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Files are organized by surname.

Click on the link below with the letter(s) that the SURNAME starts with:


Surname Beginning File Size  

Surname Beginning

File Size
A thru BA 101 kb

KH thru KY

78 kb
BE 49 kb


85 kb
BI thru BO 90 kb

MA thru MC

84 kb
BR thru BY 104 kb

ME thru MK

68 kb
CA thru DE 121 kb

MO thru N

88 kb
DI thru DY 79 kb

O thru P

67 kb
E 76 kb

Q thru RI

75 kb
FA thru FO 76 kb

RO thru SCH

82 kb
FR thru GH 79 kb

SCO thru SL

82 kb
GI thru GY 71 kb

SM thru SR

65 kb
HA 76 kb

ST thru SU

97 kb
HE thru HI 69 kb

SW thru WA

101 kb
HO thru I 72 kb

WE thru WI

99 kb
J thru KE 83 kb

WI thru Z

100 kb




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