Mt. Rock Cemetery

Derry Township, Mifflin County, PA

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Mt. Rock 1, 2, 3.  Contributor: Josie Baughman (JB); 4, 5, 6 Contributor: Mona Anderson


Ephraim BANKS, died January 6, 1871, 80 years.  Contributor: JB

Jane A. BANKS, wife of Ephraim died May 10, 1889, 79 years.  Contributor: JB

Rev. R. C. BOWERSOX, 1843-1873, and Sarah A., his wife, 1846-1918.  Contributor: JB

Mary C. CALDWELL, wife of Scott Caldwell, died October 30, 1900.  Contributor: JB

Mary J. CALDWELL, 1842-1919, and Annie M. Caldwell, 1847-1931.  Contributor: JB

Samuel E. CALDWELL, died 1935, Sarah J. Russler, his wife, died 1941, J. Harold, his son died 1893, and Earl R., his son died 1890.  Contributor: JB

William A. FISHER, 1896-1982; Florence M., 1900-1984; daughter, Arlene M. Fisher, 1923-1929.  Contributor: Kristy Fultz

Ammon J. HOUSER, 1879-1963, father; Carrie V., 1881-1954, mother.  Contributor: Mona Anderson

Augustus A. HOUSER, 1852-1916; Margaretta, 1855-1922, his wife.  Contributor: Mona Anderson

Elizabeth G. HOUSER, footstone.  Contributor: Mona Anderson

Mary E. HOUSER, 2, 3, 12 Dec 1844 - 7 Dec 1889, wife of B. F. HOUSER; Pricie L., 1877-1877.  Contributor: Mona Anderson

Merle E. HOUSER, 24 Feb 1879 - 12 Sept 1947; Elizabeth C., 1882-1969, his wife.  Contributor: Mona Anderson

Nancy Catherine HOUSER, 2, 21 Apr 1898 - 3 May 1904.  Contributor: Mona Anderson

HUMMEL, John Albert, father, 1881-1953; Mary J. Gilbert, mother, 1882-1946; Edgar Arlington, their son, 1899-1917.  Contributor: JB

Anna Mary LASH, footstone.  Contributor: Mona Anderson

William O. LASH, 2, 3, 1864-1946; Anna M., his wife, 1871-1946; William R., son, 1903-1915.  Contributor: Kristy Fultz and Mona Anderson

William R. LASH, footstone.  Contributor: Mona Anderson

James T. MOORE, 1905-1953, father; Bessie P., 1916-2001.  Contributor: Mona Anderson

Montgomery MORRISON, 1818-1905. Contributor: JB

Harmon PARK, 2, 1861-1952, father; Laura MADDEN, 1863-1910, mother.  Contributor: Mona Anderson

ROTHROCK, Father Allen E., 1849-1916; his wife Louisa SWANGER, 1854-1905; their son Elmer E., 1873-1964; his wife Natalia SCHLIFFKA, 1875-1946. Contributor: JB

William S. SETTLE, 1848-1918. Battery M. 3rd PA. H Artillery War, 1861-65.  Contributor: JB

Sarah L. SETTLE, wife of Wm. S. SETTLE, died July 18, 1892, aged 43 yrs., 11 m., 26 d.  Contributor: JB

Olivia E. SETTLE, wife of Wm. S. SETTLE, died Dec. 26, 1925.  Contributor: JB

Ida May SETTLE, daughter of Wm. S. and Sarah L. SETTLE, September 17, 1882 - January 16, 1908. Contributor: JB

SETTLE, John Townsend 1871; Walter Melvyn 1880; Mary Ella 1887; children of Wm. S. and Sarah L. SETTLE.  Contributor: JB

Marian SETTLE, wife of George MACPHERSON, died May 16, 1900 in her 23rd year. Contributor: JB

George W. SOULT, born Feb. 22, 1822, died Oct. 4, 1882. Contributor: JB

Eliza A. SOULT, wife of George W. SOULT, born Jan. 19, 1834, died Jan. 11, 1915. Contributor: JB

James TURNER, died March 29, 1872, aged 76 years.  Contributor: JB

Rosanna TURNER, wife of James TURNER, died Sept. 8, 1893, aged 89 years.  Contributor: JB

Willard H. VARNER, 1897-1980; Della E. KENNEDY, mother, 1903-1978; Lewis L., 1927-1982, their son; Joyce L. ROMIG, 1930- , his wife.  Contributor: Kristy Fultz

John Albert WAGNER, Dec. 5, 1867 - May 9, 1946; his wife Rachel C. ROSS, Nov. 26, 1865 - Mar. 3, 1947.  Contributor: JB

Lewis T. WATTSON, died March 16th, 1872, aged 61 years.  Contributor: JB

Catherine J. WATTSON, wife of Lewis T. WATTSON, 1825-1908.  Contributor: JB

WERTZ, Arthur C., father, and his wife Inez V. HUMMEL, mother.  Contributor: JB

Arthur C. WERTZ, 1889-1937.  Contributor: JB

Inez V. WERTZ, 1888-1977. Contributor: JB

Joseph Milliken WOODS, 1854-1923; Sarah JOHNSON, 1858-1919.  Contributor: JB

Rev. James S. WOODS D.D., Pastor of the Presbyterian Congregation of Lewistown for 30 years and 9 months, born April 18, 1793, died June 29, 1862.  Contributor: JB

James Martin YEAGER D.D., Educator, Lecturer, Traveler, Legislator, U.S. Marshal, Descendant of Pennsylvania Pioneers.



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