History of Luzerne County Pennsylvania

H. C. Bradsby, Editor
S. B. Nelson & Co., Publishers, 1893




MASONRY.--The forcible abduction of Morgan, in the State of New York, as the story was told to the world, excited a violent prejudice in the public mind against the order of Masonry. Many absurd and ridiculous statements were put in circulation in connection with this matter, which were eagerly swallowed by the multitude. Designing demagogues forced the question of secret societies into the political arena. By raising a hue and cry against Masons they hoped to secure positions of honor and trust for themselves. In many instances they were successful. A great numher of lodges throughout the Union ceased to work or to sustain an organization, so violent had become the ferment in the public mind. The last regular meeting of the lodge at Wilkes-Barre, No. 61, was held August 12, 1832. Among the earlier members of this lodge we find the names of Jonathan Hancock. Zebulon Marcy, Eleazar Blackman, F. Cepuy, James Campbell, Josiah Wright, Samuel Jameson, Peter Yarington, Charles Miner, Joseph Wright, Oliver Helme, Isaac Bowman, J. and E. Bulkely, Caleb Hoyt, Asa Dimock, Ezekiel Hyde and Stephen Tuttle.

In 1844 the lodge was reorganized, Isaac Bowman acting as P. M.; Andrew Beaumont, W. M.; Henry Pettebone, S. W.; John Turner, J. W.; Hezekiah Parsons, T., and Henry Colt, S.

Lodges and Officers of the Twelfth District.--D. D. G. M., William D. White, W. M. of Landmark Lodge, 442, Wilkes-Barre.

Lodge No. 61, F. & A. M., of Wilkes-Barre. Constituted and officers installed February 19, 1794, A. L. 5794. Officers for 1892: Augustus L. LeGrand, W. M.; E. Wadsworth Austin, S. W.; William C. Allan, J. W.; Frank Puckey, T.; Alexander E. Winlack, S.; John Lanning, Isaac Livingston and Steuben J. Polen, trustees; representative to grand lodge, Dr. John T. Howell; past masters: George Seytz*, John P. Scott*, Samuel Bowman*, Jesse Fell*, Eleazer Blackman*, Isaac Bowman*, Charles Miner*, Allen Jack*, John B. Gibson*, P. G. M.; George Denison, Andrew Beaumont*, Garrick Mallery*, Harris Jenkins*, John N. Conyngham*, Henry Pettebone*, William S. Reddin*, Ezra Hoyt*, Jesse Lines, John R. Dean*, Warren J. Woodward*, Asher M. Stout*, Andrew Yohe*, Francis L. Bowman*, Thomas Cassidy*, E. B. Harvey*, S. D. Lewis*, G. B. Nicholson*, J. P. Dennis, George Urquhart, Henry M. Hoyt*, David Mordecai, L. C. Paine*, Theron Burnet, Thaddeus S. Hillard, Ed H. Chase, Edmund L. Dana*, Isaiah M. Leach, John Laning, Isaac Livingston, William Loughridge, H. B. Wright*, W. L. Stewart, Olin F. Harvey, John B. Quick, John W. Gilchrist, S. L. Barnes, Oscar J. Harvey, Alex E. Winlack, Frank N. Finney, Samuel F. Wadhams, Lewis B. Landmesser, Steuben J. Polen, Francis J. Montgomery, Robert D. Evans, William L. Rader, Dr. John T. Howell.

Landmark Lodge, No. 442, F. & A. M., of Wilkes-Barre. Constituted and officers installed August 16, 1869, A. L. 5869. Membership December 27, 1891, 147. Officers, 1892: William D. White, W. M.; John C. Newman, S. W.; Henry L. Moore, J. W.; Paschal L. Hoover, Treas.; Charles A. Durant, Sec.; Edward F. Bogert, Bellville M. Crary and Charles B. Metzger, trustees; Loyal C. Hill, representative to grand lodge; past masters: J. Pryor Williamson*, 1869-71; Charles D. [p.452] Lafferty, 1872; Henry C. Smith*, 1873; Missouri B. Houpt, 1874; William S. McLean, 1875; Marshall Ketcham, 1876; George W. Guthrie, 1877; Charles A. Durant, 1878; Charles A. Jones, 1879; Paschal L. Hoover, 1880; James Brady, 1881; Lewis H. Taylor, 1882; Egbert O. Weeks, 1883; Arthur D. Moore, 1884; William H. Shepherd, 1885; Gaius L. Halsey, 1886; Charles B. Metzger, 1887-8; William C. Shepherd, 1889; Bellville M. Crary, 1890; Loyal C. Hill, 1891.

Shekinah Chapter, No. 182, R. A. M., of Wilkes-Barre. Constituted and officers installed February 13, 1856, A. L. 5856. Membership, December 27, 1891, 96. Officers. 1892: Stephen B. Vaughn, H. P.; Fred W. Tyrrell, king; James A. Fleming, scribe; Frank Puckey, Treas.; Alexander E. Winlack, Sec.; trustees: Fred W. Tyrrell, James A. Fleming, William D. White; Alexander Lendrum, representative to grand chapter; past high priests: E. B. Harvey*, 1856; Henry Pettebone*, 1857; W. Lee, Jr*., 1858; G. B. Nicholson*, 1859-67; James P. Dennis*, 1860; H. M. Hoyt, 1861-8-9; L. C. Paine*, 1862; Theron Burnet, 1863-4; W. F. Dennis*, 1865; Charles Morgan, 1866; T. S. Hillard, 1870-1; D. R. Randall*, 1872; W. E. Lines, 1873; G. W. Kirkendall, 1874; E. P. Kisner, 1875; H. C. Smith*, 1876; D. P. Ayars, 1877; L. W. Jones, 1878; W. S. Biddle, 1879; O. F. Harvey, 1880; E. A. Spalding*, 1881; James Brady, 1882; A. D. Moore, 1883; Ed Smith, 1884; John Laning, 1885; Francis Dunsmore, 1886; John Laning, 1887; Stewart L. Barnes, 1888; Lewis B. Landmesser, 1889; Samuel J. Tonkiu, 1890; Alexander Lendrum, 1891.

Dieu le Veut commandery, No. 45, Knights Templar, of Wilkes-Barre. Constituted and officers installed May, 1872, A. L. 5872. Membership, December 31, 1891, 89. Officers 1892: Alanson B. Tyrrell, E. C.; David O. McCollum, generalissimo; Samuel J. Tonkin, C. G.; George H. Flanagan, Treas.; Alexander Lendrum, Rec.; Edward Smith, prelate; E. Wadsworth Austin, S. W.; F. W. Tyrrell, J. W.; D. W. Connor, S. B.; S. L. Barnes, S. B.; William C. Allan, warder; B. F. Stark, 1st G.; F. O. Corey, 2d G.; John Schwab, 3d G; George Deitrick, Sent. past eminent commanders: Thomas C. Harkness*, William J. Harvey, Harry A. Laycock, Byron Shoemaker, Edward Smith, L. W. Jones, George W. Kirkendall, David P. Ayars, Peter C. Shive, Daniel S. Bennett*, Joseph J. Moyer, H. C. Reichard, Egbert O. Weeks, Robert K. Laycock, Stephen B. Vaughn.


Plymouth Lodge, No. 332, A. Y. M. Constituted March 7, 1859, and officers installed April 27, 1859, A. L. 5859. Officers: Andrew F. Harrison, W. M.; Lyman R. Minick, S. W.; John C. Devers, J. W.; Samuel L. French, Treas.; John A. Opp, Sec.; J. W. Eno, Brice R. Blair, John R. Lee, trustees; William G. Eno, representative to grand lodge; past masters: Robert Love, J. W. Eno, E. C. Wadhams, Brice R. Blair, David Levi, H. W. French, S. L. French, Thomas P. McFarlane, A. F. Levi, A. P. Barber, C. H. Wilson, M. D., S. U. Shaffer, Brice S. Blair, Joseph Tyrrell, E. W. Marple, P. H. Garrahan, John R. Lee, William G. Eno, I. M. Mask, John A. Opp, Solomon Hirsch, A. F. Hitchler, Christopher C. Wren.

Valley R. A. Chapter No. 214, of Plymouth. Membership, 50. Officers: Alfred E. Chapin, H. P.; Aaron W. George, king; Joseph H. Schwartz, scribe; S. L. French, Treas.; S. U. Shaffer, Sec.; S. L. French, John R. Lee, George P. Lindsay, trustees; representative to grand chapter, George P. Lindsay; past high priests: Brice R. Blair, E. C. Wadhams, S. L. French, C. W. Jenkins, S. U. Shaffer, Brice S. Blair, A. G. Rickard, M. D., C. H. Wilson, M. D., P. H. Garrahan, John R. Lee, William G. Eno, L. R. Minnick, A. F. Harrison, George P. Lindsay.

Mount Horeb Council, No. 34, R. S. E. & S. M. of Plymouth. Membership, 30. Officers: Alfred E. Chapin, T. I. G. M.; William G. Eno, D. I. G. M.; J. P. Brickle, P. C. of W.; S. L. French, Treas.; S. U. Shaffer, Rec.; Samuel L. French, [p.453] representative to grand council. Past T. I. G. M's.: E. C. Wadhams, S. L. French, Brice R. Blair, John J. Kelchner, Brice S. Blair, S. U. Shaffer, A. G. Rickard, M. D., Lathan W. Jones, O. F. Harvey, M. D., Daniel K. Spry, Solomon Hirsch, P. A. Garrahan, J. R. Lee, L. R. Minnick.

Nanticoke Lodge, No. 541, F. & A. M. Constituted and officers installed August 10, 1875. Membership, 84. Officers: Alfred A. Enke, W. M.; Rudolph C. Hitchler, S. W.; John W. Zimmerman, J. W. Xavier Wernet, Treas.; John S. Dietrick, Sec.; James C. Brader, John B. Anderson, John H. Seibert, trustees; Alfred E. Chapin, repre-entative to grand lodge; past masters: Allen A. Lape, Eugene N. Alexander, John Dunn, James M. Norris, Martin S. Roberts, Samuel L. Lueder, Abram K. Mowry, John A. Gruver, Alvin Lape, John B. Anderson, John A. Keithline, George P. Lindsay, James C. Brader, William H. Squarey, H. H. Furman John S. Deitrick, Alfred E. Chapin.

St. John's Lodge, No. 233, F. & A. M., of Pittston. Membership, 132. Officers: Oscar M. Davenport, W. M.; Jesse B. Carpenter, S. W.; Cornelius R. Evans, J. W.; Thomas Ford, Treas.; James Ryan, Sec.; James Davis, representative to grand lodge; Joseph Langford, Alex. Craig, William Abbott, trustees; past masters: Alex. Craig, William Abbott, Gideon Cadman, Charles Foster, James B. Bryden, A. A. Bryden, Joseph Langford, John Porteous, John B. Smith, R. T. Smiles, J. W. Thompson, Theodore Hart, Jr., Alex. Lendrum, Richard Stephens, John Muirhead, James Ryan, James Davis.

Valley Lodge, No. 499, F. & A. M., of Pittston. Instituted 1872. Membership, 110. Officers: W. I. Hibbs, W. M.; L. D. Bingham, S. W.; Charles Shoemaker, J. W.; Thomas E. Grier, Treas.; A. K. Howe, Sec.; John A. Law, representative to grand lodge; William McDougall, J. C. Kipp, William C. Breton, trustees; past masters: Thomas E. Grier, J. S. Hurlbut, A. K. Howe, T. B. Lance, H. T. Helper, Isaac E. La Barre, Charles E. Howitz, John B. Law, T. W. Kyte, William D. Evans, Alex. McDougall, John D. Green, Charles C. Bowman, William L. McDougall, Hubert D. Judd, William C. Breton, John A. Law.

Pittston Chapter, No. 242, R. A. M., of Pittston. Instituted 1873. Membership, 51. Officers: James Ryan, M. E. H. P.; G. Taylor Griffin, K.; L. D. Bingham, S.; Thomas E. Grier, Treas.; Thomas W. Kite, Rec.; Adam Harkness, representative to grand chapter; past high priests: Thomas E. Grier, Addison K. Howe, James Davis, John Merritt, W. McI. Ostrander, I. E. La Barre, Alex. McDougall, J. B. Law, John D. Green, John Muirhead, William L. McDougall, William D. Evans, Hubert D. Judd, Adam Harkness.

Wyoming Valley Commandery, No. 57, K. T., of Pittston. Instituted 1878. Membership, 46. Officers: William L. McDougall, E. C.; Frank C. Mosier, Gen.; Hubert D. Judd, C. G.; Alex. McDougall, Treas.; Thomas W. Kyte, Rec.; James Ryan, L. D. Bingham, G. Hagadorn; John A. Law, representative to grand commandery.

Wyoming Chapter, No. 1, Order of Eastern Star, of Pittston. Instituted 1888. Membership. 120. Officers: Mrs. Isaac Montanye, W. M.; James Ryan, W. P.; Mrs. B. F. Bowkley, A. M.; Mrs. J. Langford, Treas.; Mrs. E. A. Frear, Sec.; Mrs. H. Oliver, conductress; Mrs. Etta Evans, associate conductress.

Laurel Lodge, No. 467, F. & A. M., of White Haven. Instituted May 23, 1870. Membership December 27, 1891, 90. Officers for 1892: Rev. J. W. Bischhoff, W. M.; Harrie B. Price, S. W.; Dr. H. J. Laird, J. W.; J. J. Baker, Treas.; Daniel Heimbach, Sec.; George O. Sackett, representative to grand lodge; Jerome Scott, John Fisher, Samuel Wallace, trustees; past masters: Edwin Shortz, J. Fisher, Lafayette Le Van, W. F. Streeter, J. W. Wray, Jerome Scott, Josiah Lower, S. R. Porter, J. J. Baker, Jr., Daniel Heimbach, C. A. Schumaker, George W. Koons, S. H. Talley, George O. Sackett, M. G. Peters, Charles M. Driggs, John M. Taylor.

Wyoming Lodge, No. 468, F. & A. M., of Wyoming. Membership, December [p.454] 27, 1891, 41. Officers for 1892: Nice H. Minegar, W. M.; Henry L. Morgan S. W.; David O. McCollum, J. W.; Dr. C. P. Knapp, Treas.; Richard E. Hutchins, Sec.; Jacob I. Shoemaker, representative to grand lodge; Charles F. Wilson, Robert K. Laycock, John A. Hutchins, trustees; past masters: H. A. Laycock, R. K. Laycock, G. F. Townsend, G. S. Richmond, Walter Bodle, T. H. Atherton, O. F. Ferris, Charles P. Knapp, J. P. Smith, Charles F. Wilson, Jacob I. Shoemaker.

Knapp Lodge, No. 462, F. & A. M., of Berwick. Membership, December 27; 1891, 79. Officers for 1892: John A. Kepner, W. M.; William T. Emery, S. W.; James E. Smith, J. W.; Benjamin Evans, Treas.; John W. Evans, Sec.; John W. Evans, representative to grand lodge; W. A. Ross, H. C. Angstadt, B. F. Crispin, Jr.; trustees; past masters: John H. Taylor, Frank E. Brockway, David H. Thornton, William A. Bauchar, H. C. Angstadt, Benjamin, F. Crispin, Jacob L. Shuman, Robert G. Crispin, William E. Smith, Julius Hoft, Elias P. Rohbach.

Sylvania Lodge, No. 353, F. & A. M., of Shickshinny. Instituted June 29, 1865, A. L. 5865. Membership, December 27, 1891, 51. Officers for 1892: Edwin S. Stackhouse, W. M.; Lebbeus T. Seward, S. W.; Jasper N. Culver, J. W.; William A. Campbell, Treas.; Washington B. Poust, Sec.; John F. Nicely, Jesse Beadle, Charles A. Boone, trustees; Reese M. Tubs, representative to grand lodge; past masters: A. B. Weil, J. F. Nicely, W. A. Campbell, W. B. Poust, J. W. Campbell, C. A. Boone, Charles H. Campbell, A. C. Laycock, W. F. Kline, Joseph Wandell, D. F. Hollopeter, H. W. Search, D. O. Coughlin, Charles P. Campbell, Reese M. Tubs.

Kingston. Membership, December 27, 1891, 103. Officers for 1892: Richard H. Scureman, W. M., Anthony G. Peiper, S. W.; Charles F. Swallow, Jr. W.; George H. Flanagan, Treas.; Walter B. Gunton, Sec.; Zachary T. Keller, representative to grand lodge; William Loveland, John E. Nugent, J. H. Franck, trustees; past masters: Charles Graham, Erastus Hill, William Bryden, Frederick Corss, William F. Church, Charles Hutchison, Alfred Darte, P. Butler Reynolds, Alanson B. Tyrrell, James H. Franck, George H. Flanagan, Luther C. Darte, Robert Cooper, James M. Coughlin, Fred W. Tyrrell, Charles Graham, Jr., Zachary T. Keller.

Coalville Lodge, No. 474, F. & A. M., of Ashley. Membership December 27, 1891, 91. Officers for 1892: Galusha A. Peck, W. M.; John McConnell, S. W.; John Tanner, J. W.; John Schwab, Treas.; J. K. P. Fenner, Sec.; Charles M. Bell, representative to grand lodge; John B. Graham, David Halliday, Samuel E. Stair, trustees; past masters: James A. Fleming, John C. Wells, Benjamin F. Tucker, Thomas C. Williams, Linus E. Tennant, John Schwab, Henry A. Lawn, James K. P. Fenner, David Halliday, John B. Graham, Samuel E. Stair, Charles M. Bell.

George M. Dallas Lodge, No. 531, F. & A. M., of Dallas. Instituted March 1, 1875. Membership December 27. 1891, 34. Officers for 1892: C. A. Spencer, W. M.; Joseph A. Rogers, S. W.; T. D. Makeel, J. W.; P. T. Raub, Treas.; John F. Garrahan, Sec.; Elmer B. Shaver, representative to grand lodge; A. D. Hayes, P. T. Raub, Asa B. Shaver, trustees; past masters: Asa B. Shaver, Theo. F. Ryman, Joseph M. Shaver, Ira D. Shaver, Phil. T. Raub, Ziba B. Rice, Lewis R. Shaver, R. A. Whiteman, Charles H. Cooke, Robert Holly, Oliver L. Fisher, B. William Brickel, Elmer B. Shaver.

Improved Order of Red Men--Maneto Tribe, No. 257. I. O. R. M. Chief of records, James H. George.

Moconaqua Tribe, No. 128, I. O. R. M. Chief of records, David Clocker.

Tippecanoe Tribe, No. 283, I. O. R. M. Chief of records, F. A. Thieme.

Paxinosa Tribe, No. 165, I. O. R. M. Chief of records, E. H. Groff. Modoc Tribe, No. 182. Chief of records, John T. Williams.

Susquehanna Chieftains' League, No. 12, I. O. R. M. Keeper of records, E. E. Damon.

Wyoming Valley Council, No. 6, Degree of Pocahontas, I. O. R. M. Keeper of records, Mrs. J. D. Thomas.

[p.457] Maneto Council, No. 257½, I. O. R. M. Permanent Haymaker's Association, I. O. R. M. Collector of straws, James H. George.

Susquehanna Council, No. 44, Degree of Pocahontas. Keeper of records, Mrs. C. S. Gabel; resident great chiefs, I. O. R. M., J. H. George, great guard of Wigwam, of Pennsylvania; Harry Nesbitt, great keeper of wampum; C. S. Gabel, Brig.-Gen. and Inspector Gen.; R. R. Hughes, deputy great chief, sachem; Mrs. M. J. George, Deputy Great Chief, Degree of Pocahontas.

National Chieftains' League of America, I. O. R. M. Sec., E. E. Damon.

I. O. O. F. Wyoming Lodge, No. 29, of Wilkes-Barre. Instituted April 23, 1831. Officers: Loyal C. Hill, N. G.; C. F. Hillard, V. G.; Ira D. Sax, Sec.; W. A. France, Asst. Sec.; W. W. Brown, Treas. This was the first lodge organized in the county, and the first officers were Whitney Smith, N. G.; George G. Vest, V. N. G.; John R. Dean and William Hartley, secretaries, and William Merritt, Treas.

Aurora Encampment, No. 130, of Wilkes-Barre. Instituted June 21, 1860. Officers: Simon Kaufer, C. P.; Fred G. Hartman, H. P.; Jacob Falk, Treas.; Joseph Kraft, Sec.

Outalissa Encampment, No. 39, I. O. O. F., of Wilkes-Barre. Instituted August 5, 1846. Officers: John D. Bachman, C. P.; George Moore, S. W.; W. R. Schmoll, H. P.; Martin Frey, Treas.; H. C. White, scribe.

Vulcan Lodge, No. 292. Instituted January 31, 1848. Officers: Oliver Pervis, N. G.; David J. Thomas, V. G.; H. H. Behee, Sec.; Edward Chubb, Asst. Sec.; S. Y. Kittle, Treas.

Rebekah Lodge. No. 142. Instituted June 4, 1884. Officers: Elizabeth Bush, N. G.; Genofeva Eckardt, V. G.; Gustav Kintzel, Sec.; Barbara Liem, Treas.; Adolphine Gorner, trustee.

Centennial Lodge, No. 927. Instituted January 1, 1876. Officers: A. D. Tuck, N. G.; Irvin Rhinard, V. G.; John D. Bachman, Treas.; E. H. Kittle, Sec.

Hoffnung Lodge, No. 425. Instituted March 4, 1851. Officers: Lewis Groll, N. G.; John Sisser, V. G.; Henry Rhode, Treas.; Joseph Kraft, Sec.

Wilkes-Barre Lodge, No. 704. Instituted December 2, 1889. Number of members 92. Officers: I. C. Howey, P. G.; F. L. Underwood, N. G.; A. J. Dubois, V. G.; E. H. Kulp, Sec.; G. W. Coolbaugh, Asst. Sec.; L. Steindler, Treas.

P. O. S. of A., Camp No. 11, Of Wilkes-Barre. Instituted February 13, 1890. E. H. Kulp, Sec.

Camp No. 118, P. O. S. of A., Wilkes-Barre. Instituted September 7, 1885. Officers: L. C. Honeywell, Pres.; M. L. Line, V.-Pres.; William Neyhard, M. of F. & C.; G. Steidel, Treas.; Oran Underwood, Rec. Sec.; E. Ritter, F. Sec.; J. P. Raymond, E. A. Lowe, J. T. Knnelly, trustees.

Luzerne Commandery, No. 41, P. O. S. of A., of Wilkes-Barre. Instituted May 10, 1888. Officers: William Eicke, C.; E. W. Clark, V. C.; M. B. Smith, J. V. C.; W. H. Neyhard, Sec.; W. S. Stark, Treas.; P. H. Kunsman, F. Sec.

Washington Camp, No. 408, P. O. S. of A., of Wilkes-Barre. Instituted February 21, 1888. Officers: George D. Whitesel, P. Pres.; J. G. Long, Pres.: Charles B. Dana, V.-Pres.; D. Waller, M. of F. & C.; A. R. Smith, C.; H. R. Behee, Treas. L. G. Swetland, F. Sec.; J. H. Derby, Rec. Sec.

Camp No. 287, P. O. S. of A., of Wilkes-Barre. Instituted January 23, 1888. Officers: Conrad Malkemes, P. Pres.; C. Mahoney, Pres.; A. J. Herman, V.-Pres.; B. C. Laubach. M. of F. & C.; J. B. Houser, Rec. Sec.; Peter Butz, F. Sec.; Wilbert Benning, Treas.; Norton Houser, C.; Adam Corps, Insp.

Knights of Malta.—John Knox Commandery, No. 12, K. of M., of Wilkes-Barre. Instituted August 21, 1890. Officers: Thomas Ralph, Sir Knight Com.; George E. Fancourt, generalissimo; E. A. Hance, Capt.-Gen.; L. L. Beisel. Rec.; James H. Binney, Treas.; W. S. Arnold, Prel.; past commanders: Thomas Worth, H. H. Harris, H. E. Ibach, H. A. Kline, James H. Binney, J. J. Beisel.

[p.458] Prince of Peace Commandery, No. 69, K. of M., of Wilkes-Barre. Instituted August 22, 1890. Officers: James Love, Sir Knight Com.; Jesse Briggs, generalissimo; Oliver A. R. Roth, Capt.-Gen.; Charles B. Newhart, Rec.; George Kechner, Asst. Rec.; T. J. Lawall, Treas.; Robert Blatchford, Prel.

Jr. O. U. A. M.—Columbia Council, No. 43, Jr. O. U. A. M., of Wilkes-Barre. Officers: John F. Miller, C.; Charles Wiggins, V. C.; W. W. Hon, A. R. S.; S. G. Robbins, F. S.; C. Bart Sutton, C. B. Johnson, John F. Miller, trustees; I. V. Robbins, R. S.

Wilkes-Barre Council, No. 161, Jr. O. U. A. M., of Wilkes-Barre. Instituted May 30, 1877. Officers: Frank Mace, C.; Oscar Dilley, V. C.; Ed J. Hummell, R. S.; J. W. Richards, A. R. S.; Fred Brown, F. S.; Hiram Mace, Treas.; Jesse Briggs, Charles Williams, J. W. Richards, trustees; Cyrus S. Weiss, representative to grand lodge.

Anthracite Council, No. 487, Jr. O. U. A. M., of Wilkes-Barre. W. K. Hoster, R. S.

W. J. Byars Council, No. 282, Jr. O. U. A. M., of Wilkes-Barre. Instituted December 12, 1888. Officers: August Miller, C.; H. A. Rittenhouse, V. C.; Joseph G. Pierson, A. R. S.; T. W. Peters, F. S.; N. Fegley, Treas.; John Miller, J. G. Pierson, D. H. McCarty, trustees; B. H. Kilmer, R. S.

O. U. A. M.—Luzerne Council, No. 108, O. U. A. M., of Wilkes-Barre. Instituted 1874. Officers: H. W. Leffler, C.; W. A. France, V. C.; John H. Kreidler, R. S.; W. A. Coyle, A. R. S.; W. H. Snyder, F. S.; E. B. Trivley, Treas.; W. H. Rockwell, Ind.; J. W. Simmer, Ex.; H. W. Leffler, J. W. Simmer, W. H. Rockwell, trustees.

Knights of Pythias.—Wilkes-Barre Lodge, No. 174, K. of P., of Wilkes-Barre. Instituted September 7, 1869. Reorganized November 1, 1875. Number of members, 150. Officers: G. E. Grum. P. C.; W. J. Williams, C. C.; M. Gottfried, V. C.; A. Cunningham, M. at A.; J. M. White, Prel.; Joseph McReynolds, M. of F.; John Brent, M. of E.; W. R. Kline, K. of R. & S.

Eintracht, Lodge No. 272, K. of P., of Wilkes-Barre. Instituted November 8, 1870. Number of members, 115. Officers: August Filipski, P. C.; Herman Zetterberg, C. C.; John Miller, V. C.; Moritz Schultz, Prel.; Herman A. Wagner, K. of R. & S.; Otto Rauchle, M. of E.; Robert Meyer, M. of F.; Herman Altenhoff, M. at A.; August Liese, O. G.

Prospect Lodge, No. 490, K. of P., of Wilkes-Barre. Instituted June, 1883. Officers: Joseph J. Davis, P. C.; David Joseph, C. C.; John Bashin, V. C.; Jacob D. James, M. E.; William R. Jones, K. R. S.; David J. Williams, M. of F.

Rolling Mill Hill Lodge, No. 87, K. of P., of Wilkes-Barre. Officers: John Jonah, P. C.; Ben Davy, Jr., C. C.; Lewis Davis, V. C.; John Wynne, M. of A.; John Thomas, K. of R. S.; Harry Spangleberger, M. of E.; Harry Gardner, M. of F.; Mahlon Van Norman, Herbert Brader and John E. Jones, trustees.

A. O. K. M. C.—Cryptic Castle No. 3, A. O. K. M. C., of Wilkes-Barre. Officers: Jesse Comstock, Com.; John Nott, V.-Com.; Theodore Rush, First Lieut.; John Symons, Rec. (38 Chester street); W. S. Solomon, Treas.; A. F. Snyder, F. S.; John Nunes, C. of S.; James Symons, A. C. of S.; Mathew Broglin, Chap.; S. Benney, George Freeman, Charles Olson, trustees.

S. P. K.—Golden Rule Conclave, No. 20; S. P. K., of Wilkes-Barre. Officers: George Gardner, Com.; Peter Dodson, V.-Com.; William Gardner, Jr., herald.; John Varlow, marshal; W. S. Solomon, Rec.; R. G. Homer, Treas.; W. Robinson, ensign, James Horn, Chap.; D. B. Williams, W. H. Chappell, Charles G. Smith, trustees.

Royal Arcanum, Wilkes-Barre Council, No. 396, Royal Arcanum. Officers: James H. Hughes, regent; William Wasley, V.-R.; B. G. Crawford, orator; H. G. Merrill, P. R.; J. G. Torborg, Sec.; George W. Bachman, Col.; Iorworth Jones, Treas.; H. E. Draper, Chap.; H. C. Mason, guide; S. C. Falk, warden; John Roderick, Sen.; David Cottle, trustee for three years.

[p.459] G. U. O. of T.—Anthracite Lodge, No. 1629, G. U. O. of T., of Wilkes-Barre. Instituted June, 1873. Officers: Elijah Robertson, N. F.; William Jackson, P. N. G.; Fred Stevenson, N. G.; G. C. Overton, V. G.; John Logan, Sec.; Samuel Norman, Treas.

World's Fair Auxiliary.—The Ladies' Auxiliary World's Fair Committee for Luzerne county is as follows: Mesdames Charles Parrish, Thomas H. Atherton, George S. Bennett, J. W. Hillman, H. J. Dennin, J. C. Powell, F. C. Johnson. J. Harris Jones, Fred C. Ahlborn, William L. Conyngham, all of Wilkes-Barre; Mrs. Daniel Edwards, Kingston.

Woman's Relief Corps.—Conyngham Post. Instituted January, 1886. Officers: Mrs. Maria T. Wheaton, Pres.; Mrs. B. W. Marcy, Sr. V.-Pres.; Mrs. Netta Hartland, Jr. V.-Pres.; Mrs. Mary D. Hungerford, Sec.; Mrs. Elizabeth Birbeck, Treas.; Mrs. Elizabeth Boyd, Chap.

Hancock Circle, No. 9, of Wilkes-Barre.—Instituted March 30, 1887. Officers: Mrs. J. D. Kline, Pres.; Mrs. N. Vosburg, Sr. V.-Pres.; Miss Estella Freeman, Jr. V.-Pres.; Mrs. J. Ney, Chap.; Mrs. E. Groff, Treas.; Mrs. C. S. Gabel, Sec.; Mrs. Steidinger, Asst. Sec.

Daughters of American Revolution.—Wyoming Valley Chapter, D. A. R., of Wilkes-Barre. Instituted April 29, 1891. Officers: Mrs. Katharine Searle McCartney, regent; Mrs. Sarah Richards Butler Woodward, V.-R.; Miss Ella Munroe Bowman, Sec.; Miss Mary A. Sharp, registrar; Miss Sallie Sharpe, Treas.; local board of managers, Mrs. Elizabeth Reynolds Ricketts, Mrs. Annie Buckingham Dorrance Reynolds, Mrs. Grace Goodrich Fuller Reynolds, Miss Emily Cist Butler; advisory board: Hon. Stanley Woodward, Hon. Charles E. Rice, Col. R. Bruce Ricketts, Gen. W. H. McCartney, Alexander Farnham and Sheldon Reynolds.

Oratorio Society.—Wilkes-Barre Oratorio Society. Instituted 1886. Officers: Capt. C. Straw, Pres.; George P. Loomis, V.-Pres.; George A. Edwards, Sec.; Alfred Hand, Fin. Sec.; Dr. R. Davis, Treas.; board of trustees: John Welles Hollenback, Calvin Parsons, J. Ridgeway Wright, L. D. Shoemaker, Charles A. Miner, Joe C. Powell, Capt. C. Straw, D. J. T. Mason.

Grand Army of the Republic.—There are in Luzerne county seventeen organized posts, all of which are in a flourishing condition, and are enumerated as follows: No. 20, Robinson, Hazleton, George T. Carpenter, Com.; No. 97, Conyngham, Wilkes-Barre, D. S. Clark, Kingston, Com.; No. 109, Capt. Asher Gaylord, Plymouth, David A. Kline, Com.; No. 113, Capt. D. J. Taylor, White Haven, William Backalew, Com.; No. 147, Maj. C. B. Coxe, Freeland, Sandy Allen, Drifton, Com.; No. 161, Lape, Nanticoke, Eugene N. Alexander, Com.; No. 186, Wilcox, Plains, William S. Stark. Com.; No. 213, J. Stewart Robinson, Huntington Mills, W. D. Fritz, Com.; No. 245, W. G. Nugent, Pittston, Enos Williams, Com.; No. 257, Lieut. C. B. Post, Shickshinny, Joseph H. Gross, Com.; No. 283, N. T. Pennington, Fairmount Sprinc,,i, Edward Ramaly, Com.; No. 339, Capt. John J. Whitney, Dallas, O. L. Roushey, Com.; No. 444, Keith, Wilkes-Barre, S. J. Patterson, Com.: No. 499, George F. Moore, Sweet Valley, Miles Ross, Com.; No. 563, Lieut. Solomon Stair, Conyngham, John Cunions, Drums, Com.; No. 567, Lieut. Charles H. Riley, Wyoming, J. L. Shoemaker, Com.; No. 598, E. L. Dana, West Nanticoke, William Winders, Com.

Historical Society.—February 11, 1858, Dr. C. F. Ingham, Dr. W. F. Dennis, E. L. Dana, J. P. Dennis, G. P. Parish, William P. Miner, S. Woodward, H. M. Hoyt, G. B. Nicholson, C. E. Wright, W. H. Beaumont, S. Bowman, S. S. Winchester, J. B. Conyngham, and others, met at the old Fell tavern, in Wilkes-Barre to celebrate, Stewart Pearce says, the fiftieth anniversary of the successful experiment of burning anthracite coal in a grate. The old grate, with which Judge Fell experimented, was procured and set up in the fire-place, and a bright coal fire was soon glowing, and warming the assembled company. At this meeting, it was proposed to establish a historical society, and the proposition meeting general approval, a committee [p.460] was appointed to draft a constitution, to be presented at the next meeting, to be held at Templar hall. [This appears to be nearly an official recognition of the claim of Judge Fell to the discovery claimed. But on the other hand, it is said that even the "old grate" was apochryphal.—Ed.]

"It is to be regretted that a historical and geological society was not formed in this county many years ago, while a number of the early settlers were yet living, and at a period when many curious relics of former ages, now beyond our reach, might have been procured and preserved among us. The writer collected, in Wyoming valley many years ago, a large number of Indian curiosities, which are now deposited in the British museum. There are numerous articles of interest in the Philadelphia, New York and New England cabinets, which were procured in Luzerne county."

On May 10, 1858, the Wyoming Historical and Geological society received corporate privileges, and soon after rented a cabinet-room on Franklin street, Capt. E. L. Dana having been elected the first president. This room, it was supposed, would be sufficiently large for the wants of the society for many years to come. But, owing to the praiseworthy exertions of the cabinet committee, and to the liberal donations of many gentlemen and ladies in and out of the county, it is now full and overflowing with a great variety of rare and valuable specimens of minerals, shells, coin, Indian relics, etc. The society is in possession of the valuable collection of H. A. Chambers, of Carbondale, who spent twenty years in gathering valuable curiosities of ancient and modern times, especially coins and medals, of which he had upward of 3,000 pieces. The society is indebted to Gen. William S. Ross for his cabinet of rare curiosities, he having purchased the entire collection of Mr. Chambers for the sum of $2,000 and presented it to the society. The purposes of this society and the men into whose hands have rested its work have been an assurance that in time this will be one of the most valuable voluntary associations in this part of the state, as already it is one of the most prosperous and highly valued.

Harvey's Lake Association.—About the beginning of the century an association giving itself the above name was formed of the young men of Wilkes-Barre and vicinity, the object being to meet at this beautiful lake every 4th of July and fittingly celebrate Independence day. This was royally kept up many years and on each recurring day a feast was prepared from the delicious fish in the lake and the game of the surrounding mountain forests.

The Wilkes-Barre Debating Society was organized March 8, 1804, and was the first in the county of which we have any record. The proceedings, when deemed expedient by the society, were to be kept secret, and any member violating this provision of the constitution was severely dealt with. Absentees were fined 50 cents, and any member refusing to take part in the debate paid 25 cents into the treasury. This association was organized by Thomas Dyer, Charles Miner, John Evans, Arnold Colt, Nathan Palmer, Josiah Wright, Ezekiel Hyde, Thomas Graham, Thomas Wells and Roswell Wells. The first question for debate was as follows: "Is celibacy justifiable by the laws of God, or consistent with moral principles?" The discussion was animated and long drawn, but finally, of course, decided in the negative. In 1809 the name was changed and became the Wilkes-Barre Beneficial society—a secret organization.

The Quincy Society or Tribe started in Wilkes-Barre in 1806, a debating society, and was kept up under various names until 1839, when the Wyoming Literary society was established. Many men, who afterward became eminent, participated in the establishment and proceedings of these associations. There were Denison, Griffin, Cist, Mallory, Scott, Bowman, Wright, Beaumont, Bidlack, Woodward, Butler, Conyngham, Lane, Burnside, Hoyt, Nicholson, Lee, Ross, Smith and many others who trained their faculties for debate in these societies. The Hon. Charles Miner and Thomas Dyer, Esq., two of the original members of the first debating society survived the other first members.

In 1806 the Wilkes-Barre or Wyoming Library company was formed. Its object [p.461] was to procure a collection of valuable books, to be placed within the reach of all who desired knowledge. As is generally the case with libraries in country towns, the books became scattered, and many were lost. In 1826 a search committee was appointed, to restore the collection as far as practicable. The remaining books were brought together, and were divided among the members of the company by lot.

In 1839 the Wyoming Athenaeum was established; has a collection of books, numbering about 1,500 volumes.

Ninth Regiment Infantry.—Third Brigade, N. G. P. Field and staff, Col. Morris J. Keck; Lt.-Col., B. F. Stark; Maj., William C. Price; Adjt., John S. Harding; Q. M., E. G. Mercur; Surg., William R. Longshore, M.D.; assistant surgeons, W. Stewart, M.D., W. G. Weaver, M.D.; Chap., Rev. William J. Day; inspector of rifle practice, Lieut. C. Bow Dougherty; volunteer aid, Capt. George W. Zeigler.

Non-Commissioned Staff. Sergt.-Maj., S. L. Barnes; Q. M. S., A. E. Collamer; C. S., W. E. Renshaw; hospital steward, H. C. Tuck; principal musician, Jacob Batz.

Wilkes-Barre City Battalion.—Company A., Wilkes-Barre. Capt., W. H. Brodhead; 1st Lieut., Charles L. Peck; 2d Lieut., Harry R. Williams.

Company B, Wilkes-Barre. Capt., W. S. Marshall; 1st Lieut., Thomas Ohlman; 2d Lieut., E. G. Lorah.

Company C, Pittston. Capt., J. W. Burns; 1st Lieut., J. F. J. Callahan; 2d Lieut., E. G. Gage.

Company D, Wilkes-Barre. Capt., Charles R. Connor; 1st Lieut., O. Hillard Bell; 2d Lieut., F. F. Turner.

Company E, Parsons. Capt. George Wallace, Jr.; 1st Lieut., O. F. Sword; 2d Lieut, Robert Wallace.

Company F, Wilkes-Barre. Capt., Nelson Stranberg; 1st Lieut., D. Myers; 2d Lieut., E. W. Newton.

Company I, Plymouth. Capt., S. L. French; 1st Lieut., S. W. Davenport; 2d Lieut., F. L. McKee.

Wilkes-Barre Armory Association.—Col. M. J. Keck, Pres.; Lt.-Col. B. F. Stark, V.-Pres.; Maj. W. C. Price, Sec.; Maj. J. Ridgway Wright, Treas.; board of control: Hon. C. A. Miner, chairman; Col. G. M. Reynolds, Maj. Irving A. Stearns, Lt.-Col. B. F. Stark, Col. Morris J. Keck, Maj. William C. Price, Capt. Nelson Stranberg, Capt. W. H. Broadhead; Supt. of armory, Capt. G. W. Zeigler; armorer, Lieut. E. W. Newton.

Ninth Regiment Band, incorporated as Wilkes-Barre Musical association. Bandmaster, J. I. Alexander.

Central Poor District.—Pres., Owen B. McKnight, Plains; Sec. and Treas., Abram Nesbitt, Kingston; Supt., Moses Eichelberger; medical attendant, Charles Long, M.D.; directors: Marx Long and William Dickover, Wilkes-Barre; Stephen B. Vaughn, Kingston; Owen B. McKnight, Plains; Ira Davenport, Plymouth; E. N. Alexander, Nanticoke; Andrew J. Bellas, Newport; average number of inmates, 100; average number of inmates in insane asylum, 170.

Young Men's Christian Association.—Pres., R. L. Ayres; V. Pres., Dr. F. C. Johnson; Treas., W. E. Preston; Rec. Sec., J. W. Raeder; librarian, A. L. Williams; Gen. Sec., S. M. Bard; Asst. Sec., E. B. Buckalew; Phys, Dir., Walter R. Brown; managers: Christian Walter, J. W. Hollenback, Dr. H. N. Young, Dr. L. H. Taylor, L. E. Sterns, I. M. Thomas, J. T. Morgan, Dr. J. I. Roe, H. W. Dunning, H. A. Fuller; trnstees: J. Vaughan Darling, Dr. G. W. Guthrie, D. P. Ayars, A. F. Derr, Col. C. M. Conyngham, R. L. Ayers; medical examiners: Drs. J. I. Roe, A. G. Fell. Their elegant building on North Main street was erected in 1891-2.

Wyoming Historical and Geological Society was incorporated May 10, 1858. Corporators: Henry Martyn Hoyt, Stanley Woodward, L. D. Shoemaker, Andrew [p.462] T. McClintock, George Butler, Welding F. Dennis; attorney for the society, E. S. Dana. Officers: Pres., A. T. McClintock, LL.D.; vice-presidents, Rev. H. L. Jones, Hon. E. B. Coxe, Capt. Calvin Parsons, Hon. L. D. Shoemaker; trustees: Hon. C. A. Miner, Edward Welles, S. L. Brown, Dr. L. H. Taylor, H. H. Harvey; Treas., A. H. McClintock; Rec. Sec., Joseph D. Coons; Cor. Sec., Sheldon Reynolds; librarian, Hon. J. R. Wright; Asst. librarian, F. C. Johnson; curators: Mineralogy and conchology, I. A. Stearns; paleontology, R. D. Lacoe; archaeology, Sheldon Reynolds; numismatics, Rev. H. E. Hayden; historiographer, George B. Kulp; meteorologist, Rev. F. B. Hodge, D.D.

Osterhout Free Library.—Directors: Hon. H. B. Payne, Pres,; Sheldon Reynolds, Sec.; Andrew H. McClintock, Treas.; trustees: Rev. F. B. Hodge, D.D., Rev. H. L. Jones, A. F. Derr, Maj. C. M. Conyngham, Dr. L. H. Taylor, H. A. Fuller; librarian, Miss H. P. James; assistants, Misses Myra Poland, Ruth A. Nicholson, Lucy S. Faser, Rose Palmer, Margaret S. Camp. Circulation, 50,000; volumes, 14,440.

Susquehanna Dental Association.—Dr. H. N. Young, Pres.; Dr. F. L. Hollister, V.-Pres.; Dr. H. Gearheart, Lewisburg, Treas.; Dr. V. S. Jones, Bethlehem; Dr. J. C. Hertz, Easton, and Dr. T. W. Thomas, Wilkes-Barre, secretaries; Dr. C. S. Beck, Dr. G. W. Klump, Williamsport, and Dr. W. H. Hertz, Hazleton, executive committee.

Conyngham Post G. A. R.—Com., D. S. Clark; S. V. Com., I. P. Long; J. V. Com., P. F. Welteroth; Q. M., H. Cohen; Chap., Rev. George Frear, D.D.; Surg., Edward Conners; O. of G., J. H. Bates; delegates to department encampment: C. N. Metzger, Alfred Darte, Giles Ross, Z. T. Moyer, B. W. Marcy, George Engle, C. H. Gresh, O. A. Parsons; alternates, J. E. Dickson, G. R. Lennard, H. Cohen, I. P. Long, George Deitrick, T. R. Conner, W. E. Doron, I. H. Steidinger.

Young Men's Hebrew Association.—Pres., Charles J. Long; V.-Pres., Lewis Casper, Fin. Sec., Felix Levy; Cor. Sec., Morris Levy; Treas., Alex Schwarz; librarian, Cosmer P. Long; trustees, Louis Schloss, A. B. Constine, A. Kline.

St. Aloysius Society.—Membership, 600; Pres., Thomas Mack; V. -Pres., Dennis Mackin; Fin. Sec., J. J. Dougher; Rec. and Cor. Sec., Andrew Feldman; Treas., Charles J. Kelly; marshal, Edward McLoughlin; S. at A., Arthur Wilson; S. at L., Anthony Toole; first district, Cornelius Corbin; second district, Thomas Kennedy; third district, Thomas Lally; delegates to diocesan convention, M. J. Keating and J. F. McGinty.

St. Mary's. F. M. Society.—Pres., M. J. Walsh; V.-Pres., John Fox; Rec. Sec., Charles Lavin; Fin. Sec., T. F. Fitzimmons; Treas., John Masterson; marshal, Lawrence McCarthy. The president, vice-president and the two secretaries constitute the board of trustees.

Westmoreland Club.—Incorporated 1889, Resident membership, 150; non- resident, 40. Pres., A. H. Dickson; V.-Pres., Dr. O. F. Harvey; Sec.-Treas., J. R. Edgar; Govs.: A. F. Derr, W. C. Price, J. S. Harding, Shepherd Ayars; membership committee: A. H. McClintock and W. A. Lathrop; steward, N. L. Banks.

Columbia Club.—Established 1890. Membership, 70. Pres., John T. Lenahan; vice-presidents, Hon. D. L. O'Neil and Hon. George J. Stegmaier; Sec.-Treas., A. C. Campbell; board of Govs., Joseph McGinty, Roger McGarry, Dr. Kirwan and John A. Schmidt.

W. C. T. U.—Pres., Mrs. H. W. Palmer; vice-presidents, Mrs. E. W. Sturdevant, Mrs. Hull, Mrs. A. Ricketts, Mrs. Loop, Mrs. Frear, Miss Briggs, Mrs. Dr. Cressler; Rec. Sec., Mrs. A. L. James; Cor. Sec., Mrs. Lance; Treas., Mrs. W. N. Jennings.

Caledonian Society.—Nathan Kelly, C.; Peter McClosky, 1st C.; Gavin Burt, Treas. or 2d C.; Thomas M. Graham, Sec. or 3d C.; Thomas H. A. Ford, Cor. Sec. or 4th C., Robert Aveny, librarian; James Blair, Chap.

German Societies.—Saengerbund. Membership, 150. Pres., H. German; V.-Pres., S. Kraus; Dir., Prof. Schmidt.

[p.463] Concordia. Membership, 200. Pres., John Reinig; Sec., S. S. Chan; Fin. Sec., H. Bauman; Dir., Prof. A. Hansen.

Liedertafel. Membership, 125. Pres., Nicholas Hower; Sec., B. Frank; Dir., Prof. Drippe.

St. Conrad Verein. Pres., J. H. Schmidt; Sec., George Becker.

St. Francis Pioneer Corps. Pres., B. Walther; Sec., J. Ruhl.

St. Joseph Verein. Pres., Jacob Schappert; Sec., John Becker.

St. Nicholas Verein. Pres., Anton Endler; Sec., Thomas Keller.

St. Peter's. Pres., Jacob Schmidt; Sec., D. Lauser.

Young Men's Verein. Pres., Henry Rudenauer; Sec., Carl Glasser.

Hermann Verein. Pres., David Laufer; Sec., John Becker.

Wyoming Verein. Pres., Jacob Becker; Sec., Joseph Zimmerman: Treas., Ph. Blaum.

The Wilkes-Barre Law and Library Association.—The Wilkes-Barre Law and Library association was organized June 18, 1850, with Hendrick B. Wright as Pres.; Andrew T. McClintock, Treas., and George Byron Nicholson, Sec. The original members were John N. Conyngham, Hendrick B. Wright, V. L. Maxwell, Harrison Wright, Andrew T. McClintock, Horatio W. Nicholson, George Byron Nicholson, Henry W. Fuller, Warren J. Woodward, Jonathan J. Slocum, Charles Denison, L. D. Shoemaker, Asher M. Stout, E. B. Harvey. The successive presidents have been Hendrick B. Wright, Edmund L. Dana and Andrew T. McClintock. Present officers: Alexander Farnham, Pres.; Allan H. Dickson, Sec. and Treas.

West Side Park Association.—Pres., W. J. Harvey; V.-pres., George H. Parrish; Treas., John Laning; Sec., George P. Loomis.

Halls.—Graud Opera (built 1892), Music Hall (theater), Armory hall, Brodhun's hall, Cady hall, Caledonian hall, Coal Exchange, River and Market, Concordia hall, Forester's hall, German Odd Fellows hall, Germania hall, Hirsh's hall, Jeremy's hall, Landmesser's hall, Lawall's hall, Livingston's hall, Loomis Hall, McGreevy's hall, Masonic hall, Memorial hall, Mystic Chain hall, Odd Fellows hall, Osterhout Building hall, Red Men's hall, Saengerbund hall, Sr. O. U. A. M. hall, St. Aloysius hall, St. Conrad's hall, Stump's hall, Y. M. C. A. hall, Y. M. H. A. hall.

History of Luzerne County Pennsylvania; H. C. Bradsby, Editor
S. B. Nelson & Co., Publishers, 1893
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