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Shown below is a complete transcription of all tombstones viewable

in 2006.  Note that there are many which are unknown/illegible.


Barbara ALTHOUSE 1786-1833, aged 47y


Anna d. 1849, wife of James ?


Emma BOOZ 4/5/1863-4/17/1863, aged 12d, daughter of Jacob and Lydia Booz


Edna B. BUCHER 10/19/1893-12/1/1988, aged 95y 1m 12d, nee Clemens


Jacob C. BUCHER 3/13/1917-5/18/1969, aged 52y 2m 5d


D. D. 


D. D. 


Barbara DELP d. 1825(?), aged 67y 1?m 6d


Catharine DELP 11/16/1823-4/18/1900, aged 76y 7m 2d, wife of Henry G. Delp


Clinton S. DELP 1/30/1862-4/20/1935, aged 73y 2m 20d


Hannah M. DELP 2/27/1820-8/27/1896, aged 76y 6m, born Bechtel


Hans George DELP  View 2  6/25/1718-10/12/1789, with wife Barbara Moyer Delp, First generation Delp Family in PA, Settled in Lower Salford Twp in 1738, Erected 1959 by Descendents


Henry G. DELP 3/17/1822-4/19/1884, aged 62y 1m 2d


Isaiah DELP 6/21/1869-8/21/1869, aged 2m, son of William and ? Delp


Jacob Jarome DELP 8/30/1858-2/4/1859, aged 7m, son of William and Sarah Delp


Jonas G. DELP 11/8/1817-6/13/1907(?), aged 89y(?) 7m 5d


Kate D. DELP 3/16/1858-7/27/1893, aged 35y 4m 11d, wife of Clinton S. Delp


Martha DELP 6/27/1877(?)-8/?/1877


Sarah Ann K. Shutt DELP 6/15/1836-4/27/1896, aged 59y 10m 12d, wife of William C. Delp


Susanna DELP 12/3/1792-1/3/1871, aged 81y 1m


Unknown DELP ?/30/1817-?/?/1849, son of ? and Laura(?) Delp


Unknown DELP 


Unknown DELP 


Unknown DELP  View 2  176?-1820, aged 67y 2m(?) 18d(?)


William G. DELP 7/6/1832-7/18/1917, aged 85y 12d




Barbara FUNCKIN d. 12/29/1792, aged 61y


Christian FUNCKIN d. 7/31/1811, aged 80y


Henry FUNK 1760 emigrated 1719, Pioneer Bishop, with Anna 7/8/1758


Abram D. HECKLER 1830-1905, with Magdalena HECKLER 1832-1891


Barbara HECKLER 1794-11/16/1860


Jacob HECKLER 12/(?)/17??-1/?/1890, aged 90y 16d


Hubert d. 4/19(?)/????, aged 72y, He was a Veteran of the Civil War


Catharina KLEIN 6/20/1853-7/13/1859, aged 6y 23d


Elizabeth KLINE 10/24/1819-11/19/1895, aged 76y 26d, wife of Isaac H. Kline


Isaac H. KLINE 7/23/1824-9/30/1908, aged 84y 2m 7d


Amos B. KOFFEL 8/10/1852-9/5/1942


James W. KOFFEL 1/3/1885-10/14/1959


Jesse D. KOFFEL 12/15/1831-12/27/1917, with Lydia 1/15(?)/1833(?)-4/7/????, Mary E. 11/7/1870-12/5(?)/1899, and daughter of Mary E. 12/5/1899-10/22/1973(?)


Elizabeth KRATZ 12/25/1776-18??, aged 60y(?) 5m 15d(?)


Harvey KRATZ 7/?/1871-12/21/1871, aged 5m 17d(?), son of Henry(?) and Mary Kratz


Henry C. KRATZ 7/2/1842-12/30/1900


Jacob KRATZ 1806(?)


Jacob KRATZ 1828, aged 20y(?)


Maria KRATZ 1785(?)


Mary Ann KRATZ 1/29/1844-7/4/1915, aged 71y 5m 5d, wife of Henry C. Kratz


Unknown KRATZ 11/29/1776-?/6/1852, aged 75y 8m 7d




Anna LANDES 1/9/1789-1/16/18??


Anna LANDES(?) 1784




Hanna LANDES 10/9/1782-10/28/1865, aged 83y 19d


Heinrich LANDES  View 2  1815, Revolutionary War Veteran


Isaac LANDES 1814


Jacob LANDES  View 2  View 3  View 4  1807(?), Revolutionary War Veteran


Jacob LANDES 1749, Father, with son Jacob LANDES 1793, Franconia Line


Jacob LANDES 3/31/1777, Father, with son John LANDES 5/23/1803, Upper Salford Line


Johannes LANDES 1856


Johannes LANDES 1823, Revolutionary War Veteran


Maria LANDES 1823


Unknown LANDES 


Unknown LANDES 1785


Unknown LANDES 4/?/178?-8/7(?)/1865(?), aged 76y(?) ?m 16d


Jacob LANDIS 10/15/1782-12/25/1859, aged 77y 2m 10d


Johannes LANDIS 182?


Maria LANDIS 1846


A. M. 


H. M. 


H. M. 


J. M. 


M. M. 


Christina MAYER 1824(?)


W. Warren MAYER  View 2  

Daniel MEIER 1833


Abraham MOYER 3/18/1786-5/9/1866


Abraham D. MOYER 10/1/1811-11/17/1861, aged 50y ?m 11d


Alice MOYER 


Anna MOYER 9/24/1816-5/19/1903, aged 86y 7m 25d, wife of Abraham D. Moyer


Barbara MOYER 1868, aged 80y(?) ?m 21d(?)


Christian MOYER 1/12/1778-4/8/1859, aged 81y 2m 27d


Christian L. MOYER 6/22/1812-2/28/1861, aged 48y 8m 6d


Elias H. MOYER 8/18/1836-12/26/1865, aged 29y 4m 8d


Elizabeth MOYER d. 8/7/1859, aged 70y 8m 17d


Elizabeth S. MOYER 6/7/1811-1/8/1887, aged 75y 7m 1d


J. H. MOYER 1838, aged 66y 7m 9d


Jacob H. MOYER 10/16/1842-8/19/1914, aged 71y 10m 3d


Jacob L. MOYER 9/26/1808-10/18/1877, aged 69y 22d


Jane D. MOYER 2/17/1865-1/23/1938, aged 72y 11m 6d


Jennie B. MOYER 6/24/1893-1/23/1907, aged 13y 6m 29d, daughter of Jacob H. and Jane Moyer


Joseph MOYER ?/19(?)/1791-9/30(?)/1862, aged 70y 3m(?) 2?d


Joseph MOYER b. 8/3/1824, married to Angeline Yerger


Lovina B. MOYER 1/2/1896-2/2/1902, aged 6y 1m, daughter of Jacob and Jane Moyer


Lydia MOYER 1/9/1819-1/17/1896, aged 78y 8d, wife of Christian L. Moyer


Lydia MOYER 9/?/1822-1848, aged 25y 8m 1d(?)


Maria MOYER 6/17/1775-?/8/1854, aged 78y 9m 22d


Maria MOYER 1837


Mary MOYER b. 9/?/1819(?), daughter of Christian Moyer


Mary B. MOYER daughter of Jacob and Jane Moyer


Menno B. MOYER 11/17/1887-4/8/1905, aged 17y 4m 21d, son of Jacob H. and Jane Moyer


Sarah MOYER 2/28/1816-11/13/1842, daughter of Jacob Moyer


Sarah MOYER 


Unknown MOYER  View 2  View 3  View 4  1810(?), aged 58y 2m(?), Revolutionary War Veteran


Unknown 1777


Unknown 1783


Unknown 1838(?)


Unknown 1757-1832, aged 75y 5m 22d


Unknown  aged 19y 11m(?) 21d


Unknown  ?/1/1804-3/8/1845, aged 40y ?m 1d


Unknown  Revolutionary War Veteran


Unknown  Revolutionary War Veteran


Unknown  Rest In Peace


Unknown d. 1885, aged 84y ?m 2d


Unknown/Illegible:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8 


H. C. W. 1805


Susanna WEINER 8/15/1821-5/18/1894, aged 72y 9m 3d


Unknown WEINER 1808-12/1/1879, aged 71y


Joseph WIENER 3/13/1815-5/25/1891, aged 76y 2m 12d


Sarah WIENER 12/18/1818-6/23/1895, aged 76y 6m 5d, wife of Joseph Wiener


Anna WISLER 1/27/1827-11/12/1891, aged 64y 9m 15d


Jonas WISLER 1/14/1835-9/17/1865, aged 30y 8m 3d


Martin WISLER 9/28/180?-8/1?/18?0, aged ?7y 10m 21d


Mary WISLER 3/27/180?-11(?)/16/18??, wife of Martin Wisler


Michael ZIEGLER d. 5/25/1893, aged 79y 11d, Private Co. N. 98 Regt. PA Inft'y





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