Willow Street

Mennonite Cemetery

formerly known as the

Herr Family Graveyard


North side of Penn Road

East of Willow Street

West Lampeter Township


Partial Transcription


Photos contributed by

Kay Arnold




Christian HUBER 1865--1944, with wife Alice HUBER 1868-1948


Christian C. HUBER 1882-1950, with wife Katie E. Neff HUBER 1881-1967


Christian HUBER 1858-1935, with wife Lizzie Lefever HUBER 1860-1944


David H. HUBER 6/6/1860-12/15/1954, with wife Annie Mower HUBER 7/12/1864-12/10/1905


Harry C. HUBER 1876-1957, with Emma R. HUBER 1875-1961


Aaron H. KEEPORTS 1885-1958, with wife Anna L. Huber KEEPORTS 1888-1968, and Infant daughter Violet M. 1916-1916


HUBER-KEEPORTS  (2) Views of Huber and Keeports stones





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