1944 L'Histoire


published by the


Derry Township High School







Class Colors - Green and Tan

Class Flower - Tea Rose


Class Motto: "Climb, Though the Rocks be Rugged."


Board of Education


Isaac D. Steffen, President
Ralph C. Bell, Secretary
Leonard B. Crotzer
Fred D. Haller
Alvin Miller
Samuel C. Mitchell
C. W. Peters, Jr.




David L. Swartz, Supervising Principal
J. William Riden, Principal
Ruth Plummer Fagan, Science
Dorcas Jane Fick, Commercial
Mabel Knepp Fultz, History
Mabel M. Gibboney, English
Helen Burris Kerchner, Languages
Fred M. King, Arithmetic
Jeanne Kreig, Dental Hygiene
Luella M. Nafzinger, English
Remona Cromwell Reinard, Geography
Sarah K. Richards, Music
Elsie Heikes Rodgers, Vocal Music
Kathleen Smith, Geography
Clara Stayner, Commercial
Betty Ruth Stine, Mathematics
Catherine L. Thompson, English
Orvin W. Troy, Social Studies
Merrill M. Wagner, Science


Class Officers


Howard Burd, President
Jesse Davis, Vice-President
Mary Ann Forgach, Secretary
James Harshbarger, Treasurer
Shirley Chamberlain, Historian


Yearbook Staff


Jesse Davis, Editor

James Harshbarger, Associate Editor

Virginia Hess, Business Manager

Robert Bloom, Assistant Business Manager

William Guerrini, Assistant Business Manager

Mary Ann Forgach, Activity Editor

Doris Haller, Activity Editor

James Warner, Activity Editor

Almeda Amspacker, Individual Writeups

Shirley Chamberlain, Individual Writeups

Harvey Gilbert, Individual Writeups

Peggy Mauery, Individual Writeups

Merle Truscott, Individual Writeups

Audrey Havice, Faculty Writeups

John Becker, Snapshots

Helen Singleton, Snapshots

Donald Swanger, Snapshots

David L. Swartz, Faculty Advisor




Last Name First Name Nickname Course Activities
Amspacker Almeda "Nean" Academic Chorus 1-4, Class Play 3-4, Yearbook Staff
Arnold Ruth "Sleepy" General Chorus 4
Baumgardner William "Bummy" Commercial  
Becker John "Becker" Academic  
Bersinger Robert "Bersie" Commercial Derry Swingsters, Band 2-4, Chorus 2-4, Quarter, Bowling, Baseball
Bloom Robert "Bob" General Basketball 4, Football 4
Brode Robert "Bob" Commercial  
Brode William "Bill" Commercial  
Bruce Betty "Bets" Commercial Chorus 1-2, Class Play 4, Basketball Manager 2-4, Bowling Club, Orchestra 1-2
Burd Howard "Stanley" Academic Class Play 3-4, Band 1-3, Derry Swingsters, Aeronautics Club, Class President
Casner Edward "Ed" General  
Chamberlin Shirley "Bobbie" Academic Crimson Starr Staff, L'Histoire Staff, Kappa Delta Club, Class Historian
Colabine Karl "Farmer" Academic  
Collins Jack "Jabber" Academic Football 2-4
Criswell Phyllis "Crissy" Commercial Chorus 1-4, Class Play 3-4, Bowling Club
Cupper Ralph "Cupper" Commercial Bowling, Senior Play, Chorus 1, Mechanics
Davis Jesse "Fakir" Academic Football 2-4, Basketball Manager 2-4, Crimson Star Editor, L'Histoire Editor, Aeronautics Club
Downing David "Bunko" Academic Football 3-4, Basketball 2
Eddy George "Eddy" General Chorus 1-4
Ennist Robert "Boova" Academic Football 2-4, Basketball 2-4, Bowling Club
Forgach Mary Ann "Stu" Academic Basketball 1-2, Cheerleader 2-3, Chorus 2-3, Library 1-2, 4, Bowling Club, Class Secretary
Gilbert Harvey "Hottie" General Basketball Manager 3
Guerrini William "Nuggets" General Football 4, Football Manager 3, Basketball Manager 2, Bowling Club, L'Histoire Staff
Hale Cleonne "Cleonne" Commercial Chorus 2-3, Bowling Club, Sextette
Haller Doris "Haller" General Basketball 2-4, Cheerleader 3-4, Chorus 1-2, Library 4, Bowling Club, L'Histoire Staff
Harshbarger James "Harshie" Academic Football 2-4, Basketball 1-4, Bowling Club, Band, Derry Swingsters, Orchestra, Class Treasurer, L'Histoire Staff
Harmon Earl "Dusty" Commercial Crimson Star Staff
Hash Irene "Rene" Commercial Librarian, Bowling Club
Havice Audrey "Mouse" Academic Chorus 1-4, Chorus Secretary, Kappa Delta, Class Play Prompter, L'Histoire Staff
Hess Virginia "Ginny" Academic Chorus 1-4, Class Play 3-4, L'Histoire Staff, Bowling Club
Hunter Boyd "B. J." Commercial Football 4, Basketball 1-2, Chorus 1-3, Class Play 3-4
Kearns William "Bill" General Football 1-2, 4, Basketball 3, Bowling Club
Krick Kathryn "Katy" Commercial Class Play 3-4
Kuppel Betty "Kuppel" Commercial  
Lyter Jean "Jean" Commercial Chorus 1-3, Class Play 3, Sextette, Bowling Club
Mauery Peggy "Peg" Commercial Basketball 1-4, Chorus 2-3, Cheerleader 3, Bowling Club
Moyer Melvin "Puggy" General  
Palm Robert "Bob" Academic  
Peters Helen "Posey" Commercial Chorus 1-3, Bowling Club, Class Play 4
Peters Ruth "Ruthie" Academic Chorus 1-2, Bowling Club
Schellenberg Sue "Schelly" Commercial Class Play 3-4, Bowling Club, Chorus 1-3
Singleton Helen "Texas" Commercial Chorus 1, L'Histoire Staff
Steininger Jane "Janie" Commercial Chorus 1-4
Swanger Donald "Rego" General Football 2-4, Basketball 2-4, Band 1-4, L'Histoire Staff, Class Play 4, Chorus 4, Quartet
Thompson Eleanor "Eleanor" General  
Truscott Merle "Moe" Commercial Football 1-4, Basketball 1
Vasiloff Mary "Mary" Commercial Chorus 3-4
Warner James "Windy" Academic Football 2-4, Basketball 1,4, Aeronautics Club, L'Histoire Staff
Wiker Fred "Pinky" Academic Football 3-4, Bowling Club, Aeronautics Club, Class Play 3-4
Bowling Club, Class Play 3, Aeronautics Club
Librarian, Sextet, Bowling Club, Chorus 1-3, Band


In Memoriam


Aurand (Wyland), Shirley, September 7, 2018

Baumgardner, William, January 12, 2017

Becker, John, August 25, 1983
Berrier (Criswell), Phyllis L., August 17, 1998

Bersinger, Robert, July 29, 2022

Bloom, Robert, March 24, 1978

Brode, William, June 21, 2020

Brought (Kuppel), Betty, July 21, 2020

Burd, Howard, December 19, 2019

Casner, Edward, January 10, 1981
Colabine, Karl H., June 26, 2003

Collins, Jack, December 7, 2011

Cupper, Ralph, October 8, 2020

Downing, David, September 10, 2010
Eddy, George, December 10, 1989
Elsesser (Earnest), Doris, November 1, 1995
Gilbert, Harvey, September 10, 2007

Goss (Amspacker), Almeda, June 18, 1947

Goss, Gerald, 2004

Guerrini, William S., January 10, 2009
Harman (Hale), Cleonne, January 6, 1995

Harshbarger, James, January 31, 2022

Haywood (Smith), Doris, March 10, 1995

Hess (Ferguson), Mary, October 21, 2006

Hillard (Arnold), Ruth, September 8, 2016

Hunter, Boyd, January 2, 1985

Jones (Bruce), Betty, January 8, 2013

Kauffman (Krick), Kathryn, March 24, 2010

Kearns, William, September 12, 1990

Kibby (Chamberlin), Shirley, June 4, 2019

McKee (Brannon), Loneta, August 22, 2002
Meyer (Vasiloff), Mary, December 16, 2005
Mitchell, Harold, May 13, 1942
Moyer, Melvin, February 17, 1988
Pacini (Forgach), Mary Ann, July 27, 1966
Palm, Robert, August 30, 1987

Peck (Lyter), Jean, January 5, 2011
Peters, Ruth, October 17, 1991
Pruett (Hash), Irene, May 19, 2005
Schellenberg, Sue, April 12, 1975
Shotzberger, Frances, June 1943

Swanger, Donald, August 25, 2008

Thompson, Eleanor, October 15, 2006
Truscott, Cora Ellen, December 1941
Truscott, Merle, April 28, 2003

Warner, James, March 3, 2011
Weaver (Mauery), Peggy, September 19, 1995
Wiker, Fred, January 14, 1981

Williammee, Darby, March 27, 2010

Williammee (Hess), Virginia, February 29, 2012
Wright, Patty, May 13, 1942

Yeater, (Steininger), Jane, March 18, 2018


Boys' Football Team


Robert Sulouff   Left End   Robert Peters
John Kelly    Left Tackle    Harold Baker
Dick Yearick   Left Guard   William Goss
Robert Ennist   Center   Donald Swanger
Jesse Davis,Co-Captain   Right Guard   Harold Davis
Merle Truscott   Right Tackle   Donald Shreffler
David Downing   Right End   Robert Bloom
Jack Collins   Quarterback   Ronald Crawford
James Harshbarger   Left Halfback   William Kearns
Boyd Hunter   Right Halfback   William Guerrini
James Warner, Co-Captain   Fullback   Joseph Shade
Reserves: Collins, Gilbert, Lane, Wiker, Burdick, Greenaway, Hummel, Haller, Knouse, Stever
Orvin W. Troy - Coach
Fred M. King - Assistant Coach


Boys' Basketball Team


James Warner   Forward     Donald Swanger
James Harshbarger   Forward     Donald Rager
Robert Bloom    Center      Harold Baker
Robert Ennist   Guard      Robert Gilbert
Neil Bobb     Guard   Donald Kearns
Jesse Davis       James Fisher

Orvin W. Troy - Coach


Girls' Basketball Team


Martha Baker

Lucille Fowler

Mabel Kahler

Doris Haller

Peggy Mauery

Doris Ernest

Hellen Collins

Lois Mowery

Etta Baker

Raylene Bressler

Fay Kennedy

Itha Lingle

Nancy Wiker

Alice Ann Parks

Shirley Kuppel
Betty Ruth Stine, Coach




Lucille Fowler
Lois Mowery
Doris Haller


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