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sheriff-1890-1.txt Sheriff Sales, January 1890 Dec 2009 JRB


carpenter-shertz.txt Emanuel CARPENTER to Jacob SHERTZ, 1784 Jun 2009 Vicki Hutchison
chancell-feather.txt William CHANCELLOR to Barnard FEATHER, 1760 Jun 2009 Vicki Hutchison
chancellor-feather.txt William CHANCELLOR to Henry FEATHER, 1760 Jun 2009 Vicki Hutchison
becker-dishong.txt Christian BECKER & Wife to John V. DISHONG, 1804 Dec 2008 Vicki Hutchison
dishong-bitser.txt John and Catharine DISHONG to Martin BITSER, 1820 Nov 2008 Vicki Hutchison
eberly-gsell.txt Jacob EBERLY to John GSELL, 1829 Mar 2009 Vicki Hutchison
eyer-shover.txt Christian EYER & UXR to Andrew SHOVER, 1788 Dec 2008 Vicki Hutchison
farmer.txt John FARMER, Land Warrants, 1743 Aug 1998 Douglas W. Crawford
fetter-mentzer.txt George FETTER & wife to Conrad MENTZER, 1827 Jan 2009 Vicki Hutchison
good-powell.txt Abraham GOOD & wife to Isaac POWELL, 1855 Jan 2009 Romaine Stauffer
kyle-good1812.txt Abraham, Martin & Peter GOOD to Jeremiah Kyle, 1812 Aug 2010 Romaine Stauffer
good-jacob1766.txt Jacob and Susanna GOOD to Jacob GOOD, 1769 Aug 2010 Romaine Stauffer
high-landis.txt Jacob HIGH, Jr. and wife, Barbara, to Henry LANDIS, 1813 Nov 2005 Diana Quinones
harting-good.txt Children of Philip HARTING to Jacob GOOD, 1838 Jun 2008 Romaine Stauffer
johns-meinser.txt John JOHNS and Ux to Conrad MEINSER, 1775 Oct 2008 Vicki Hutchison
kenny-crawford.txt Thomas KENNY, dec'd, Patent to Isabella CRAWFORD, 1772 Jul 2007 Jaclyn M.
kerling-mentzer.txt James KERLING to John W. MENTZER, 1878 Dec 2009 Vicki Hutchison
kurtz-eberly.txt KURTZ, LUDWIG & Others to John EBERLY, 1827 Dec 2009 Vicki Hutchison
landis-hauck.txt Henry and Mary LANDIS to Frederick HAUCK/HOUCK, 1814 May 2006 Diana Quinones
louck-hart.txt Heirs of Adam LOUCK to John HART, 1863 Dec 2008 Vicki Hutchison
mellinger-henley.txt Jacob MELLINGER Sr. to Christian HENLEY Mar 2009 Vicki Hutchison
mellinger-dornbach.txt Samuel MELLINGER et ux to Samuel DORNBACH, 1947 Jun 2009 Vicki Hutchison
mentzer-kerling.txt Samuel MENTZER to James KERLING, 1840 Oct 2008 Vicki Hutchison
miller-kehler.txt John MILLER to Peter KEHLER, 1805 Oct 2008 Romaine Stauffer
mumma-meinzer.txt Leonard MUMMA to Cunrad MEINZER, 1775 Oct 2008 Vicki Hutchison
musser2-1805.txt Benjamin and Magdalena MUSSER to Christian MUSSER, 1805 May 2006 Rosalie Sommer
musser-1805.txt Benjamin and Magdalena MUSSER to Henry MUSSER, 1805 May 2006 Rosalie Sommer
musser-1814.txt Benjamin and Magdalena MUSSER to Henry MUSSER, 1814 May 2006 Rosalie Sommer
musselman-burkholder.txt John MUSSELMAN to Ulrich BURKHOLDER, 1826 Jan 2011 Romaine Stauffer
aoberlin-joberlin.txt Adam OBERLIN & others to Jacob OBERLIN, 1792 Dec 2009 Vicki Hutchison
powelle-powelli.txt Emanuel POWELL & Wife to Isaac POWELL, 1849 Jan 2009 Romaine Stauffer
rootw-rootsm.txt Willhamina ROOT to Sebastian S. and Martin S. ROOT, 1891 Nov 2008 Vicki Hutchison
schwar-bard.txt John SCHWAR Dec'd to David BARD, 1821 Mar 2009 Vicki Hutchison
schwar-weist.txt John SCHWAR Dec'd to Christian WEIST, 1826 Mar 2009 Vicki Hutchison
sharp-mentzer.txt Adam SHARP to John MENTZER, 1849 Nov 2008 Vicki Hutchison
shieply-erbe.txt Christian SHIEPLY to John ERBE, 1755 Jun 2009 Vicki Hutchison
shirk-root.txt Jacob H. SHIRK to Willhamina ROOT, 1891 Nov 2008 Vicki Hutchison
stern001.txt John STERN et ux to Jacob STERN, 1795 Mar 1999 Peggy Reichard
regu0001.txt Adam ULREY et ux. to Abram REGUAL, 1764 Jan 1998 Linnea Miller
walter-fries.txt Jacob WALTER to John FRIES, 1795 Nov 2005 Diana Quinones
wiest-mentzer.txt Christian WIEST and wife to Samuel MENTZER, 1832 Oct 2008 Vicki Hutchison
zeller-mainzer.txt Peter ZELLER to Jacob WEIDMAN for Jacob MAINZER Dec’d, 1832 Oct 2008 Vicki Hutchison




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