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Christian AUCHENBACH 9/4/1865-2/10/1885, aged 19y 5m 6d, son of Christian and Rebecca Auchenbach


Kate M. BALDWIN 6/5/1885-3/9/1951


Catharine BECHTEL 


John B. BECHTEL 9/20/1828-5/25/1892, aged 63y 8m 5d


Peter BECKER  View 2  Original Stone

First Eld. Of the Brethern in America, Born at Dillsheim in Germany 1687, Embraced the Doctrine of the Brethern 1714. Emigrated with twenty families of Brethern and settled in Germantown 1719. Came to Indian Creek 1747 and died 3/19/1758. He was married to Dorothy Partman by whom he had two daughters, Mary married Rudolph Harley and Elizabeth Jacob Stump. Erected by his great great grandson May 17, 19?6, Abrm. H. Cassel


John B. BINDER 5/1/1848-10/13/1869, aged 21y 5m 12d, son of John and Christina Binder


Abraham BINDER  Original Stone  with David and Albert, sons of John and Christina Binder, also the mother of John Binder nee Woern


Barbara L. BREY 5/18/1854-1/22/1908, aged 53y 8m 3d, wife of Milton W. Brey


George H. BREY 9/8/1875-9/17/1880, aged 5y 9d, son of Milton and Barbara Brey


Katie H. BREY 1/3/1874-1/16/1874, aged 13d, daughter of Milton and Barbara Brey


Lizzie H. BREY 7/10/1878-9/26/1880, aged 2y 2m 2d, daughter of Milton and Barbara Brey


Milton W. BREY 7/18/1852-1/17/1912, aged 59y 5m 29d


William H. BREY 2/5/1886-8/4/1886, aged 5m 27d


Hannah BUCHWALT d. 8/10/1890, aged 2y 7m, daughter of Charles C. and Lizzie Buchwalt


Caroline  d. 7/21/18(31)(? might be 51), aged 28y 1m


Abraham H. CASSEL d. 2/2/1882, son of Yelles and Sarah Cassel


Abraham H. CASSEL 9/21/1820-4/29/1908, aged 87y 7m 2d


Amanda M. CASSEL 11/8/1856-9/30/1862, aged 5y 10m 22d, daughter of David and Catharine Cassel


Catharine CASSEL 1820-2/10/1844, wife of Samuel Cassel


Catharine CASSEL 5/13/1817-2/19/1876, wife of David Cassel


David CASSEL 10/1/1809-7/26/1897, aged ?y 9m 25d


Elizabeth CASSEL 2/25/1823-12/8/1898, aged 75y 9m 13d


Elizabeth M. CASSEL 4/23/1837-8/30/1879, aged 42y 4m 7d, daughter of David and Catharine


H. Cassel 


Henry CASSEL 4/18/1846-5/17/1852, aged 6y 1m


Maria CASSEL 9/21/1789-9/6/1860, aged 70y 11m 15d


Mary CASSEL 2/9/1851-5/11/1855, aged 4y 5m 2d


Samuel CASSEL d. 3/13/1872, aged 1y 11m 18d, son of Yellis and Sarah Cassel


Sarah CASSEL aged 10d


Yelles CASSEL 10/24/1783-10/3/1863, aged 80y less 20d


Anna COLE aged abt 40y


Melinda DE HAVEN aged 11m 8d


Catharina FRIDRICH d. 3/22/1835, aged 25y 5m 2d, wife of Georg Fridrich


Sarah FREIR 6/26/1858-1/18/1863, aged 4y 6m 23d


A. H. 1794


A. H. 


G. H. 1794


I. O. H. 1728


M. H. 1843


W. H. 


Elizabeth D. HANGEY 9/9/1828-10/6/1902, aged 74y 27d, wife of George B. Hangey


Elizabeth L. HANGEY 3/15/1862-8/6/1916


George HANGEY 3/10/1890-9/29/1895, aged 5y 6m ?d, son of Benj. L. and Amanda Hangey


George B. HANGEY 9/29/1826-3/8/1910


Michael L. HANGEY 9/15/1859-4/15/1880, aged 20y 7m, son of George and Elizabeth Hangey


Abraham HARLEY 1/1/1803-5/8/1853, aged 49y 4m 7d


Alice M. HARLEY 4/22/1861-5/2/1866, aged 5y 10d, daughter of John H. and Susan Harley


Amanda HARLEY d. 8/24/1867, aged 5m 9d, daughter of John H. and Susan Harley


Ann HARLEY d. 5/29/1875, aged 81y 10m 2d, wife of Samuel Harley


Annie Laura HARLEY d. 8/14/1864, aged 2m 7d, daughter of John H. and Susan Harley


Benjiman HARLEY 12/5/1801-2/13/1890, aged 88y 3m 8d


Harley Memorial Harley Burial Grounds Founded 1745 By Rudolph and Mary Becker Harley


Catharine HARLEY 9/22/1795-9/13/1847, aged 53y 11m 21y


Catharine Kline HARLEY 7/23/1793-9/5/1867, aged 74y 2m ?d, wife of John S. Harley


Catherine HARLEY 2/25/1761-7/17/1823, aged 62y 4m 20d, wife of Samuel Harley


Charles HARLEY 7/28/1846-10/2/1854, aged 13y 2m 4d, son of Jacob S. and Sarah Harley


Elizabeth HARLEY 4/2/1815-5/29/1895, aged 80y 1m 27d, wife of Henry Harley


Elizabeth HARLEY 12/7/1831-4/8/1852, aged 30y 4m 1d, wife of Sam Harley


Elizabeth KLINE HARLEY 2/20/1795-3/12/1872, aged 77y 20d, wife of Samuel Harley


Elmer HARLEY son of Manneses and Amanda Harley


Emma M. HARLEY 12/22/1862-4/22/1866, aged 3y 4m, daughter of John M. and Susan Harley


Franklin HARLEY 2/11/1842-10/4/1869, aged 27y 7m 23d


Hannah HARLEY 1860


Henry HARLEY 10/7/1804-6/13/1883, aged 78y 8m 6d


Horace HARLEY d. 7/25/1860, aged 4m 9d, son of John M. and Susan Harley


Jacob HARLEY Stillborn 8/28, son of Jacob and Sarah Harley


John S. HARLEY 6/28/1792-6/27/1872, aged 79y 11m 29d


Jonas K. HARLEY  J. K. H.   3/26/1832-6/17/1857, son of John and Catharine Harley


Joseph HARLEY  View 2  3/14/1760-11/9/1835, aged 75y, Revolutionary War Veteran


Joseph HARLEY 2/1/1795-12/20/1837, aged 42y 11m 11d (sic)


Lizzie HARLEY 7/24/1864-7/15/1873, aged 8y 11m 21d(?), daughter of Jacob K. and Sarah Harley


Margaret HARLEY 4/27/1793-4/3/1877, aged 83y 11m 7d


Mary HARLEY d. 9/1/1836, aged 15y 9m 22d, daughter of John and Margaret Harley


Mary HARLEY 9/29/1794-7/15/1868, aged 73y 9m 16d, wife of Benjamin Harley


Norman HARLEY 1/16/1875-7/31/1875, son of John and Susan Harley


Priscilla K. HARLEY 3/17/1828-11/1/1903, aged 75y 7m 14d, wife of Jonas Harley


Sallie K. HARLEY 2/12/1821-1/6/1898, aged 77y 11m 21d, daughter of John and Catharine Harley


Samuel HARLEY   View 2  View 3  3/6/1758-3/24/1839, aged 81y 18d, Revolutionary War Veteran


Samuel K. HARLEY 6/2/1824-8/5/1895, aged 71y 2m 3d


Samuel S. HARLEY  S. S. H.  7/15/1788-10/29/1865, aged 77y 3m 14d


Samuel HARLEY 11/26/1795-10/26/1878


Susan HARLEY 12/23/1847-1/18/1875, aged 27y 25d, wife of Manasses Harley, nee Moyer


Susanna Shelly HARLEY 2/8/1819-4/7/1884, aged 65y 1m 29d, wife of Samuel K. Harley


John HARLY 1798-4/9/1833, aged 35y 2m 22d


Amalia HARTMAN 12/11/1819-3/21/1909, aged ?y 3m 10d, wife of George Hartman


George HARTMAN 2/12/1809-2/2/1872, aged 62y 11m 20d


Lillie Bertha HARTMAN 3/9/1880-8/12/1880, aged 5m 3d, daughter of Adam B. and Kate S. Hartman


Jonas HECKLER d. 2/17/1870, aged 9m 9d, son of Jas. T. and Lydia Heckler


Katie Lillian HECKLER d. 5/29/1874, aged 7y 7m 29d, daughter of ? Heckler


Lydia HECKLER 12/27/1834-2/10/1888, aged 53y 1m ?d


Winzon H. HECKLER 2/6/1875-5/5/1876, aged 1y 3m, son of Kate R. Hartman


Catharine HERLEY 6/23/1807-4/13/1851, aged 43y 9m 20d, wife of Henrich Herley, nee Scholl


Rudolph HERLEY 1809


Elizabeth HERLY 2/23/1823-2/27/1857, aged 34y 4d, wife of Jonas Herly, daughter of Joseph Moyer


Harry R. HYNICKA 4/16/1866-9/26/1933


Sarah JANSZ 1791-1869


Samuel H. JOHNSON 10/25/1792-8/12/1873


Barbara Jung 8/26/1782-3/22/1865, aged 82y 7m 2d, nee Heller


Henrich D. Jung d. 3/14/1865, aged 76y


M. K.  M 27, 1783, 8t


Barbara Elisabeth KEHS 7/31/1806-6/3/1876, aged 69y 10m 3d, wife of Georg Kehs


Benjamin Franklin KEYSER 11/24/1863-10/4/1878, aged 14y 10m 10d, son of William and Ann Jane Keyser


Elmira B. KEYSER 1/28/1859-5/23/1862, aged 3y 4m 2?d


Abraham D. KINDIG 1/29/1820-9/6/1889, aged 69y 8m 7d


Catharine KINDIG 3/8/1808-3/11/1890, aged 82y 5d, wife of Samuel D. Kindig


Elisabeth KINDIG 10/6/1823-2/22/1909, wife of Abraham D. Kindig


Samuel KINDIG ?/20/1806(?)-4/12/1869


Sarah KINDIG 10/24/1851-12/12/1853, aged 2y 1m 16d, daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth Kindig


Samuel B. KLEIN 5/29/1820-9/22/1899, aged 78y 9m 23d


Addie R. KLINE 7/22/1908(?)-3/16/1914, daughter of W. S. and Katie F. Kline


Annie KLINE 5/10/1861-9/1/1886, wife of Wm. S. Kline


John R. KLINE 4/4/1888-3/25/1892, son of W.S. and Katie F. Kline


Kate F. KLINE 10/28/1867-10/20/1933, aged 65y 11m 22d


Leah Harley KLINE 10/3/1823-7/20/1907, aged 83y 9m 17d, wife of Samuel B. Kline


Magdalena KLINE d. 12/3/1861, aged 3d


Matilda KLINE 9/18/1822-12/2/1885, aged 63y 2m 14d, wife of Samuel Kline


Rachel R. KLINE 6/25/1891-3/8/1892, daughter of W.S. and Kadie F. Kline


Samuel KLINE 10/10/1818-2/25/1892, aged 73y 4m 15d


Tilghman KLINE d. 11/26/189?, aged 1m 3d, son of Tilgh. and Sarah E. Kline


William S. KLINE 10/22/1858-4/20/1920, aged 67y 5m 28d


Henry G. KOBER 11/25/1842-2/5/1901


Jonas M. KOBER 8/4/1888-1/6/1911, son of Henry G. and Malinda Kober


Malinda H. KOBER 3/21/1852-12/16/1921


Adam KURTH 2/24/1831-7/23/1912, aged 81y 4m 29d, born in Deutschland


Edwin KURTH son of Adam and Elisabeth Kurth


Elisabeth KURTH 12/31/1832-12/?/1876, wife of Adam Kurth


Franklin KURTH 4/15/1872-9/16/1872, son of Adam and Elisabeth Kurth


Samuel KURTH 11/24/1865-8/7/1877, aged 11y 8m 13d, son of Adam and Elisabeth Kurth


Sarah Aninnia KURTH 1/4/1868-6/15/1875, aged 7y 5m 11d, daughter of Adam & Elisabeth Kurth


Jacob LANDES d. 3/18/1872, son of B. and M. Landes


Maria LANDES 1/6/1803-5/21/1886, aged 83y 4m 15d


Benjamin LANDIS aged 37y 9m ?d


Harvey H. LANDIS 11/14/1881-7/2/1898, aged 17y 7m 17d, son of Henry G. and Priscilla H. Landis


John Franklin LANDIS 10/9/1878, son of H. G. and Priscilla Landis


Martha LANDIS 7/11/1880(?)-4/1/188?, aged 1y 8m 25d


Mary D. LANDIS 12/6/1839-7/23/1913, aged 73y 7m 17d


Minerva B. LANDIS 7/1/1880-12/28/1880, aged 5m 27d, daughter of H. G. & Priscilla Landis


Priscilla H. LANDIS  P. H. L.  2/2/1857-10/21/1886, aged 29y 8m 19d, wife of Henry G. Landis


Sallie B. LANDIS 2/25/1877-7/27/1897, aged 20y 9m 2d, daughter of Henry G. and Priscilla H. Landis


Lizzie Rebecca LONG 9/14/1883-9/7/1884, aged 11m 23d, daughter of O.H. and Rebecca Long


A. M. 


Sarah MARKLEY 1/10/1800-5/4/1852, aged 53y 3m 23d, wife of Joseph Moyer, formerly the wife of Joseph Harley


Aaron H. MOYER 9/10/1840-6/30/1926, aged 85y 9m 20d, Civil War Veteran


Abraham L. MOYER d. 6/12/1880, aged abt 60y


Anna M. MOYER 2/20/1842-2/26/1903, aged 61y 6d, wife of William B. Moyer


Catharine MOYER d. 4/23/1880, aged 39y 11m 20d, wife of Aaron Moyer


Christian S. MOYER d. 8/9/1880, aged 8y 11m 8d


Deborah MOYER 12/8/1829-5/10/1909, wife of William D. Moyer


Edwin MOYER d. 5/10/1861, aged 10y, son of William D. and Deborah Moyer


Eliza Elenore MOYER 4/23/1884-5/6/1886 aged 2y 13d, with Jacob Vincent MOYER d. 5/6/1886 aged 3y 8m 12d


Ella Rosa MOYER 6/30/1891-5/29/1895, aged 3y 10m 29d, daughter of Aaron and Hannah Moyer


Emma Miriam MOYER 2/27/1890-6/26/1893, daughter of Aaron and Hannah Moyer


Flora MOYER 7/6/1874-9/12/1874, aged 1m 27d, daughter of Simeon P. and Sarah Ann Moyer


Hannah E. MOYER 2/17/1858-6/4/1930, aged 77y 3m 17d, wife of Aaron H. Moyer


Ida MOYER 10/28/1876-4/12/1877, aged 5m 15d, daughter of Simeon P. and Sarah Ann Moyer


Isaiah H. MOYER 1850-1930


Jacob MOYER 10/13/1874-8/24/1875, son of Aaron and Mary Moyer


James Wilson MOYER 11/29/1871-6/22/1872, aged 6m 23d, son of Simeon P. and Sarah Ann Moyer


Kate S. MOYER 4/2/1866-4/29/1884, aged 18y 20d, daughter of Aaron and Mary Moyer


Lydia S. MOYER d. 5/30/1880, aged 7y 7m 6d


Mary MOYER 8/11/1844-11/4/1874, aged 30y 2m 23d, wife of Aaron H. Moyer


Mary MOYER 2/12/1816-10/16/1886, aged 70y 8m 5d, wife of Peter Moyer, born Harley


Mary H. MOYER 7/31/1828-1/17/1916, aged 87y 5m 16d, wife of Abraham L. Moyer


Peter MOYER 4/18/1816-11/10/1878


Sarah Ann MOYER 6/10/1847-6/4/1905, aged 57y 11m 24d, wife of Simeon P. Moyer


Simeon P. MOYER 1/25/1846-1/26/1906, aged 60y 1d


William C. MOYER 9/24/1819-8/17/1902, aged 82y 10m 23d


William P. MOYER 5/11/1839-3/1/1875, aged 35y 9m 17d


Naomi W. T. 1902-1944, nee Young


Annie NICE d. 1/7/1888(?), daughter of Henry and Sarah Nice


Harry NICE 5/5/1889-8/18/1889, son of Henry and Sarah Nice


Henry K. NICE 11/26/1851-3/19/1895, aged 43y 3m 23d


Priscilla NICE 1/31/1881-2/14/1882, daughter of Henry and Sarah Nice


Sarah M. NICE 1/17/1858-12/26/1922, aged 64y 11m 8d, wife of Henry K. Nice


Claus OBLINGER ca. 1685-1730, a German Baptist refugee, he emigrated in 1724 with wife Elizabeth and five children from Schwartzenat-- Frees W------s---- Hesse


Rosalinda 1816(?)


Benavil RUDY 5/12/1850-4/23/1852, aged 1y 11m 11d, son of Jonas and Elizabeth Rudy


Elizabeth RUDY 1/1/1818-10/18/1889, aged 71y 9m ?d, wife of Jonas Rudy, born Harley


Jonas D. RUDY 11/23/1815-5/20/1897, aged 81y 5m 27d


Oliver RUDY 6/25/1854-3/9/1857, aged 2y 8m 15d, son of Jonas and Elizabeth Rudy


A. S. 


H. S. 1794


Susanna SCHMIT 12/22/1801-4/2/1881, aged 80y 3m 10d


Jacob SCHUECK 10/9/1810-2/12/1900


Annie Minerva SHADDINGER 11/14/1876-4/12(?)/1879, aged 2y 4m 28d, daughter of W.G. and Maggie R. Shaddinger


Infant SHADDINGER stillborn 4/8/1874, daughter of W.S. and K.H. Shaddinger


Kate H. SHADDINGER 2/11/1849-4/25/1874, aged 25y 2m 14d, wife of Wesley G. Shaddinger, daughter of Peter and Mary Moyer


John STAUFER 7/1/1764-7/2/1849, aged 84y 11m 1d


Mary STAUFER d. 2/6/1839, aged 68y 5m 3d


Anna STAUFFER d. 5/25/1854, aged 24y 10m 2d


Elisabeth STAUFFER 2/21/1795-9/3/1867, aged 72y 6m ?d


Jacob STAUFFER 1/28/1792-6/2/1868


Jacob R. STAUFFER 12/24/1824-1/13/1912, aged 87y 14d


Unknown/Illegible:   1  2  3  4  5  1775   1783   1824 J. ?.


Mary VOEMEL 7/29/1832-3/25/1916, aged 83y 9m 26d, wife of Philip Voemel


William Phillip VÍMEL 7/6/1835-9/24/1884


Maryette WALTER 3/10/1873-6/18/1875, aged 2y 3m 8d, daughter of O.H. and Malinda Walter


Oswin H. WALTERS 4/10/1846-8/1/1874, aged 28y 3m 21d, son of John and Kate Walters


John WOODHEAD 11/2/1835-2/6/1896, born in England


Amanda C. YOUNG 5/1/1888-5/11/1888, daughter of Daniel P. and Rosalinda R. Young


Daniel C. YOUNG 2/15/1894-1/23/1896, son of Daniel and Rosalinda Young


Daniel P. YOUNG 3/18/1851-5/23/1904, aged 53y 2m 5d


Henry C. YOUNG 5/13/1883-5/25/1884, son of Daniel P. and Rosalinda R. Young


John C. YOUNG 1/26/1898-10/5/1898, son of Daniel P. and Rosalinda Young


Lydia M. YOUNG 9/24/1852-5/18/1880, aged 27y 7m 21d, wife of Daniel Young, born Cassel


Mary YOUNG 3/7/1880-9/4/1880, aged 5m 28d, daughter of Daniel and Lydia Young


Naomi YOUNG 1902-1944


Rosalinda R. YOUNG 4/21/1861-10/5/1942, aged 81y 5m 13d





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