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(By D. S. Early 1885)


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Photos contributed by

Jon Rhan



Adam DEININGER  10/12/1760-10/14/1823, aged 63y 2d


Christina DEININGER  9/19/1764-1/3/1850, aged 85y 3m 15d, wife of Adam Deininger


Leonard DEININGER  1/7/1787-9/6/1852, aged 65y 7m 29d


H. M. E. 


I. M. E. 


EARLY Children  of Ezra R. and Cathr. G. Early, Infant Daughter, Effie G.  d. 3/7/1895 aged 9y 4d,
Irene M.  d. 4/25/1902 aged 5y 10m 21d, and  Harry M.  d. 3/29/1896 aged 2y 7m 28d


Benjamin W. EARLY  7/12/1840-9/28/1896, aged 56y 2m 16d, son of Joshua H. and Mary Early, A member of Co. ? 27 PA ---, GAR marker


Catharine Hershey EARLY  6/1780-8/1/1815, aged 35y 2m, wife of William Early


Christina Kreider EARLY  9/11/1784-9/28/1868, aged 84y 17d, wife of William Early


Emma A. EARLY  d. 10/7/1861, aged 18y 5m 19d, daughter of John and Magdalena Early


Ezra R. EARLY  2/10/1852-8/27/1948, aged 96y 6m 17d


John EARLY  10/10/1806-3/31/1898, aged 91y 5m 21d


John EARLY  7/18/1836-2/17/1907, aged 70y 6m 29d


John Snively EARLY  11/4/1882-12/11/1902, aged 20y 1m 7d, son of Ezra R. and Kathryn G. Early


Joshua H. EARLY  1/25/1818-3/13/1902, aged 84y 1m 18d


Kathryn G. Miller EARLY  1/29/1861-3/29/1903, aged 42y 2m, wife of Ezra R. Early, also Infant Daughter


Magdalena Snively EARLY  d. 4/28/1812-6/27/1879, aged 66y 1m 28d, wife of John Early


Maria Maulfeur EARLY  3/23/1816-7/26/1852, aged 35y 9m 3d, wife of Joshua, daughter of Johann and Margaretha Maulfeur


Molly EARLY  11/26/1822-9/22/1846, aged 23y 9m 26d, daughter of William and Catharine Early


Sarah Weidner EARLY  10/3/1818-1/3/1868, aged 49y 3m, wife of Joshua H. Early


William EARLY  3/5/1782-12/12/1863, aged 81y 9m 7d


Christina Early GETZ  10/6/1821-5/30/1902, aged 80y 7m 24d, wife of Thomas Getz


Thomas GETZ  7/5/1814-11/8/1878, aged 64y 4m 3d


Catharine Hough(?) LENTZ  11/25/1818-3/20/1869, aged 50y 3m 25d, wife of John Lentz


David LENTZ  View 2  6/?/1803-9/30/1854, Revolutionary War Veteran


John LENTZ  1/3/1824-2/20/1895(?)


Johannes Michael MALVIR (MAULFAIR)  b. 1729, d. before 12/26/1807 in Dauphin Co. PA. Took Oath of Allegiance Lancaster Co. PA. Marker placed by Norma Jean Wallace Hartman, Bethel Fire & Drum Chapter NSDAR & Caribeth Wallace Legats Muskingum Chapter NSDAR


Margaret MAULFAIR  10/27/1775-10/8/1859, wife of John Maulfair


Johannes MAULFEIR  b. 4/6/1771


Johannes OHRLE/EARLY  2nd Stone  1/9/1724-9/19/1796, aged 72y 8m 10d, Revolutionary War Veteran, son of Thomas and Margretta Ohrle, b. Wurtenburg Germany, arrived Phila., PA on Ship Brothers 8/24/1750. Came to Reading, m. Suiana Brubaren 4/10/1753. She d. 1754. Left 1 son Christian. He m. Regina Sichleen 3/10/1756. Had 9 children. Member of this Church. 1932. John Early


M. P. 


Lucretia M. PROUTY  3/13/1847-5/11/1926, nee Early


Catharine Earley WOLFERSBERGER  11/7/1816-4/9/1887, aged 70y 5m 2d, wife of Gabriel Wolfersberger


Gabriel WOLFERSBERGER  4/8/1815-3/12/1871, aged 55y 11m 4d


John WOLFERSBERGER  d. 8/23(?)/1860(?), aged 15y(?) 4m 11d, son of Gabriel and Catharine Wolfersberger


Mary WOLFERSBERGER  11/25/1847-7/10/1900, aged 52y 7m 15d


Willie WOLFERSBERGER  d. 3/11/1863, aged 1y(?) 11m(?) 20d, son of Gabriel and Catharine Wolfersberger


Margaret Early ZIMMERMAN  6/12/1803-10/21/1889, aged 86y 4m 9d, wife of Micheal Zimmerman


Michael ZIMMERMAN  4/5/1797-12/25/1868, aged 71y 8m 20d




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