Associations and Groups Abbreviations

Abbreviations of social/religious/military groups found in late 19th century county histories in western Pennsylvania.

A.A.O.N.M.S. -- Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine

A.L.H. -- American Legion of Honor

A.O.H. -- Ancient Order of Hibernians

A.O.U.W. -- Ancient Order of United Workmen

A.P.A. -- American Protective Association (?)

A.P.C. -- Associate Presbyterain Church (different from above two, later U.P.C. above)

A.R.C. -- Associate Reformed Church (same as above)

A.R.P.C. -- Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (later U.P.C. above)

A.Y.M. -- ???

B.P.O.E. -- Benevolent Protective Order of Elks

C.B.A. -- Catholic Benefit Association

C.M.B.A. -- Catholic Mutual Benefit Association

C.P.C. -- Cumerland Presbyterian Church

E.A.U. -- Equitable Aid Union

E.L.C. -- Evangelical Lutheran Church (part of modern Evangelical Lutheran Church in America?)

F.& A. M. -- (Ancient) Free and Accepted Masons (lodges and temples)

G.A.R. -- Grand Army of the Republic (civil war veteran's association)

G.E.C. -- German Evangelical Church (? later E.U.B., then United Methodist?)

G.E.P.C. -- German Evangelical Protestant church (? same as above)

G.M.C. -- German Methodist Church (same as above)

G.R.C. -- German Reformed Church (part of modern United Church of Christ)

H.R.A. (Delta) -- ??

I.O.of G.T. -- Independent Order of Good Templars

I.O.O.F. -- Independent Order of Odd Fellows. (lodges and encampments)

J.of A. -- ??

J.P. -- Justice of the Peace

K.of H. -- Knights of Honor

K.of M. -- Knights of Malta (Knights of the Maccabees)

K.of P. -- Knights of Pythias

K.O.T.M. -- Knights of the Maccabees of the World

K.T. -- Knights Templars. (Commandery) (Grand Encampment)

L.C.B.A. -- Loyal Christian Benefit Association

M.E.C. -- Methodist Episcopal Church (modern United Methodist Church)

M.O.L.L.U.S. - Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the U.S. (Civil War Officers

N.G.P. -- National Guard of Pennsylvania

O.R.T. -- Order of Railway Conductors

O.R.T. -- Order of Railway Trainmen

O.T.W. -- ??

O.U.A.M. -- Order of United American Mechanics

O.U.W. -- Order of United Workman

P.C. -- Presbyterian Church (modern Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.)

P.E.C. -- Protestant Episcopal (eventually became the Episcopal Church)

P.of H. -- Patrons of Husbandry (Grange)

P.H.C. -- Protected Home Circle (Excelsior Lodge)

P.M.C. -- Protestant Methodist Church (later?)

P.O.S.of A. -- Patriotic Order of Sons of America

P.V.C. -- Pennsylvania Volunteer Calvary

P.V.I. -- Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

R.A. -- Royal Arcanum

R.A.M. -- Royal Arch Masons

R.L.C. -- Reformed Lutheran Church (later ?)

R.P.C. of N.A. -- Reformed Presbyterain Church of North America, also 'Covenanters'

R.T.T. -- Royal Templars of Temperance

S.P.C. -- Seceder Presbyterian Church 'Seceders' (same as Associate Presbyterian Church)

S.U.V. -- Sons of Union Veterans (of Civil War)

U.A.M. -- United American Mechanics

U.C.V. -- United Confederate Veterans

U.P.C. -- United Presbyterian Church (part of modern Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.)

U.V.L. -- Union Veterans Legion

V.R.C. -- Veteran's Reserve Corps

W.of W. -- Woodmen of the World

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