1947 L'Histoire


Published by the Senior Class of


Derry Township High School





Class Colors Blue and Gold
Class Flower Yellow Tea Rose
Class Motto "Never try dying, but die trying."

Board of School Directors

Alvin Miller, President

Samuel C. Mitchell, Vice President

Fred D. Haller; C. W. Peters, Jr.

Isaac D. Steffen

Charles B. Swartzell

A. Nelson Yearick


Beaver S. Faust, Supervising Principal
J. William Riden, Principal



Phillip H. Daubert, History

Dorcas Jane Fick, Commercial

Darwin Garrett, Science

Mabel M. Gibboney, English

Marian Barger Haller, English

J. Lester Houser, Mathematics

Elizabeth Hunter, Language & Library

Jeanne Kreig, Dental Hygiene

Remona Cromwell Reinard, Geography

  Elsie Heikes Rodgers, Vocal Music

Benedict Simoncelli, Physical Education

Clara Stayner, Commercial

Catherine L. Thompson, English

Merrill M. Wagner, Science

William Whitley, Instrumental Music

Marian Rickard Williard, Geography

J. Gerald Woomer, Social Studies

Patricia Yoder, History

Class Officers

Robert Reed, President
Jean Eisenhart, Vice President
Nanciann Readdy, Secretary
William Allen, Treasurer
Jane Heller, Historian

LíHistoire Staff


Robert Streich, Editor

Robert Reed, Associate Editor

Nancy Wiker, Associate Editor

Anna Runkle, Business Manager

Dolores Broome, Assistant Business Manager

David Armstrong, Assistant Business Manager

Robert Gilbert Activity Editor

Patsy Hannon, Activity Editor

Alice Parks, Activity Editor

Ruth Snook, Activity Editor

  Helen Bartha, Individual Writeups

Maxwell Haller, Individual Writeups

Jane Heller, Individual Writeups

Jackie King, Individual Writeups

Jimmie Fisher, Snapshots Editor

Barbara Hook, Snapshots Editor

Violet Partchey, Snapshots Editor

David Rowe, Snapshots Editor

Beaver S. Faust, Faculty Advisor



Last Name First Name Nickname Course Activities
Allen William "Son" Academic Basketball 2-3, Crimson Star Staff 4, Band 1-4
Armstrong David "Son" Commercial Basketball 3-4, Baseball 4, L'Histoire Staff
Ault Vivian "Vivi" Commercial Librarian 1-4
Baker Alberta "Berty" Commercial Chorus 1-4, Library 2-3, Band 3-4, Basketball 3-4
Baker Etta "Et" Commercial Basketball 1-3, Library 1, Cheerleader 3
Baker Harold "Big" Academic Football 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Baseball 3-4, Boxing 3-4, Wrestling 3-4, Track 3
Bartha Helen "Bart" Academic Library 1-2, 4, Basketball Manager 1-4, L'Histoire Staff, Play Prompter 3-4, Kappa Delta Club 1-2
Bell Christine "Chris" Academic Library 1-4, Kappa Delta Club 1-2, Chorus 1
Bobb Nancy "Stutts" Academic Band 3-4, Class Play 4
Bressler Rayelene "Mert" Academic Chorus 2-4, Senior Girls Octette, Cheerleader 2-4, Basketball 1-4, Class Play 3-4
Broome Dolores "Dotty" Commercial Chorus 2-4, Crimson Star Staff 3-4, L'Histoire Staff
Burdick George "Rostrovitch" Academic Football 1-4, Basketball 4, Track 3-4, Baseball 3-4, Wrestling 3-4, Class Play 3-4, Crimson Star Staff 4
Burke Shirley "Crusty" Commercial Chorus 2-4, Library 2, 4, Band 3-4, Crimson Star Staff 3, Senior Girls Octette
Chapple Patty Lou "Pat" Academic Librarian 3-4, Kappa Delta Club 1-2
Collins James "Arch" Academic Football 1, 3-4, Basketball 3, Baseball 3-4, Wrestling 3
Crawford Ronald "Ronnie" Academic Football 1-4, Basketball 3-4, Baseball 3-4, Boxing 3-4
Crissey Audrey "Criss" Academic Chorus 2-4, Senior Girls Octette
Crisswell Catherine "Katie" Commercial Chorus 2-4, Library 2-4, Senior Girls Octette
Dalby Eddy "Ed" Academic Band 1-4
Deckman Marcellus "Bill" Academic Band 1-4
Eisenhart Dolores "Dode" General Library 2, Basketball 2
Eisenhart Jean "Lefty" Commercial Basketball 1, Chorus 1-4, Library 1-4, Cheerleader 1, Class Play 3-4, Crimson Star Staff 4, Class Vice President, Senior Girls Octette
Ennist William "Bill" Academic Band 2
Fisher James "Jim" Academic Basketball 1-2, Football Manager 3-4
Gilbert Robert "Bob" Academic Football 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Baseball 3-4, Track 3-4, L'Histoire Staff
Gilchrist Jane "Janie" Commercial Chorus 2-4, Library 3-4, Crimson Star Staff
Gingher Beatrice "Beaty" Commercial Librarian 2-3
Goss Mae "Mae" Academic Chorus 2-4, Librarian 2, Kappa Delta Club 2, Class Play 3-4
Greenaway Earl "Bait" Academic Football 1-3
Haller Gerald "Max" Academic Football 1-4, L'Histoire Staff, Wrestling 3-4, Boxing 3-4, Class Play 3-4, Band 1-4
Hannon Patricia "Pat" Academic Basketball 1-4, L'Histoire Staff
Harnish Bernard "Bernard" Academic
Heller Jane "Janie" Academic Crimson Star Staff 1-4, L'Histoire Staff, Class Historian, Basketball 1-2
Hook Barbara "Barb" Academic Chorus 2-4, Play 3-4, L'Histoire Staff
Kearns Donald "Don" Academic Football 4, Basketball 1-4, Class Play 3-4, Chorus 2-3, Band 2-3, Kappa Delta Club 2
King Jacqueline "Jackie" Academic L'Histoire Staff, Basketball 1-2, Cheerleader 1, Band 3-4
Krichbaum Peggy "Peg" Commercial Chorus 2-4, Senior Girls Octette, Library 3
Leiter Richard "Dick" Academic Kappa Delta Club 2
Logan Charles "Charlie" General Band 1-4
Miller Stanley "Stan" Academic Band 1-4, Wrestling 3
Moyer Loneta "Sis"    
O'Donnell Joseph "Joe"   Football 1-4, Basketball 2-4, Boxing 3-4, Wrestling 3-4, Baseball 3-4
Parks Alice Ann "Parks" Academic Basketball 1-4, Class Play 3-4, Library 2-3, Band 2-4, L'Histoire Staff
Partchey Violet "Vi" Academic Chorus 2-4, Library 3-4, Kappa Delta Club 1, L'Histoire Staff, Class Play 3-4, Senior Girls Octette
Pennebaker James "Jim" General Wrestling 3-4
Peters Ross "Ross" Academic Band 2-4, Football Manager 4
Readdy Nanciann "Nan" Commercial Band 2-4, Chorus 2-3, Class Secretary, Band President 4
Reed Robert "Marble" Academic Football 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Track 3-4, Class Play 3-4, Crimson Star Staff 3-4, Class President
Reich William "Bill" Academic Football 3, Kappa Delta Club 2
Rowe David "Skip" Academic L'Histoire Staff, Baseball 3-4
Runkle Anna "Ann" Commercial Chorus 2-4, Crimson Star Staff 4, L'Histoire Staff, Basketball 3
Snook Ruth "Ruth" Academic Basketball 1-4, Library 2-3, Band 3-4, Class Play 3-4, L'Histoire Staff
Steffen Harold "Red" Academic Band 2-4, Basketball 1-2
Streich Robert "Bob" Academic Baseball 3-4, Crimson Star Staff 2-4, L'Histoire Staff, Clas Play 3-4
Stroup Norma "Norm" Academic Class Play 3-4, Band 3-4, Basketball 1-2
Wagner Betty "Betty" Academic  
Watson Robert "Bob' General  
Wiker Nancy "Sue"   Basketball 1-4, Cheerleader 3-4, Crimson Star Staff 3-4, L'Histoire Staff, Class Play 3
Woomer Thelma "Giggles" Commercial Drum Majorette 3-4, Chorus 2-4, Basketball 1-4, Crimson Star Staff 4


Members of the graduating class of 1947 by merit of credits earned while members of The United States Armed Forces:

James Gerald Bell
Robert Earl Sulouff
Otha Samuel Woodward

Football Team


ENDS   Jim Hummel,* Harold Baker,* Jim Collins,* Ken Stuck,* Bob Allen*
TACKLES   John Watson,* George Marker,* Harry Stimely, James Craig, Randall McCardle
GUARDS   George Burdick,* Bob Reed,* Charles Righter,* Ronnie Moore, Kermit Singley
CENTERS   Don Kearns,* Gerald Gilbert,* Donald Breon*
QUARTERBACKS   Paul O'Donnell,* Joe O'Donnell,* Bob Pennepacker
HALFBACKS   Max Haller,* Ronnie Crawford,* Robert Gilbert,* Max Fisher,* Stanley Potepan,* Bruce Baker
FULLBACKS   Gerald Ball,* Sidney Wilson
MANAGERS   Dean Bobb, James Fisher
COACH   Phillip H. Daubert
ATHLETIC DIRECTOR   Benedict Sinoncelli

*Letter Winners

Boys' Basketball Team


Ronald Crawford

Joe O'Donnell

Robert Gilbert

Harold Baker

David Armstrong

James Hummel

Robert Reed

Kenneth Stuck

Donald Kearns

Ronald Moore
Manager: D. Moore
Coach: Benedict Simoncelli

Girls' Basketball Team

SENIORS   Ruth Snook,* Alice Ann Parks,* Nancy Wiker,* Raylene Bressler,* Alberta Baker,* Thelma Woomer*
JUNIORS   Nora Ernest, Betty Schultz,* Patty Wilson,* Shirley Elsesser,* Lois Schmidt, Nancy Smith, Christine Yetter
SOPHOMORES   Janet Close, Dorothy Schmidt, Dorothy Romig, Barbara Harclerode, Shirley Weston,* Audrey Kennedy, Doris Russler, Rose Gallucci, Phyllis Bargo, Barbara Heider
FRESHMEN   Beatrice Amspacker, Donna Young,* Barbara Rager,* Greta Snook, Carol Streich, Donna Treaster, Elsie Steele, Shirley Singley, Wanda Kauffman, Dorene Downing, Janet King, Pauline Sikorsky, Joanna Hufford

Manager: Helen Bartha
Coach: J. Gerald Woomer

* Letter Winners


Raylene Bressler

Claudette Dubendorf

Shirley Elsesser

Helen Stever

Nancy Wiker

Patricia Wilson


In Memoriam

Allen, William, October 17, 2011
Armstrong, David, December 25, 2001
Baker, Harold, February 3, 1997

Bartha, Helen, July 5, 2006

Brumbaugh (Burke), Shirley, June 16, 2018

Buchanan (Wagner), Betty, January 7, 2023

Clark (Partchey), Violet, November 2, 2006

Collins, James, April 29, 2004

Crawford (Stroup), Norma, May 2, 2020

Criswell (Snook), Ruth, February 18, 2012

Dalby, Eddy, May 2, 2016

Ennist, William, April 10, 2016

Enterline (Wiker), Nancy, November 5, 2006

Fisher, James, October 2, 2013

Gilbert, Robert, September 27, 2016

Goshorn (Gilchrist), Jane, July 27, 2009

Goss (Eisenhart), Jean, before March 12, 2012

Greenaway, Earl, September 26, 2019

Greenaway (Runkle), Anna, February 15, 2011
Haller, Gerald, November 23, 1973
Harnish, Bernard, February 24, 1978

Hunley (Criswell), Catherine, December 22, 2010

Kearns, Donald, September 5, 2015

Knisely (Chapple), Patty, July 28, 2021

Leiter, Richard, August 13, 1991

Libby (King), Jacqueline, April 23, 2022

Logan, Charles, May 13, 1996
Mertz (Goss), Mae, August 16, 1963
Miller, Stanley, January 13, 1990

Morgan (Gingher), Beatrice, December 18, 2016

O'Donnell, Joseph, April 21, 1992

Pennebaker, James, February 28, 2015

Peters (Bobb), Nancy, July 20, 2015

Peters, Ross, October 5, 2011

Reed, Robert, April 13, 1997

Reich, William, April 11, 2002

Ricewick (Hannon), Patricia, October 7, 2014

Rowe, David, December 31, 2001

Ryan (Eisenhart), Dolores, June 17, 2007

Saxton (Bressler), Rayelene, February 2, 2018

Shreffler (Krichbaum), Peggy, September 18, 2004

Spearing (Crissey), Audrey, May 3, 2020

Steffen, Harold, May 25, 2018

Streich (Baker), Alberta, October 14, 2016

Treaster (Broome), Dolores, October 5, 2000
Watson, Robert, August, 10, 2001

Zane (Woomer), Thelma, April 21, 2010


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