Stehman Memorial


Methodist Church Cemetery

aka Greenfield Cemetery


Indian Run and Stehman Church Roads

Manor Township



Partial Transcription


Photos contributed by

Kay Arnold



Howard L. ARNOLD 1913-1972, with Agnes G. ARNOLD 1915-1958, and Erla Jane ARNOLD 1919-2007,

next to Leroy H. ARNOLD 1946-1992 son of Howard L. and Agnes, Rests in Texas


Benjamin E. BINKLEY   View of Plot   with John and Lizzie Binkley


David F. BINKLEY   View of Plot   1827-1913, with Mary Ann BINKLEY 1830-1921


John BINKLEY   View of Plot   with Benjamin E. and Lizzie Binkley


Lizzie BINKLEY   View of Plot   with Benjamin E. and John Binkley


Harold M. ESHLEMAN 2/26/1910-2/27/1910, with Charles M. ESHLEMAN 5/11/1913-8/1/1913,

children of Milton F. and Elizabeth E. Eshleman


Milton F. ESHLEMAN    View of Plot   1889-1979, with Elizabeth E. ESHLEMAN 1887-1969


Wilbur M. ESHLEMAN 1911-1980


James N. HERR 10/26/1922-3/15/2001


John N. HERR 1867-1910, with wife Alice E. HERR 1872-1962


Christian Book KEEPORT 1853-1884, with Mary A. Binkley KEEPORT 1858-1939, and son Miles Binkley KEEPORT 1878-1891




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