACH 5/30/1806-3/23/1852, aged 45y 9m 24d


John G. LEDERACH 10/8/1836-2/6/1898, aged 61y 3m 28d


Joseph LEDERACH 1805


Judith K. LEDERACH 12/22/1835-2/29/1916


Mary LEDERACH 3/26/1828-6/26/1828, daughter of Henry and Ann Lederach


Mary LEDERACH d. 10/18/1841, aged 68y 4m 3d


Mary LEDERACH d. 12/26/1858, aged 62y 9m 28d, wife of John Lederach


Mary F. LEDERACH d. 8/9/1890, aged 28d, daughter of John and Deborach Lederach


Susana LEDERACH d. 8/9/1890, aged 28d, daughter of John and Deborach Lederach


William F. LEDERACH 9/17/1868-2/15/1874, aged 5y 4m 28d, son of John and Deborah Lederach


William G. LEDERACH 2/2/1823-3/3/1905, aged 82y 1m 1d


Catharine K. LEIDY 4/7/1845-3/19/1907, aged 61y 11m 12d


Franklin J. LEIDY d. 3/6/1871, aged 2y 6m 23d, son of E.C. and Kate Leidy


Milton E. LEIDY d. 2/11/1876, aged 1y 7m 8d, son of E.C. and Kate Leidy


Aaron O. LEWIS 10/21/1830-8/24/1913, aged 82y 10m 22d


Eliza LEWIS 2/19/1833-1/12/1917, aged 83y 10m 23d, wife of Aaron O. Lewis


Elizabeth LOCH 3/29/1835-4/21/1899, aged 64y 22d


Lydia LOWER 7/17/1836-5/1/1860, aged 23y 9m 14d, wife of Christopher Lower


C. A. M. 1807, D 12 MA


E. L. C. M. 1760


L. B. C. M. 


Edwin MAIER 9/6/1869-11/1/1869, son of Benjamin and Maria Maier


Elias MAIER 11/18/1875- 5/23/1876, aged 6m 5d, son of Benjamin and Maria Maier


Alice W. MARKLEY 10/28/1873-6/8/1891, aged 17y 7m 10d, daughter of Jacob W. and Leanne Markley


Idella W. MARKLEY 4/10/1883-10/15/1884, aged 1y 6m 5d, daughter of Jacob W. and Leanne Markley


Jacob W. MARKLEY 7/22/1839-5/12/1899, aged 59y 9m 20d


Jonas MARKLEY 4/25/1818-11/29/1887, aged 69y 7m 4d


Lanne MARKLEY 12/1/1844-2/13/1926, aged 81y 2m 12d


Rachel MARKLEY 9/29/1810-12/9/1882, aged 72y 2m 10d, wife of Jonas Markley


Susan C. MARKLEY 1875-1924, wife of Josiah A. Markley


Heinrich L. MAYER 6/19/1811-9/20/1884, aged 73y 3m 1d


Joanna MAYER 10/?/1815-9/3/1852, aged 36y, wife of Heinrich Mayer, nee Clemens


Abraham B. MENSCH 1863-1934, with Jennie D. MENSCH 1873-1960


Abraham MERCKELEY 6/7/1805-5/7/1813, aged 7y 11m 18d


Abraham MERCKLEY 8/1?/1764-9/25/1829, aged 65y 1m 4d


Elisabeth MERCKLEY 8/23/1779-4/5/1830, aged 51y 7m 13d


Elisabeth MERCKLEY 11/15/1785-9/19/1793, aged 7y 9m ?d


Henrich MERCKLEY 7/17/1759-10/26/1828, aged 69y 3m 9d


Abrah MERKEL 10/6/1822-10/18/1843, aged 21y 12d


Elias MERKEL 11/27/1809-3/24/1837, aged 27y 3m 27d


Elisabeth MERKEL 9/2/1759-4/22/1848, aged 88y 7m 20d


Isaac MERKEL 1/17/1803-5/1/1857, aged 54y 3m 15d


Jonas MERKEL 2/1/1848-2/25/1863, son of Jonas and Rachael Merkel


Martin MERKEL 2/9/1801-4/11/1847, aged 46y 2m 2d


Peter MERKEL 1/16/1842-9/6/1845, son of Jonas Merkel


Isaac MERKLEY 5/24/1729-5/19/1812, aged 82y 11m 3w 5d


Sarah MERKLEY 3/7/1733-12/7/1823, aged 90y 9m


Elizabeth W. METZ 8/9/1892-7/9/1948


Sheridan A. METZ 1865-1936, with Ida G. METZ 1866-1958


Reichard METZGAR 3/1/1806-5/13/1865, aged 59y 2m 12d


Anna MEYER d. 5/22/1831, aged 31y


Jacob MEYER 5/7/1797-12/7/1874, aged 77y 7m


Herman MILLER 


Magdalena Groman MILLER 1877-1955


Lydia S. MINNINGER 8/20/1807-8/7/1894, aged 86y 11m 17d


Abraham D. MOYER 1/11/1795-6/1/1886, aged 91y 4m 20d


Alice H. MOYER 10/11/1880-1/9/1881, aged 2m 29d, daughter of Theodore and Lydia Moyer


Anna MOYER 10/14/1859-5/30/1876, aged 16y 7m 15d, daughter of Henrich and Catharina Moyer


Annie L. MOYER 5/1/1880-3/15/1962, aged 81y 10m 14d


Benjamin C. MOYER 7/2/1840-6/9/1921, aged 80y 11m 7d


Bertha A. MOYER 7/7/1894-9/22/1895, aged 1y 2m 15d, daughter of Samuel and Susan Moyer


Catharina MOYER 8/6/1826-2/3/1897, aged 70y 5m 27d, wife of Henry Moyer


Edwin L. MOYER 1883-1962, with Lizzie M. MOYER 1885-1958


Elias MOYER d. 11/5/1866, aged 2d(?), son of Abraham and Catharine Moyer


Elizabeth MOYER 2/7/1793-8/21/1838, aged 45y 6m 14d


Ezekiel H. MOYER 7/15/1839-9/17/1885, aged 46y 2m 2d


Frank H. MOYER 2/13/1844-4/30/1879, aged 35y 2m 17d


Henry MOYER d. 9/23/1862, aged 8m 28d, son of Jacob and Elisabeth Moyer


Henry H. MOYER 7/14/1834-6/14/1867, aged 32y 11m, married to Catharine Shelly 5/10/1862


Infant MOYER 9/22/1910, son of Jacob H. and Sallie H. Moyer


Isaia MOYER d. 4/7/1863, aged 1m 19d, son of Jacob and Elisabeth Moyer


Rev. Jacob C. MOYER 1839-1921, with Eliza Y. 1841-1930, Isaiah M. 1863-1863, and Henry M. 1862-1862


Jacob H. MOYER 6/6/1882-10/16/1935, aged 53y 4m 10d


Jacob M. MOYER 1879-1969, with Flora A. 1882-1954, and Carrie A. 1899-1903


Lewis M. MOYER 9/19/1866-11/12/1965 aged 99y 1m 24d, with Sallie S. MOYER 2/16/1869-10/8/1943 aged 74y 7m 22d


Margaret D. MOYER 11/29/1838-12/1/1891, aged 53y 2d, wife of Ezekiah H. Moyer, nee Detwiler


Mary C. MOYER 8/12/1876-3/5/1879, daughter of Abraham and Catharine Moyer


Mary R. MOYER 8/23/1850-4/14/1929, aged 78y 7m 21d


Sallie H. MOYER 6/3/1883-8/17/1949, aged 66y 2m 14d


Samuel M. MOYER 11/5/1873-12/27/1909, aged 35y 1m 22d


Hanna MUSSELMAN d. 10/2/1844, aged 26y 8d, wife of Samuel Musselman


Henry M. MUSSELMAN 1/23/1865-5/14/1944, with Lizzie C. MUSSELMAN 12/22/1865-7/23/1946


Mary B. MUSSELMAN 5/11/1850-4/12/1889, aged 38y 1m 1d, wife of Noah Musselman, daughter of Daniel and Barbara Clemens


Noah L. MUSSELMAN 1847-1931


Samuel C. MUSSELMAN 11/25/1896-4/2/1897, aged 4m 7d, son of Henry and Lizzie Musselman


Alberda L. NACE d. 1/30/1895, aged 5m 2d, daughter of Reuben and Kate Nace


Frank M. NACE 3/31/1860-6/25/1938 aged 78y 2m 24d, with Lizzie Ann G. NACE 2/1/1865-12/31/1947 aged 82y 10m 30d, and Howard A. NACE 1886-1982


Katie M. NACE 6/21/1869-6/2/1928, aged 58y 11m 11d, wife of Reuben M. Nace


Reuben M. NACE 4/11/1864-4/16/1915, aged 51y 5d


Anna NEISZ 9/5/1783-8/26/1862, aged 78y 11m 21d


Anna NEISZ 4/?/1860-1/20/1864 aged 3y 8m 24d, with Maria NEISZ ?/15/1864-1/22/1864 aged 2y ?m 7d, daughters of Benjamin and Catharina Neisz


Jacob NEISZ 8/25/1781-8/17/1830, aged 49y 8d(sic)


Eva NICE b. and d. 6/7/1903, daughter of C.S. and Jane F. Nice


Garret S. NICE 9/10/1864-3/16/1945, aged 80y 6m 6d


Henry W. NICE 3/15/1889-8/14/1894, aged 5y 5m 29d, son of Tobias M. and Elmira K. Nice


Jacob NICE 8/25/1812-12/18/1875, aged 63y 3m 23d


Jane F. NICE 7/3/1869-5/16/1946, aged 76y 10m 13d


Mary NICE 9/24/1881-8/10/1882, daughter of Wm and Mary Nice


Mary NICE 7/28/1852-1/5/1885, aged 32y 5m 8d, nee Clemens


Tobias M. NICE 6/11/1856-7/12/1938 aged 82y 1m 1d, with Elmira K. NICE 5/26/1862-12/30/1955 aged 93y 7m 4d


William NICE 4/12/1849-12/27/1883, aged 34y 8m 15d


Abraham NYCE 1/6/1875-4/11/1877, son of Benjamin B. and Malinda Nyce


Abraham B. NYCE 10/28/1844-12/4/1925, aged 81y 1m 6d


Alice C. NYCE 1882-1973, with Still Born Babies 1902 & 1905


Allen M. NYCE 1883-1953, with Emma M. NYCE 1886-1969


Annie M. NYCE 3/28/1860-1/4/1935, aged 74y 9m 6d, wife of Frank B. Nyce


Banjamin B. NYCE 1850-1884, with Malinda B. NYCE 1852-1938, and Debora A. NYCE 1879-1959


Benjamin K. NYCE 12/26/1828-1/9/1917, aged 88y 13d


Catharine B. NYCE 4/3/1866-1/23/1867, daughter of Benjamin K. and Catharine G. Nyce


Catharine G. NYCE 8/12/1835-4/24/1909, aged 73y 8m 12d, wife of Benjamin K. Nyce


Deborah L. NYCE 10/25/1852-4/9/1907, aged 54y 5m 14d, wife of Henry B. Nyce


Elizabeth NYCE 9/20/1820-3/28/1898, aged 77y 6m 8d, wife of Jacob K. Nyce


Ellis D. NYCE 2/4/1907-10/3/1907, aged 7m 29d, son of John and Lizzie Nyce


Elmer S. NYCE 1886-1972, with Lizzie W. 1884-1975, Elmira 1914-1914, and Alverda N. 1909-1910


Henry B. NYCE 10/23/1854-1/22/1933, aged 78y 2m 29d


Infant NYCE b. and d. 1/18/1899, son of Frank B. and Annie Nyce


Isaac B. NYCE 1852-1932, with Lizzie H. NYCE 1856-1931, and William M. NYCE 1876-1953


Jacob B. NYCE 10/18/1847-5/3/1909, aged 51y 6m 15d


Jacob K. NYCE 5/20/1875-1/1/1955, with Annie W. NYCE 5/4/1879-4/5/1969


Jacob M. NYCE 1/6/1894-11/13/1918, aged 24y 10m 7d, son of Levi and Sarah Nyce


John W. NYCE 1885-1969, with Lizzie H. NYCE 1885-1971


Katie D. NYCE 1905-1986


Katie M. NYCE 5/14/1889-7/11/1889, aged 1m 27d, daughter of Levi and Sarah Nyce


Levi B. NYCE 9/1/1861-9/15/1907, aged 46y 14d


Maggie C. NYCE 2/9/1903-9/6/1903, aged 6m 27d, daughter of Frank B. and Annie Nyce


Mary Elizabeth G. NYCE 11/4/1847-8/17/1901, aged 53y 9m 13d, wife of Abram B. Nyce


Nancy J. NYCE 6/8/1849-1/31/1917, aged 67y 7m 23d, wife of Jacob B. Nyce


Sallie H. NYCE 8/28/1870-12/2/1954, aged 84y 3m 4d


Sarah M. NYCE 3/7/1864-3/29/1922, aged 58y 22d


Abraham OBERHOLTZER 3/9/1879-9/20/1879, son of M.A. and M.A.D. Oberholtzer


Edith B. OBERHOLTZER 5/13/1881-4/17/1948


Jones OBERHOLTZER 10/26/1834-12/3/1846, aged 12y 1m 7d


Michael A. OBERHOLTZER 8/31/1848-7/29/1884, aged 37y 10m 29d


Quintin A. OBERHOLTZER 8/31/1871-9/21/1871, aged 22d, son of M.A. and M.A.D. Oberholtzer


Warren L. OBERHOLTZER 1/31/1876-11/8/1911, aged 35y 9m 8d


William Henry OBERHOLTZER 6/18/1873-3/15/1874, aged 8m 27d, son of M.A. and M.A.D. Oberholtzer


James O'CONNELL 1838-1921, Served during civil war, Co. 11(?) Del. Reg. of Inf. U.S. vol.


Barbara ORTNER 




Adam OSTER 1852-1917


Elisabeth OSTER 1808-1861, aged 53y, nee Schafer


Jacob OSTER 10/20/1835-10/19/1900, aged 64y 11m 29d, Civil War Veteran


Lena OSTER 1844-?


Mary OSTER 12/19/183?-3/7/1929(?)


Michael OSTER 2/11/1803-7/8/1870, aged 67y 3m 22d


Barbara OTT 3/1/1787-4/8/1813, aged 26y 1m 7d, nee Boger


Anna OVERDORF 10/7/1835-10/17/1916, aged 81y 10d, wife of John A. Overdorf


John A. OVERDORF 10/6/1826-11/25/1894, aged 68y 1m 19d


Henry G. OVERHOLT 11/3/1839-7/29/1929, aged 89y 8m 26d


Jacob OVERHOLT 6/27/1870-6/28/1871, aged 1y 1d


Mary OVERHOLT 2/22/1843-6/5/1908, aged 65y 3m 13d, wife of Henry G. Overholt


Mary Ann D. OVERHOLTZER 9/3/1845-2/12/1904, aged 58y 5m 9d


Eli PANABECKER d. 10/5/1822, aged 5y 10m


Jacob PANABECKER d. 1/5/1825, aged 1y 6m 18d


Abraham PANNABECKER 4/1/1862-10/9/1864, aged 2y 6m 8d, son of Amos and Elizabeth Pannebecker


John PANNABECKER 5/13/1847-3/15/1848 (dod per prior transcription)


Samuel PANNABECKER b. and d. 8/8/1813


Susanna PANNABECKER 9/11/1799-12/9/1874, aged 75y 2m 28d


Daniel PANNEBECKER 12/13/1791-4/16/1884, aged 93y 4m 3d


Elizabeth PANNEBECKER 8/20/1833-10/19/1877, aged 24y 1m 29d, wife of Daniel C. Pannebecker


Hanna PANNEBECKER 11/19/1811-7/7/1812, aged 7m 2w 4d


Infant PANNEBECKER 10/25/1851-12/16/1851, aged 1m 22d, son of Amos and Eliza Pannebecker


Daniel C. PANNEPACKER 8/16/1832-11/28/1905, aged 73y 3m 12d


Sarah PANNEPACKER 4/12/1835-12/27/1912, aged 77y 8m 15d, wife of D.C. Pannepacker


Susanna PANNEPACKER 11/21/1839-1/25/1915, aged 75y 2m 4d


Maria PFUNDSTEIN daughter of Joseph and Sarah Pfundstein


John POOL aged 75y, born in Germany


Magdalena PRIZE 8/9/1760-2/15/1841, aged 80y 6m 6d


Abraham REED son of Abr'm and Magdalene Reed


Dillman REED son of Abr'm and Magdalene Reed


Gabriel REED son of Abr'm and Magdalene Reed


Magdalena Kline REED 3/12/1816-9/2/1874, aged 58y 5m 23d


Mary REED 3/11/1820-8/20/1850, aged 30y 5m 9d, nee Kline


Mary Ann REED d. 1850


Samuel REED son of Abr'm and Magdalene Reed


Hannah REEDER 11/6/1806-9/11/1892, aged 85y 10m 5d


Herman C. REESE 10/20/1857-9/28/1946, aged 88y 11m 3d


Charles REIFF d. 7/12/1841, aged 10m, son of Henry P. and Mariah Reiff


Cornelius REIFF d. 2/6/1843, aged 23d, son of H.P. and M. Reiff


Henry P. REIFF 9/25/1811-11/25/1892, aged 81y 2m


Maria REIFF 8/20/1814-8/17/1894, aged 79y 11m 27d


Stillborn Twins REIFF 12/15/1843, children of of H.P. and M. Reiff


Amanda B. REISS 1866-1937


Henry W. RICHARDS d. 1/24/1874, aged 16y 9m 21d, son of Henry and Elizabeth Richards


Henry Z. RICHARDS d. 11/8/1885, aged 56y(?)


Elizabeth RICHERD 1/11/1860-4/2/1863, aged 3y 2m 22d, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Richerd


E. Emma RITTER 5/27/1840-1/15/1866, aged 25y 7m 19d, wife of Friederick Ritter, nee Grohmann


Elizabeth Ann D. ROSENBERGER d. 12/31/1903, aged 47y 7m 26d, wife of Lyman Rosenberger


Maryann ROSENBERGER 10/5/1833-5/5/1854, aged 20y 7m, wife of Joseph Rosenberger, daughter of John and Catharina Schutt


Magdalena ROTH 3/4/1838-10/13/1900, aged 62y 7m 9d, daughter of I. Landis


Catharine RUTH d. 3/30/1870, aged 81y 9m 5d


Clayton R. RUTH 8/19/1873-3/24/1921, aged 47y 7m 5d


Howard RUTH 12/26/1895-6/26/1896, aged 5m, son of Clayton and Lydia Ruth


Lydia S. RUTH 4/30/1870-11/20/1933, aged 63y 6m 20d


Wellington H. RUTH 1892-1967, with Mamie R. RUTH 1893-1973


C. D. S. 1788


J. S. 


S. J. 


M. S. 


M. S. 1829


M. D. S. 1792


Christian SAUDER 2/2/1784-5/17/1868, aged 84y 3m 15d, husband of Maria Groff


Johannes SAUDER 12/11/1815-11/26/1857, aged 51y 11m 15d, son of Christian and Maria Sauder


Maria SAUDER d. 12/18/1842, aged 23y 8m 12d, daughter of Christian Sauder


Maria SAUDER d. 8/10/1855, aged 63y 7m 8d, wife of Christian Sauder, nee Groff


R---- SAUDER d. 5/31/1842, aged 20y 3m, son of Christian and Maria Sauder


Barbara SAYLOR d. 8/29/1861, aged 39y 5m 26d, wife of Godfrey Saylor


Godfrey H. SAYLOR 8/14/1816-8/9/1890, aged 72y 11m 25d


B. F. W. SCHATZ 4/24/1857-1/14/1902, aged 45y 8m 20d


Catharina SCHATZ 12/18/1852-5/26/1857, aged 4y 5m 8d, daughter of Henrich and Salome Schatz


Daniel SCHATZ 1/22/1873-1/1/1874, son of Henrich and Sal.


Elisabeth SCHATZ 3/25/1805-8/5/1846, aged 41y 4m 11d, nee Shumacher


Henry S. SCHATZ 12/24/1828-7/23/1901, aged 72y 6m 29d


Jacob SCHATZ 8/5/1830-2/26/1845, aged 14y 6m 2?d


Jacob S. SCHATZ 1/11/1798-3/7/1872, aged 74y 1m 27d


Saloma H. SCHATZ 4/15/1834-7/14/1923, aged 89y 2m 29d


Lizzie SCHIRK stillborn 12/30/1888, daughter of Michael and Sarah Schirk


Michael SCHIRK 1851-1933, with Sarah H. SCHIRK 1856-1928


Sallie SCHIRK 12/30/1888, daughter of Michael and Sarah Schirk


Johannes SCHLEIFFER 5/24/1809-6/12/1928, aged 20y 10d, son of Daniel


Catharina SCHLOTTERER 2/1762-8/19/1843, married William Schlotterer 1787


Wilhelm SCHLOTTERER 7/13/1761-11/13/1847, aged 83y 4m, married Catharina Weierman in 1787


Alfred S. SCHMOYER 1/16/1872-5/15/1882, aged 10y 3m 29d, son of Sylvanus and Lucy A. Schmoyer


Lucy Ann SCHMOYER 2/21/1853-3/16/1889, aged 36y 23d, wife of Sylvanus Schmoyer, nee Hess


Catharina Anna SCHOLL 5/29/1836-9/9/1865, aged 29y 3m ?d, married David 10/17/1863, nee Stoll


David SCHOLL 5/18/1842-11/19/1905, aged 62y 6m 1d


Johannes SCHOLL 7/16/1864-4/15/1865, aged 9m ?d, son of David and Catharine Scholl


Catharina SCHOTT 10/10/1775-9/26/1848, aged 74y 11m 16d


Jacob SCHOTT 12/18/1799-3/25/1872


Johannes SCHOTT 9/23/1766-1/21(?)/1832, aged 65y 3m 10d


Elisabeth SCHULTZ 11/18/1819-12/15/1848, aged 29y 27d, married Thomas Schutlz 11/27/1842, nee Clemer


Thomas SCHULTZ 4/24/1812-6/22/1895, aged 83y 1m 28d


Washington SCHULTZ 9/30/1847-10/22/1847, aged 22d, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Schultz


Wilson L. SCHULTZ 12/24/1877-2/6/1913, aged 37y 1m 12d


Anna SCHUMACHER d. 6/15/1854, aged 71y 10m


B. SCHUMACHER d. 4/3/1829


Catharina SCHUMACHER 8/16/1780-3/28/1860, aged 79y 7m 12d, nee Clemens


Georg SCHUMACHER 10/21/1779-6/15/1858, aged 78y 7m 24d


Jacob SCHUMACHER 10/5/1774-8/30/1825, aged 51y 10m 25d


Michael SCHUMACHER 2/14/1807-4/24/1829, aged 22y 2m 10d


Isedora SCHUTT 4/18/1856-6/28/1859, aged 3y 2m 10d, daughter of Jacob and Caroline Schutt


Jacob F. SCHUTT 9/22/1829-4/7/1893


John O. SCHUTT 8/10/1802-12/28/1883, aged 81y 4m 18d


Magdalena SCHWENK 2/27/1795-9/3/1823, aged 28y 6m 5d, wife of Jacob Schwenk, daughter of Andreas Nayler(?)


Fanny SHOEMAKER 3/18/1853-9/21/1855, aged 2y 6m 3d


Abraham SHUTT 10/19/1841-11/17/1848, aged 7y 29d


John K. SHUTT 4/10/1830-6/28/1919, with Elizabeth K. SHUTT 6/27/1835-3/19/1926


Leroy SHUTT 12/19/1895-1/6/1896, son of Jacob and Maggie Shutt


Emaline B. SLOTTER 6/11/1847-9/4/1911, aged 64y 2m 24d, wife of John L. Slotter, nee Willower


Hannah SLOTTER 9/22/1878-6/15/1895, aged 16y 8m 23d


Hannah K. SLOTTER 10/11/1848-1/23/1934, aged 86y 3m 12d


John L. SLOTTER 12/15/1850-2/19/1921, aged 70y 4m 28d


Mahlon L. SLOTTER 8/26/1846-5/23/1904, aged 57y 8m 27d


William H. SMITH 2/29/1856-11/28/1898, aged 42y 8m 28d


Christian N. SOUDER 8/19/1819-9/12/1888, aged 69y 23d


Harriet SOUDER 6/21/1856-10/23/1907, wife of Dillman C. Souder


Sophia SOUDERS 11/4/1829-5/1/1891, aged 61y 5m 27d, wife of Christian Souders


Anna SPRINGER d. 2/10/1774


Elsie B. SPRINGER 7/17/1876-5/13/1882, daughter of J. and S. Springer


Jacob SPRINGER d. 11/27/1763


Sarah SPRINGER 6/27/1856-3/7/1877, aged 20y 8m 10d, wife of Josiah Springer


Catharina STAUFFER 5/30/1822-7/22/1898, aged 76y 1m 22d, wife of Joseph S. Stauffer


Elizabeth M. STAUFFER 2/4/1846-5/19/1922, aged 76y 9m 15d, daughter of Joseph S. and Catharine Stauffer


Joseph STAUFFER 2/22/1822-11/14/1878, aged 56y 8m 10d


Mary STAUFFER 4/6/1798-9/15/1880, wife of John Stauffer


Barbara STEIVER 8/16/1789-3/25/1877, wife of Michael Steiver, nee Ott


Samuel STEWART d. 4/9/1817, aged 11y 6m


Jacob STIEFEL 10/19/1854-1/20/1863, aged 8y 3m 1d


Jacob S. STINER 9/17/1845-12/7/1845, aged 2m 20d, son of William and Amanda Stiner


Michael STIVER d. 2/11/1863, aged 78y 9m 2d


Geo. STOCHBERGER 5/26/1825-11/15/1904, aged 79y 5m 19d, d. in Lower Salford without known relatives


Elisabeth STOLL 8/16/1811-1/19/1850, aged 38y 5m 3d, wife of Jac. Stall, nee Friederich


George STOLL d. 3/5/1846, aged 1y 6m 5d


Jacob STOLL 10/7/1807-11/8/1887, aged 80y 1m 1d


Sara STOLL 2/14/1846-2/8/1857, aged 11y 6d, daughter of Jacob and Elisabeth Stoll


Unknown STOLL 1/9/1840-1/24/1906, aged 66y 15d


Isaiah M. STOVER 1865-1949, with Kate C. STOVER 1872-1951


Susanna STRUNCK 11/26/1778-1/27/1854, aged 75y 2m 1d, wife of Peter Strunck


William STRUNK 6/19/1816-4/18/1882, aged 65y 9m 29d


Infant SWARTLEY b. and d. 6/23/1902, son of James and Mary Swartley


Jacob A. SWARTLEY 1896-1971, with Adeline G. SWARTLEY 1899-1984


James D. SWARTLEY 1861-1945, with Mary A. SWARTLEY 1863-1955


Rolland G. SWARTLEY 3/26/1921-10/21/1930


Joseph H. SWARTZ 2/16/1816-3/12/1897, aged 81y 28d


Sallie M. SWARTZ 12/8/1808-2/3/1899, aged 90y 1m 25d, wife of Joseph H. Swartz


Abraham B. TRUMBAUER 6/4/1842-5/22(?)/1895, aged 53y 10m 2?d


Catharine TRUMBAUER 3/19/1877-3/2/1880, daughter of Abraham B. and Sarah Trumbauer


Hannah TRUMBAUER 11/5/1844-8/24/1872, aged 27y 9m 19d, wife of Abraham Trumbauer


Horace T. TRUMBAUER 12/20/1878-2/5/1881, aged 2y 1m 15d, son of A.B. and S. Trumbauer


Sallie Cora TRUMBAUER 12/18/1881-8/21/1883, daughter of A.B. and Sarah Trumbauer


Sarah TRUMBAUER 11/30/1851-8/1/1908, aged 56y 8m 1d, wife of Abraham Trumbauer


Catharina TYSON 8/26/1852-8/30/1853, daughter of Joseph and Catharine Tyson


Catharine TYSON 12/21/1910-3/7/1890, aged 79y 2m 16d


David H. TYSON  Full View 1/23/1833-10/15/1905 aged 72y 8m 23d, with wife

Mary S. Kratz TYSON   4/16/1836-10/25/1891 aged 65y 6m 9d


Hanna TYSON 8/9/1849-7/11/1850, daughter of Joseph and Catharine Tyson


Mary Ann Elizabeth TYSON 7/26/1857-12/28/1863, aged 6y 5m 2d, daughter of David and Mary Tyson


Nathaniel TYSON 11/7/1861-2/2/1864, aged 2y 2m 25d, son of David and Mary Tyson


Unknown 1827






H. W. 


P. W. 1793


Alice M. WAMBOLD 7/29/1883-8/7/1890, aged 7y 9d, daugher of Chas. and Amanda Wambold


Alvin M. WAMBOLD 8/16/1886-12/26/1886, aged 4m 10d, son of Charles and Amanda Wambold


Catharina WAMBOLD 3/15/1806-1/27/1866, aged 59y 10m 12d, nee Ziegler


Ellen M. WAMBOLD 11/22/1881-3/7/1886, aged 4y 3m 15d, daughter of Charles and Amanda Wambold


Enos WAMBOLD 11/6/1861-9/15/1862, aged 10m 9d, son of Charles and Amanda Wambold


Henry WAMBOLD 11/28/1862-10/28/1863, aged 11m, son of Charles and Amanda Wambold


Mary WAMBOLD 6/15/1831-11/22/1851, aged 20y 5m 7d, daughter of Enos and Catha. Wambold


Mary Ida WAMBOLD 6/20/1865-9/12/1880, aged 15y 2m 22d, daughter of Charles and Amanda Wambold


Enos WAMBOLT 7/25/1798-11/11/1866, aged 68y 3m 20d


Henry WAMPOLE 1848-1878


Abra. G. WASSER 5/2/1880-8/13/1880, aged 3m 11d


Catharine G. WASSER 5/11/1877-7/?/1877, daughter of John and Elizabeth Wasser


Elisabeth WASSER 7/20/1872-8/11/1872, daughter of John and Elizabeth Wasser


Elizabeth B. WASSER 2/9/1842-2/11/1911


Henry WASSER 5/16/1868-8/10/1868, son of John and Elizabeth Wasser


Jacob WASSER 4/9/1882-5/19/1882


James G. WASSER 11/27/1873-5/23/1877, aged 3y 5m 26d, son of John and Elizabeth Wasser


John H. WASSER 8/21/1842-1/22/1908


Maggie G. WASSER 7/24/1889-8/13/1889, aged 21d, daughter of John and Elizabeth Wasser


Sallie U. WASSER b. and d. 10/8/1894, daughter of J.G. and Clara F. Wasser


Sarah WASSER d. 8/9/1870, aged 2m 15d, daughter of John and Elizabeth Wasser


Solomon G. WASSER 1/11/1876-9/4/1876, aged 7m 25d, son of John and Elizabeth Wasser


Edwin WEBER 3/25/1860-1/1/1862, son of Harrison and Sara Weber


Elisabeth WEBER 8/22/1822-3/7/1878, aged 55y 6m 15d


Henry W. WEBER 1849-1913, with Mary N. WEBER 1852-1945, and Harry H. 1878-1879


Jacob WEBER 4/6/1812-10/15/1883, aged 71y 6m 9d


Reben WEBER 3/18/1855-4/26/1855, aged 1m 8d, son of Harrison and Sarah Weber


Henry WEIERMAN d. 3/19/1808, aged 77y(?)


Catharina WEIL 11/21/1773-7/18/1855, aged 79y 7m 27d, nee Metz


Elisabeth WEIL 1/20/1820-1/27/1820


Elisabeth WEIL 10/3/1794-12/8/1825, aged 31y 2m 5d, nee Klein


Isaiah WEIL 2/16/1821-1/22/1823


Maria WEIL aged 1y 8m 28d


Peter WEIL 3/21/1765-3/5/1843, aged 77y 11m 14d


Catharina WEIRMAN 6/18/1825-3/15/1872


Daniel WEIRMAN 1/29/1846-11/8/1864, aged 18y 9m 9d


Malinda WEIRMAN d. 9/20/1850, aged 8y


Susanna WEIRMAN 5/19/1849-2/2/1852, aged 2y 8m ?d, daughter of ? and Sophia Weirman


Benjamin K. WILE 6/22/1865-1/9/1896, aged 30y 8m 11d


Catharine WILE 7/28/1811-2/12/1881, aged 69y 6m 11d, wife of Daniel Wile


Daniel WILE 4/29/1807-8/9/1883, aged 75y 3m 11d


Elizabeth C. Benner WILE d. 3/9/1890, aged 47y 2m 21d, wife of Daniel H. Wile


Infant WILE 10/13/1822-11/3/1822, son of Benj. and Catharine Wile


John F. WILE 3/30/1827-8/10/1894, aged 77y 4m 10d


Mary K WILE 10/20/1867-2/18/1942, aged 74y 3m 28d, wife of Benjamin K. Wile


Susan A. WILE 4/7/1830-12/28/1907, aged 77y 8m 21d, wife of John F. Wile


Katie M. WILLOVER 9/2/1853-2/24/1923, aged 69y 5m 22d


Nathaniel WILLOVER 10/1856-5/20/1937, aged 80y 7m 5d


Aaron WIREMAN 12/20/1819-4/3/1885, aged 85y 3m 13d


John WIREMAN d. 9/9/1826, aged 78y


Sophia WIREMAN 1/1/1819-4/12/1885, aged 66y 3m 11d


Abraham G. ZEIGLER 5/19/1867-3/27/1882, son of Jacob and Sarah Zeigler


Elizabeth ZEIGLER 3/9/1800-1/18/1888, aged 87y 10m 9d, wife of Henry Zeigler


Elizabeth ZEIGLER 4/13/1811-6/24/1893, aged 82y 2m 11d, wife of Jacob K. Zeigler


Abner S. ZIEGLER 12/27/1881-3/15/1883, aged 1y 2m 18d, son of Nathan and Lucy Ziegler


Abraham ZIEGLER 9/29/1774-6/30/1858, aged 83y 8m 1d


Abraham C. ZIEGLER 9/5/1898-6/20/1899, son of John Z. and Lizzie A. Ziegler


Abraham L. ZIEGLER 6/1/1833-1/27/1908, aged 74y 7m 26d


Amanda ZIEGLER d. 3/23/1864, aged 5m, daughter of Jacob and Sarah Ziegler


Andre ZIEGLER 3/3/1823-3/17/1825, son of Henry and Catharine Ziegler


Andreas ZIEGLER d. 10/26/1844, aged 74y 7m 12d


Andrew K. ZIEGLER 7/17/1810-6/21/1855, aged 44y 11m 3d


Ann ZIEGLER 9/25/1782-3/27/1870, aged 87y 6m 2d


Anna M. ZIEGLER 8/24/1888-12/11/1948


Arthur M. ZIEGLER 7/12/1881-12/17/1913, aged 32y 5m 5d


Barbara ZIEGLER 11/20/1777-6/22/1859, aged 81y 7m 2d


Catharina ZIEGLER aged 70y 9m 28d, wife of Andreas Ziegler, nee -------rach


Catharina ZIEGLER 11/13/1834-10/23/1836, aged 1y 11m ?d, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Ziegler




E. ZIEGLER 1871-1940


Edwin ZIEGLER 10/16/1858-7/27/1860


Edwin Z. ZIEGLER 7/19/1878-6/2/1907, aged 28y 10m 13d


Ellen M. ZIEGLER 1/10/1873-7/16/1895, aged 22y 6m 6d, wife of Jacob M. Ziegler


Elmer S. ZIEGLER 2/16/1874-6/27/1885, aged 11y 4m 11d, son of Nathaniel and Lucy Ziegler


Elmina B. ZIEGLER 9/17/1877-4/17/1934, aged 56y 7m


Estella ZIEGLER 4/20/1894-8/10/1894, aged 3m 20d, daughter of Jacob and Ellen M. Ziegler


George S. ZIEGLER 6/8/1834-11/12/1997, aged 63y 5m 4d


Hannah ZIEGLER 1/18/1871-9/7/1871, daughter of George and Nan Ziegler


Hannah M. ZIEGLER 5/3/1828-9/22/1919, aged 81y 4m 19d, wife of Michael K. Ziegler


Harry M. ZIEGLER 7/29/1866-6/18/1955


Harry Z. ZIEGLER 10/30/1880-2/23/1884, aged 3y 3m 23d, son of Geo. S. and Nancy L. Ziegler


Henrich D. ZIEGLER 10/3/1798-1/11/1878, aged 79y 3m 8d, husband of Elisabeth Kratz


Jacob ZIEGLER 2/27/1865-3/15/1865, son of George and Nan Ziegler


Jacob K. ZIEGLER 5/7/1802-10/4/1869, aged 67y 4m 28d


Jacob L. ZIEGLER 8/30/1831-11/25/1867


James L. ZIEGLER 8/28/1841-11/20/1921, aged 80y 2m 2?d


Jeremiah ZIEGLER d. 12/20/1861, aged 23y 6m 17d


John Howard ZIEGLER 6/29/1900-12/30/1900, son of John Z. and Lizzie A. Ziegler


John L. ZIEGLER 1/23/1849-3/16/1936


John M. ZIEGLER 10/29/1879-5/30/1957


John T. ZIEGLER d. 11/23/1899, aged 85y 7m 25d


Levina ZIEGLER 2/27/1819-3/9/1825, daughter of Henry and Catharine Ziegler


Lizzie Jane ZIEGLER 3/3/1879-5/18/1896, aged 17y 2m 15d, wife of Harry M. Ziegler


Louisa Grimley ZIEGLER 10/10/1812-1/12/1891, aged 78y 3m 2d, wife of Jeremiah Julian Jacobs, former wife of Andrew K. Ziegler


Lucy C. Souder ZIEGLER 11/6/1850-5/5/1913, aged 62y 5m 29d


Maggie Z. ZIEGLER 2/4/1877-9/29/1901, aged 24y 7m 24d


Mary ZIEGLER 6/20/1812-1/10/1896, aged 83y 6m 20d, wife of Michael O. Ziegler


Mary S. ZIEGLER 10/1/1854-3/2/1933


Mary Susan ZIEGLER 8/27/1895-8/16/1896, aged 11m 20d, daughter of John Z. and Lizzie A. Ziegler


Matilda ZIEGLER d. 11/17/1898, aged 76y 8d


Michael K. ZIEGLER 9/13/1829-7/5/1891, aged 61y 9m 22d


Michael O. ZIEGLER 5/23/1808-1/15/1895, aged 86y 7m 22d


Nancy L. ZIEGLER 8/23/1835-11/10/1902, aged 67y 2m 17d


Nathaniel ZIEGLER 8/27/1843-2/28/1915, aged 71y 6m ?d


Samuel L. ZIEGLER 3/21/1838-4/4/1909, aged 71y 13d


Sarah R. ZIEGLER 4/26/1839-8/26/1922, aged 83y 4m


Susan K. ZIEGLER 10/15/1840-3/28/1912, aged 71y 5m 13d




William ZIEGLER d. 1847, aged 1y 2m 24d


William B. ZIEGLER 9/25/1877-3/31/1924


Wilson S. ZIEGLER 1/12/1871-9/18/1880, aged 9y 8m 6d, son of Nathan and Lucy Ziegler





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