West Greentree

Brethren Cemetery


Mount Joy Township, Lancaster County


Located on the west side of

Greentree Road, south of Ridge Road.


Partial Photo Transcription


Photos contributed by

Abby Bowman



Amos   near Hoffer and Hoffman stones


Amanda ARMOLD  3/25/1867-12/7/1928, Aged 61y 9m 12d


Annie ARMOLD  10/5/1872-4/12/1942, Aged 69y 6m 7d


Bardon ARMOLD  7/4/1887-10/5/1912, Aged 75y 3m 1d


Susan ARMOLD  4/1/1843-9/10/1917, Aged 74y 5m 9d


Barbara  between Joseph & Magdalen Groff and Jacob Gerlach


Amos G. and Florence H. BECHTEL  Amos 1910-1960, Florence 1911-1977


Arthur R. and Mary K. BECHTEL  Arthur 1917-1995, Mary 1922-2003


Harry S. and Ada K. BECHTEL  Harry 1882-1966, Ada 1890-1970


Abram(?) K. BECKER  Son of Solomon and Elizabeth Becker


Charles T. BECKER  11/11/1911-9/16/2004


Charlotte BECKER  Daughter of Solomon and Elizabeth Becker


Elizabeth C. BECKER  1/30/1831-4/30/1920, Aged 89y 3m, With Solomon


John K. BECKER  7/27/1851-8/24/1862, Aged 11y 27d, Son of Solomon K. and Elizabeth Becker


Samuel K. and Alice W. BECKER  Samuel 12/25/1872-10/12/1952, Alice 6/20/1876-4/17/1941


Solomon K. BECKER  3/16/1830-10/23/1895, Aged 65y 7m 7d, With Elizabeth


Solomon K. and Elizabeth BECKER  Full View


Benjamin  Aged 11m 5d, Son of Daniel(?), Next to Samuel and Annie Eshleman


Abraham BRANDT(?)  12/14/1847-8/29/1854, Aged 6y 8m 17d, Son of David(?) and Elizabeth Brandt


Anna BRANDT  5/29/18??-12/4/186?, Aged 20y 6m 5d, Daughter of David and Elizabeth Brandt


Benjamin BRANDT  9/16/185?-10/3/1854, Aged 1y 18d, Son of David and Elizabeth Brandt


Daniel W. BRANDT  1/?3/1842-10/26/1905, Aged 63y 9m 3d


David BRANDT  6/4/1821-12/13/1860, Aged 39y 6m 9d


Eliza BRANDT  5/14/1825-3/30/1903, Aged 77y 10m 16d


Eliza BRANDT  d. 8/2/1864, Aged 25y 4m 24d, Daughter of John and Elizabeth Hershey


Taressa B. BRANDT  6/24/1845-4/3/1877, Aged 31y 9m 9d, Wife of Daniel W. Brandt


Annie S. BRINSER  7/18/1849-6/29/1923, Wife of John C. Brinser


Clayton R. BRINSER  5/10/1888-1/19/1891, Aged 2y 8m 19d, Son of John and Annie S. Brinser


Edgar R. BRINSER  4/27/1886-1/6/1978


John B. BRINSER  d. 7(?)/16/1898(?), Aged 15y 7m, Son of John and Annie Brinser(?)


John C. BRINSER  5/20/1849-10/5/1933


Barbara L. BROWN  d. 4/12/1922, Aged 78y 3m 24d, Wife of Jacob M. Brown


Jacob M. BROWN  d. 5/9/1921, Aged 78y


Eli B. BRUBAKER  9/17/1856-12/1/1937


Ida G. BRUBAKER  8/25/1872-3/28/1966, Wife of Eli B. Brubaker


Kate H. BRUBAKER  12/23/1858-5/7/1900


Katie G. BRUBAKER  10/22/1883-2/18/1952, Daughter of Kate H. and Eli B. Brubaker


Anna Glattacker CHUBB  10/3/1909-4/3/2003


Robert C. CROH  1885-1947


William H. CURRAN  1910-1973


Catharine DRACE  d. 3/19/1915, Aged 90y, Wife of Jacob Drace


Elizabeth DRACE  d. 12/6/????


George DRACE  11/7/1803-9/15/1879, Aged 76y


George DRACE  3/2/1867(?)-4/2/1874, Aged 7y 1m, Son of Jacob and Catharine Drace


J. K. E.


L. C. E.


Abraham S. and Annie R. ESHELMAN  Abraham 10/7/1851-6/23/1925 Aged 73y 8m 15d, Annie 9/7/1849-8/10/1928 Aged 74y 11m 3d


Rev. Abrm. L. ESHELMAN  11/24/1830-3/21/1896, Aged 65y 3m 27d


Adeline ESHELMAN  8/20/1829-10/9/1894, Aged 65y 1m 19d, Wife of Rev. Jacob L. Eshelman


Anna ESHELMAN  1/23/1833-5/6/1924, Aged 91y 3m 13d, with Henry L.


Anna H. ESHELMAN  4/16/1836-1/5/1897, Aged 60y 8m 19d, Wife of Abrm. L. Eshelman


Annie M. ESHELMAN  9/29/1849-6/9/1894, Aged 44y 8m 10d, Daughter of Jacob L. and Adaline Eshelman


Barbara K. ESHELMAN  11/30/1836-8/30/1924, Aged 87y 9m, Wife of John L. Eshelman


Benjamin K. ESHELMAN  9/20/1851-1/15/1929, Aged 77y 3m 25d, Next to Jane Peirce Eshelman


Ephraim M. and Anna C. ESHELMAN  Ephraim 1894-1938, Anna 1898-1985


Fannie W. ESHELMAN  6/9/1864-7/13/1940, Aged 76y 1m 4d, Daughter of John L. and Barbara Eshelman


Florence ESHELMAN  d. 8/19/1915, Aged 16y 10m 7d, Daughter of Nathan W. and Susan Eshelman


Henry S. and Amanda H. ESHELMAN  Henry 2/25/1866-6/1/1903 Aged 37y 3m 6d, Amanda 11/14/1870-2/27/1954, Aged 93y 3m 13d


Henry L. ESHELMAN  5/10/1828-7/26/1915, Aged 87y 2m 16d, with Anna


Henry L. and Anna ESHELMAN  Full view


Infant Daughter ESHELMAN  b. 10/29/1903, Daughter of Nathan W. and Susan Eshelman


Infant Daughter ESHELMAN  b. 8/25/1902, Daughter of Nathan W. and Susan Eshelman


Infant Son ESHELMAN  b. 8/27/1901, Son of Nathan W. and Susan Eshelman


Isaac P. ESHELMAN  1888-1960


Isaac W. ESHELMAN  d. 6/15/1912, Aged 3m 5d, Son of Nathan w. and Susan Eshelman


Rev. Jacob L. ESHELMAN  2/1/1824-1/6/1892, Aged 68y 1m 5d


Jacob S., Susan S. and Harrison W. ESHELMAN  Jacob 11/19/1861-3/7/1896, Susan 11/5/1862-1/26/1946, Harrison 1/29/1888-1/25/1943


Jane Peirce ESHELMAN  10/10/1856-7/27/1926, Aged 69y 9m 17d, Next to Benjamin K. Eshelman


John K. ESHELMAN  5/19/1850-9/21/1908, Aged 58y 4m 2d


John L. ESHELMAN  1/31/1833-8/11/1898, Aged 65y 6m 10d


Lizzie G. ESHELMAN  11/19/1849-7/17/1900, Aged 50y 7m 28d, Wife of John K. Eshelman


Mary ESHELMAN  d. 2/8/1908, Aged 18d, Daughter of Nathan W. and Susan Eshelman


Mary A. ESHELMAN  2/16/1869-11/1/1890, Aged 21y 8m 15d, Daughter of John and Barbara Eshelman


Nathan W. ESHELMAN  12/22/1873-10/29/1937, Aged 63y 10m 7d, with Susan B. Eshelman


Paul W. ESHELMAN  d. 6/21/1905, Son of Nathan W. and Susan Eshelman


Susan B. ESHELMAN  4/25/1873-6/6/1931, Aged 58y 1m 11d, with Nathan Eshelman


Annie M. ESHLEMAN  5/12/1866-6/21/1926, Aged 60y 1m 9d


Benjamin ESHLEMAN  d. 2/6/1921, Aged 4m 9d, Son of Isaac P. and Minnie M. Eshleman


Daniel ESHLEMAN  ??/??/1881-??/??/1892(?), Aged 10y(?) ?m ?d, Son of Daniel and Sarah Eshleman


Daniel M. ESHLEMAN  6/18/1845-12/31/1915, Aged 70y 6m 13d


Ephraim S. ESHLEMAN  2/22/1868-3/29/1893, Aged 25y 1m ?d


Mary B. ESHLEMAN  5/12/1847-8/6/1883, Aged 36y, 2m 24d, Wife of Daniel M. Eshleman


Melva M. ESHLEMAN  1925-1983


Mildred C. ESHLEMAN  d. 3/22/1915, Aged 2m 1d, Daughter of Isaac P. and Minnie M. Eshleman


Roy G. ESHLEMAN  d. 12/28/1912, Aged 3m 15d, Son of Isaac P. and Minnie M. Eshleman


Samuel W. ESHLEMAN  12/19/1862-10/3/1946, Aged 83y 9m 14d


Samuel W. and Annie M. ESHLEMAN  Full view


Sarah W. ESHLEMAN  7/6/1859-5/19/1945, Aged 85y 10m 14d, Wife of Daniel M. Eshleman


Christian FLOWERS  11/17/1851, Aged 55y 2m 5d


Susan FLOWERS  4/24/180?-3/1?/188?, Aged ?y 4m(?) 25d, Wife of Christian Flowers


Christopher C. GABLE  1871-1958


Aaron B. GARMAN  3/31/1850-12/31/1902, Aged 52y 9m


Abraham B. GARMAN  1/20/1852-6/4/1936, Aged 84y 4m 14d


Elizabeth GARMAN  8/30/1829-3/31/1898, Aged 68y 7m 1d, Wife of Jacob S. Garman


Jacob GARMAN  2/19/1816-2/21/1896, Aged ??y 2d


Jacob B. and Rebecca L. GARMAN  Jacob 12/17/1857-6/18/1900, Rebecca 11/17/1856-5/14/1938


John E. and Lydia K. GARMAN  John 1/3/1846-10/18/1915, Lydia 12/25/1844-10/12/1920


Joseph GARMAN(?)  Located between Jacob and Elizabeth Garman


Mary H. GARMAN  3/8/1853-7/10/1912, Aged 59y 4m 2d, Wife of Abraham B. Garman


Nathaniel W. GARMAN  8/9/1869-9/6/1900, with Tobias K. GERLACH 6/24/1867-9/26/1939, & their wife Lizzie 4/17/1872-9/13/1965


Daniel B. GERLACH  10/7/1891-6/7/1979


Daniel K. and Margaret B. Bordlemay GERLACH  Daniel 11/18/1864-12/28/1948, Margaret 8/30/1866-11/7/1938


Jacob GERLACH  6/20/1905-1/10/1906


John GERLACH  12/28/1908-12/30/1908


Sarah B. GERLACH  4/3/1899-5/13/1980


Tobias K. and Lizzie Garman GERLACH  Tobias 6/24/1867-9/26/1939, Lizzie 4/17/1872-9/13/1965


William GERLACH  9/1/1902-10/17/1905


William K. and Richard Wm. GERLACH  William 1/23/1909-11/4/1932, his son Richard Aged 13d


Aaron R. and Lizzie G. GIBBLE  Aaron 4/21/1867-11/16/1931, his wife Lizzie 2/21/1866-5/28/1951


Daisy H. GIBBLE  d. 2/7/1894, Aged 8m 20d, Daughter of Aaron and Lizzie Gibble


Daisy R. GLATTACHER  9/22/1876-9/7/1957, Located between Brinser stones


Alice GOOD  d. 10/31/1925


Joseph, Magdalene, and Jennie C. GROFF  Joseph 9/28/1820-3/16/1903(?), Magdalene his wife 12/9/1825-6/17/????, Jennie 1/25/18?0-5/9/1882(?)


Phares Z. and Cora W. HAWTHORN  Phares 1880-1941, his wife Cora 1882-1962


Emma S. HEISTAND  7/18/1873-4/3/1893, Aged 20y 8m 15d, Wife of Martin B. Heistand


Joanne Grace HEISTAND  9/2/1943-9/2/1943, Daughter of Walter E. and Dorothy K. Heistand


Samuel HEISTAND  d. 8/2/1893, Son of Martin and Emma Heistand(?)


Amanda HERNLEY  11/14/1868(?)-9/3/1870(?), Aged 1y 10m(?) 20d, Daughter of Isaac and Barbara Hernley


Amos HERNLEY(?)  In the middle of Hernley stones, between Barbara and Amanda


Anna HERNLEY  1/20/1826-8/1/1890, Aged 64y 6m 11d, Wife of John Hernley


Barbara HERNLEY  1/2/1841-8/10/1899, Aged 58y 7m 8d, Wife of Isaac E. Hernley


Christian K. HERNLEY  7/14/1823-11/3/1913, Aged 90y 3m 19d


Isaac E. HERNLEY  2/21/1844-7/5/1898, Aged 54y 4m 14d, with Barbara


Isaac E. and Barbara HERNLEY  Full view


Jacob HERNLEY  186?, Aged 1d, Son of Isaac and Barbara Hernley


John K. HERNLEY  11/25/1816-10/28/1911, Aged 94y 11m 3d


Isaac HESS  d. 7/21/1853, Aged 5m 2d, Son of Martin and Catharine Hess


Amanda HOFF---  Amanda, near Hoffer and Hoffman stones


Abraham HOFFER  10/7/1841-10/21/1841, Aged 1-d, Son of Jacob and Mar- Hoffer


David HOFFER  10/5/1840-3/8/1844, Aged 3y 5m 3d, Son of Jacob and Mary Hoffer


Henry HOFFER  5/30/1839(?)-8/10/1839(?), Son of Jacob and Mary Hoffer


Jacob HOFFER  12/2/1812-10/13/1881, Aged 68y 10m 11d


Levi HOFFER  10/5/1842-4/29/1843, Aged 6m 24d, Son of Jacob and Mary Hoffer


Mary HOFFER  12/4/1812-10/12/1871, Aged 61y 10m 8d, Wife of Jacob Hoffer


Maryan HOFFER  6/4/1845-2/4/1846, Aged 8m, Daughter of Jacob and Mary Hoffer


Unknown HOFFER


Catharine HOFFMAN  2/24/1806-1/19/1884, Aged 78y 10m 28d, Wife of Jacob Hoffman


Harriet C. HOFFMAN  6/18/1830-12/9/1905(?), Aged 76y 5m 21d


Henry HOFFMAN  d. 1/5/1865(?), Aged abt 75y(?)


Isaac HOFFMAN  d. 3/1/1885(?), Aged 2d, Son of Samuel and Barbara(?) Hoffman


Jacob HOFFMAN  3/27/1801-4/22/1889, Aged 88y 27d


Samuel HOFFMAN  d. 3/11/18-9?, Aged 1d, Son of Samuel and Barbara Hoffman


Samuel K. HOFFMAN  3/28/1835-2/21/1907, Aged 71y 10m 23d, with Harriet


Samuel K. and Harriet C. HOFFMAN  Full view


Christian W. and Mary S. HORST  Christian 11/28/1858-4/1/1926 Aged 67y 4m 3d, his wife Mary 11/30/1857-2/3/1938


Milton E. HORST  4/10/1880-10/13/1904, Aged 24y 6m 3d, Son of Christ'n W. and Mary S. Horst


J. Shelly KAYLOR  2/20/1921-12/20-1985


Paul B. and Ada B. KAYLOR  Paul 10/15/1899-10/31/1980, Ada 1/8/1901-6/2/1953


Roy B. and Mary E. KAYLOR  with Roy W. Jr. and Infant Children, Roy 1902-1990, Mary 1902-1994, Roy W. Jr. 1939


Jacob LEINHART  12/19/1830-6/25/1912, Aged 81y 6m 6d


Lizzie  Located between John Gerlach and Sarah Gerlach


Maggie J.  Located between George Drace and Abram & Mary Young


Harriet MCDANNEL  5/7/1829-6/24/1894, Aged 65y 1m 17d, Wife of Samuel McDannel


Infant MCDANNEL(?)  Located between Sarah and Mary Ann McDannel


Mary Ann MCDANNEL  1/11/1858-8/17/1946, Aged 88y 7m 6d, With William


Samuel MCDANNEL  2/15/1820-10/5/1893, Aged 73y 7m 20d


Samuel R. and Alice B. MCDANNEL  Samuel 9/16/1880-2/22/1962, Alice 5/12/1898-7/23/1984


Sarah Jemima MCDANNEL  1/31/1859-1/25/1863, Aged 3y 11m 25d, Daughter of Samuel and Harriet McDannel


William S. MCDANNEL  6/13/1853-5/11/1937, Aged 83y 10m 28d, with Mary Ann


William S. and Mary Ann MCDANNEL  Full view


Rosanna MEASHY  3/25/1825-2/13/1913, Aged 87y 10m 18d, Wife of Abraham G. Meashy


Abraham MESHEY  1/27/1818-10/29/18??, Aged ?y ?m 2d


Henry MOYER  2/4/1806-11/23/1830, Aged 24y 9m 19d


Jacob MYERS  8/26/1777-3/5/1842, Aged 64y 6m 10d


Joseph SHANK  2/23/1819-1/24/1892, Aged 72y 11m 1d


Magdalene SHANK  8/12/1820-5/5/1898(?), Aged 77y 8m 24d, Wife of Joseph Shank


Irene SHELLY  1/29/1888-12/30/1895, Aged 7y 11m 1d, Adopted daugher of A--- and Mary Shelley


Isabella SIMPSON  Daughter of Solomon and Elizabeth Becker, with other Becker stones


UNKNOWN  d. 10/20/1854 Located between Henry Moyer and Isaac Hess


UNKNOWN  Located next to Hoffman






H. W.


Elizabeth WEALAND  12/5/1850-6/22/1928, Aged 77y 6m 17d


Isaac WEALAND  10/5/1842-11/28/1911, Aged 69y 1m 23d


Annie M---ssa WITMER  2/6/1875(?)-??/??/1876(?), Aged 6m ?d, Daughter of John and Lavina Witmer


Barbara WITMER  d. 10/20/????, Aged 3y(?) ?m ?d, Daughter of John and Lavina(?) Witmer


Christian WITMER  3/20/1799-4/22/1872, Aged 73y 1m 2d


E----- WITMER  Aged 34y(?) 4m(?) 11d


Elizabeth WITMER  3/18/1786-11/21/1837, Aged 51y 8m 3d


Ephriam WITMER  6/6/1876(?)-1/?/1877(?), Aged 7m 1d(?), Son of John N. and Lavina R.(?) Witmer


Fanny WITMER  5/??/1839(?)-9/30(?)/1843(?) Aged 4y ?m 26d(?), Daughter of Henry and Barbara Witmer


Henry and Barbara WITMER  Henry 6/12/1807-9/5/1895 Aged 88y 2m 23d, Barbara 12/11/1810-1/17/1897 Aged 86y 1m 6d


Henry N. and Catharine G. WITMER  Henry 8/7/1834-8/16/1922, Aged 88y 8d, Catharine 3/5/1853-8/23/1927, Aged 74y 5m 18d


John N., Lavina and Allen WITMER  Lavina 1/14/1856-4/16/1911, Allen 10/21/1885-1/1/1910


Joseph N. WITMER  7/7/183(?)-??/26/1875(?), Aged 2?y 5m(?) 19d, Son of Henry and Barbara Witmer


Maria WITMER  1/18/1801-3/5/1870, Aged 69y 1m 9d, Wife of Christian Witmer


Peter WITMER  10/18/1787-10/27/1849, Aged 62y 9d


Barbara WITTMER  4/7/1755(?)-6/??/1835, Aged 80y 2m ??d


Unknown WITTMER  ??/29/1755-1844(?)


Abram K. and Mary B. YOUNG  Abram 9/24/1868-9/11/1945, Mary 4/25/1875-10/5/1959, Located between DRACE stones


Catherin YOUNG  ?/22/180?-??/7/1844, Aged ?y 4m ?d, Wife of Johan Young


Emma YOUNG  b. 10/??/1856(?), Daughter of John adn Har--- Young


Emma(?) YOUNG  d. 4/16/1841(?), Aged 11y(?) ?m 28d


Hiram YOUNG(?)  d. 1/20/1863, Aged 7y 29d, Located in the middle of Young stones


John YOUNG  2/10/1805-3/10/1880, Aged 75y 1m


Lavina(?) YOUNG


Susanna YOUNG  1/26/1813-9/13/1877, Aged 64y 7m 17d, Wife of John Young




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