Wolf's Cemetery


Located at

Steinmetz Road and Parkview Heights Road


Ephrata Borough, Lancaster County


Photographed July 2006

Contributed by Abby Bowman





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Aaron ?  10/21/1867(?)-4/18/1879(?), aged 12y(?) ?m ?d, son of ?


Adam ?  located near Stoll and Wolf


Eli AUKER  1/17/1904-12/18/1992, with Lucy AUKER 2/2/1916-7/27/1968 (his death date per SSDI)


Earle J. BEACH  6/18/1888-6/9/1974


Nancy H. Hamilton BEDDIA  6/13/1946-3/24/1984, nee Hamilton, "Beautiful Nancy", same stone as Robert J. and Grace Hamilton


Earl M. BIXLER  5/16/1893-9/21/1983, with Mary K. BIXLER 7/8/1917-6/1/2000


Harry BLANTZ  1910-1910, son of Aaron and Mary Blantz


Henry K. BLOUGH II   9/22/1909-9/5/2005, with Emma H. BLOUGH 9/29/1908-6/16/1998, and Julia Ann Blough 1940 aged 10d (see her individual photo)


Julia Ann BLOUGH  1940, aged 10d, also see photo for Henry K. and Emma H. Blough


Dallas R. BOMBERGER  1886-1948, with Katie S. BOMBERGER 1885-1984


Harvey R. BOMBERGER  6/21/1890-10/08/1967


Robert S. BOMBERGER  1909-1998, with Ada J. BOMBERGER 1906-1991


Carrie T. BOUZARD  10/5/1878-1/15/1911


George Fry BOWERS  6/4/1903-4/29/1977, husband of Ruth H. Bowers


Ruth H. BOWERS  3/13/1905-7/5/1982, wife of George Fry Bowers, also see photo for Richard Weaver


Sarah S. BOYER  12/18/1858-9/29/1897, aged 38y 9m 11d, wife of John H. Boyer


William B. BROSSMAN  8/11/1896-3/29/1985 WWI Veteran, with Fern F. BROSSMAN 8/5/1913-12/19/1994


Martin M. BUCHEN  1866-1944, with Ellen C. BUCHEN 1870-1943


Alvin P. BURGIN  3/6/1917-5/16/1979, US Navy WW II


Kylie Jo BURKHOLDER  6/15/1989-11/22/1990, daughter of Steve and Jo Ann Burkholder


Mabel K. BURKHOLDER  1894(?)-1966, with Mary B. GERKEN 1895-1961 wife of Ed Ridley Gerken


Guie CONNELLY  7/17/1929-1/19/2005


Paul S. DOHNER  6/29/1916-6/25/1990, with Mildred R. DOHNER 4/18/1917-2/13/2001


Charles W. DUTY Jr.  7/29/1935-3/22/2006, "Sonny", Stradling Funeral Homes Akron-Ephrata


Shirley D. DUTY  9/7/1934-5/28/2006, Stradling Funeral Homes Akron-Ephrata


E. E.  leaning against stone of Daniel G. Roether


---LTON ECENROAD  with children of Christian and Sarah Ecenroad


Christian ECENROAD  10/13/1844-2/10/1922, aged 77y 3m 27d


Elizabeth ECENROAD  d. 8/15(?)/1871(?), aged 1y 10m 23d, daughter of Christian and Sarah Ecenroad


Sarah ECENROAD  10/16/1849-7/24/1917, aged 67y 9m 8d, wife of Christian Ecenroad


Unknown ECENROAD  with children of Christian and Sarah Ecenroad


Unknown ECENROAD  with children of Christian and Sarah Ecenroad


Unknown ECENROAD  with children of Christian and Sarah Ecenroad


Esther M. ESH  1/1/1922-9/4/1986


Catharine FISHER  6/21/1829-2/20/1907, aged 77y 7m 29d, wife of John Fisher


Calvin M. FOLTZ Ph.D.  11/29/1924-4/27/2003, WW II Veteran, Stradling Funeral Home Akron-Ephrata


Samuel W. FOLTZ  4/28/1902-2/24/1974, with Ella M. FOLTZ 3/4/1904-10/23/1982


Roy N. FOUST  3/1/1912-3/27/2003


Mark Floyd FOWLER  7/1/1959-8/12/1979, PFC US Army, 2 PLT B CO 2 75 Rangers, Vietnam Veteran


William E. FOWLER  11/7/1939-4/30/1987, Korean War Veteran


Horace G. FRANK  1873-1952, with wife Emma L. FRANK 1875-1967


Franklin L. FRANTZ  d. 7/26/1865, aged 25y 6m 29d


George FRANTZ  b. 11/15(?)/1809, aged 57y ?m 22d


Sallie FRANTZ  8/28/1811-3/7/1892, aged 80y 6m 8d


Sarah A. FRANTZ  4/12/1843-8/11/1920 aged 77y 3m 29d, with sister Emma FRANTZ 12/21/1850-8/17/1917 aged 66y 7m 26d


Urias M. FRY  View of plot  9/19/1841-10/31/1897, aged 56y 1m 12d, with Peter and Elizabeth Kilhefner


Evelyn FURLOW  12/22/1919-5/20/2001


D. Rosaire GANSE  1942-1973


Mary B. GERKEN  1895-1961 wife of Ed Ridley Gerken, with Mabel K. Burkholder 1891-1966


Margaret L. GOCKLEY  1930-1931


Howard M. GOOD  3/30/1919-7/21/1999


Joseph R. GRIFFITH  2/11/1914-5/27/1988, with Esther W. GRIFFITH 3/27/1918-6/21/1992


Ronald Lee GRIFFITH  8/7/1946-3/16/2002, USMC-Vietnam Corp E-4


Susanna HALDEMAN  4/8/1850-2/24/1921, aged 70y 10m 16d, wife of Samuel Haldeman


Alice Anne HALLMAN 


John HALLMAN  3/17/1849-11/26/1934 aged 85y 8m 9d, with Eliza B. HALLMAN 5/28/1851-11/1/1928 aged 77y 5m 3d


Mary HALLMAN  1/16/1886(?)-7/24/188?, aged 6m 8d, daughter of John and Eliza Hallman


Robert J. HAMILTON  6/12/1914-3/21/1989, with Grace H. HAMILTON 2/6/1913-4/19/2004, same stone as Nancy H. Hamilton Beddia


Mary K. HE-----  (?)


John Wesley HENRY  7/28/1901-7/30/1968


Harrison HERMES  11/6/1840-4/8/1900, aged 59y 5m 2d, served in Co. H 195th Regt. Pa. Vol.


HERTZLER    C. Floyd  1914-1991 WWII Vet,   Mae I.  1915-2006,   Helen B.  1907-1995,   Marlin W.  1909-1950,   Martha K.  1881-1974, and  James Richard  1944-1946 son of C. Floyd and Mae I. Hertzler


Esther S. HERTZOG  12/24/1898-4/10/1919, aged 20y 3m 16d


Mary Jane HERTZOG  11/22/1921-12/21/1987


Clarence W. HESS  2/15/1888-1/17/1953, with Gertrude M. HESS 1/8/1885-6/14/1945 nee Hicks, Clarence H. HESS 6/19/1929-7/31/1952, and Albert H. HESS 8/12/1918-11/27/1991


Donald W. HESS  10/7/1930-6/28/1962


E. Roy HESS  1887-1958, with Eva M. HESS 1889-1969


Edwin A. HESS  1895-1960, with Alice M. HESS 1899-1986


Simon P. HESS  11/30/1856-7/19/1932 aged 75y 7m 19d, with wife Sarah E. HESS 7/31/1857-12/4/1925 aged 68y 4m 3d


Albert B. HICKS  10/10/1863-7/4/1954, with Susie HICKS 5/26/1867-1/15/1887


Mary Jane HOCKING  Surname Stone  3/13/1928-11/21/1993


H. Lester HOCKMAN  8/16/1904-2/26/1979, with Alice G. HOCKMAN 4/6/1910-11/19/1976


Christ. N. HOLSINGER  d. 1/11/1898, aged 18y 11m 28d


Jacob E. HOLSINGER  5/16/1853-7/27/1922, with Amanda L. HOLSINGER 5/16/1870-9/16/1953


Lizzie N. HOLSINGER  1/6/1875-7/31/1876, aged 1y 6m 25d daughter of Jacob E. and Nancy O. Holsinger


Nancy O. HOLSINGER  d. 10/8/1883, aged 29y 4m 26d, wife of Jacob E. Holsinger


Sallie N. HOLSINGER  6/28/1881-9/24/1881, aged 2m 27d, daughter of Jacob L. and Nancy O. Holsinger


Pamela Sue HOOVER  d. 6/28/1952, loving daughter, sister and friend


Emma HORNBERGER  d. 8/31/1883, aged 11d, daughter of Daniel and Sarah Hornberger




Charles E. HOWE  4/6/1899-12/2/1979


Cheryl Ann HOWE  born and died 9/19/1960, daughter of Larry E. and Norma M. Howe


John HOWE  1876-1957, with Maggie HOWE 1882-1947


Milton E. HOWE  1913-1996, with Kathryn S. HOWE 1917-1992


Susanna HOWER  7/11/1857-8/4/1884, aged 27y 24d, wife of Henry Hower


William S. HOWER  10/17/1877-11/10/1959, with wife Annie HOWER 8/24/1874-5/21/1961


Aaron D. HUMMER  12/10/1835-11/1/1900, aged 64y 10m 21d, with Susanna K.


Amanda HUMMER  5/15/1871(?)-4/?/187?, daughter of Aaron and Susanna Hummer


Susanna K. HUMMER  2/9/1838-4/21/1906, aged 68y 2m 12d, with Aaron D.


Martin B. HURST  4/13/1898-11/15/1974, with Elnora H. HURST 9/5/1898-6/4/1977


Jacob B. ?  3/11/18??-7/31/????, son of Levi and Susan ?, near Shirk and Keller stones




J. K.  12/9/1873


L. K.  10/25/1879


L.(?) L. K. 


S. K. 


S. K.  1/27/1856(?)


T. K.  1/25/1877


James G. KACHEL  1880-1964 "Grandfather", with Richard L. KACHEL 1931-1953 USAF A/1C "Son", same stone as Lester L. Kachel


Lester L. KACHEL  1908-1997, "Father", same stone as James G. and Richard L. Kachel


Alice P. KELLER  d. 4/9/1881 aged 4m 29d, with Mabel S.(?) KELLER d. 9/?/1882(?) aged 1m 12d, daughters of Jacob and Mary Keller


Anna L. Stoner KELLER  9/3/1821-8/16/1881, aged 59y 11m 13d, wife of Daniel Keller


Anna S. KELLER  7/26/1852-6/25/1869, aged 16y 10m 30d, daughter of Daniel and Anna Keller


Daniel KELLER  8/1/1812(?)-5/1?/1862(?), aged 44y 9m(?) 13d(?)


Isaac L. KELLER  3/21/1819-4/14/1893, aged 74y 24d


Isaac S. KELLER  10/11/1856-12/12/1875, aged 19y 2m 1d, son of Daniel and Anna Keller


Jacob S. KELLER  1/1/1844-1/26/1900 aged 56y 26d, with Mary Ann KELLER 9/13/1851-7/27/1931 aged 79y 10m 14d


Mary S. KELLER  9/28/1854-10/14/1870, aged 16y 16d, daughter of Daniel and Anna Keller


Susanna KELLER  9/20/18??-10/?/????, daughter of Daniel and Anna Keller


Susanna KELLER  12/30/1816-6/27/1895, aged 78y 5m 27d, wife of Isaac L. Keller


Clarence W. KEMPER  7/30/1911-2/20/1991, with Dorothy S. KEMPER 11/20/1912-9/15/1976


Amanda F. KILHEFNER  1880-1953


Catharine KILHEFNER  12/10/1829-2/28/1897, aged 67y 2m 18d


Daniel F. KILHEFNER  1885-1947


Daniel K. KILHEFNER  1858-1884, with Lizzie B. KILHEFNER 1859-1941


Jacob KILHEFNER  9/19/1825-6/16/1891, aged 65y 8m 27d


Peter KILHEFNER   10/13/1833-10/19/1914 aged 81y 6d, with wife  Elizabeth Kilhefner  5/24/1848-5/8/1910 aged 61y 11m 16d, and Urias M. Fry (see photo under his name)
View of plot


Susanna KILHEFNER  daughter of Jacob and Catharine Kilhefner


Daniel KINPORTS  12/26/1823-12/26/1902, aged 79y


Elizabeth KINPORTS  6/26/1828-10/13/1897, aged 69y 3m 17d, wife of Daniel Kinports


John KLINE  10/1/1822-9/12/1902, aged 79y 11m 14d, he served in Co. E 99th Regt. Pa. Vol.


Judith KLINE  10/6/1823-9/3/1896, aged 72y 10m ?d, wife of John Kline


Rebecca KLINE  4/30/1858-10/20(?)/1880, aged 32y ?m ?d, daughter of John and Judith Kline


Anna N. KREINER(?)  3/16/1857-3/14/1905, aged 47y 11m 29d, wife of Samuel Kreiner(?)


Samuel KREINER(?)  ?/?/1851-10/?/1889, aged 38y 8m 4d


Angela KUNKLE  born and died 11/7/1965


Amos LAMBORN  4/9/1924-2/10/1980, WW II Veteran


Harry R. LANDIS  10/16/1919-5/29/1990, with Effie E. LANDIS 6/26/1919-5/22/1976


Simon S. LANDIS  1895-1976, with Mary H. LANDIS 1898-1966


Melvin E. LAPP  5/14/1927-1/21/1993


Robert F. LAUSCH  10/18/1911-1/19/1988, with Amy G. Buchter LAUSCH 1/11/1912-9/14/1993


Doris Janzen LONGACRE  2/15/1940-11/10/1979


M. C. M.(?) 


Landis Z. MARTIN  11/2/1921-3/16/1990, with Grace E. MARTIN 8/13/1919-5/20/2002


Ivan H. MAYNARD  1912-1961


Robert MEASHEY  8/6/1947-4/11/1966


Robert M. MEASHEY  3/18/1925-6/22/1985 WW II Veteran, with Emma M. MEASHEY 9/18/1929-10/29/2003


Arthur S. MELLINGER  4/11/1917-9/15/1991, with Miriam A. MELLINGER 7/20/1918-8/3/1994


Charles W. MENTZER  10/4/1915-2/6/2004 WWII Veteran, with Reine K. MENTZER 8/28/1916-10/15/1975


Parke G. MENTZER  2/2/1930-8/18/2001


Abram S. MILLER  1874-1960, with Annie B. MILLER 1875-1973


Carl B. MILLER  10/26/1925-2/14/2004, Korean War Veteran


James C. MILLER  6/16/1961-9/11/1999, son of Robert and Jean Miller


John MILLER  8/1?/1817(?)-11/5(?)/1866(?), aged 49y(?)29m(?) 18d


Orie O. MILLER  7/7/1892-1/10/1977, with Elta W. MILLER 5/20/1893-2/14/1958


Robert Wolf MILLER  8/8/1930-6/17/1996


Suzanne C. MILLER  1960-1960, daughter of Robert W. and Jean C. Miller


Alice H. MOHLER  3/12/1909-6/14/1951, aged 42y 3m 2d


Delmar MOHLER  5/30/1931-6/8/1953


Glen Eugene MOHLER  4/29/1930-10/25/1947


Jacob Earl MOHLER Jr.  5/2/1929-1/13/1947


Joyce Gogel MOYER  7/9/1943-9/20/1979


Helmut NEUFELD  8/23/1899-12/11/1977, with Trude M. NEUFELD 5/12/1901-6/14/1988


Peter Carl NEUFELD  11/27/1958-12/5/1968


Donald NISSLEY  2/10/1925-7/16/1998, WB3ABS


Henry R. NISSLEY  4/6/1899-9/13/1982, with Jessie L. NISSLEY 10/26/1915-2/24/1996


Annie K. NOLT  1/11/1864-5/28/1893, aged 29y 4m 17d, wife of Jonas O. Nolt


Jonas O. NOLT  1/1/1860-3/7/1937, aged 77y 2m 6d


Reed C. OVERHOLSER  1895-1968, with Helen Hess OVERHOLSER 1901-1995


Anna PFAUTZ  10/12/1806(?)-7/31/1871(?), aged 78y(?) 9m 19d, wife of J.E. Pfautz, daughter of ?, next to John E. Pfautz


John E. PFAUTZ  9/25/1804-11/23/1884, aged 80y 1m 28d


Mary A. PFAUTZ  10/31/1827-4/12/1903, aged 75y 5m 11d(?)


John B. RAUSER  9/20/1920-4/30/1972, U.S.N. WW II


Clarence I. RESSLER  2/13/1931-5/18/1987


Frank W. RETTEW  1881-1965, with Lizzie B. RETTEW 1882-1975


Daniel J. RITZ(?)  11/27/18??-5/3/????, aged 51y 5m 6d, near Ritz stones


Daniel E.L.(?) RITZ 


Harry E.L.(?) RITZ  3(?)/12/1848(?)-10/17/1848(?), aged 2m 2?d


Daniel G. ROETHER  6/29/1828-1/25/1896, aged 67y 6m 26d


Daniel H. ROETHER  d. ?/8/1877


Harry L. ROETHER  9/2/1865-9/6/1889, aged 24y 4d, son of Daniel and Mary Roether


Mary M. ROETHER  7/19/1837-2/23/1927, aged 89y 7m 4d


Susie H. ROETHER  d. ?, aged 8d, daughter of ? and Mary Roether


William L. ROETHER  9/26/1867-4/4/1926 aged 58y 6m 8d, with Mary W. ROETHER 1/27/1869-5/28/1957 aged 88y 4m 1d


Abram H. ROYER  1871-1922, with his widow Alice Martin ROYER 1873-1957


Daniel ROYER  1795(?)-186?


Dorothy P. Zimmerman ROYER  1932-1980


Gilbert Scott ROYER  7/22/1962, still-born, son of Gilbert and Dorothy Royer


Clarence E. RUDY  1900-1971, with Minerva R. RUDY 1901-1973


Alice RUPP  d. 5/26/1921, aged 14y 11m 12d


Esther Miller RUPP  1897-1961


Claton SCHLABACH  2/?/1883(?)-12/10/1883(?), son of John and Mary J. Schlabach


Franklin SCHLABACH  8/7/1881-9/17/1881, aged 1m 10d, son of John and Mary J. Schlabach


Harry SCHLABACH  born and died 12/1879, son of John and Mary J. Schlabach


Albert S. SCHLOAD  5/10/1873-9/9/1899, aged 26y 3m 29d, son of Levi and Maria Schload


Alexander SCHLOAD  4/20/1851-12/20/1861, aged 10y 8m, son of Levi and Maria Schload


Emma S. SCHLOAD  d. 2/?/18??, aged 1y ?m 9d, daughter of Levi and Maria Schload


Horace SCHLOAD  3/17/1870-7/17/1924, aged 54y 4m


Levi H. SCHLOAD  10/28/1831-2/6/1905, aged 73y 3m 8d, next to Maria


Maria SCHLOAD  2/16/1833-9/5/1908, aged 75y 6m 19d, next to Levi H.


Sarah S. SCHLOAD  d. 4/1/1865, aged 1m(?) 27d(?), daughter of ? and Maria Schload


Fred SCHMOOK  4/4/1922-6/17/1992


Lester N. SHARP  1906-1985, with Helen W. SHARP 1911-1985, same stone as William F. and Mabel F. Weinhold


Emma SHIRK  1/29/1859-4/16/1879, aged 20y 2m 18d, daughter of Isaac W. and Mary Shirk


Fannie K. SHIRK  2/5/1872-11/3/1899, aged 27y 8m 29d, daughter of Isaac and Mary Shirk


Rev. Isaac W. SHIRK  1824-1885, with Mary SHIRK 1831-1877 nee Kilhefer


Mary C. SHIRK(?)  daughter of Mary and Isaac Shirk(?)


Susanna SHIRK  2/15/1860(?)-1/15/1861(?), aged 11m(?) ?d, daughter of Isaac W. and Mary Shirk


Adam S. SLABACH  4/28/1896-8/11/1931


John J. SLABACH  10/25/1852-12/12/1921, aged 69y 1m 18d


Mary Jane SLABACH  4/24/1850-5/8/1917, aged 67y 14d, nee Strohl, wife of John J. Slabach


Adaline SMITH  1870-1871


Arthur J. SMITH  8/28/1890-3/23/1976


Beulah M. SMITH  4/21/1918-1/6/1978


Charles E. SMITH  4/19/1890-12/1/1976 U.S.A. W.W. I, with Minnie B. SMITH 9/6/1893-4/4/1975


Children of Daniel and Isabella Smith:  Emma K. 1872-1898, Edna G. 1890-1892, Lottie K. 1886-1886, Harvey K. 1869-1869, and Lillie K. 1870-1871


Daniel G. SMITH  11/12/1844-1/23/1934 aged 89y 2m 11d, with Isabella R. SMITH 4/9/1845-7/4/1933 aged 88y 2m 25d


Harrison SMITH  10/1/1840-4/10/1882, aged 41y 6m 9d


Harvey SMITH  d. 5/5/1914, aged 32y 4m 26d


Henry SMITH  d. 7/18/1910, aged 75y 15d, next to Susanna Smith


Henry C. SMITH  1/20/1877-5/14/1901


Lucy SMITH  9/20/1809-8/15/1898, aged 88y 10m 25d, wife of William Smith (d. 1891)


Lucy SMITH  9/20/1838-12/29/1924, aged 86y 3m 9d


Lucy Ann SMITH  1865-1870


Marlin K. SMITH  2/20/1913-10/30/2004, with Helen R. SMITH 5/7/1910-3/26/1998 nee Reddig


Salinda SMITH  12/22/1817-7/5/1856, aged 38y 6m 13d, daughter of Wm. and Louisa Smith


Sorena SMITH  12/22/1847-7/31/1913, aged 65y 7m 9d


Susanna SMITH  d. 7/25/1922, aged 79y 9m 23d, next to Henry Smith (d. 1910)


William SMITH  3/23/1809-6/16/1891, aged 82y 2m 23d


William S. SMITH  2/10/1871-6/14/1935, aged 64y 4m 4d


Aaron A. SNADER  4/28/1897-8/10/1950, with Edna S. SNADER 10/1/1895-2/11/1969


Elder David SNADER  d. 10/27/1920 aged 58y 29d, with Emma SNADER d. 10/31/1921 aged 57y


Elder David H. SNADER  1893-1948, with Emma R. Hollinger SNADER 1893-1979


John W. SNADER  4/19/1891-3/30/1938, aged 46y 11m 11d, WW I Veteran


Mar--- W. SNADER  d. 3/17/1894, aged 4m 22d, son of David and Emma Snader


Luther J. SNOOK  2/15/1932-11/16/1996, Korean War Veteran


Earl R. STAUFFER  2/10/1922-9/12/2003


David STOLL  1/16/1863-6/29/1886, aged 23y 5m 13d, son of John and Elizabeth Stoll


Elizabeth STOLL  5/7/1825-1/21/1898, aged 72y 8m 14d, wife of John Stoll, nee Bare


Henry STOLL  12/12/1861(?)-7/28(?)/????, aged 24y 5m 6d(?), son of John and Elizabeth Stoll


Jacob STOLL  2/1?/17?5-?


Jacob STOLL  d. 9/?/1859(?), aged ?m 27d, son of John and Elizabeth Stoll


John STOLL  7/8/1824-1/3/1898, aged 73y 5m 25d


John STOLL  6/9/1859-3/27/1860, son of John and E. Stoll


Magdalene Haldeman STOLL  8/26/1796-12/18/1866, aged 70y 3m 20d, wife of Jacob Stoll, daughter of C. Haldeman


Mary STOVER  b. 6/15/1810(?)


William STOVER  12/12/1812-12/7/1889(?), aged 76y 11m 26d


Amanda STROHL  ?/?/1856-11/7/1861(?), aged 4y(?) 11m(?) 28d, daughter of Cyrus and Harriet Strohl


Cyrus STROHL  3/19/1820-6/19/1897, aged 77y 3m


Harriet STROHL  3/29/1822-3/5/1909, aged 86y 11m 6d, wife of Cyrus Strohl


Henry STROHL  d. 3/30/1908, aged 53y 10m 16d


Norman(?) STROHL  3/7(?)/1874-9/16/1874, aged 6m 9d, son of Henry and Sarah Strohl


Sarah A. STROHL  d. 5/27/1929, aged 73y 4m 24d


Phares G. SWEIGART  1876-1956, with Cora F. SWEIGART 1882-1973


Mary R. TRIMMER  1899-1991, wife of Noah A. Trimmer


Nicolas A. UNGER  12/14/1893-8/20/1960 aged 66y 8m 6d, with wife Nadejda(?) UNGER 8/3/1895-5/25/1925 aged 29y 9m 22d


Unknown  between Hummer and Stoll


Unknown  possibly a SCHLOAD or WOLF


Unknown  between Kinports and Pfautz, ?/?/1861(?)-9/28/18??, aged ?m 9d


Unknown  located near Smith stones


Unknown  among Smith stones close to Henry and Susanna, and Henry C. Smith


Milton R. WANNER  3/28/1892-5/24/1984, with Stella K. WANNER 8/11/1893-7/5/1977


Levi B. WEAVER  1/11/1906-3/4/2002, with Mary E. WEAVER 6/7/1906-3/8/1998, and Kenneth WEAVER 1/8/1933-1/8/1933


Richard WEAVER  9/18/1923-5/2/1991, son of Ruth H. Bowers


Martha M. WEEKS  8/6/1920-4/15/2000


William F. WEINHOLD  1883-1954 WW II Veteran, with Mabel F. WEINHOLD 1883-1971, same stone as Lester N. and Helen W. Sharp


William R. WEINHOLD  6/21/1952-1/1/1953, son of Robert and Grace S. Weinhold


Ammon W. WHITE  1916-1974, with Martha WHITE 1917-1994


Mervin A. WHITE  2/5/1918-4/19/1982


Frank G. WISE  6/23/1858-7/26/1943, aged 85y 1m 3d


Irvin K. WISE  6/10/1890-7/21/1970


Mary A. WISE  11/30/1856-1/3/1900, aged 43y 1m 4d, wife of Franklin G. Wise


Albert N. WOLF  1868-1939  Full view  1868-1939, with Anna H. WOLF 1867-1949, and son John WOLF 1892-1895


Annie L. WOLF  3/6/1842-11/20/1880, aged 38y 8m 14d, wife of David K. Wolf


Catharine WOLF  9/2/1821-3/?/1870, aged 48y 6m 5d


Catharine WOLF  4/3/1855-6/21/1872, aged 17y 2m 18d, daughter of Saml. and Elizabeth Wolf


Charles WOLF  d. 1/19/1887, aged 6m 9d, son of Elias and Maranda Wolf


Charles D. WOLF  1893-1974, with Mary E. WOLF 1898-1965


Dale L. WOLF  born and died 7/1/1955, son of Samuel and Elsie Wolf


David K. WOLF  b. 1/7/1846(?), aged 34y(?) 10m 7d


Elias WOLF  d. 11/25/1914 aged 71y 1m 8d, with Maranda WOLF d. 10/31/1925 aged 78y 1m 6d


Elias G. WOLF  d. 8/14/1935, aged 52y 5m 21d


Galen B. WOLF  10/17/1917-12/21/1991, WW II Italy, with Mabel WOLF 1/18/1917-2/12/1995


George WOLF  10/11/1811-8/16/1891(?), aged 79y(?) 10m 4d


George WOLF  2/17/1834-3/27/1872 aged 38y 1m 10d, with Susanna WOLF 7/19/1831-11/12/1903 aged 72y 3m 23d


George B. WOLF  Opposite side  1884-1952 Ordained to the ministry 3/13/1920, with Mary E. WOLF 1887-1944, and Mabel G. WOLF 1885-1914


Harry WOLF  1873(?)-1874(?), aged 7m(?) ?d, son of Elias and Maranda Wolf


Harry B. WOLF  6/8/1887-4/24/1966, with Lillie H. WOLF 12/25/1887-2/26/1966


Henry N. WOLF  1859-1935, with Mary M. WOLF 1862-1948


Henry S. WOLF  1908-1935, son of Harry B. and Lillie S. Wolf


Leona G. WOLF  3/7/1911-2/6/1997


Mary WOLF  d. 3/5/1882, aged 6m 12d, daughter of Elias and Maranda Wolf


Mary E. WOLF  4/9/1867-11/?/18??, daughter of Saml. and ? Wolf


Orie L. WOLF  1937-1986


Peter WOLF  2/11(?)/18??-5/4/1861, aged ?y 2m ?d


Raymond S. WOLF  4/8/1910-9/6/1989


Samuel WOLF  d. 5/17/1879, aged 7m 22d, son of Elias and Maranda Wolf


Samuel WOLF  6/22/1810-4/19/1898 aged 87y 9m 27d, with Elizabeth WOLF 2/13/1810-5/25/1876 aged 66y 3m 12d


Samuel Buch WOLF  6/14/1894-4/9/1964 WW I Veteran, with Anna Shreiner WOLF 3/13/1900-11/26/1977


Samuel Buch WOLF Jr.  3/17/1925-7/8/1998 WW II Veteran, with Sally Erwin WOLF 6/20/1927-9/19/1989


Samuel H. WOLF  son of Saml. and Fa--- Wolf


Elder Samuel N. WOLF  d. 4/28/1942 aged 79y 5m 4d, with Lizzie C. WOLF d. 12/19/1916 aged 55y 2m 28d, and Emma O. WOLF d. 2/26/1931 aged 58y 29d


Samuel S. WOLF  11/20/1920-2/28/1979 WW II Veteran, with Elsie P. WOLF 11/12/1922-5/20/2006


Sylvester WOLF  1/20/1869-5/30/1872 aged 3y 4m 10d, with Emma E. WOLF 9/16/1867-6/1/1872 aged 4y 8m 15d, son and daughter of Elias and Maranda Wolf


Ernest S. YOUNG  5/26/1937-5/31/1997


Harry W. ZELL  7/19/1871-5/3/1963 aged 91y 9m 14d, with Annie L. ZELL 3/7/1872-4/25/1927 aged 55y 1m 18d


Raymond R. ZELL  8/25/1911-6/1/1913, aged 1y 9m 6d, son of Harry and Annie Zell


Wayne R. ZELL  10/7/1902-12/29/1920, aged 18y 2m 22d, son of Harry and Annie Zell


Ivan Z. ZIMMERMAN  8/15/1911-4/5/1997, with Pearl L. ZIMMERMAN 7/30/1905-3/20/1970


Frank ZOOK  1913-1967 WW II Veteran, with Miriam E. ZOOK 1911-1999




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