Salford Mennonite

Meetinghouse Cemetery


Lower Salford Township


Photos contributed by

Ramona Rickert



Partial Transcription


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Surnames:   A thru H     I thru Z


Abraham ALDERFER 7/21/1782-5/27/1865, aged 82y 10m 6d


Abraham ALDERFER b. 1/10/1897, son of Levi and Sarah Alderfer


Abraham ALDERFER 10/22/1832-2/16/1838


Abraham ALDERFER  View 2  d. 4/17/1825, aged 77y 5m 13d, Revolutionary War Veteran


Abraham ALDERFER d. 8/2/1841, aged 6y 1m 10d, son of Michael Alderfer


Abraham N. ALDERFER 2/11/1844-2/5/1917, aged 72y 11m 26d


Abraham O. ALDERFER 7/14/1805-4/19/1868, aged 62y 9m 5d, husband of Maria nee Weaver(?)


Abraham S. ALDERFER 8/27/1813-4/11/1896, aged 82y 7m 14d


Abraham S. ALDERFER 7/21/1883-1/31/188?, son of Abraham M. and Susan Alderfer


Abram B. ALDERFER 3/2/1841-8/19/1927, aged 86y 5m 17d


Amanda ALDERFER 12/27/1858-10/29/1869, aged 10y 10m 2d, daughter of Jacob and Susanna Alderfer


Anna ALDERFER 1/12/1804-11/5/1890, aged 86y 9m 23d, wife of Abraham Alderfer


Anna ALDERFER 2/14/1810-3/8/1871, aged 61y 24d, daughter of Jacob and Mary Alderfer


Anna ALDERFER aged 12d, daughter of Michael and Sarah Alderfer


Anna S. ALDERFER 1/31/1818-12/3/1885, aged 68y(?) 10m 2d


Annie Marie ALDERFER 7/8/1875-8/15/1882, aged 7y 1m 7d, daughter of Geo. D. and Mary Alderfer


Barbara ALDERFER d. 7/21/1837, aged 71y


Benjamin ALDERFER 8/11/1812-8/11/1838, aged 26y


Benjamin ALDERFER 6/17/1866-2/26/1867, aged 8m 9d, son of Abraham and Helena Alderfer


Benjamin ALDERFER 10/5/1771-6/18/1840, aged 68y 8m 15d


Benjamin N. ALDERFER 1849-1922, with Esther C. ALDERFER 1849-1930


Benjamin S. ALDERFER 9/28/1809-12/13/1895, aged 86y 2m 15d


Benjamin Z. ALDERFER  View 2  6/5/1831-7/31/1899


Caroline B. ALDERFER 2/18/1861-5/19/1948, aged 87y 3m 1d, wife of Jacob S. Alderfer


Catharina ALDERFER 12/19/1803-9/24/1856, aged 52y 9m 5d, wife of Michael Alderfer


Catharine Gottshalk ALDERFER 2/26/1808-1/23/1881, aged 72y 10m 26d, wife of Jacob H. Alderfer


Catharine ALDERFER d. 12/25/1836, aged 28y 4m ?d


Cornelius ALDERFER d. 16w, with Susanna ALDERFER d. 2w


Daniel ALDERFER  View 2  11/15/1801-4/21/1885, aged 83y 5m 6d


David B. ALDERFER 3/9/1855-7/25/1937, aged 82y 4m 16d


Elisabeth ALDERFER 10/1/1772-11/17/1840, aged 68y 1m 16d, nee Schumacher


Elisabeth ALDERFER 8/12/1785-6/25/1857, aged 71y 10m 13d


Elisabeth ALDERFER 2/9/1748-8/7/1823, aged 75y 5m 28d


Elisabeth ALDERFER 12/5/1772-10/1/1852, aged 79y 9m 26d, wife of Friederich Alderfer, nee Hegey


Elisabeth ALDERFER d. 1827, aged 79y(?)


Elisabeth ALDERFER d. 5/27/1838, aged 69y


Elizabeth ALDERFER 1/4/1838-4/7/1889, aged 51y 3m 3d


Elizabeth ALDERFER d. 10/31/1851, aged 10d, daughter of Jacob and Susanna Alderfer


Ella ALDERFER  View 2  d. 7/22/1887, aged 15y 3m 26d, youngest daughter of B.Z. and S.M. Alderfer


Ellwood S. ALDERFER 5/25/1874-7/13/1923, aged 49y 1m 18d


Emulein ALDERFER 4/5/1863-8/28/1863, daughter of Jacob and Susanna Alderfer


Flora S. ALDERFER 3/22/1879-5/7/1953


Frederick ALDERFER Born in the Palatinate 5/18/1715. In his 18th year he immigrated on the vessel Samuel to America and landed in Phila. Aug. 11, 1732. As far as is known he was the first & only one by the name of Alderfer who immigrated to America. He died 11/7/1801 aged 86y 5m 19d. Interred with wife Anna nee Detweiler 1712-1/18/1767 aged 55y


Frederick F. ALDERFER 3/2/184902/22/1916, aged 75y 11m 20d


Friederich ALDERFER 9/22/1771-7/11/1852, aged 80y 9m 20d


Garret ALDERFER 9/1/1871-8/22/1872, son of Geo. D. and Mary Alderfer


George D. ALDERFER 1/13/1836-12/10/1896, aged 60y 10m 27d


Hannah ALDERFER 2/2/1809-9/24/1877, aged 68y 7m 22d, wife of Abrham S. Alderfer


Hannah C. ALDERFER 2/7/1869-6/24/1944


Hannah N. ALDERFER 1/30/1838-12/19/1915, aged 77y 10m 19d


Helen ALDERFER 6/27/1899-6/28/1900, aged 1y 1d, daughter of Wilson and Hannah Alderfer


Helena ALDERFER 9/4/1838-10/8/1908, aged 70y 1m 4d, wife of Abram B. Alderfer


Henrich ALDERFER d. 3/25/1839, aged 27y 9m 21d


Henry G. ALDERFER 4/11/1896-6/12/1896, son of Wilson A. and Hannah Alderfer


Isaac ALDERFER d. 1830, aged 2y 3m 26d


Isaac ALDERFER 10/7/1773-11/8/1842, aged 69y 1m 1d


Isaac D. ALDERFER 9/8/1833-1/9/1909, aged 75y 1m 1d


Isaac L. ALDERFER 1868-1935, with Ella O. 1872-1858, Dayton M. 1894-1901, Jacob M. 1898-1898, Lizzie M. 1900-1900, and Norman M. 1910-1911


Isaac O. ALDERFER 12/17/1808-11/29/1868, aged 59y 11m 12d


Jacob ALDERFER 8/15/1785-3/3/1846, aged 60y 6m 18d


Jacob ALDERFER d. 1797, Revolutionary War Veteran


Jacob F. ALDERFER 3/14/1824-9/8/1909, aged 85y 5m 24d


Jacob G. ALDERFER 12/25/1843-11/11/1863, aged 19y 10m 22d, son of Jacob H. and Catharine Alderfer


Jacob H. ALDERFER 12/19/1799-4/9/1882, aged 82y 3m 21d


Jacob K. ALDERFER 6/5/1845-7/6/1880, aged 35y 1m 1d, husband of Susanna


Jacob S. ALDERFER 8/20/1857-7/30/1931, aged 73y 11m 10d


Johanes ALDERFER 2/8/1745-9/12/1820, aged 75y 10m 4d, Revolutionary War Veteran


Johannes ALDERFER 7/27/1789-1/10/1861, aged 74y 5m 14d


Johannes ALDERFER 10/11/1801-3/5/1845, aged 43y 4m 25d


John F. ALDERFER 1/5/1843-2/22/1916, aged 73y 1m 17d


John S. ALDERFER 8/2/1861-10/10/1895, aged 34y 2m 8d, son of Jacob K. and Susanna Alderfer


Jonas ALDERFER 11/9/1840-2/1/1888, aged 47y 2m 22d, husband of Catharina Saylor


Jonas L. ALDERFER 1881-1974


Joseph ALDERFER 10/11/1779-3/6/1863, aged 83y 4m 26d


Joseph ALDERFER 5/13/1840-9/3/1865, aged 25y 3m 20d


Joseph ALDERFER 2/4/1751-11/14/1831, aged 80y 9m 10d, Revolutionary War Veteran


Joseph S. ALDERFER 2/14/1806-3/22/1851, aged 48y 1m 8d


Levi S. ALDERFER 1/13/1849-2/12/1904, aged 55y 29d


Lizzie P. ALDERFER 10/26/1872-12/11/1891, aged 19y 1m 15d(?), daughter of Benjamin and Esther Alderfer


Lydia ALDERFER 2/21/1812-4/18/1885, aged 73y 1m 27d


Magdalena ALDERFER 4/12/1806-12/24/1882, aged 76y 8m 12d, wife of Benjamin S. Alderfer


Magdalena ALDERFER d. 6/25/1858


Magdalena S. ALDERFER 1/8/1871-9/8/1959


Margaret ALDERFER 7/31/1784-9/6/1848, aged 64y 1m 6d


Margaret Detweiler ALDERFER 2/23/1803-9/29/1873, aged 70y 7m 6d, late wife of John Alderfer


Maria ALDERFER 2/15/1777-7/1/1857, aged 80y 4m 16d


Maria ALDERFER 7/31/1753-10/19/1829, aged 76y 3m 19d


Maria ALDERFER 9/5/1800-4/7/1879, aged 78y 7m 2d, wife of Joseph Alderfer, nee Klein


Mary ALDERFER 7/10/1820-1/7/1906, aged 85y 5m 27d


Mary ALDERFER 11/6/1809-5/28/1888, aged 78y 6m 22d, wife of Isaac O. Alderfer


Mary F. ALDERFER 2/11/1808-12/27/1891, aged 83y 10m 16d, wife of Abraham O. Alderfer


Mary N. ALDERFER 10/13/1840-10/15/1918, aged 78y 2d, wife of George D. Alderfer, nee Clemens


Maryann ALDERFER 1/28/1838-1/11/1844, aged 5y 11m 14d, daughter of Jacob and Catharine Alderfer


Michael ALDERFER 3/17/1803-5/13/1885, aged 81y 11m 26d


Michael ALDERFER d. 1826


Michael ALDERFER 10/20/1828-3/15/1848, aged 19y 4m 26d, son of Michael and Catharine Alderfer


Milton H. ALDERFER 1859-1935, with Hannah B. ALDERFER 1863-1943, and Sallie N. ALDERFER 1902-1959


Oliver Y. ALDERFER 9/26/1868-2/19/1900, aged 31y 4m 23d


Rudolph M. ALDERFER 11/16/1830-10/2/1859, aged 28y 10m 16d


Sarah ALDERFER 4/7/1867-7/31/1867, aged 3m 24d, daughter of Jacob and Susanna Alderfer


Sarah M. ALDERFER 7/22/1852-3/20/1923, aged 70y 7m 28d


Sarah M. ALDERFER  View 2  8/19/1836-6/29/1927, aged 90y 10m 10d


Son ALDERFER d. 7/13(?), son of Abraham and Susan Alderfer


Susan Sheffey(?) ALDERFER 9/1/1843-12/22/1883, aged 40y 4m 21d, wife of Abraham N. Alderfer


Susan Bean ALDERFER 5/8/1827-9/4/1900, aged 73y 3m 26d, wife of Jacob F. Alderfer


Susanna ALDERFER 3/10/1784-8/31/1823, aged 39y 4m 21d


Susanna ALDERFER 2/3(?)/1839(?)-4/10/1913, aged 74y(?) 2m 8d(?), wife of Isaac Alderfer


Susanna ALDERFER 3/23/1829-2/24/1904, aged 74y 11m 1d, wife of Jacob K. Alderfer, nee Swartley


Unknown ALDERFER d. 1832


Unknown ALDERFER d. 1828


William M.(?) ALDERFER 10/25/1837-7/24/1845, aged 7y 8m 29d, son of ? Alderfer


Wilson A. ALDERFER 3/27/1868-11/15/1922


Catharina ALDERFFER d. 8/28/1814, aged 65y 10m(?)


Christian M. ALLEBACH 1827-1919, with wife Elizabeth A. ALLEBACH 1826-1880


Elizabeth M. ALLEBACH 1/29/1835-10/8/1919, aged 84y 8m 9d


Infant ALLEBACH born and died 12/22/1904


Jacob A. ALLEBACH 1905-1964, with Alma T. ALLEBACH 1906-1970


Jacob H. ALLEBACH 7/21/1829-10/1/1911, aged 82y 2m 7d


Romanus A. ALLEBACH 1869-1964, with Lizzie C. ALLEBACH 1873-1933


Elisabeth ANDERSON 3/27/1757-9/29/1826, aged 69y 6m 2d


Susanna ANDERSON 12/7/1774-12/17/1865, aged 91y 10d


Valentin ANDERSON 4/2/1769-2/27/1844, aged 75y 8m 25d


Susana ANTHONY 9/24/1805-4/12/1882, aged 76y 6m 19d, nee Berge


Ellen B. BAUSHER 1853-1933


Jonas BEALER 10/7/1826-1/12/1877, aged 50y 3m 5d


Matilda BEALER 6/17/1824-5/1/1899, aged 74y 10m 14d, wife of Jonas Bealer


Edwin BEAN 8/30/1855-3/26/1863, son of Henry and Eliza Bean


Elizabeth BEAN 3/26/1832-11/30/1891, aged 59y 8m 4d, wife of Henry J. Bean


Henry J. BEAN 1/14/1826-5/1/1914, aged 88y 3m 27d(sic)


Jacob Chester BEAN 3/17/1858-4/5/1863, aged 5y 8d, son of Henry and Eliza Bean


Elias N. BECHTEL 1/9/1889-10/19/1918, with Annie T. BECHTEL 7/20/1889-4/18/1953


Elisabeth BECHTEL 5/23/1816-9/18/1840, aged 24y 5m 26d


Jacob L. BECHTEL 10/28/1862-2/17/1931, aged 68y 3m 19d


Maggie P. BECHTEL 7/2/1863-4/23/1919, aged 55y 9m 21d, wife of Jacob Bechtel


Mary N. BECHTEL 6/23/1894-10/15/1918, aged 24y 3m 22d, daughter of Jacob and Maggie P. Bechtel


Albert C. BECK 1/6/1885-2/26/1958, aged 73y 1m 20d


Albert L. BECK 6/1/1853-4/16/1938, aged 84y 10m 15d


Catharine G. BECK 4/29/1852-5/26/1916, aged 64y 27d, wife of Albert L. Beck


Abraham BENNER 1/14/1779-8/11/1829, aged 50y 6m 28d


Abraham M. BENNER 3/28/1827-10/25/1889, aged 62y 6m 27d


Caroline BENNER 9/2/1865-1/21/1874, aged 8y 4m 19d, daughter of Abraham and Caroline Benner


Caroline S. BENNER 3/19/1831-1/13/1916, aged 84y 9m 24d


Charles M. BENNER 2/28/1818-1/2/1899, aged 80y 10m 5d(?)


Daughter BENNER d. 1/18/1823, aged 2m, daughter of Abraham(?) Benner


Elias BENNER 2/18/1813-1861, aged 51y


Elisabeth BENNER d. 8/15/1810, aged 9y 8m 1d


Elizabeth BENNER 2/18/1867-10/6/1871, aged 3y 7m 18d, daughter of Charles and Louisa Benner


Jesse BENNER d. 3/26/1842, son of Elias and Maria Benner


Joseph BENNER d. 5/15/1827, aged 10y 9m 5d


Katie B. BENNER 9/9/1872-5/26/1900, aged 27y 8m 18d, wife of John D. Benner


Leanna BENNER 9/20/1831-1/18/1904, aged 72y 3m 28d


Maria BENNER 3/25/1816-3/18/1857, aged 40y 11m 24d, wife of Chas. Benner


Maria Amanda BENNER 7/15/1857-6/6/1863, aged 5y 11m 21d, daughter of Abraham and Caroline Benner


Sarah BENNER 1/8/1788-5/27/1847, aged 59y 4m 19d


Jacob BERCKI 1828, A. 69


Abraham BERGE 5/7/1859-4/3/1863, aged 3y 10m 26d, son of Cornelius and Leah Berge


Barbara BERGE 10/1775-6/21/1862, aged 86y 8m


Cath BERGE aged 1y 9d


Catharina BERGE 3/11/1781-1/10/1863, aged 78y 10m, wife of Jacob Berger


Christian BERGE  View 2  6/13/1741-3/24/1819, aged 77y 9m 4d


D. Edith BERGE 


Elizabeth BERGE 6/25/1788-8/30/1870, aged 82y 2m 5d, wife of Johannes Berge


Helena BERGE 11/26/1812-5/15/1876, aged 63y 5m 19d, wife of Aaron Berge


Jacob BERGE 11/10/1769-2/25/1825, aged 55y 3m 15d


Johannes BERGE 8/23/1783-12/6/1865, aged 82y 3m 13d


John Ulrich BERGE with Anne Mary BERGE, Progenitors of the Bergey Family in America


Margaretha BERGE 12/14/1770-3/12/1847, aged 77y 2m 27d


Maria BERGE 6/11/1791-1/9/1874, aged 82y 6m 28d, wife of Christian Berge


Aaron S. BERGEY 8/26/1813-7/5/1895, aged 81y 10m 9d


Abram BERGEY 1895-1901


Ann BERGEY 8/26/1816-8/4/1881, aged 64y 11m 9d, wife of Christian Bergey


Catharine BERGEY 11/15/1834-10/21/1855, aged 20y 11m 9d


Catharine BERGEY 12/31/1848-9/27/1870, aged 21y 8m 26d, daughter of William and Susanna Bergey


Catharine BERGEY d. 4/17/1864, aged 1y 8m 23d, daughter of George B. and Barbara Bergey


Christian BERGEY 2/9/1812-1/3/1878, aged 66y 10m 26d


Christian BERGEY 6/10/1788-10/30/1853, aged 64y 4m 10d


Cornelius O. BERGEY 2/16/1824-9/15/1902, aged 78y 6m 29d


David K. BERGEY 7/23/1842-9/16/1921, with Sarah Amanda M. BERGEY 9/28/1849-1/21/1937


Deborah M. BERGEY 12/5/1831-2/10/1899, aged 74y 1m 5d


Edwin B. BERGEY 9/2/1862-7/19/1943, aged 80y 11m 17d


Eliza BERGEY 6/8/1825-3/6/1850, aged 24y 8m 2d, wife of Cornelius Bergey, daughter of John and Anna Detwiler


Emeline B. BERGEY 9/25/1836-1/18/1904, aged 67y 3m 23d


Henry O. BERGEY 3/16/1820-10/15/1900, aged 80y 6m 29d


Henry R. BERGEY 1/21/1859-4/11/1936


Horace W. BERGEY 1878-1950


Irvin W. BERGEY 1888-1974


Jacob O. BERGEY 11/10/1826-8/29/1896, aged 69y 9m 10d, Veteran


John BERGEY d. 1850, aged 4m 10d


Leah BERGEY 5/28/1821-5/7/1884, aged 62y 11m 10d, wife of Cornelius Bergey, nee Landes


Lizzie D. BERGEY 2/19/1863-5/6/1926


Maria BERGEY 11/?/1743-10/28/1808, aged 65y 11m ?d


Martha Groff BERGEY d. 3/25/1901, aged 32y 7m 18d, wife of Edwin Bergey


Mary BERGEY aged 3m, with D.B. and J.E.


Mary Ann BERGEY d. 5/5/1864, aged 1y, daughter of George B. and Barbara Bergey


Oliver BERGEY d. 4/25/1849, aged 7m 25d, son of Cornelius and Eliza Bergey


Quinton BERGEY 2/4/1873-4/8/1873, son of Henry B. and Elizabeth Bergey


Russel BERGEY 1898


Susanna BERGEY 1/4/1846-9/2/1854, aged 8y 7m 29d


Susanna BERGEY 7/29/1820-12/31/1900, aged 80y 5m 2d


Wellington BERGEY d. 5/5/1886, aged 1m 5d


William BERGEY 8/25/1815-3/13/1884, aged 68y 6m 19d


William Price BERGEY 2/21/1861-2/5/1864, aged 2y 11m 14d, son of Henry and Emmaline Bergey


Catharina Kratz BIEN 1/7/1793-3/18/1864, aged 71y 2m 11d, wife of Jacob Kratz and Jacob Bien, nee Detweiler, next to Johannes Kratz


Elisabeth BOGER 10/24/1748-6/24/1804, aged 56y 8m


Martin BOGER 5/21/1738-1/17/1806, aged 67y 7m 26d


Catharine BOORSE 7/15/1780-5/20/1860(?)


Aaron R. BOWER 1869-1949, with Lizzie Ann BOWER 1868-1921


Cathrine N. BOWER 9/18/1842-6/1/1927, aged 84y 8m 13d, wife of Rev. Henry Bower


Mary BOWER 4/17/1898-6/7/1898, aged 1m 20d, daughter of Aaron and Lizzie Ann Bower


Samuel BOWER 9/3/1896-2/5/1897, aged 5m 2d, son of Aaron and Lizzie Ann Bower


Jesse R. BOYER 3/25/1815-5/12/1883, aged 68y 1m 17d


Louise B. BOYER 7/24/1827-10/12/1916, aged 89y 2m 18d


Joseph N. BUTTERWECK 3/22/1849-8/17/1871, aged 22y 4m ?d, son of Moses and Mary Ann Butterweck


Mary Ann BUTTERWECK 4/26/1813-3/31/1899, aged 85y 11m 5d


Michael BUTTERWECK 3/2/1847-3/12/1847, aged 10d


Moses B. BUTTERWECK 3/16/1816-9/14/1897, aged 81y 7m 28d


Caroline BUTTERWEICK 12/22/1852-5/21/1857, aged 4y 6m (sic) 29d


C. C. 


E. L. C. 1768


H. C. 1781


Abraham K. CASSEL 3/28/1822-9/11/1892, aged 70y 5m 13d


Elizabeth A. CASSEL 12/29/1825-1/29/1925, aged 99y 1m, wife of Daniel K. Cassel


Francis Henry CASSEL 10/27/1865-5/5/1866, son of Dr. J.K.(?) and K.A. Cassel


Isaiah A. CASSEL 1875-1959, with Kate E. CASSEL 1876-1951


Jacob CASSEL 10/12/1760-8/1/1838, aged 78y 9m 19d


Jacob CASSEL 7/5/1792-11/18/1878, aged 86y 4m 13d, husband of Wilhelmina Cassel


Josiah K. CASSEL 7/21/1861-3/2/1935


Kate A. CASSEL 11/21/1863-8/21/1890, aged 27y 9m, wife of Josiah K. Cassel


Mary A. CASSEL 1/28/1828-12/23/1907, aged 79y 10m 25d


Sarah CASSEL 2/9/1817-3/16/1871, aged 53y 1m 7d, wife of William(?) Cassel, nee Friedrich


Sussanna CASSEL 1/8/1762-12/1/1844, aged 82y 10m 27d


Wilhelmina CASSEL 5/25/1800-7/18/1876, aged 76y 1m 24d, wife of Jacob Cassel, nee Kolb


Carrie CHARLES 12/6/1871-7/24/1873, aged 1y 7m 18d, daughter of Henry and Catharine Charles


Catharine CHARLES 7/30/1834-9/27/1904, aged 70y 1m 27d


Henry CHARLES 2/28/1837-3/6/1910


Abraham CLEMENS d. 4/24/1776


Abraham CLEMENS  View 2  11/30/1752-9/15/1808, aged 56y 9m ?d, Revolutionary War Veteran


Amos CLEMENS d. 8/21/1874, aged 26y 4m 14d


Angeline CLEMENS 3/29/1833-6/26/1928


Anna CLEMENS 11/4/1814-10/6/1871, aged 56y 11m 2d, wife of Heinrich Clemens, nee Mener


Anna CLEMENS 7/16/1780-2/23/1861, aged 80y 7m 7d, nee Kratz


Annie S. CLEMENS 7/22/1853-5/14/1928, aged 74y 9m 12d


Barbara Ann CLEMENS 7/15/1858-4/28/1869, daughter of Daniel and Barbara Clemens


Barbara R. Boorse CLEMENS 7/19/1820-8/4/1877, aged 57y 16d, wife of Daniel C. Clemens


Catharin CLEMENS 1/4/1791-8/17/1851, aged 60y 7m 13d


Catharina CLEMENS 3/8/1744-3/6/1826, aged 82y 2d


Catharina CLEMENS 12/24/1845-11/18/1849, daughter of Henrich and Anna Clemens


Catharine CLEMENS 3/17/1829-9/26/1895, aged 66y 6m 9d, widow of William Clemens


Catharine CLEMENS 11/18/1820-5/23/1873, aged 52y 6m 5d, wife of Jacob K. Clemens


Clayton A. CLEMENS 2/22/1886-9/21/1886, aged 6m 29d, son of Isaac and Anna Clemens


Daniel CLEMENS d. 1847, aged about ? Years, son of Daniel and Barbara Clemens


Daniel C. CLEMENS 1/13/1817-3/21/1888, aged 71y 2m 8d


Edwin W. CLEMENS 12/10/1868-10/10/1889, aged 20y 10m, son of Jacob and Angeline Clemens


Elisabeth CLEMENS 2/22/1810-3/1/1889, aged 79y 7d, wife of Gerret K. Clemens


Elizabeth Godshalk CLEMENS 4/6/1849-1/25/1869, aged 19y 9m 19d, wife of George Clemens


Elizabeth CLEMENS 12/26/1824-8/6/1852, aged 27y 7m 10d, wife of John Clemens


Fannie S. CLEMENS 6/4/1843-9/9/1931, aged 88y 3m 5d


Garret CLEMENS son of Isaac and Annie Clemens


Garret S. CLEMENS 6/17/1866-8/6/1917, aged 51y 1m 20d


George CLEMENS 5/19/1786-2/6/1843, aged 56y 8m 17d


George A. CLEMENS 9/16/1879-12/11/1957 aged 78y 2m 25d, with Susie B. CLEMENS 7/23/1881-4/1/1946 aged 64y 8m 8d


George M. CLEMENS 9/12/1841-12/30/1917, aged 76y 3m 18d


Gerhart CLEMENS 1/2/1745-5/1/1820, aged 75y 4m ?d, Revolutionary War Veteran


Gerhart CLEMENS  View 2  1680-1745, with Ann CLEMENS, First Generation, Pioneers of the Clemens Family, Emigrated 1709, Second Generation: John CLEMENS 1707-Elizabeth CLEMENS, Anna Clemens KRATZ 1793, Valentine KRATZ 1709-1780, Jacob CLEMENS 1782, Barbara CLEMENS, Abraham CLEMENS 1776, Catherine CLEMENS


Gerret K. CLEMENS 12/30/1808-6/10/1886, aged 77y 5m 10d


Hanna CLEMENS d. 7/24/1824, aged 61y 2m 3d


Henrich CLEMENS 4/11/1783-12/9/1860, aged 77y 7m 28d


Henrich CLEMENS 2/20/1854-3/16/1867, aged 13y 26d, son of Henrich and Anna Clemens


Henry C. CLEMENS 3/31/1845-3/26/1864, aged 18y 11m 26d, son of Jacob and Catharine Clemens


Henry N. CLEMENS 5/12/1838-4/19/1897, aged 58y 11m 7d


Henry O. CLEMENS 10/14/1810-9/25/1890, aged 79y 11m 11d


Ida N. CLEMENS 1/14/1890-1/22/1916, aged 26y 8d


Infant CLEMENS b. 5/27/1888, son of George and Lovina Clemens


Isaac CLEMENS 7/30/1881-8/19/1882, aged 1y 19d, son of Isaac and Ann Clemens


Isaac K. CLEMENS 1813-1895, with Mary CLEMENS 1818-1911, and Henry 1839-1844


Isaac N. CLEMENS 2/27/1852-7/19/1904, aged 52y 4m 21d


Jacob CLEMENS 4/1/1782-4/9/1853, aged 71y 8d


Jacob CLEMENS d. 7/11/1838, aged 21y 1m 6d


Jacob CLEMENS 10/17/1814-8/17/1887, aged 72y 10m


Jacob A. CLEMENS 11/18/1876-4/22/1877, aged 5m 4d, son of Isaac and Anna Clemens


Jacob K. CLEMENS 11/9/1820-7/18/1888, aged 67y 8m 9d


Johannes CLEMENS 7/18/1780-3/29/1810, aged 30y 8m 1w 3d


Johannes CLEMENS d. 3/25/1831, aged 70y 4m 27d


John B. CLEMENS 10/8/1853-2/14/1935, aged 81y 4m 6d


John C. CLEMENS 10/17/1814-1/1/1890, aged 75y 2m 14d


John R. CLEMENS 7/8/1888-4/2/1915, aged 26y 8m 24d


Lovina S. CLEMENS 6/8/1852-3/13/1938, aged 85y 9m 5d


Luke T. CLEMENS b. and d. 3/28/1925, son of Geo. A. and Susie B. Clemens


Manasses C. CLEMENS 1856-1929, with Mary K. CLEMENS 1859-1900, and Florence B. 1890-1893


Maria CLEMENS 11/15/1761-9/11/1823, aged 61y 10m 4d(sic)


Mary CLEMENS 12/28/1870-9/14/1871, aged 8m 17d, daughter of John and Angeline Clemens


Mary Anna CLEMENS 8/13/1846-10/18/1853, aged 7y 2m 5d, daughter of Jacob and Catharine Clemens


Meno S. CLEMENS 1872-1950, with Elle E. CLEMENS 1873-1953


Morris W. CLEMENS 10/6/1866-4/12/1900, aged 33y 6m 6d, son of Jacob and Angeline Clemens


Russell T. CLEMENS 10/13/1901-4/5/1904, son of George A. and Susie B. Clemens


Sallie B. CLEMENS 7/10/1859-10/25/1910, aged 51y 3m 15d, wife of John B. Clemens


Sallie K. CLEMENS 4/14/1872-8/5/1945, aged 73y 3m 21d, nee Delp


Sara CLEMENS d. 5/3/1843, aged 2y


Sarah CLEMENS 2/27/1795-10/24/1845, wife of Jacob Clemens, nee Detweiler


William CLEMENS 3/30/1831-4/4/1863, aged 32y 5d


Wilmer A. CLEMENS 1894-1963, P.F.C. Co. C 316 Inf. WWI


Aaron CLEMER 12/6/1828-12/16/1882, aged 54y


Johannes CLEMER d. 12/14/1836, aged 80y, Revolutionary War Veteran


John CLEMER 8/28/1793-3/11/1883, aged 89y 6m 16d


Margret CLEMER d. 1/11/1841, aged 82y 5m 9d


Maria CLEMER 2/15/1851-12/9/1852, aged 1y 9m 25d, daughter of John and Magdalena Clemer


Mary CLEMER 3/1/1800-2/3/1882, aged 81y 11m 2d


Annie D. CLEMMER 12/4/1863-10/27/1927, aged 63y 10m 23d


Annie K. CLEMMER 10/5/1885-10/29/1891, aged 6y 24d, daughter of Henry and Maria Clemmer


Benjamin L. CLEMMER 1/4/1868-8/9/1886, aged 23y 7m 5d, son of Simeon and Sallie Clemmer


Elizabeth K. CLEMMER 7/24/1863-8/26/1932, aged 69y 1m 2d


Harry Leroy A. CLEMMER 3/5/1903-7/11/1903, son of Meno and Agnes Clemmer


Henry CLEMMER 4/3/1873-4/19/1875, son of Joseph and Anna Clemmer


Pre. Henry CLEMMER 11/12/1849-11/23/1936, aged 87y 11d, served as Deacon for 29(?) yrs. And as Minister of the Gospel for 28(?) yrs.


Infant CLEMMER b. and d. 5/1894, son of John and Kate Clemmer


Isaac M. CLEMMER 9/13/1858-2/25/1925, aged 66y 5m 12d


Jacob Howard CLEMMER 3/20/1887-8/24/1887, aged 5m 4d, son of John and Elizabeth Clemmer


Jacob L. CLEMMER 1901-1965, with Edna B. CLEMMER 1902-1989, and daughter Ada N. CLEMMER 1931-2004


John K. CLEMMER 2/9/1883-7/15/1892, aged 9y 5m 6d, son of Henry and Mary Clemmer


John K. CLEMMER 9/1/1861-4/16/1916, aged 54y 7m 15d


John M. CLEMMER d. 2/2/1811, aged 57y 5m 8d


John S. CLEMMER 10/3/1824-7/16/1889, aged 64y 9m 13d


Magdalena CLEMMER 10/14/1822-6/17/1922, aged 99y 8m 3d, wife of John S. Clemmer


Martha F. CLEMMER 9/14/1908-4/27/1911, aged 2y 7m 13d, daughter of John K. and Elizabeth Clemmer


Mary L. CLEMMER 8/16/1837-6/5/1928, aged 70y 8m 19d, wife of Pre. Henry Clemmer


Sarah CLEMMER 3/11/1791-8/28/1868, aged 77y 5m 17d


Sarah D. CLEMMER 6/10/1838-10/23/1911, aged 73y 4m 13d


Simeon S. CLEMMER 3/21/1834-9/1/1911, aged 77y 5m 10d


Walter Franklin A. CLEMMER 5/18/1887-8/31/1887, aged 3m 13d, son of Meno and Agnes Clemmer


A. CUSTER 3/9/1839-12/6/1844, aged 5y 8m 26d


Anna CUSTER 5/23/1850-7/7/1871, aged 21y 1m 15d


Daniel CUSTER 12/14/1816-2/14/1855, aged 38y 2m


Henry D. CUSTER 2/24/1844-3/24/1869, aged 27y 1m


Sarah CUSTER 7/9/1816-4/27/1909, aged 86y 9m 18d, wife of Daniel Custer


E. D. 1837


H. A. D. 1801


Polly DEHOVEN 1842, aged 75y


Abraham DELP 12/18/1813-4/5/1893, aged 79y 3m 17d


Bertha N. DELP 7/14/1900-3/29/1901, aged 8m 15d, daughter of Joseph and Mary Delp


Edwin D. DELP 1/17/1865-8/28/1924, with Barbara M. DELP b. 7/30/1869


Elias S. DELP 8/22/1839-11/24/1912, aged 73y 3m 2d


Elisabeth DELP d. 1861


Elizabeth DELP 9/22/1840-7/12/1906, aged 65y 9m 20d, wife of Eli Delp


Elizabeth DELP 6/6/1815-9/29/1894, aged 79yy 3m 23d, wife of Abraham G. Delp


Garret DELP 9/12/1815-4/7/1890, aged 74y 6m 25d


George DELP 5/4/1784-11/3/1866, aged 82y 5m 29d


George Washington DELP 7/4/1871-5/20/1877, aged 5y 10m 16d, son of Elias and Elizabeth Delp


Henry C. DELP 2/1/1846-2/5/1910, aged 64y 4d


John DELP 7/29/1797-11/2/1881, aged 84y 3m 3d


Joseph S. DELP 7/24/1856-7/17/1914, aged 58y 11m 23d


Kate K. DELP 3/9/1847-3/30/1926, aged 79y 21d


Mary Ann DELP 1/14/1859-3/15/1930, aged 71y 2m 1d


Rachel DELP 4/13/1801-11/9/1881, aged 80y 6m 26d, wife of John Delp


Sallie DELP 8/25/1817-4/9/1889, aged 71y 7m 14d, wife of Garret Delp


Warren N. DELP 1/26/1885-6/13/1968, with Fannie O. DELP 2/21/1889-4/16/1916


Eugene S. DENGLER 1873-1943, with Sarah D. DENGLER 1885-1974


Isaac L. DERSTINE 1867-1939, with Annie R. DERSTINE 1866-1961, Annie R. 1875-1895, and Harvey S. 1899-1954


Susan S. DERSTINE 8/3/1858-10/25/1911


Joseph DETERY 9/23/1802-6/16/1854, aged 51y, married Sara Friedrich 1/10/1830


Catharine DETTERY d. 2/15/1847


Henrich DETTERY d. 11/14/1849


Sarah DETTERY 11/17/1803-11/8/1849, aged 45y 11m 21d(?), nee Friederich


Benjamin M. DETWEILER 6/3/1793-3/22/1868, aged 71y 9m 19d


Elisabeth DETWEILER 2/7/1802-6/24/1853, aged 51y 4m 17d, wife of Henrich Detweiler, nee Jung(?)


Henrich DETWEILER 6/12/1798-9/14/1868, aged 70y 3m 2d


Joseph DETWEILER 12/25/1821-12/20/1893, aged 71y 11m 26d


Magdalena DETWEILER 6/3/1798-4/26/1873, aged 74y 10m 23d, wife of Benjamin Detweiler, nee Moyer


Rebecca DETWEILER 7/1/1830-2/3/1878, aged 47y 7m 2d, wife of Joseph M. Detweiler


Salome DETWEILER d. 9/3/1852, daughter of Joseph and Rebecca Detweiler


Susan M. DETWEILER d. 2/13/1946, aged 81y 4m 28d


Abram R. DETWILER 10/4/1851-6/20/1926, aged 74y 8m 16d


Catharina DETWILER 2/27/1819-9/12/1878, aged 59y 6m 15d, wife of Samuel Detwiler


Hughes DETWILER d. 10/20/1861, aged 8y 2m 2?d, son of Joseph and Rebecca Detwiler


Jacob DETWILER d. 2/23/1862, aged 1m 9d, son of Samuel and Catharina Detwiler


Kate DETWILER 6/18/1856-12/2/1897, aged 41y 5m 14d, wife of Abrm. R. Detwiler


Samuel M.(?) DETWILER 3/10/1825-2/15/1890, aged 64y 11m 5d


Joseph R. DRISSEL 4/28/1827-11/15/1897, aged 70y 6m 17d


Mary DRISSEL 8/13/1833-5/7/1898, aged 64y 8m 24d


Almira EISENHART 7/29/1856-8/18/1859, aged 3y 19d, daughter of Joseph and Catharine Eisenhart


Isiah S. EISENHART 4/8/1864-7/17/1869, aged 5y 3m 9d


Minerva S. EISENHART 11/25/1857-10/17/1870, aged 12y 10m 22d


Henry ELLENBERG 1842-1919


Oscar F. ERNEY 1873-1960


Martha Lederach ESPENSHIP 4/23/1866-7/23/1899, aged 33y 3m, wife of Augustus M. Espenship


Harvey FREDERICH 10/19/1877-5/19/1878, son of Joseph and Deborah Frederich


Abbie FREDERICK 10/15/1825-12/1/1908, aged 78y, wife of Joseph Frederick


Ann FREDERICK d. 1837, aged 8y


Anna FREDERICK 8/17/1809-2/7/1884, aged 74y 5m 20d


Benj. M. FREDERICK 3/4/1837-2/21/1895, aged 57y 11m 17d


Catharine FREDERICK d. 8/24/1875, aged 71y 11m 19d


Catherine FREDERICK d. 1837, aged 3y


Deborah FREDERICK d. 12/9/1863, aged 17y 11m 19d, daughter of George and Catharine Frederick


Geo. FREDERICK d. 1837, aged 7y


George FREDERICK d. 3/15/1867, aged 74y(?) 20d


Henry C. FREDERICK 4/22/1851-9/21/1925


Joseph L. FREDERICK 5/20/1820-6/13/1880, aged 60y 23d


Maria FREDERICK d. 1837, aged 6y(?)


Samuel FREDERICK d. 1837, aged 2y


Samuel FREDERICK 1/30/1806-11/8/1886, aged 80y 9m 8d


William Grant FREDERICK 3/7/1870-11/18/1874, son of William ------ and Mary Frederick


John M. FREDRICK 3/10/1831-8/21/1880, aged 49y 5m 21d


Jones W. FREDRICK d. 2/8/1855, aged 24y


Abraham K. FREED 1855-1918


Anna FREED 11/2/1830-4/12/1852, aged 21y 5m 10d, wife of Jacob Freed, nee Ratzel


Catharina FREED 2/3/1798-2/16/1879, aged 81y 13d, wife of Johannes Freed, nee Kolb


Catharina FREED d. 10/11/1856, aged 13m 19d, daughter of Jacob and Eliza Freed


Charles FREED d. 8/22/1852, aged 11m 10d, son of Jacob and Eliza Freed


Elias K. FREED  View 2  View 3  View 4  7/1/1830-5/28/1911(?), with wife Elizabeth K. Shutt FREED 7/18/1833-1/18/189?, and son Weston Dodson FREED 1/23/1876-7/25/19??


Elizabeth FREED 9/30/1831-2/6/1877, aged 45y 4m 6d, wife of Jacob Freed, nee Kratz


Harrison Z. FREED 2/16/1889-7/9/1914


Isaac K. FREED 1859-1925, with Elizabeth A. FREED 1860-1944


Jacob K. FREED 5/24/1825-2/21/1890, aged 64y 8m 27d


Johann FREED 10/21/1792-9/28/1881, aged 88y


Mary K. FREED 1/1/1858-3/1/1938, aged 80y 2m


Reinhard Z. FREED 7/9/1880-4/19/1918


Sarah FREED d. 1/25/1868, aged 2m 20d


Peter FREET d. 1791, aged 76y


Barbara FREIT 1773


Barbara FREIT 1773


Lizzie FRETZ 2/6/1874-11/18/1894, aged 20y 2m 12d, wife of Garret D. Fretz


Sallie FRIDERICH 1/15/1798-4/3/1883, aged 85y 2m 19d, wife of Benjamin Friderich


Anna FRIDRICH 10/25/1772-9/28/1859, aged 87y 11m 3d, nee Hendrich


Margaretha FRIDRICH 9/11/1811-10/11/1874, daughter of John and Anna Fridrich


Maria FRIED 3/11/1835-2/13/1864, wife of Johannes K. Fried, daughter of Joseph and Catharine Alderfer


Anna FRIEDERICH 3/1/1821-6/4/1846


Benjamin FRIEDERICH 6/15/1827-1/8/1854, aged 26y 6m 23d


Catharina FRIEDERICH 3/31/1822-12/11/1888, wife of Joseph Friederich


Catharina FRIEDERICH 5/30/1781-6/30/1851, aged 67y 1m, married Heinrich Friederich 1805, married 17y(?), 5 sons, 1(?) daughter


Catharine FRIEDERICH 3/15/1789-1/4/1849, aged 59y 9m 19d, wife of George Friederich, nee Weil


George FRIEDERICH 1/1/1846-8/9/1847, aged 1y 7m 8d, son of Joseph and Abigail Friederich


George FRIEDERICH 6/17/1782-6/11/1856


George FRIEDERICH 9/9/1849-12/31/1850


Hannah FRIEDERICH 11/28/1864-12/19/1865, daughter of Joseph and Abigail Friederich


Joseph FRIEDERICH 7/22/1811-8/31/1871, aged 6?y 1m 9d


Joseph FRIEDERICH 3/19/1853-11/8/1857, aged 4y 5m 19d, son of Joseph and Abigail Friederich


Peter FRIEDERICH 1/10/1813-3/29/1830, aged 17y 1m 19d


Unknown FRIEDERICH's 1867 and 1871, children of Joseph and A. Friederich


Henry FRIEDERICK 1777-1822, aged 44y 11m


Maria FRIEDERICK 1801-1927, aged 26y 1m ?d


Benjamin FRIEDRICH 3/28/1792-3/30/1863, aged 71y 2d, husband of Sarah Friedrich


Esther FRIEDRICH 9/24/1842-2/13/1868, aged 43y 4m 19d (sic)


George FRIEDRICH 10/18/1820-10/11/1846, aged 25y 11m 14d


Johannes FRIEDRICH 6/15/1769-12/17/1841, aged 72y 6m 2d


Unknown FRIEDRICK 1849, child of J. and A.(?) Friedrick


A. FUNK 1842, aged 60y, probably Abraham


Abraham GARGES 7/17/1867-9/7/1870, son of Henry and Mary Garges


Abraham GARGES 9/15/1779-7/10/1859, aged 79y


Henry P. GARGES 4/9/1843-7/14/1931, aged 88y 3m 5d


Jacob GARGES 5/12/1870-8/22/1871, aged 1y 3m 10d, son of Henry and Mary Garges


Jacob H. GARGES 5/7/1866-12/25/1931, with Elizabeth Z. GARGES 9/12/1864-11/23/1953, and Bessie Z. GARGES 1897-1972


Mary GARGES 9/1/1841-2/9/1915, aged 73y 5m 3d, wife of Henry P. Garges


Philavina GARGES 7/11/1800-10/31/1883, aged 83y 3m 20d


William GARGES 2/28/1882-11/24/1884, aged 2y 8m 6d, son of Henry and Mary Garges


Morris B. GEHMAN 9/4/1884-4/12/1928, aged 43y 7m 8d


Abraham GERGES 3/30/1810-1/14/1846, aged 35y 9m 15d


Elisabeth GERGES 1/29/1772-4/2/1855, aged 83y 2m 3d


Henry L. GERGES 8/19/1812-10/26/1900, aged 88y 2m 7d


Susanna GERGES 12/8/1818-3/22/1878, aged 59y 3m 14d, wife of Henry Gerges


Barbera GODSHALK 5/1841-5/1904, aged 63y


Frederick GODSHALK 1/1840-1/1902, aged 62y


Henry C. GODSHALK 11/13/1803-12/25/1855, aged 52y 1m 12d


Irvin Z. GODSHALK 7/5/1862-4/25/1885, aged 22y 9m 20d


Sarah GODSHALK 7/27/1813-9/8/1846, aged 33y 1m 12d, wife of Henry Godshalk


Enos M. GODSHALL 2/22/1866-1/27/1927


Harry GODSHALL 12/28/1864-11/18/1896, aged 31y 10m 20d


Julia S. GODSHALL 11/11/1869-4/20/1950, wife of Enos M. Godshall


Anna GOTTSCHALL 2/19/1836-10/31/1873, wife of Henrich Gottschall, nee Clemens


Irvin GOTTSCHALL 8/30/1871-3/30/1873, son of William and Sarah Gottschall


Margaretha GOTTSCHALL 12/27/1817-4/5/1884, aged 66y 3m 8d, wife of William H. Gottschall, nee Kratz


Joseph Clifford GOTTSHALK 2/11/1892-12/14/1894, aged 2y 10m 3d




Barbara C. GOTTSHALL 9/29/1844-7/31/1921, aged 76y 10m 2d


Benjamin GOTTSHALL 11/19/1862-5/3/1864, son of William and Sarah Gottshall


Henry H. GOTTSHALL 11/28/1891-4/8/1908, son of William and Amanda Gottshall


Henry K. GOTTSHALL 11/18/1841-4/22/1908, aged 66y 5m 4d


Infant GOTTSHALL d. 8/8/1912, child of Jacob and Barbara Gottshall


Jacob H. GOTTSHALL 4/29/1893-12/25/1899, aged 6y 7m 26d, son of William and Amanda Gottshall


Mary B. GOTTSHALL 12/9/1845-12/19/1918, aged 73y 10d, nee Nyce(?)


Sallie H. GOTTSHALL d. 9/7/1890, aged 10d, daughter of William and Amanda Gottshall


Sarah GOTTSHALL 7/27/1837-3/24/1891, aged 53y 7m 27d, wife of William K. Gottshall, nee Detweiler


William C. GOTTSHALL 1869-1949, with Amanda M. GOTTSHALL 1871-1946


William H. GOTTSHALL 11/7/1896-9/4/1898, aged 1y 9m 27d, son of William and Amanda Gottshall


William H. GOTTSHALL 10/8/1812-5/19/1906, aged 93y 7m 11d


William K. GOTTSHALL d. 12/12/1917, aged 77y 10m 1d


Harry J. GREASER 4/17/1858-8/11/1931, with Mary Ann GREASER 8/9/1861-8/27/1944


Mary P. GREASER 5/27/1900-8/12/1900


Samuel Z. GREASER 1888-1987, with Rae B. GREASER 1892-1965


Peter GREIS d. 12/13/1857, aged 39y 5m 5d


William GREIS 9/27/1853-4/8/1864, aged 8y 6m 11d


Abraham A. GROFF 3/4/1858-1/28/1929, aged 70y 10m 24d


Alverda B. GROFF 1/15/1899-7/22/1899, aged 6m 6d, daughter of Benjamin and Annie Groff


Anna M. GROFF 7/31/1866-7/22/1944


Anna N. GROFF 10/6/1834-11/16/1913, aged 79y 1m 10d


Annie Viola GROFF 3/1/1900-7/17/1900, aged 4m 16d, daughter of Benjamin A. and Annie Groff


Benj. A. GROFF 4/30/1866-1/14/1928


Benjamin M. GROFF 8/14/1889-8/2/1890, son of Abraham and Catharine Groff


Catharina GROFF 1761-10/1844, aged 83y, wife of Johannes Groff


Catharine K. GROFF 10/9/1861-12/9/1910, aged 49y 2m, wife of Abraham A. Groff


Edna R. GROFF 6/21/1895-2/16/1902, aged 6y 7m 25d, daughter of Elwood and Minerva Groff


Elwood A. GROFF 1870-1948, with Minerva R. GROFF 1877-1945


Elwood B. GROFF 11/28/1892-5/1/1909, son of Benj. A. and Annie Groff


Emma GROFF 1848-1927, with Infant d. 1870


Henry A. GROFF 1860-1934, with Emma K. GROFF 1861-1934


Henry G. GROFF M.D. 1830-1910, with Hannah C. GROFF 1837-1917, and Isaac D. 1857-1858


Infant GROFF d. 3/11/1890, aged 1d, son of Henry A. and Emma Groff


Infant GROFF b. 6/28/1898, son of Abraham and Catharine Groff


Jacob B. GROFF 5/29/1889-1/10/1891, aged 1y 7m 11d, son of Benj. and Annie Groff


Jacob B. GROFF 5/29/1889-1/10/1891, aged 1y 7m 11d, son of Benj. and Annie Groff


Jacob M. GROFF 1893-1970, PVT FLD REGT SQ 319 WWI


Jacob S. GROFF 11/5/1836-4/21/1908, aged 71y 5m 16d


Lizzie M. GROFF 6/25/1891-4/21/1929, aged 37y 9m 26d


Ephraim GROMAN 9/26/1868-9/12/1901, aged 32y 11m 17d


Henry Z. GRUBB 1872-1949, with Annie W. GRUBB 1869-1931, and Rhine S. 1905-1905


H. O. H. 1829, aged 69y 8m


I. H. 1790


M. C. H. d. 11/23/1800


Mathais HAGMEYER von wictenberg(?), 1/13/1829-1/16/1855, aged 26y 3d


Benjamin HALTAMAN 4/5/1829-12/8/1873, aged 44y 8m 3d, married to Margaret Bergey(?)


Abraham HALTEMAN aged 9m


Annie S. HALTEMAN 5/28/1885-7/27/1918, aged 33y 1m 29d


Christian HALTEMAN d. 7/19/1825, aged 11y 9m 6d


Christian HALTEMAN d. 7/6/1855, aged 89y 1m 12d


Elizabeth W. HALTEMAN 12/22/1858-12/8/1931, aged 72y 11m 16d


Esther HALTEMAN 6/10/1786-10/21/1871, aged 88y 4m 11d, wife of Isaac Halteman, nee Herrstein


Hannah Nyce HALTEMAN 8/28/1817-1/31/1905, aged 87y 5m 3d, wife of Joseph Halteman


Horace HALTEMAN with Morace, 1882, sons of I. and L. Halteman


Isaac HALTEMAN 12/4/1785-4/8/1870, aged 84y 4m 4d


Israel N. HALTEMAN 5/23/1854-4/23/1935, aged 80y 11m


Israel S. HALTEMAN 1/5/1905-3/16/1921, aged 16y 2m 11d


Johanes HALTEMAN 12/9/1811-5/13/1850, aged 38y 5m 4d


Joseph HALTEMAN 5/27/1828-8/24/1912, aged 86y 2m 27d


Lizzie S. HALTEMAN 4/7/1899-5/3/1966, aged 67y 26d


Magdalena HALTEMAN d. 2/28/1837, aged 87y 2m 4d


Nicholas HALTEMAN  View 2  with Mary Halteman, Founding trustee of Salford Church, Progenitor of the Halteman Mennonites of North America, Immigrated from Bern Switzerland, Settled in Lower Salford in 1727, Died in 1762, Erected in 1991 by Weber Halteman Reunion


Martin HAM--- 1793


Ann HECHLER d. 1/4/1860, aged 67y 4m 3d


David HECHLER d. 1/21/1866, aged 82y 9m 10d


David HECHLER 6/30/1846-11/10/1851, aged 8y 4m 10d, son of Joseph and Susanna Hechler


Franica HECHLER d. 4/1/1865, aged 81y, wife of Jacob Hechler


Jacob HECHLER d. 12/13/1837, aged 56y


Maria HECHLER d. 4/8/1852, aged 41y 12d, wife of Jacob Kolb and Johannes Hechler, nee Schwartley


Susanna HECHLER 11/14/1814-10/20/1871, aged 56y 11m 6d, wife of Joseph Hechler, nee Reiff


Tobias HECHLER 8/14/1849-12/14/1857, aged 8y 4m, son of Joseph and Susanna Hechler


Barbara HECKLER d. 9/1822, abt 57y


Catharine HECKLER 12/1/1857-3/1/1877, aged 19y 8m, daughter of Joseph and Susan Heckler


Christina HECKLER d. 3/16/1832, aged 91y 5m 6d, wife of George Heckler, nee Freed


Elizabeth H. HECKLER 8/5/1848-8/15/1918, aged 70y 10d


George HECKLER d. 8/28/1816, aged 80y 4m


George P. HECKLER 3/19/1825-3/21/1896, aged 71y 2d


Harry Clayton HECKLER 4/27/1871-2/5/1906, aged 34y 8m 9d, son of Jacob N. and Lizzie Heckler


Harry M. HECKLER 2/10/1867-12/18/1951, with Ella C. HECKLER 6/24/1869-3/23/1949


Henry N. HECKLER 1840-1909, with Elizabeth H. HECKLER 1843-1920, and Elizabeth M. HECKLER 1881-1973


Irena HECKLER 12/5/1871-5/30/1877, daughter of Jacob N. and Lizzie Heckler


Jacob N. HECKLER 11/16/1842-4/4/1910, aged 67y 4m 18d


Joseph HECKLER 2/14/1878-9/17/1924, son of Jacob and Lizzie Heckler


Joseph D. HECKLER 5/1/1808-7/19/1896, aged 88y 2m 12d


Lizzie HECKLER d. 4/10/1889, aged 1y 2m 13d, daughter of Jacob and Lizzie Heckler


Michael HECKLER d. 1796, aged 24y 2m


Susan N. HECKLER 1/6/1853-7/23/1902, aged 49y 6m 16d


Sarah HEDRICK d. 10/9/1855, aged 36y 1m 17d


Susana HEFFENTRAGER 10/11/1811-11/24/1889, wife of Jacob Heffentrager, nee Kensie


Abraham HENDRICKS aged 1y 10m 15d




Elizabeth HENDRICKS 5/22/1799-8/28/1851, aged 52y 3m 6d


Jesaias HENDRICKS aged 12y 11m 2d


John HENDRICKS 9/14/1797-6/11/1883, aged 85y 8m 27d


Elizabeth HESS 9/30/1835-10/10/1895, aged 60y 10d, wife of Samuel M. Hess, nee Trumbour


Annie C. HILDEBRAND 4/21/1842-3/26/1907, aged 64y 11m 5d, wife of Charles Hildebrand


Charles M. HILDEBRAND 11/9/1857-9/15/1895, aged 37y 10m 6d


G. Henry HILDEBRAND 1881-1942, with Ellenor H. HILDEBRAND 1882-1959


Hannah HOESE 3/18/1814-1/9/1869, aged 54y 9m 22d, wife of Abraham Kolb 10y(?), and Friederich Hoese 25y(?), 5 sons and 2 daughters, nee Landes


Heinrich HOESE 8/17/1860-12/24/1870, aged 10y 4m 7d, son of Friedrich and Hanna Hoese


Johann L. HOESE 3/29/1852-11/15/1856


William HOESE 8/10/1854-2/28/1863, aged 8y 6m 20d (sic), son of Friederich and Hanna Hoese


Dorothy HOFFMAN 1910-1925


Earnest M. HOFFMAN d. 1920, aged 8m 12d




Violet M. HOFFMAN 1910-1918


Violet M. HOFFMAN 1914-1915


William G. HOFFMAN 2/22/1886-2/9/1971, and Emma G. HOFFMAN 5/11/1888-6/10/1964


Ann HORING 4/22/1828-5/25/1885, wife of Daniel Horing


Catharina HORING 1/8/1810-5/16/1880, aged 70y 4m 8d, wife of Johannes Horing, nee Berge


Catharina HORING 2/8/1807-1/18/1821


Conrad HORING 6/10/1778-3/9/1870, aged 91y 8m 29d


Daniel HORING 11/17/1823-1/25/1868, aged 44y 2m 8d, husband of Anna Schwartley


Elisabeth HORING 3/8/1821-10/13/1848, aged 27y 7m 5d


Ida HORING 2/6/1784-7/22/1866, aged 82y, wife of Conrad Horing, nee Clemmer


Johannes HORING 11/20/1809-11/2/1904, aged 94y 11m 13d


Maria HORING 2/2/1818-2/8/1842


D.(?) HORNING 1793, Ana(?) Kratz(?)


Margaretha HUBLER 7/10/1786-5/11/1813, aged 26y 10m 1d


Abram A. HUNSBERGER 8/19/1852-12/25/1915, aged 63y 4m 6d


Catharina HUNSBERGER 5/13/1870-8/23/1872, daughter of Abraham and Elis.(?) Hunsberger


Cathrine Gottshall HUNSBERGER 8/30/1856-4/27/1883, aged 26y 7m 27d, wife of Levi A. Hunsberger


Elisabeth HUNSBERGER 9/10/1850-12/18/1878, aged 28y 3m 8d, wife of A. A. Hunsberger, nee Clemens


Henry S. HUNSBERGER 5/20/1876-8/1/1877, aged 1y 2m 11d, son of Peter and Mary Hunsberger




Levi A. HUNSBERGER 2/6/1858-1/3/1881, aged 22y 10m 28d


Levi G. HUNSBERGER 2/6/1881-8/27/1889, aged 8y 6m 21d, son of Levi A. and Katie Hunsberger


Margaretha HUNSBERGER 8/4/1832-10/25/1873, aged 41y 2m 21, wife of Peter Hunsberger, nee Alderfer


Sarah HUNSBERGER 7/2/1855-4/24/1879, aged 23y 9m 22d, daughter of Peter and Margaretha Hunsberger






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