20th Century History of New Castle and
Lawrence County Pennsylvania and Representative Citizens

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The aim of the publishers of this volume and of the author of the history has been to secure for the historical portion thereof full and accurate data respecting the history of the county from the time of its early settlement, and to condense it into a clear and interesting narrative. All topics and occurrences have been included that were essential to this object. Although the original purpose was to limit the narrative to the close of the year 1907, it has been found expedient to touch on many matters relating to the current year, 1908.

It is impossible, to enumerate here all those to whom thanks are due for assistance rendered and kindly interest taken in this work. We would, however, express our obligations to the local press for various courtesies extended, and to Rev. Robert M. Russell, of Westminster College, to whom we are indebted for the article on that institution. In the preparation of the history reference has been made to, and in some cases extracts taken from, standard historical and other works on the different subjects treated of.

The reviews of resolute and strenuous lives which make up the biographical part of this volume, and whose authorship is for the most part independent of that of the history, are admirably calculated to foster local ties, to inculcate patriotism, and to emphasize the rewards of industry dominated by intelligent purpose. They constitute a most appropriate medium for perpetuating personal annals, and will be of incalculable value to the descendants of those commemorated. These sketches, replete with stirring incidents and intense experiences, are flavored with a strong human interest that will naturally prove to a large portion of the readers of the book its most attractive feature. In the aggregate of personal memoirs thus collated will be found a vivid epitome of the growth of Lawrence County, which will fitly supplement the historical statement, for its development is identified with that of the men and women to whom it is attributable.

The publishers have endeavored to pass over no feature of the work slightingly, but to fittingly supplement the editor's labors by exercising care over the minutest details of publication, and thus give to the volume the three-fold value of a readable narrative, a useful work of reference, and a tasteful ornament to the library. We believe the result has justified the care thus exercised.

Special prominence has been given to the portraits of representative citizens which appear throughout the volume, and we believe that they will prove not its least interesting feature. We have sought in this department to illustrate the different spheres of industrial and professional achievement as conspicuously as possible. To all those who have kindly interested themselves in the preparation of this work, and who have voluntarily contributed most useful information, or rendered other assistance, we hereby tender our grateful acknowledgments.

Chicago, October, 1908.


All the biographical sketches published in this volume were submitted to their respective subjects or to the subscribers, from whom the facts were primarily obtained, for their approval or correction before going to press; and a reasonable time was allowed in each case for the return of the typewritten copies. Most of them were returned to us within the time allotted, or before the work was printed, after being corrected or revised; and these may be regarded therefore as reasonably accurate.

A few, however, were not returned to us; and, as we have no means of knowing whether they contain errors or not, we cannot vouch for their accuracy. In justice to our readers, and to render this work more valuable for reference purposes, we have indicated these uncorrected sketches by a small asterisk (*), placed immediately after the name of the subject. They will all be found on the last pages of the book.


20th Century History of New Castle and
Lawrence County Pennsylvania and Representative Citizens
Hon. Aaron L. Hazen
Richmond-Arnold Publishing Company, Chicago, Ill., 1908

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