History of Luzerne County Pennsylvania

H. C. Bradsby, Editor
S. B. Nelson & Co., Publishers, 1893

Explanation and Caution

TRANSCRIPTION: Much of this book was transcribed using an OCR scanner. While the transcribers and proofreaders have attempted to faithfully reproduce the original text, be aware that any transcription may include errors. If you find a typographical error, please send an e-mail to the address shown at the bottom of this page.

ABBREVIATIONS: These old histories include many abbreviations that are no longer familiar. Go to this page to see a list of abbreviations.

ADDITIONS AND ERRORS: The only additions to the original text are pages numbers, such as [p. 163] to indicate where a new page begins in the printed version. There are a few places where the publishing editor enclosed comments in brackets, e.g. [... Ed.] The original text has been transcribed verbatim, even when obvious error were found.

ILLUSTRATIONS: Portraits are shown randomly throughout the text in the first half of the book. They have been listed in the Table of Contents with the appropriate page number where they are shown in the book. The list links to each portrait as a separate JPG image file.

GENEALOGICAL ACCURACY: Please remember that these old histories are known to include many mistakes. Information in them should always be confirmed by checking primary sources (wills, deeds, birth/death records, censuses, etc.).

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