Zimmerman Family


(aka Lichty Mennonite)


East Earl Township, Lancaster County


Partial Photo Transcription








Photos contributed by

Diana Quinones









Jacob HIGH  3/16/1802-10/16/1886, Aged 84y 7m


John HIGH  d. 3/6/1823, Son of John and E. High


John and Elizabeth HIGH  John 1769-1823, Elizabeth 1767-1855


HIGH and LANDIS  markers


Mary HIGH  d. 9/18/182?, Daughter of John High


Henry LANDIS  d. ??/??/1836


LANDIS and HIGH  markers


Maria LANDIS  d. 7/25/1831, Aged 68y, Wife of Henrich Landis


George and Elizabeth STAUFFER George 10/20/1796-5/9/1884 Aged 87y 6m 19d, Elizabeth d. 4/21/1871 Aged 72y 7m, Zimmerman Family aka Lichty Mennonite Cemetery, East Earl Twp., Contributor: Diana Quinones


ZIMMERMAN  Family Plot


ZIMMERMAN  Memorial Stone, Hans Zimmerman 1720-1786, Wife Anna Weber d. 1784, Christian Zimmerman 1789, Barbara Martin Zimmerman d. 1789, These brothers arrived in America in 1732, Purchased this tract of land in 1752. Erected by the descendents of Christian Zimmerman IV 1985




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