Little Zion Lutheran

Church Cemetery


aka Indianfield


267 Morwood Road



Partial Transcription


Photos contributed by

Ramona Rickert



Additional views of church and cemetery:

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M. A. 1771


Mary ALTHOUSE 6/9/1870(?)-?, daughter of Milton and


Joseph W. ATKINSON 1851-1924, with Lucy B. ATKINSON 1856-1936


K. B. 1785


Cathrin BADMAN age 68y


Elisabeth BADMAN 3/8/1853-10/8/1862, daughter of Friedrich and Maria Badman


Frederick BADMAN 5/9/1821-9/18/1870, aged 49y 5m 9d


Levina BADMAN 2/22/1855-4/27/1865, daughter of Friedrich and Maria Badman


Mary BADMAN 8/22/1820-10/11/1905, aged 85y 1m 19d, wife of Frederick Badman


William BADMAN 1/30/1843-8/27/1862, aged 19y 6m 28d, son of Friedrich and Maria Badman


Aaron H. BARNDT 5/23/1823-9/5/1897, aged 74y 3m 12d


Abraham BARNDT 11/20/1802-1/2/1881, aged 78y 1m 12d


Abraham G. BARNDT 6/29/1855-5/21/1872, aged 16y 10m 21d, son of Paul and Elizabeth Barndt


Abraham S. BARNDT 9/30/1823-11/2/1884, aged 61y 1m 2d


Allen O. BARNDT d. 4/28/1884, aged 27y 4m 22d


Amos BARNDT d. 10/4/1898, aged 67y 3m 28d(?)


Andrew BARNDT 12/10/1795-8/15/1869, aged 73y


Andrew K. BARNDT 2/18/1841-3/12/1874, aged 33y 24d


Anna BARNDT 3/19/1832-3/10/1882, aged 49y 11m 21d


Catherine S. BARNDT 9/5/1828-8/8/1909, aged 80y 10m 3d


Child BARNDT 8/15/1851-4/?/188?, child of Thomas and Sarah Barndt


Child BARNDT of Thomas and Sarah Barndt


Gideon N. BARNDT 4/3/1855-3/22/1909 aged 53y 11m 19d, with Mary G. BARNDT 7/2/1861-9/4/1920 aged 59y 2m 2d


Hannah BARNDT 5/20/1818-8/1/1903, aged 85y 2m 11d, wife of Neri Barndt


Hannah BARNDT 10/12/1842-5/16/1901, aged 58y 7m 4d, wife of Andrew K. Barndt


Hannah BARNDT 11/20/1835-10/9/1886, aged 50y 10m 19d, daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Barndt


Hannah BARNDT 6/11/1834-8/28/1916, aged 82y 2m 17d


Henry H. BARNDT 10/12/1836-1/26/1920, aged 83y 3m 14d, son of Henry and Kate Barndt


Hiram G. BARNDT 1858-1955, with Emma L. BARNDT 1860-1940


Isaac C. BARNDT 10/1/1817-2/12/1901, aged 83y 4m 11d


John BARNDT 9/17/1885-1/16/1895, aged 9y 3m 29d, son of Hiram and Emma Barndt


Jonathan G. BARNDT 12/10/1823-8/27/1902, aged 78y 2m 17d


Kate H. BARNDT 4/26/1863-7/18/1924, aged 61y 2m 22d


Leah BARNDT 12/8/1822-1/26/1904, aged 81y 1m 18d


Levina BARNDT 10/24/1842-4/16/1900, aged 57y 5m 22d


Lydia BARNDT 3/6/1803-6/14/1883, aged 80y 3m 8d, wife of Andrew Barndt


Margaret BARNDT 9/19/1822-1/3/1857, aged 34y 3m 14d


Margaretha BARNDT 9/24/1803-9/6/1867, aged 67y 11m 12d, wife of Abraham Barndt


Mary BARNDT 4/20/1829-12/4/1909, aged 80y 7m 14d, wife of Abraham S. Barndt


Mary BARNDT 9/?/1834-5/24(?)/1862, wife of Abraham S. Barndt, daughter of Henry and Sarah H------


Mary Ann BARNDT 11/27/1825-4/21/1882, aged 56y 4m 24d, wife of Isaac G. Barndt


Mary Ann G. BARNDT 11/18/1848-10/15-1860, aged 20y 10m 27d


Mary Magdalena BARNDT 2/8/1829-5/13/1900, wife of Daniel G. Barndt


Matilda D. BARNDT 10/13/1838-4/29/1914, aged 75y 6m 11d, wife of Amos Barndt


Milton L. BARNDT 1848-1924, with Katie BARNDT 1853-1936


Nathaniel H. BARNDT 1853-1873, son of Daniel and Magdalena Barndt


Neri BARNDT 2/8/1818-3/22/1902, aged 84y 1m 14d


Obed W. BARNDT 12/11/1829-8/26/1908, aged 78y 8m 15d


Rebecca Q. BARNDT 6/10/1835-2/11/1903, aged 67y 8m 1d, wife of Henry H. Barndt, daughter of Jacob and Kate Hartzell


Rine C. BARNDT 9/29/1869-6/12/1943


Sallie W. BARNDT 9/26/1869-9/15/1938


Sarah BARNDT 10/27/1823-8/1/1897, aged 73y 9m 4d, wife of Thomas Barndt


Sarah A. BARNDT 


Thomas BARNDT 10/21/1821-2/2/1905, aged 83y 3m 11d


George BELTZ 3/11/1810-10/16/1879, aged 69y 7m 5d


Belle BELTZ 9/14/1814-11/15/1898, aged 84y 2m 1d


Abraham BENNER 1854


Amelia H. Gussman BENNER 6/19/1856-6/28/1947


Andrew B. BENNER 2/21/1862-6/9/1929, aged 67y 3m 18d


Annie Stewart BENNER 1/19/1859-1/24/1886, aged 27y 5d, wife of Leidy Benner


Annie Y. BENNER 7/16/1864-12/7/1902, aged 38y 4m 21d, wife of Andrew B. Benner


Catharine BENNER 9/27/1836-2/15/1914, aged 77y 4m 18d, wife of John P. Benner


Catharine BENNER 2/15/1828-2/13/1905, aged 76y 11m 28d


Daughter BENNER of John and Catharine Benner, d. 1863


Horace S. BENNER 1869-1899, with wife Ida F. Yearick BENNER 1870-1962


Infant BENNER d. 1880, child of Leidy and Annie Benner


James BENNER 7/5/1875, aged 2w 2d, son of John and Catharine Benner


James B. BENNER 7/26/1851-9/28/1937 aged 86y 1m 2d, with Kate K. BENNER 8/11/1855-8/6/1926 aged 70y 11m 26d


Johannes BENNER 8/6/1865-10/2/1865, aged 1m 27d, son of Reuben and Elizabeth Benner


John P. BENNER 4/13/1836-3/16/1894, GAR


Jonathan BENNER 11/11/1823-1/3/1901, aged 77y 1m 22d


Kate S. BENNER 3/7/1880-9/10/1904, aged 24y 6m 3d, daughter of John and Catharine Benner


Lizzie K. BENNER 8/13/1876-3/13/1895, aged 18y 7m, daughter of James B. and Catharine Benner


Maggie G. BENNER 6/13/1869-5/1/1911, aged 41y 10m 18d, wife of Andrew B. Benner


Martha BENNER b. and d. 3/11/1888, child of Andrew B. and Annie Benner


Milton BENNER d. 2/11/1877, aged 3m, son of John and Catharine Benner


Nelson BENNER 9/17/1871-12/27/1893, aged 22y 3m 10d


Pearl G. BENNER b. and d. 7/14/1892, daughter of Andrew B. and Annie Benner


Walter G. BENNER b. and d. 7/1/1889, son of Andrew and Annie Benner


Mary Ann BERGEY 6/2/1841-11/25/1908, aged 67y 5m 23d


Catharina BERMAN 1819-1846, daughter of Heinrich and Catharina Berman


Heinrich BERMAN 8/30/1814-1833, son of Heinrich and Catharina Berman


Jacob BERMAN 1815-1815(?), son of Heinrich and Catharina Berman


Samuel BERMAN 12/3/1824-1837, aged 13y 7m ?d, son of Heinrich and Catharina Berman


Lydia BERND 8/28/1854-1/2/1857, daughter of Isaac and Margaret Bernd


Magdelin BERND 1800-1849, wife of Abraham Bernd


Margaretha BERND 10/15/1792-6/10/1866, aged 73y 7m 25d, wife of Johannes, nee Scholl


Maria BERNDS 9/9/1801-2/8/1820, aged 21y 4m 1d, daughter of David and Elisabeth Bernds


Andreas BERNDT 12/25/1784-8/25/1823, aged 39y 8m


Angelina BERNDT 1853-1854, daughter of Aaron and Lea Berndt


Catharine BERNDT 1/24/1788-1850, wife of Heinrich Berndt


Daniel BERNDT 3/22/1830-1855(?), child of ? And Magdalena Berndt


Daughter BERNDT 11/26/1795, daughter of Johannes and Catharine Berndt


David BERNDT 12/20/1854-12/16/1856, aged 1y 11m 27d, son of Aaron and Lea Berndt


Elisabeth BERNDT 1795-1854, wife of Andreas Berndt


Frederich BERNDT 12/?/1800-8/18/1833


Frederich BERNDT 10/23/1761-1831, aged 69y


George BERNDT 9/2/1825-1/22/1846, aged 20y 4m 20d, son of Andrew and Elisabeth Berndt


Hannah Etta BERNDT 1832-1852


Heinrich BERNDT 12/15/1756-3/30/1831, aged 74y 3m 15d


Henrich BERNDT 1808-?


Henrich BERNDT , with Maria Anna BERNDT, children of Paul and Elizabeth Berndt


Horace BERNDT 10/12/1867-9/17/1868, aged 11m 5d, son of Andrew and Hannah Berndt


Jacob BERNDT 9/2/1793-3/18/1873


James BERNDT d. 1878, infant son of Andrew and Hannah Berndt


Johan BERNDT 1792-1875, aged 83y


Johannes BERNDT 1826-1845


Johannes BERNDT   View 2   6/3/1759-12/4/1829, aged 70y, Revolutionary War Veteran


Johannes BERNDT 3/13/1825-6/3/1825


Lea BERNDT 1826-?


Levi BERNDT 1821-1879, husband of Elizabeth Steinnger Berndt


Margaretha BERNDT 9/5/1784-6/16/1863, aged 78y 9m 11d, wife of Samuel Berndt


Maria BERNDT 1826-1845, aged 19y 7m 13d, daughter of Abraham Berndt


Maria Anna BERNDT 8/25/1859-12/19/1869, aged 10y 3m 25d, daughter of Aaron and Lea Berndt


Perry BERNDT 3(?)/6/1867-7(?)/19/1867, aged 4m 13d, son of Paul and Elizabeth Berndt


Philip BERNDT 12/24/1790-2/13/1860, aged 69y 1m 19d


Rachel BERNDT 11/1/1765-1/6/1834, aged 68y 2m 5d


Rahel BERNDT 11/3/1805-2/5/1822, aged 16y 3m 2d, daughter of Johannes and Rahel Berndt


Samuel BERNDT 4/24/1785-8/19/1841, aged 56y 3m 25d, married 3/27/1808 Margaretha Herr m. 33y


Sara Anna BERNDT b. 1822, daughter of Enos and Elanora Berndt


Sarah BERNDT 1827-9(?)/22/1845, aged 17y


Salome BERNETT 9/25/1800-11/11/1826, aged 26y 1m 15d


Child BERNHARD 1750 (might be 1752), IB on side


Heinrich BERNHART d. 2/25/1771


Maria Catharina BERNHART 1765


Abraham BILGER 11/18/1788-2/14/1858, aged 69y 2m 26d


Catharine Ann BILGER 1845-1862, daughter of George and Katherine Bilger


Elisabeth BILLGER d. 8/23/1865, aged 62y 8m 4d


Elizabeth BILLGER 2/?/1817-1860, aged 43y ?m 5d, wife of Samuel S. Billger


George BILLGER 4/17/1799-11/2/1876, aged 77y 6m 15d


Jacob BILLGER d. 1/19/1855, aged 61y


Maria BILLGER 3/20/1792-11/13/1881, wife of Abraham Billger


Lucy Ann BOORSE 12/16/1865-6/19/1894, aged 28y 6m 3d, wife of Milton Boorse, daughter of Nathan and Christina Edelman, buried w/parents


Christina BRAND 8/25/1773-11/5/????, wife of Peter Brand


Johan Peter BRAND 10/7/1762-1/14/1842, aged 79y 3m 7d


Barbara BRANT 12/3/1760-3/18/1814, aged 55y 3m 15d, wife of Heinrich Brant


Katie BRODHAG 1879-1961, with Maria F. SHEARER 1862-1887, and Baby Son Albert 1887-1887


Maria Anna BUCHER 10/8/1813-9/19/1874, aged 60y 11m 11d, nee Knipe


Harvey CLEAWELL 10/24/1866-1/30/1867, aged 3m 6d, son of Daniel and Rebecca Cleawell


Dr. Cary N. CLEWELL 5/6/1866-3/8/1888, aged 22y 10m 2d


Daniel CLEWELL 2/11/1823-11/27/1904, aged 81y 9m 16d


Rebecca CLEWELL 6/20/1828-8/?/1904


Jacob CRESMAN 5/6/1826-11/24/1862, aged 37y 6m 18d


Lydia CRESMAN 1/25/1813-10/15/1837, aged 24y 8m 20d, married Daniel --- 9/4/1833, nee Berndt


Margareth CRESMAN 2/19/1776-2/20/1858, wife of Samuel Cresman


Maria CRESMAN 1833-1856


Abraham CRESSMAN 10/15/1793-4/24/1858, aged 64y 6m 9d, married 1818


Abraham CRESSMAN   View 2  View 3   1/15/1758-4/13/1844, with Susanna CRESSMAN 11/21/1761-12/1/1827

aged 66y 10d


Albert CRESSMAN d. 12/15/1855, aged 3y 11m 11d, son of William and Leanna


Alice B. CRESSMAN 4/16/1880-10/8/1959, aged 79y 5m 22d


Alverda B. CRESSMAN 11/2/188?-2/13(?)/188?, daughter of Samuel and Amanda Cressman


Amanda T. CRESSMAN 5/30/1849-4/16/1908, aged 58y 10m 16d


Anna CRESSMAN 6/26/1832-10/20/1890, aged 67y 3m 24d, wife of Philip H. Cressman (birth year wrong - s/b 1823?)


Anna CRESSMAN 2/23/1796-11/30/1822, aged 26y 9m 7d, wife of Samuel Cressman, daughter of Abraham


Antonius CRESSMAN 11/5/1787-2/19/1864, aged 76y 3m 14d


Charlotte CRESSMAN 8/15/1787-3/24/1860, aged 72y 7m 9d, married 7/3/1808, nee Rudy


Eleminah CRESSMAN ?/15/1829-?/13/1845, daughter of Anthony and Sarah Cressman


Elisabeth CRESSMAN 9/5/1758-8/17/1841, wife of Jacob Cressman


Elisabeth CRESSMAN 4/22/1833-12/22/1856, daughter of Anthony and Sarah Cressman


Elizabeth CRESSMAN 11/17/1827-2/1/1897, aged 69y 2m 14d, wife of Jacob R. Cressman


Elmira CRESSMAN 1855-1858, daughter of Willian and Leana Cressman


Elmira CRESSMAN daughter of Joseph and Mary Cressman


Emalina CRESSMAN 1848-1865


Enos S. CRESSMAN 5/26/1834-9/14/1859, aged 25y 3m 18d, son of Henry and Maria Cressman


Eugene CRESSMAN ?/21(?)/1876-1/11/1878, aged 1y ?m 20d, son of Samuel and Amanda Cressman


Eva CRESSMAN 1/2/1827-4/8/1897, aged 70y 3m 9d (sic), wife of Henry B. Cressman


George W. CRESSMAN d. 4/15/1863, aged 5y 7m 5d, son of William and Leana


Hannah CRESSMAN 2/22/1834-11/1/1865, aged 31y 8m 9d, wife of Tobias B. Cressman


Henry CRESSMAN 12/15/1795-4/6/1884, aged 88y 3m 21d


Henry B. CRESSMAN 9/9/1819-3(?)/2(?)/1900, aged 80y


Howard CRESSMAN 1845-1846, son of Willian and Leana Cressman


Infant CRESSMAN daughter of Henry and Sarah Cressman


Isaac CRESSMAN 4/28/1783-8/4/1867


Jacob CRESSMAN 2/27/1789-5/19/1871, aged 82y 2m 23d


Jacob CRESSMAN 10/26/1865-3/31/1870, aged 4y 5m 5d, son of John and Margaret Cressman


Jacob CRESSMAN 10/27/1755-6/15/1832, aged 76y 7m 18d, married 1776


Jacob R. CRESSMAN 8/10/1822-9/3/1906, aged 84y 24d


James CRESSMAN 1833-9/27/1857, aged 24y 8m 22d, son of Sal. B and Sa- Cressman


John B. CRESSMAN 5/15/1884-6/30/1884


Joseph CRESSMAN 3/21/1851-6/10/1861, aged 10y 2m 19d, son of Henrich and Eva Cressman


Julian CRESSMAN 1/29/1860-2/21/1862, aged 2y 23d, daughter of Tobias and ? Cressman


Katie B. CRESSMAN 3/3(?)/18??-3/1?/18??, daughter of Samuel and Amanda Cressman


Lizzie B. CRESSMAN daughter of Samuel and Amanda Cressman


Magdalena CRESSMAN 1/6/1798-1/3/1870, aged 71y 11m 28d, wife of William Cressman, nee Bernd


Magdalena CRESSMAN 7/5/1805-2/26/1862, aged 56y 7m 21d, wife of Philip Cressman, nee Stoudt


Magdalena CRESSMAN 1/6/1798-1/3/1870, aged 71y 11m 28d, wife of William Cressman, nee Bernd


Mandora CRESSMAN 5/19/1848-1850(?), daughter of Joseph and Mary-Ann Cressman


Marietta CRESSMAN d. 7/7/1856, daughter of William and Leana Cressman


Mary CRESSMAN 11/9/1800-2/27/1887, aged 86y 3m 19d


Matilda CRESSMAN 1862(?), daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Cressman


Milton CRESSMAN 12/1/1854-6/30/1861, aged 6y 6m 29d, son of Henrich and Eva Cressman


Phares M. CRESSMAN 4/18/1851-2/5/1903, with Sallie H. CRESSMAN 6/18/1849-5/19/1887, and John Ira CRESSMAN 8/4/1898-6/6/1899


Philip H. CRESSMAN 8/25/1820-9/8/1878, aged 68y 13d


Pierson CRESSMAN 2/3/1861-8/25/1863, aged 2y 6m 22d, child of Henry and Eva Cressman


Reinhold CRESSMAN 10/21/1853-?/19/1854, son of Ruben(?) and ?


Samuel CRESSMAN 9/30/1776-12/25/1854, aged 78y 2m 25d


Samuel B. CRESSMAN 8/25/1789-8/29/1868, aged 79y 4d


Samuel H. CRESSMAN 10/29/1847-6/9/1904, aged 56y 7m 10d


Sarah CRESSMAN 1/15/1837-12/6/1917


Tobias CRESSMAN 11/2/1829-6/9/1914


Unknown CRESSMAN d. 8/5/1865, aged 6d


Washington Reudy S. CRESSMAN 1853-1854, son of Reudy and Sarah D. Cressman


William CRESSMAN 9/7/1791-5/14/1879, aged 87y 8m 7d


Wm. B. CRESSMAN 1/15/1823-2/20/1886, aged 64y, Private Co. D. 104th Regt. Penn Vol.


John G. DANNEHOWER 4/14/1816-6/14/1884, aged 68y 2m


Susanna DANNEHOWER 7/28/1818-1/23/1894, aged 75y 5m 25d


Barbara W. DAUB 4/22/1814-5/27/1903, aged 89y 1m 5d, wife of Charles Daub


Charles DAUB 2/5/1809-5/24/1887, aged 78y 3m 19d


Lizzie DAUB 4/9/1882-10/29/1887, aged 5y 6m 20d, daughter of Washington and Leanna Daub


Mary Ann DAUB d. 6/20/1873, aged 1d, daughter of Wash. And Leanna Daub


Washington DAUB 1/10/1849-1/13/1928 aged 79y 3d, with Leanna DAUB 1/1/1849-2/20/1932 aged 83y 1m 19d


Lucinda DEVLIN 5/14/1851-9/15/1879, aged 28y 4m 1d


Margaretha DIMIG ?/20/1784-1849, daughter of Carl Leyde(?), wife of Peter


Barbara DREISBACH 7/1/1804-6/21/1866, aged 61y 11m 20d


Peter DREISBACH d. 9/18/1880, aged 83y 9m


Ellamanda EBERLY 1/15/1846-1/12/1915, aged 68y 11m 27d, wife of Jacob O. Eberly, formerly wife of David B. Nace


Jacob O. EBERLY 2/25/1847-1/19/1921, aged 73y 10m 24d


Christina EDELMAN 4/29/1842-4/8/1933, aged 90y 11m 9d


Ella EDELMAN 10/31/1880-7/24/1897, aged 16y 8m 24d, daughter of Nathan and Christina Edelman


Nathan EDELMAN 11/27/1837-8/8/1897, aged 59y 8m 12d


Mary FASBENNER 7/13/1842-2/7/1880, aged 37y 6m


Abraham FILLMAN 11/8/1789-4/14/1871, aged 81y 5m 6d


Elisabeth FILLMAN 10/1(?)/1795-3/19/1869, aged 73y 5m 19d


Elizabeth FITZCHARLES 8/14/1787-8/23/1867, aged 80y 9d, wife of William Fitzcharles


William FITZCHARLES 8/14/1785-6/29/1865, aged 79y 10m 15d


Andrew FITZGERALD son of John and Sarah Fitzgerald


James L. FITZGERALD 1851(?)-1873(?)


John FITZGERALD 10/12/1828-3/16/1917, GAR marker


Katie L. FITZGERALD 1873-1969


Sarah FITZGERALD 3/20/1831-5/18/1922, wife of John Fitzgerald


Anna Maria FLUCK 1851-1863, daughter of Aaron and Sarah Fluck


Katie Emma Catharine FLUCK 3/1/1855-5/3/1879, aged 24y 2m 2d, wife of Jacob N. Fluck


Sarah FLUCK 4/24/1820-4/20/1899, aged 78y 11m 26d, wife of Aaron Fluck


Cornelius FOSBENNER d. 1/4/1911, aged 76y


Anna FREDERICK 4/18/1854-2/27/1838


Catharine W. FREDERICK 10/16/1845-7/27/1907, aged 61y 9m 11d, wife of Henry N. Frederick


Charles L. FREDERICK 11/16/1805-5/30/1891, aged 85y 6m 14d


Charles N. FREDERICK 1/29/1850-2/23/1932


Henry L. FREDERICK 4/30/1814-11/2/1896, aged 82y 6m 2d


Henry N. FREDERICK 10/10/1840-10/9/1923, aged 82y 11m 29d


Henry N. FREDERICK 10/9/1846-9/23/1925, with Susanna G. FREDERICK 1/9/1849-12/26/1926 nee Stover


John FREDERICK 3/22/1835-12/3/1888


Maria FREDERICK 1842-1857, daughter of Charles and Susanna Frederick


Maria Catharina FREDERICK 10/7/1860-6/8/1877, aged 16y 8m 1d, daughter of Johann S. and Amilia Frederick


Mary FREDERICK 10/26/1818-11/?/1895, aged 77y 5m(?)


Rachael N. FREDERICK 12/9/1847-12/17/1920


Sarah Anna FREDERICK 9/29/1864-7/22/1898, aged 33y 9m 23d, daughter of John S. and Amelia Frederick


Susanna FREDERICK 10/31/1808-4/2/1896, aged 87y 5m 1d, wife of Charles L. Frederick


Lydia Ann FREED 1865-1897, wife of Charles Freed


Minnie Minerva FREED 9/?/1886-2/?/1892


Noah S. FREED 12/6/1823-1/6/1897, aged 73y 1m


Rachael FREED 12/26/1823-10/4/1910, aged 86y 9m 9d, wife of Noah S. Freed


Sarah Ann FREED 9/28/1850-1/13/1865, aged 14y 3m 15d


Unknown FREED 


Susanna FRIED 2/23/1856-1/5/1865, aged 8y 10m 11d


Unknown FRIED 


Amilia Elisabeth FRIEDERICH 5/13/1840-12/4/1868, aged 28y 5m 21d, wife of Johannes Friederich, nee Trauger


Jacob FRIEDERICH 12/11/1809-8/25/1875, aged 65y 8m 14d, husband of Sara Nees


Nathaniel FRIEDERICH 1853-1856, son of Henry L. and Mary Friederich


Sarah FRIEDERICH 1/31/1816-5/10/1852, aged 36y 3m 10d, wife of Jacob Friederich, nee Nees


Sarah Ann FRIEDERICH   View 2  View 3   1858, wife of Heinrich FRIEDERICH


Susanna FRIEDERICH 1844-7/25/1847


Rose GARTENMAN 6/3/1841-1/18/1929, wife of John Gartenman


Abraham GEHMAN 2/7/1835-12/22/1862, aged 27y 10m 15d


Anna GEHMAN 12/26/1861-12/19/1862, aged 11m 23d


Fyetta GODSHALL 1/10/1849-6/22/1920, aged 71y 5m 12d


Andrew S. GROFF 1867-1931, with Mary G. GROFF 1874-1959


Twin Boys GROFF b. and d. 3/15/1906, of Mr. and Mrs. Groff


Frank GROMAN 1871-1945, with Ellen GROMAN 1870-1935


Franklin GROMAN 1/2/1912-12/3/1912, son of Frank and Ellen Groman


Sarah GROMAN 4/?/1910-5/?/1910, daughter of Frank and Ellen Groman


A. H. 1826


Abraham HAENS 1/28/1825-9/18/1884, aged 59y 7m 20d


Aaron HAINES 1/22/1820-11/28/1899, aged 79y 10m 6d


Elizabeth HAINES 1821-10/26/1907, aged 86y ?m 24d


Fredericka HAINES 1825-1893, wife of Jacob S. Haines


Jacob S. HAINES 1/28/1825-4/11/1893, aged 68y 2m 13d


Andrew HAINS 4/18/1784-8/17/1865, aged 81y 4m


Child HAINS 


Jonas T. HANGEY 3/12/1848-10/29/1926, with Hannah Frank HANGEY 11/3/1847-10/5/1935


Eva C. S. HARTZEL 1899-1928, wife of Henry Hartzel


Geo. E. HARTZELL   View 2  View 3  View 4  View 5  View 6   12/22/1855-1/11/1936, with William H. HARTZELL 10/10/1864(?)-1940, Clara HARTZELL 8/24-1869-1/18/1840 aged 70y 4m 24d, Mary Amanda HARTZELL 12/3/1884-10/14/1873, Laura HARTZELL 2/6(?)/1868-3/21(?)/1868, and Henry HARTZELL 9/?/18?9-3/?/18??


Ida A. HAYCOCK 10/16/1872-12/11/1884, aged 12y 1m 25d, daughter of John and Susan Haycock


John G. HAYCOCK 3/8/1842-4/29/1909, aged 67y 1m 20d


Susana HAYCOCK 1843-1912


Calvin HEACOK 1867-1888


Elias HEHNSZ 1818-1823


Lucetta F. HEINTZ 1865-1891, wife of Oliver B. Heintz


Reuben HENGE 8/14/1838-2/24/1866, aged 27y 6m 10d


Andreas S. HENS 9/8/1821-5/14/1864, husband of Esther Kober


Catharina HENS 8/10/1779-5/20/1851, aged 71y 9m 10d


Christian Anna HENS 4/?/1859-1868, daughter of Esther and Andreas Hens


Esther HENS 3/5/1814-3/26/1900, aged 86y 21d, wife of Andreas S. Hens


Hanna HER 1/?/180?, aged 6y


Catharina HERMAN 4/7/1784-8/22/1858, aged 74y 4m 15d, wife of Henrich Herman


Heinrich HERMAN 1778-1840


Anna HERR 10/17/1778-1/4/1849, aged 70y 2m 18d


Catharine HERR 7/31/1863-6/27/1866, daughter of Johannes and Carolina Herr


Catharina HERR 1746-1818, aged 72y


Christina HERR 9/5/1755-8/11/1845, aged 89y 11m 6d


Cornelius HERR May 1771


James HERR 1768-1818


Johan Jacob HERR 1750-1817, aged 67y


Maglalena HERR 4/7/1778-3/9/1809, nee Cressman


Magdalena HERR 4/?/1800-5/?/1818, aged 17y 6m


Mehlon HILGER 6/28/1826-7/29/1829, aged 3y 29d


Elisabeth HUNSBERGER 12/4/1850-4/2/1879, aged 28y 3m 28d, wife of John Hunsberger


Infant HUNSBERGER 8/21/1874, born lifeless, son of John and ? Hunsberger


Rosina JOHNSON 1767-1804


Maria Jane JORGER 1837-1845, daughter of Isaac Jorger


B. K. 1750


Jacob KAFER 1821-1892, with Wilhelmina KAFER 1826-1889, Asher 1891-1892, Amanda K. 1858-1895,

Jacob B. 1859-1929, and Emma C. 1857-1929


Elisabeth KEEFER 11/11/1788-9/12/1871, aged 82y 9m 1d, wife of Simon Keefer


Simon KEEFER 7/24/1785-12/26/1865, aged 80y 5m 2d


John KENNINGER d. ?/18/1911, aged 85y


Mary KENNINGER d. 12/6/1911, aged 78y


Mary Ann KIELER 3/16/1848-9/6/1854, aged 6y 5m 20d, daughter of William and Rachel Kieler


Sarah KIELER 11/2/1851-1862, aged 12y 8m, daughter of Reuben(?) and Sarah Kieler


Henry G. KING 7/15/1852-1866, son of Samuel and Hannah King


Elisabeth KLINE 1859-1861


Catharine KOBER 8/13/1807-8/28/1897, aged 90y 15d, wife of Georg Kober


Elisabeth KOBER 1748-3/22/1825, aged 76y 8m, wife of George Adam Kober (d. 1810)


George Adam KOBER 8/6/1799-9/4/1872, aged 73y 29d, husband of Catharina Gerhart


George Adam KOBER 1740-4/5/1810


John KOBER 2/24/1835-1/11/1906, with Hannah KOBER 10/9/1837-3/3/1910


Catharina KRAFT 1843-1868, daughter of Lorenz and Catharina Kraft


Catharina KRAFT 2/22/1819-5/5/1895, wife of Lorenz Kraft


Eleanora KRAFT aged 8m 7d


Hanna B. KRAFT 1850-2/?/1864, daughter of Lawrence Kraft


Isaac B. KRAFT 3/25/1841-9/4/1875, aged 34y 5m 10d


Lorenz KRAFT 1/14/1806-1/2/1862, m. Catharine Bergey 2/7/1841


Martin KRAFT 6/25/1872-8/31/1881, aged 9y 1m 6d


Daniel KRAMER 1816-1837, aged 21y 2m 20d


Elisabeth KRAMER 1800-1860, wife of Johannes Kramer


Elisabeth KRAMER 1791-1842, wife of Johannes Kramer


Daniel W. KRATZ 1849-1907, with Elizabeth M. KRATZ 1853-1942


Elizabeth KRATZ 12/23/1820-4/6/1895


Jacob T. KRATZ 11/15/1820-11/24/1885


Johannes KREMER 4/21/1799-1844, m. Elisabeth 10/23/1825


Jacob LANDES 1899-1961, with Florence LANDES 1901-1974, and Clayton LANDES 1929-1949


Levi M. LANDIS 5/8/1858-12/1/1923


Mary G. LANDIS 5/26/1859-5/22/1921


Daniel LINSANBIGLER 6/5/1840-8/29/1897, aged 57y 2m 24d


Catharine METZGER 10/24/1845-4/6/1880, aged 34y 5m 12d


Catharine METZGER 5/11/1855-3/22/1940, aged 84y 10m 11d


Elizabeth METZGER d. 9/21/18??


George K. METZGER 1870-1948, with Lydia A. METZGER 1872-1950


George METZGER 3/3/1843-9/3/1899, with Rebecca METZGER 2/3/1852-9/7/1905 aged 53y 7m 4d, Reinhard H. METZGER 1884-1935, and Jacob H. METZGER 1886-1947


Jacob R. METZGER 7/21/1840-2/16/1922, aged 81y 6m 26d


Mary Ann METZGER d. 1880, daughter of George and Rebecca Metzger


Milton METZGER 1882-1883, son of George and Rebecca Metzger


Unknown METZGER 


Anna Catharina MEYER 1865-1865, daughter of Gottlieb and Barbara Meyer


Barbara MEYER 8/25/1824-9/17/1904, wife of Gottlieb F. M. Meyer


Gottlieb F. MEYER 1825-1909


Johannes MEYER b. and d. 7/22/1866, son of Gottlieb and Barbara Meyer


Elias MOYER 10/13/1821-8/4/1868, aged 47y 9m 22d


Elisabeth M. MOYER 6/24/1826-6/19/1863, aged 36y 11m 25d, wife of Elias Moyer


Elizabeth MOYER 5/26/1877-12/15/1895, aged 18y 6m 19d, daughter of Henry and Catharine Musselman


Annie MUSSELMAN 5/26/1877-12/15/1895, aged 18y 6m 19d, daughter of Henry and Catharine Musselman


Annie MUSSELMAN 1865-1927


Catharine F. MUSSELMAN 6/3/1873-1888, daughter of Henry R. and Catharin Musselman


Catharine N. MUSSELMAN 8/22/1836-10/28/1890, aged 54y 2m 6d, wife of Henry R. Musselman


Chas. F. MUSSELMAN 5/12/1859-1/18/1956


Child MUSSELMAN d. 12/19, of Henrich and Cat


E. Amanda MUSSELMAN 1848-1928


Edwin S. MUSSELMAN 8/20/1867-4/24/1872, aged 5y 8m 4d, son of Michael and Ellaamanda Musselman


Harrison F. MUSSELMAN 10/16/1865-3/28/1885, aged 19y 5m 12d, son fo Henry R. and Catharine Musselman


Henry R. MUSSELMAN 1/29/1835-1888(?)


Joseph S. MUSSELMAN 1869-1953, with Ellen R. MUSSELMAN 1872-1944, and Sallie MUSSELMAN 1902-1902


Levi F. MUSSELMAN 3/16/1864-6/12/1892, aged 28y 2m 26d


Mary MUSSELMAN 10/27/1885-11/2/1885, aged 6d, daughter of Levi F. and Annie Musselman


Michael MUSSELMAN 1/17/1846-7/28/1901, aged 55y 6m 11d


Milton MUSSELMAN d. 5/15/187?, son of Michael and Ella Musselman


Rinehard F. MUSSELMAN 1870-1887, son of Henry R. and Catharine Musselman


Sallie May MUSSELMAN 12/3/1886-6/19/1920, aged 33y 6m 16d


Sarah L. MUSSELMAN 5/12/1863-9/15/1925


Ulysses MUSSELMAN 12/11/1868-12/11/1886, aged 18y, son of Henry and Catharine Musselman


Abraham F. NACE 6/8/1812-1/21/1891, aged 78y 7m 13d


David NACE 11/26/1838-3/16/1888, aged 49y 3m 20d,


George NACE 3/29/1818-9/19/1892, aged 74y 5m 20d


Mary Ann NACE 4/16/1815-4/21/1891, aged 76y 5d


Ottilia M. Schafer NACE 1893-1917, wife of D. M. Nace


Sophia NACE 12/8/1819-11/17/1888, aged 69y, wife of Samuel F. Nace


Catharine D. NASE 1849-1912


Elizabeth NASE 12/24/1811-7/7/1887, wife of Lewis Nase


Jacob F. NASE 8/27/1821-6/5/1900, aged 70y 9m 8d


Lewis NASE 1/18/1813-1/19/1887, aged 74y 1d


Lizzie NASE 5/5/1854-7/2/1924, aged 70y 1m 28d


Samuel F. NASE 8/23/1806-7/1/1886, aged 79y 10m 8d


Sarah C. NASE 2/14/1865-12/2/1899, wife of James H. Nase


Maria NEES 7/22/1827-1866, wife of Jacob Nees


Johann George NEHS 1/12/1783-5/27/1867, aged 84y 4m 15d


Margareth NEHS 3/?/1776-12/22/1860, aged 84y 9m 18d, wife of Abraham Nehs


Milton Henry NEHS 1854-1857, with Sophia NEHS 1848-1851, children of Enos and Sophia Nehs


Sarah NEHS 4/28/1787-1/4/1873, aged 85y 8m 6d


Barbara NEIZ 2/15/1784-5/5/1842, wife of Johannes Neiz


Elizabeth NEIZ 11/27/1781-1/18/1839, wife of Peter Neiz


Hannah NEIZ 1814-1853, daughter of Johannes Neiz


Heinrich NEIZ 3/9/1819-?/26/1884, aged 65y ?m 17d


Johannes NEIZ 4/14/1775-10/27/1867


Dewalt NESS 4/5/1745-1/21/1828, aged 82y 9m 16d


Johannes NESZ 1783-1812


Ruben NESZ 1853-1853, son of Johannes and Hannah Nesz


Aaron Harber OBERHOLTZER 1886-1888


Charles S. OBERHOLTZER 4/26/1857-8/27/1933, aged 76y 4m 1d, son of Matthias and Louisiana Oberholtzer


Daniel E. OBERHOLTZER 7/19/1843-2/3/1890


David W. OBERHOLTZER 1/8/1838-1/14/1921


John OBERHOLTZER 12/1/1805-4/7/1886, aged 80y 4m 6d


Kate Ellen OBERHOLTZER 9/?/1870-6/15/1876, aged 6y 8m 28d, daughter of Daniel and Sarah Oberholtzer


Martha Mabel OBERHOLTZER 10/?/1877-6/?/1880, daughter of D. E. and Sallie Oberholtzer


Mary Ann OBERHOLTZER 9/12/1836-8/4/1921


Mary Catharine OBERHOLTZER 7/11/1868-10/?/1868, aged 2m 2d, daughter of John and Emeline Oberholtzer


Matthias E. OBERHOLTZER 12/20/1835-2/12/1861, m. Louisiana Schwenk 1/27/1855 aged 25y 2m 23d


Minerva OBERHOLTZER 1872-1873, daughter of Daniel and Sarah Oberholtzer


Sarah L. OBERHOLTZER 8/16/1845-11/27/1897, aged 52y 3m 11d, wife of Daniel E. Oberholtzer, nee Trumbore


Stella OBERHOLTZER 8/19/1879-3/25/1897, aged 17y 7m 5d, daughter of Daniel E. and Sarah L. Oberholtzer


Veronica REICHENBACH 1780-5/25/1841, aged 60y ?m 18d


Amelia H. REIFF 4/10/1856-4/20/1904, aged 48y 10d, wife of Philip S. Reiff


Lizzie Ann REIFF 10/17/1886-4/15/1887, aged 5m 29d, daughter of Philip and Amelia Reiff


Milton Harvey REIFF b. and d. 7/7/1889, son of Philip S. and Amelia H. Reiff


Philip S. REIFF 3/8/1845-3/21/1899, aged 54y 13d


Wellington REIFF b. lifeless 7/17/1891, son of Philip S. and Amelia H. Reiff


Hannah RICKERT 11/6/1790-5/19/1878, wife of Conrad Rickert


Friedman RITTER d. 11/18/1891 aged 70y, with Anna Margaret RITTER d. 9/14/1911 aged 81y 16d


Marie RITTER 5/22/1861-8/8/1884, aged 23y 2m 16d, wife of August Ritter


Paul RITTER 6/9/1884-9/10/1884, aged 3m 11d, son of August and Marie Ritter


Johann George ROELLER   View 2  View 3  View 4   1775-1840, with Sara ROELLER 5/29/1784-10/28/1783-1856 wife of Joh. Geo. , and Magdalena ROELLER 9/7/1779-7/31/1803 wife of J. Geo


Madalena ROELLER 1779-1840


Anna ROMIG 9/11/1864-10/21/1864, aged 1m 9d


Edwin ROMIG 1/30/1861-1861, aged 1m 9d


James M. ROMIG 1835-1899, husband of Maria Romig


Maria August ROMIG 8/?/1841-8/?/1887, wife of James M. Romig


Morris ROMIG 1872-1872, son of James M. and Maria Romig


William G. ROMIG 10/17/1877-8/11/1883, aged 5y 9m 24d, son of James M. and Maria Romig


Sarah Ann ROSENBERGER 8/9/1852-10/10/1874, wife of Lyman Rosenberger, daughter of Jonathan and Catharine Barndt


Milton H. ROTH 1858-1941, with Sarah A. ROTH 1859-1932


Elwood M. SCHAFER 12/15/1870-6/29/1935, with Anna M. SCHAFER 11/24/1871-6/19/1949


Susanna SCHEADLE 6/22/1811-9/28/1892, aged 81y 3m 5d


Anna Maria SCHEETZ 8/9/1869-1/12/1879, aged 9y 5m 3d, daughter of William and Elemina Scheetz


William G. SCHEETZ 12/24/1848-12/16/1898, aged 50y


Sarah SCHELLENBERGER 8/24(?)/1835-1863, wife of Jacob M. Schellenberger, nee Cressman


George SCHILLING 3/29/1830-1/4/1915, with Mary Ann SCHILLING 9/27/1835-9/19/1907, Jacob SCHILLING 8/19/1855-3/13/1866, and Amanda S. WAMPOLE (see photo under her name)


Hillarius C. SCHMIDT 12/2/1832-3/24/1857, aged 24y 3m 22d


Christina SCHOLL 4/1/1833-1/24/1906, aged 72y 9m 23d, wife of Michael Scholl


Enos SCHOLL 1854-1855


Michael SCHOLL 5/13/1828-7/9/1912, aged 84y 1m 26d


Sarah V. SCHRAUGER 1905-1968, with H. Perce VANDEGRIFT 1880-1960, and Abby S. VANDEGRIFT 1883-1962


Iona A. SHEARER 3/23/1911-4/20/1925, daughter of H.A. and Amanda Shearer


Jennie M. SHEARER 8/9/1905-10/3/1905, daughter of H.A. and Amanda Shearer


Maria F. SHEARER 1862-1887, with Baby Son Albert 1887-1887, and Katie BRODHAG 1879-1961


Paul W. SHEARER 10/10/1895-9/26/1911, son of H.A. and Amanda Shearer


Susanna Musselman SHEARER ?/16/1801-1879(?), wife of ? Shearer


Harvey S. SHELLY son of John M. and E. Shelly


John M. SHELLY 7/8/1860-7/24/1945, with Ellamina S. SHELLY 2/5/1864-6/29/1951


Daughters SMITH Two infant daughters of Seth and ? Smith, Stillborn 7/22/1???


Ernest E. SMITH 1887-1936, with Lovinia K. SMITH 1886-1967


Jacob B. SMITH 3/25/1805-3/18/1871, aged 66y 11m 23d


Mary SMITH 12/10/1804-11/8/1895, aged 90y 10m 28d, wife of Jacob B. Smith


Abraham SOUDER 12/26/1922-2/16/1923, aged 1m 20d, son of Monroe and Elizabeth Souder


Abraham B. SOUDER 10/18/1817-12/12/1905, aged 88y 1m 24d


Abraham Milton SOUDER 11/?/1887-8/?/1888, son of Christian and Lizzie Souder


Alice F. SOUDER 10/18/1881-8/20/1917, wife of Harry K. Souder


Amanda SOUDER 5/19/1853-2/25/1894, aged 40y 9m 6d, wife of J. Clinton Souder


Anna C. SOUDER 6/19/1893-10/4/1977


Catharina Ellamina SOUDER 1843-1844


Christian F. SOUDER 1860-1940


Elizabeth SOUDER 4/17/1880-8/?/1880, daughter of C.F. and Lizzie Souder


Elizabeth M. SOUDER 7/2/1855-2/15/1919


Frank K. SOUDER 9/24/1882-10/15/1930


Harry K. SOUDER 1/8/1879-3/22/1947


Infant SOUDER d. 8/19/1917, son of H.K. and Alice Souder


Infant Daughter SOUDER d. 2/23(?)/1892


J. Clinton SOUDER 3/18(?)/1911-12/22/1952


James K. SOUDER 9/29/1890-6/27/1913


Lavina SOUDER 9/6/1847-3/19/1920, wife of Milton F. Souder


Leah SOUDER 3/9/1819-6/8/1901, aged 82y 2m 29d, wife of Abraham B. Souder


Milton F. SOUDER 9/26/1850-3/18/1926, aged 75y 5m 22d


Oswin Augustus H. SOUDER 12/23/1884-4/28/1887, aged 2y 4m, son of Milton F. and Lavina Souder


Sarah H. SOUDER 3/22/1878-2/12/1879, aged 10m 21d, daughter of Milton and Lavina Souder


Timothy J. SOUDER 11/29/1965-9/19/1979


Unknown SOUDER 


Willard SOUDER 1885-1888, son fo Clinton F. and Amanda Souder


Mary Ann STILLWAGON 1856-1875, daughter of Harrison and Fayetta B. Stillwagon


Calvin SWARTZ 2/14/1892-7/6/1893, aged 1y 4m 22d, son fo Benjamin B. and Mary Swartz


Catharine SWARTZ wife of David Swartz


David SWARTZ 1834-1897


David D. SWARTZ 1868-1943, with Maggie H. SWARTZ 1869-1942


Unknown SARAH with Jacob and Margaret Cressman


H. Perce VANDEGRIFT 1880-1960, with Abby S. VANDEGRIFT 1883-1962, and Sarah V. SCHRAUGER 1905-1968


H. G. W. 1761(4?)


Abraham WAMBOLD 4/3/1750-8/3/1832, aged 82y 4m


Abraham WAMBOLD 10/11/1786-3/3/1848


Anna Maria WAMBOLD 10/23/1794-1815


Barbara WAMBOLD 10/17/1758-8/18/1845, wife of Daniel Wambold, m. 6/14/1778, nee Klein


Daniel WAMBOLD 3/18/1751-1/1/1811 (dates from WorldConnect)


David WAMBOLD 3/15/1789-1815


Edwin Cope WAMBOLD 1/26/1850-9/9/1931


Elisabeth WAMBOLD b. 10/25/1783(?), d. aged 55y 9m 13d, m. Johan Georg Wambold 4/5/1806, 6 children 3 sons and 3 daughters


Elizabeth WAMBOLD 


Elizabeth WAMBOLD 6/6/1821-1/21/1899, aged 77y 7m 15d, wife of Isaac B. Wambold


Elizabeth WAMBOLD 1788-1810, wife of Abraham Wambold


Elizabeth WAMBOLD 8/11/1790-4/10/1872, aged 81y 7m 29d, wife of Jacob Wambold


Hanna WAMBOLD 6/16/1809-7/31/1813


Hannah WAMBOLD 12/27/1785-4/16/1859, wife of Abraham Wambold


Henry WAMBOLD 3/26/1789-2/25/1849, aged 59y 10m 30d, m. Mary Ziegler 11/2/1813


Henry WAMBOLD 3/26/1789-2/25/1849, aged 59y 10m 30d, m. Mary Ziegler 11/2/1813


Isaac B. WAMBOLD 1/8/1817-12/2/1892, aged 75y 10m 24d


Jacob WAMBOLD 6/20/1786-4/7/1872, aged 87y 9m 17d


James WAMBOLD 1797-7/?/1805


James WAMBOLD 10/14/1844-7/22/1860, aged 15y 9m 8d


Johann WAMBOLD 1797-1805


Johann Georg WAMBOLD 3/15/1782-1/28/1862,


Samuel WAMBOLD 9/11/1813-9/5/1845, m. Marianna Knipe




Unknown WAMBOLD 


Friedrich WAMBOLDT 1717-1800


Maria Barbara WAMBOLDT 1/11/1758-8/9/1831, aged 75y 6m 29d, nee Miller


Amanda S. WAMPOLE   View 2  3/3/1860-2/21/1921, with Jacob, Mary Ann and George SCHILLING


Charles K. WAMPOLE 9/30/1837-2/4/1903, aged 65y 4m 4d


Elizabeth N. WAMPOLE 3/29/1851-4/4/1929, aged 78y 5d


Estella H. WAMPOLE 9/25/1882-7/13/1883, aged 9m 18d, daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Wampole


Infant WAMPOLE b. and d. 5/19/1891, son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Wampole


Nathaniel E. WAMPOLE 11/2/1856-9/3/1914, aged 57y 10m 1d


Matilda H. WAMPOLE 4/?/1884-1/20/1902, aged 17y 9m 22d, daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Wampole


Amanda WEISENBORN 6/29/1876-1/15/1913, aged 36y 6m 16d, wife of Henry L. Weisenborn


Henry L. WEISENBORN 10/11/1872-8/3/1919, aged 46y 9m 23d


Philip WENTZ 1756-1811


Elemina C. Fluck Scheetz WILE 6/21/1840-10/17/1909, aged 69y 3m 26d, wife of William C. Wile


Sarah WOODWARD 10/18/1828-3/9/1868, aged 39y 4m 21d, daughter of Abraham and Elisabeth Woodward


Anna Viola YODER 10/5/1890-7/9/1891, aged 9m 4d, daughter of Samuel S. and Amanda Yoder


George ZIEGLER 1754-1829


Mary ZIEGLER 1757-1837


Daughter ZIMMERMAN 11/2/1862-8/16/19??, daughter of John O. and Sarah Zimmerman


Edwin W. ZIMMERMAN 4/30/1866-3/3/1872, son of John O. and Sarah Zimmerman





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