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Samuel W. BRECHBILL 1868-1944, with Fannie Schock Seigrist BRECHBILL 1869-1937


Ezra T. EHRHART 12/8/1911-7/25/2000, with wife Anna M. Schock EHRHART 3/30/1911-11/19/1995


Fannie M. EHRHART 1914-1936


Fay L. EHRHART 6/1940, daughter of Ezra T. and Anna M. Ehrhart


Rebecca S. JOHNSON 1906-2001


Betty KIBLER a.k.a. Anna E. CAMPBELL, 3/23/1933-7/18/1982


C. Oliver KIBLER 1916-2006, with Martha Mae KIBLER 1916-1971


Charles M. KIBLER 1882-1965, with Rebecca M. KIBLER 1883-1976


Jay Philip KIBLER 1959-1959, son of John and Anna Ruth Kibler


John S. KIBLER 1909-2/13/2007 (per SSDI), with Anna May KIBLER 1911-1937 aged 25y 9m 15d, and M. Esther KIBLER 1906-1989 aged 82y 10m 28d


Rev. Paul S. KIBLER 3/27/1911-1/6/1977, with Anna Mary KIBLER 1/22/1908-2/4/2005


Walter H. LONG 12/16/1939-5/3/1990


MELHORN Children Son b. 5/20/1918, daughter b. 6/22/1913, and son b. 3/2/1908, children of C.A. and M.M. Melhorn


Christian A. MELHORN 9/22/1881-9/11/1950, with wife Martha M. Melhorn 6/1/1878-10/29/1948


A. S. 


C. S. 


I. S. 


J. S. 


J. S. 


J. S. with J.W. and illegible stone


M. S. 


R. S. 


Albert F. SCHOCK 12/21/1909-10/12/1990


Alice W. SCHOCK 9/9/1920-9/18/1920, daughter of John and Fannie Schock


Amelia SCHOCK 2/17/1891-5/21/1893 aged 2y 3m 4d, with Martin M. SCHOCK 7/2?/1885(?)-1/18(?)/1886(?) aged 5m 25d, children of John and Mary Schock


Barbara SCHOCK 6/10/1799-10/1822, aged 23y 4m, wife of Johannes Schock


Benjamin SCHOCK son of Jacob and Rebecca Schock


Catharina SCHOCK d. 9/20/1794, aged 6y, daughter of Johannes and Catharina Schock


Catharina SCHOCK 5/31/1768-8/20/1805, aged 38y 3m, wife of Johannes Schock


Edna M. SCHOCK 4/29/1910-4/6/1949


Infant SCHOCK d. 3/29/1924, daughter of John and Fannie Schock


Isaiah M. SCHOCK 11/6/1881-4/6/1963, with Sarah SCHOCK 10/28/1874-5/30/1975


Isaih SCHOCK 11/1?/1863-5/3/1881, aged 17y 6m 23d, son of Jacob and Rebecca Schock


Jacob SCHOCK d. 2(?)/6/1862(?), aged 11y(?) ?m and 17d, son of Jacob and Rebecca Schock


Jacob SCHOCK  View of Plot  10/18/1824-11/22/1873, aged 49y 1m 4d, next to Rebecca


Jacob F. SCHOCK 1914-1988, with Katie H. SCHOCK 1912-1988, and Fay and Fern 1943-1943


Jacob M. SCHOCK 1887-1981, with wife Anna H. SCHOCK 1889-1952


Johannes SCHOCK d. 7/2/1832(?), aged ?y 1m(?) 18d, son of Johannes and Veronica Schock


Johannes SCHOCK   View of Plot  aged 71y(?) 7m 5d(?)


Johannes SCHOCK 3/25/17??-3/29/1826(?), aged 68y 4d


John SCHOCK d. 3/13/1923, aged 68y 4m 28d


John M. SCHOCK 6/16/1894-2/20/1977, with Fannie S. SCHOCK 6/19/1890-3/2/1967


Joseph SCHOCK 2/29/1861(?)-?, son of Jacob and Rebecca Schock


Magdalena SCHOCK 7/11/1826-11/2/1899, aged 73y 3m 22d


Mary H. SCHOCK d. 1/4/1916, aged 61y 18d, wife of John Schock


Nathan W. SCHOCK 2/1/1922-12/8/1922, son of John and Fannie Schock


Pauline F. SCHOCK 6/29/1928-9/9/1989


Rebecca SCHOCK 8/1/1852-1/25/1905, aged 52y 5m 24d


Rebecca L. SCHOCK ?/11/1822-3/22/1895, aged 75y ?m 11d, wife of Jacob Schock


Richard F. SCHOCK 1923-1936


Ruth E. SCHOCK 2/24/1923-10/14/2006


Veronica SCHOCK 9/13/1793-10/1/1857, aged 64y 18d, wife of John Schock, next to Johannes


Cora E. STONER 1878-1946


Joseph STRICKLER d. 10/28/1879, aged 83y


Mary STRICKLER d. 3/19(?)/1880, aged 82y


Unknown/Illegible stones:  1 2 


Clyde M. WARNER 6/2/1904-11/22/1975, with Ruth E. WARNER 5/25/1908-2/16/1960


Kenneth E. WARNER 11/8/1936-3/6/1997




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