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Barbara Cornner BOOZ 8/?/1817-2/28/1889, aged 71y 6m ?d, wife of Daniel Booz


Minnie M. BOOZ aged 2y 28d, daughter of Jacob and Lydia Booz


James W. BUSTARD 7/16/1810-7/27/1884, aged 74y 11d


Elizabeth P. CASSEL 9/1/1821-1/30/1895, aged 73y 4m 29d, 2nd wife of Samuel H. Cassel, daughter of Rev. Wm. W. and Mary Reiff Price


Samuel H. CASSEL 10/28/1809-2/17/1894, aged 84y 3m 19d, son of Yellis and Maria Harley Cassel


Robert O. HANNON 1902-1969


Elizabeth HARLEY 18??-?, wife of Jacob Harley


Jacob K. HARLEY 12/22/1825-4/3/1903, aged 77y 3m 11d, son of John S. and Cath. Klein Harley


Sarah S. HARLEY 4/9/1833-11/10/1895, aged 62y 7m 1d, wife of Jacob K. Harley, daughter of Jacob K. and Ann Stauffer Stover


Unknown HARLEY 1859(?)-1929(?)


Sarah KEELY 1/1/1797-?/2?/1885, aged 88y 4m(?) 25d


Lydia KURTZ 3/29/1817-10/4/1853, aged 36y 6m 6d, wife of Elias who died in Ohio, daughter of Rev. Wm. And Mary Reiff Price


Abram M. LANDIS 9/10/1860-2/16/1899, aged 38y 5m 6d, son of Abraham K. and Mary Moyer Landis


Infant LANDIS b. 1/8/1888, aged 1d, son of Abraham M. and Lizzie Landis


Infant LANDIS b. and d. 1/29/1890, son of Abraham M. and Lizzie Landis


Anna MEYER 4/2/1816-5/16/1852, aged 36y 1m 16d, wife of Daniel L. Meyer, daughter of Daniel and Mary Anderson Price


Christina MOYER 1/23/1819-10/4/1892, aged 73y 8m 11d, wife of Jacob D. Moyer, daughter of Jacob and Mary Price


Daniel L. MOYER 11/13/1807-2/12/1881, aged 73y 2m 29d, son of Christian and Mary Landis Moyer


Henry G. MOYER 12/6/1876-7/27/1877, aged 1y 7m 21d


Jacob D. MOYER 12/20/1813-11/15/1882, aged 68y 10m 25d, son of Jacob and Sarah Detweiler Moyer, m. 1st Barbara Ann Shoemaker and 2nd Christina Price


Lizzie P. MOYER 11/1/1857-5/1/1862, aged 5y 6m, daughter of Jacob D. and Christina Moyer


Benjamin G. NICE 11/29/1860-3/10/1875, aged 14y 3m 11d, son of John and Salome Nice


Catharina NICE 7/1/1786-11/12/1869, aged 83y 4m 11d, wife of John Nice, daughter of Wm. And Cath. Reiff Price


Emma NICE 11/30/1846-7/19/1901, wife of John H. Nice, daughter of Wm. and Susanna Reed


George NICE b. 5/2/1852


Johannes NICE 12/12/1779-11/22/1857, aged 78y 11m 10d


John H. NICE son of ?


John P. NICE 12/18/1817-7/18/1889, aged 71y 7m, son of John and Catharine Price Nyce


Lizzie NICE 4/18/1882-3/9/1883, daughter of William and Barbara Nice


Sarah Hagey NICE 3/23/1823-1/20/1885, aged 61y 9m 27d, wife of William Nice


Sarah Verda NICE d. 5/12/1889, aged 16y 2m 12d, daughter of John H. and Emma Nice


Elder William NYCE 5/18/1822-2/27/1889, aged 66y 9m 9d


H. G. P. 


Hana PREISIN 1783


Daniel PREISZ d. 2/11/1804, aged 80y 2m


Unknown PREISZ possibly Hannah, wife of Daniel Preisz, 10/14/1726-7/6/1796


PRICE In memory of Jacob Price and his Decendants who died between 1719 - 1783, Names Unknown, Erected by Descendants and Friends, 1923


Abraham H. PRICE   View 2    2/23/1816-12/23/1897, aged 81y 10m


Abraham H. PRICE 3/?/1877-5/2/1882, aged 5y 1m 4d, son of Mathias and Sarah Price


Abraham H. PRICE 1865-1945, with Sadie R. PRICE 1876-1904


Barbara Andrew PRICE 9/4/1751-10/22/1837, aged 86y 1m 22d, 2nd wife of John Price


Charles A. PRICE 2/25/1837-8/3/1861, aged 24y 5m 9d


Daniel PRICE 1/14/1767-1/12/1830, aged 63y less 5d


Daniel Hartsell PRICE 9/8/1868-1/19/1941, husband of Sarah Jane Price


Daniel W. PRICE 8/2/1785-3/8/1862, aged 76y 7m 6d, son of Rev. John and Eliz. Weidner Price


Elinor H. PRICE 1899-1949


Elizabeth PRICE 11/15/1812-10/30/1851, aged 38y, wife of Jonas Price, daughter of Henry and Catharine Harley


Elizabeth PRICE 10/17/1824-1/22/1868, aged 43y 3m 5d, wife of Jonas Price, daughter of Samuel and Eliz. Herley


Elizabeth PRICE 2/16/1816-11/20/1874, aged 58y 9m 4d, 1st wife of Abraham H. Price, nee Reiff


Elmer A. PRICE 8/9/1888-7/24/1889, aged 11m 15d, son of ? and Susanna Price


Emma PRICE 12/24/1870-6/1/1871, aged 5m 7d, daughter of Jacob and Catharine Price


Eva Urffer PRICE 6/18/1903-12/25/1991


Evana PRICE 4/4/1868-5/22/1871, aged 3y 1m 18d, daughter of Daniel C. and Sarah Price


Henry PRICE 9/22/1834-4/15/1869, aged 35y 6m 23d


Henry PRICE d. 8/16/1847, aged 2y 9m 25d, son of Jonas and Eliz. Price


Henry G. PRICE 6/22/1823-9/18/1891, aged 68y 4m 26d


Jacob PRICE 6/9/1791-9/12/1868, aged 78y 3m 3d


Rev. John PRICE d. 9/7/1829, aged 77y 9m 2d, son of Daniel and Hannah Weickerd Price


John Edward PRICE 1893-1959


Lizzie PRICE daughter of Jonas and Elizabeth Price


Margaret PRICE 5/24/1773-2/17/1846, aged 72y 8m 24d, wife of Daniel Price, nee Kline


Mary PRICE 10/8/1792-4/12/1881, aged 88y 6m 4d, wife of Rev. Jacob Price, daughter of Abraham and

Christina Giesby Harley


Mary PRICE 7/25/1794-10/16/1873, aged 79y 2m 21d


Mary PRICE d. 8/17/1847, aged 4y 5m 27d, daughter of Jonas and Eliz. (Harley) Price


Mary PRICE 1/8/1797-11/20/1886, aged 89y 10m 12d, wife of Daniel W. Price


Mary PRICE 1/17/1803-11/19/1869, aged 66y 10m 2d, wife of George Price


Mary G. PRICE 3/10/1854-7/29/1855, aged 1y 4m 19d, daughter of Daniel and Sarah Price


Penrose H. PRICE 10/20/1898-11/14/1956


Sallie F. PRICE 10/21/1890-6/20/1895, aged 4y 7m 29d, daughter of Franklin H. and Malinda E. Price


Sara PRICE d. 11/7/1855, aged 5y 10m 9d, daughter of Jonas and Eliz. Price


Sarah PRICE 9/22/1831-6/18/1889, aged 57y 8m 26d, wife of A. H. Price, daughter of Geo. C. and Elizabeth Reiff


Sarah Jane Hunsberger PRICE 9/29/1874-1/26/1942, wife of Daniel H. Price


Susanna H. PRICE 3/16/1833-3/30/1923, aged 90y 14d


Susie PRICE 9/7/1879-8/18/1892, aged 12y 11m 11d, daughter of Abraham and Susanna Price


Unknown PRICE 


William PRICE 11/16/1857-10/8/1860, aged 2y 10m 22d, son of Henry G. and Susanna Hartsell Price


William PRICE d. 1826, aged 3y 1m 1d


Sarah PRISE 8/17/1831-5/5/1850, aged 18y 8m 18d, daughter of Jacob and Mary Harley Price


Edwin P. REIFF 10/20/1869-11/7/1874, aged 5y 18d, son of William and Leah Reiff


Leah REIFF 8/17/1840-11/2/1878, aged 38y 2m 16d, wife of William Reiff, nee Price


William REIFF 


Elmira N. SHELLY 6/29/1873-2/29/1888, aged 14y 8m, daughter of Jeremiah and Lizzie Shelly


William N. SHELLY 8/26/1871-1/10/1893, aged 21y 4m 14d, son of Jeremiah and Lizzie Shelly


Joseph P. SMITH 1879-1947


Kate N. SMITH 1856-1948


Milton P. STYER 3/8/1861-7/11/1886, aged 25y 4m 3d, son of Milton and Mary Styer


Reuben P. STYER 10/5/1857-3/16/1876, aged 18y 5m 10d, son of Milton and Mary Styer


Joseph Victor THOMAS 9/17/1861-11/3/1865, aged 4y 1m 6d, son of Nathan and Sarah Thomas


John URWEILER d. 6/26/1811, aged 22y 7m, late m----- to E. Oberholser




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