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Bell Cemetery
bellent.txtBell Cemetery Entrance1kbSeptember 2005Irene O'Neill
bellent2.txtBell Cemetery Entrance another view1kbSeptember 2005Irene O'Neill
bellent3.txtBell Cemetery Entrance another view1kbSeptember 2005Irene O'Neill
clineha.txtHenry A. CLINE, 18711kbSeptember 2005Irene O'Neill
davisia.txtIsaac DAVIS, 1895, Annie, 19141kbSeptember 2005Irene O'Neill
davisisa.txtIsaac DAVIS, 18741kbSeptember 2005Irene O'Neill
davise.txtElizabeth DAVIS, 18661kbSeptember 2005Irene O'Neill
davisiajr.txtIsaac DAVIS,Jr., 18681kbSeptember 2005Irene O'Neill
Hickory Hill aka Dutch Hill Cemetery
boyer1.txtValentine BOYER, 18501kbSeptember 2005Irene O'Neill
boyere1.txtElizabeth (nee Kuhn) BOYER, 18391kbSeptember 2005Irene O'Neill
Keel Ridge Cemetery
krov.txtTitus Plot Overview, 19151kbSeptember 2005Irene O'Neill
tituse1.txtElizabeth Titus, 18741kbSeptember 2005Irene O'Neill
titusi1.txtIsaiah Titus, 18551kbSeptember 2005Irene O'Neill
titusea1.txtElizabeth A. Titus, 18551kbSeptember 2005Irene O'Neill
Morefield Cemetery
caldwell1.txtHarriet Caldwell/Clara Swartz' 1918/19491kbSeptember 2005Irene O'Neill
caldwell2.txtWilliam H. Caldwell, 19151kbSeptember 2005Irene O'Neill
titusa.txtAngeline (nee Moyer) Titus, 19271kbSeptember 2005Irene O'Neill
titusw.txtWilford Titus, 19151kbSeptember 2005Irene O'Neill


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