Merion Meeting

Burial Ground


Montgomery County


Partial Survey


Photos contributed by

Robert E. Seeley




James ANDERSON, M.D.  d. 1875


Sarah ANDERSON  d. 1869,
wife of James Anderson, M.D.


Annie BERNARD  1852-1924


Martha Busse BOLTON  1877-1954


Henry BOWMAN  9/10/1849-9/23/1925


Wendell Phillips BOWMAN  10/31/1847-4/8/1928


Joseph BROOKFIELD, M.D.  1789-1872


Paul J. HOFFMAN  d. 4/17/1900, aged 86y


Philip HUTMAN  d. 7/17/1789, aged 61y


Brinton W. JONES  Aged 19y


Elizabeth JONES  d. 8/5/1873, aged 77y


Helen M. JONES  1861-1916


Lloyd JONES  aged 92y


Mary Ann JONES  1819-1904


Paul JONES  1737-1821


Tacy JONES  d. 10/15/1847, aged 70y


Mary E. LEEDOM  b. 8/28/1842


Charles Henry SYKES  11/12/1882-12/19/1942


Charlotte Hannum SYKES  11/24/1877-3/2/1961


William Henry SYKES, 2nd  8/22/1908-7/12/1929, son of Charles Henry and Charlotte H. Sykes


Howard WILLIAMSON  1866-1867


Margaret WILLIAMSON  1821-1911, with Lewis T. P WILLIAMSON


Samuel WISLER  b. 1/3/1879




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