Derry Township High School







Isaac D. Steffen, President
Ralph Bell, Secretary
Clifford P. Graham, Treasurer
Leonard B. Crotzer
Fred D. Haller
Samuel C. Mitchell
W. A. Peters, Jr.
W. J. Shilling
Walter Shontz




David L. Swartz, Supervising Principal
J. William Riden, Principal
Wm. Edgar Artman, Science
Dorcas Jane Fick, Commercial
Helen Burris Kerchner, Languages
Marian H. Kunsman, Music
Luella M. Nafzinger, English
Sarah K. Richards, Music
Clara Stayner, Commercial
Betty Ruth Stine, Mathematics
Merle M. Wagner, Science
Jane Yeager Whitley, Social Studies




Max Hook, President
James Middleswarth, Vice-President
Lois Ocker, Secretary
Frances Dolin, Treasurer
Lois Harshbarger, Financial Secretary
Dolores Hess, Historian




Leonell Gilchrist, Editor-in-Chief
Harry Myers, Associate Editor
Dolores Hess, Business Manager
Patricia Davis, Assistant Business Manager
Phyllis Richey, Assistant Business Manager
Betty Albright, Activity Editor
Maude Eward, Activity Editor
Joseph Hollis, Activity Editor
Cecilia Stoichess, Activity Editor
Geraldine Felmlee, Individual Writeups
Lois Harshbarger, Individual Writeups
Geraldine Patterson, Individual Writeups
Mary Steffen, Individual Writeups
Frances Dolin, Faculty Writeups
David L. Swartz, Faculty Advisor




Last Name First Name Nickname Course Activities
Albright Betty "Betty" Commercial Yearbook. Staff, Class Play, Bowling Club
Ault Thelma "Thelma" Commercial Bowling Club
Crozier Betty "Betty" Commercial Volleyball
Crozier Sara "Sally" Commercial Class Play
Davis Patricia "Pat" Commercial Class Play, Basketball 1-3, Chorus 1-4, Yearbook Staff
Dippery Earl "Dip" Academic  
Dolin Kupples. Frances "Fran" Academic Library 1-4, Basketball 1-3, Class Play, Yearbook Staff, Class Treasurer
Dorwart June "June" Academic  
Downing Frank "Frankie" Academic  
Eward Grace "Skeets" Academic Class Play
Eward Maude "Ditty" Commercial Yearbook Staff
Felmlee Geraldine "Jerry" Commercial Yearbook Staff, Bowling Club
Firth William "Hambone" Academic Football 3-4
Gilchrist Leonell "Pip" Academic Orchestra, Yearbook Staff
Goss Bette "Bette" Commercial Bowling Club
Harshbarger Lois "Harshy" Commercial Yearbook Staff, Class Financial Secretary
Hess Dolores "Dorty" Commercial Yearbook. Staff, Class Play, Class Historian, Librarian 1-4, Bowling Club
Hollis Joseph "Harry" Academic Football 1-4,. Yearbook Staff, Basketball 1-4
Hook Max "Hooker" Academic Class President, Class Play,. Aeronautics Club
Leiter Donald "Gander" Academic  
Leiter Leon "Hen" Commercial Football
Marker Leona "Leona" Commercial Librarian 1-4, Bowling Club
Mauery James "Prune" Commercial Football, Basketball 1, 3-4
Mertz Max "Brownie" Commercial  
Middleswarth James "Ali-Pang" Academic Football 1-4, Basketball, Mifflin County Historical Exam 2nd prize
Miller John "Johnny" Commercial Football 1-4, Basketball 1-4
Minsker Frances "Fran" Academic Librarian 1-4, Bowling Club
Moyer Ralph "Peanut" Commercial  
Myers Harry "Slim" Academic Class Play, Yearbook Staff
Ocker Lois "Red" Commercial Class Secretary
Nale Helen "Jane" Commercial  
Patterson Geraldine "Gerry" Commercial Yearbook Staff, Chorus 1-4, Bowling Club
Peters James "Jim" Academic Class Play
Reinard Russell "Russ" Academic  
Richard Eugene "Gene" Academic  
Richard Marvin "Red." Commercial  
Richey Phyllis "P. K." Academic Class Play, Librarian 1-4, Chorus 1-3, Bowling Club
Riden Donald "Jack" Commercial  
Righter Glenn "Shad" Academic Football 3-4
Smith Louise "Smitty" Academic Bowling Club
Smith Robert "Bob" Academic Football 1-4, Basketball 1-2, 4
Stape Meriam "Mamie" Commercial  
Steffen Mary "Mary" Commercial Class Play, Yearbook Staff, Bowling Club, Chorus 1-3, Basketball 1-2
Stoichess Cecilia "Cady" Academic Librarian 1-4, Yearbook Staff, Chorus 1-3, Basketball 1-4
Stuart Bruner "Amos" Academic  
Treaster Donald "Don" Academic Chorus 1-4, Basketball 1-4
Yoder Mary "Mary" Commercial Librarian 1-4
Zeiders Myron "Scut" Commercial Basketball 1-4, Football 2-4


Boys' Football Team


John Miller   Left End   Gerald Spigelmyer
William Firth   Left Tackle   Glenn Righter
James Middleswarth   Left Guard   Robert Suloff
Lamar Bair   Center   Robert Ennist
Jesse Davis   Right Guard   James Warner
Max Hook   Right Tackle   Merle Truscott
Joseph Hollis   Right End   David Downing
Myron Zeiders   Quarterback   Andrew Collins
Robert Smith   Left Halfback   Gerald Goss
James Davison   Right Halfback   James Harshbarger
Benjamin Picketts   Fullback   James Mauery
William Davison   Earl Greenaway   Donald Swanger
    John Yearick    
Rev. Robert Sassaman - Coach


Boys' Basketball Team


Benjamin Picketts   Forward   Gerald Goss
Myron Zeiders   Forward   James Harshbarger
James Middleswarth   Center   William Kearns
John Miller   Guard   Donald Treaster
Robert Smith   Guard   Willis Breon
Andrew Collins   Jesse Davis   Harvey Gilbert
M. Eugene Hutchinson - Coach        


Girls' Basketball Team


Martha Baker   Helen Collins   Mary Steffen
Lucille Fowler   Cecelia Stoichess   Frances Shotzberger
Mabel Kahler   Lois Mowery   Peggy Mauery
Helen McNitt   Doris Haller   Itha Lingle
Doris Ernest   Helen DeVerter    
    Betty Ruth Stine - Coach    
    Jane Whitley - Coach    



Martha Baker
Mary Ann Forgach
Lucille Fowler
Doris Haller
Peggy Mauery




Brode (Hess), Dolores, May 16, 2005
Dippery, Earl, June 11, 2004
Dolin (Kupples), Frances March 12, 2005
Downing, Frank, December 24, 1944
Firth, William, April 2003

Gilchrist, Leonell, November 5, 2001
Hook, Max, March 30, 2001
Kearns (Nale), Helen, October 29, 2005

Kerney (Eward), Maude, March 2, 2017

Leiter, Donald, September 15, 2008

Leiter, Leon, May 2, 2011

Mauery, James, October 4, 2001

Mayhue (Smith), Louise, February 7, 2014

Mertz, Max, February 8, 2004
Miller, John
Peters, James, January 10, 2006
Richard, Eugene, September 8, 1995
Richard, Marvin, before December 4, 2001

Riden (Stoichess), Cecilia, October 2, 2014

Riden, Donald, February 15, 2015

Schminky (Minsker), Frances, May 11, 2014

Shinskie (Davis), Patricia, July 14, 2003
Showers (Harshbarger), Lois, April 25, 2004
Smith, Robert

Treaster, Donald, December 26, 2010
Wear, Peggy, May 13, 1942

Wilson (Albright), Betty, July 1, 2011

Zeiders, Myron, August 9, 2013


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