S. Reamstown Road at Cocalico Creek Road

East Cocalico Township


Photographed 2006



Contributed by

Abby Bowman



Martha F. ANSEL 1869-1915


William ANSEL 7/1/1842-11/16/1909, aged 67y 4m 15d, Co. G 195th Regt. P.V.




Jay T. BARE 1930-1951, Mast. Sgt. Co. B 7th Inf., 3rd Inf. Div., Killed in Korea, Awarded Silver Star


William H. BARE 1892-1978 WWI Veteran, with wife Catherine Y. Haus BARE 1897-1934, and William H. Bare Jr. 1921-1921


Charles P. BRIDGES 1902-1993


Dorothy W. BRIDGES 1906-1984, nee Myers


Thomas CARNEY 2/1/1902-12/22/1982, with Amanda S. CARNEY 2/27/1897-3/20/1984




John J. COOK 7/10/1909-9/18/1998, with Anna B. COOK 10/23/1909-4/8/1987


Judson J. CUTLER 2/4/1899-2/20/1957


Hattie R. DEBOLD 10/2/1895-10/21/1895, aged 19d, daughter of John W. and Ada Debold


Edward F. DRYBREAD 1/8/1853-1/28/1928, with Rebecca DRYBREAD 1/20/1858-3/30/1951


Clara Lesher EVANS 5/11/1855-5/9/1925, wife of T. Frank Evans


J. Howard EVANS 9/28/1910-11/14/1923, son of John H. and Jennie E. EVANS


John H. EVANS 12/9/1882-1/25/1966, with Jennie E. EVANS 9/9/1881-4/6/1978


Thomas L. EVANS 2/11/1878-10/21/1958, son of T. Frank and Clara L. Evans


Galen M. FRANKHOUSER 2/20/1908-10/24/1980, with Esther M. FRANKHOUSER 8/27/1909-3/28/1977


Jesse R. FRANKHOUSER 7/16/1872-4/15/1953 aged 80y 8m 29d, with Susan E. FRANKHOUSER 1/11/1872-6/10/1948 aged 76y 4m 29d


Howard H. GETZ 3/11/1895-7/14/1976, with Maggie M. GETZ 7/20/1895-5/14/1974


Jacob GETZ 3/8/1823-3/7/1879, aged 55y 11m 30d


Mary GETZ 4/17/1829-4/27/1905, aged 76y 10d, wife of Jacob Getz


William B. GETZ 9/26/1858-11/26/1927 aged 69y 2m, with Eve E. GETZ 9/13/1860-12/26/1900 aged 40y 3m 13d, and son William H. GETZ 2/9/1890-2/29/1904 aged 14y 20d


Clarence W. GOOD  View 2  4/16/1900-10/7/1969 , with Miriam Jean GOOD 10/11/1906-4/15/1993 nee Buch, Reamstown Funeral Directors


Harry H. GOOD 5/20/1872-11/19/1960 aged 88y 5m 29d, with Hallie S. GOOD 8/10/1870-4/30/1928 aged 57y 8m 20d


Ruth S. GOOD 10/11/1898-9/16/1973, aged 74y 11m 5d


Earl E. GRANT 12/13/1904-1/7/1985, with Helen E. GRANT 9/10/1905-2/23/1993, married 9/15/1923


Kenneth Lee GRANT 1932-1936, aged 4y 4m 28d, "Kenny"


Oscar S. GROFF 2/15/1881-3/19/1943, with Katie A. GROFF 9/2/1882-4/1/1985


Mary HAIN 1/18/1852-9/5/1921, aged 69y 7m 17d


Unknown HAIN  


Walker W. HAIN  


Galen L. HALDEMAN 3/4/1909-12/29/1964 aged 55y 9m 25d, with Jennie A. HALDEMAN 10/19/1903-10/6/1964 aged 60y 11m 17d nee Good


J. Albert HALL b. 8/2/1910, aged 1d, son of J. Albert and Mary Hall


J. Albert HALL 5/3/1887-3/18/1969, with Mary M. HALL 5/9/1886-2/13/1971, and Lt. Harry V-R HALL 5/3/1918-4/12/1944


Kenneth W. HALL 2/18/1925-9/9/2002, WW II U.S. Submarine Veteran


Miriam J. HALL 11/20/1912-9/17/1941


Robert C. HALL b. 7/25(?)/1911, aged 1d, son of J. Albert and Mary Hall


Willard Rea HALL d. 4/11/1924, aged 24d, son of J. Albert and Mary Hall


William B. HALL 3/5/1921-10/30/1999, WW II Veteran




Marvin N. HILTEBEITEL 11/17/1907-11/1/1963, with Florence HILTEBEITEL 12/25/1909-2/28/1985


Russell L. HUNTER 3/6/1892-7/6/1964


Isabella KALEY d. ?, aged 18y ?m 17d, daugher of ? Kaley


John KALEY 7/22(?)/1841(?)-8/?/1861, aged 21y 2m 12d, Entered the service(?) of -------- Aug. ?, 1861(?) -- remainder illegible --


Catharine KARR(?) 


Frank U. KILLIAN 12/21/1888-3/11/1889, son of Monroe and Lizzie Killian


Frank W. KILLIAN 5/3/1887-6/10/1888, aged 1y 1m(?) 7d


Martha KLING 11/10/1814-12/7/1885, aged 72y 27d, "Sister"


Samuel KLUGHERZ 1874-1955, with wife Lilian M. KLUGHERZ 1885-1966 nee Reddig


Laura KREISER 1884-1938


Monroe LANDIS 1/16/1838-1/1/1903 aged 64y 11m 15d Co. C. 17 PA Cav., with Elizabeth LANDIS 4/20/1837-6/27/1924 aged 87y 2m 7d


James D. LANDRETH 6/8/1912-12/12/1974


William F. LANDRETH 10/11/1878-3/20/1930, with Blanche Evans LANDRETH 2/2/1879-10/2/1957


John Lesher LEE 5/26/1929-4/27/2002, with Shirley Joanna LEE 7/22/1934-3/19/2003 nee Ream, Beloved parents, grandparents and friends of this community


John Steven LEE 1959-1990


Amelia LESHER 2/8/1847-7/24/1925, wife of John S. Lesher, nee Hoyer


Anna Catharine LESHER 10/29/1843-7/22/1856, daughter of Henry and Catharine Lesher


Augustus S. LESHER 7/31/1874-5/30/1937 son of Henry and Rebecca Lesher, with Lillian I. LESHER 6/1/1877-6/13/1960 daughter of Andrew and Lydia Shrom


Catharine LESHER 7/14/1794-2/26/1870, wife of John Lesher, nee Miller


Catharine LESHER 4/23/1822-10/17/1853, wife of Henry Lesher, nee Steinmetz


Charles LESHER 2/17/1847-5/3/1847, son of Henry and Catharine Lesher


Charles W. LESHER 4/28/1887-5/10/1906, aged 19y 12d, son of Geo. and Frances Lesher


Edna C. LESHER 7/29/1909-7/11/1999


Edward LESHER 11/26/1825-11/24/1826, son of John and Catharine Lesher


Elizabeth LESHER 5/14/1763-9/6/1832, wife of John Lesher, nee Binkley


Elizabeth LESHER 3/22/1845-3/6/1846, daughter of Henry and Catharine Lesher


Emma LESHER 8/21/1868-1/17/1871, daughter of Henry and Rebecca Lesher


George S. LESHER 6/23/1863-7/12/1946 son of Henry and Rebecca Lesher, with wife Frances Lehr LESHER 6/30/1863-5/20/1942 daughter of John and Mary Frecht


George W. LESHER 12/24/1888-12/24/1908, aged 20y, son of Geo. S. and Frances L. Lesher


Harry M.(?) LESHER 9/11/1894-2/25/1897, aged 2y 5m 14d, son of Geo. S. and Frances Lesher


Henry LESHER 1/30/1816-10/5/1894, son of John and Catharine Lesher


Henry S. LESHER 10/17/1847-5/17/1919, son of Henry and Catharine Lesher


Howard LESHER 1902-1988, with Naomi LESHER 1906-1989


Jane E. LESHER 1/11/1923-7/31/1935


John LESHER 3/14/1749-1/23/1831, son of Nicholas and Dorothy Lesher


John LESHER 10/29/1787-8/12/1840, son of John and Elizabeth Lesher


John LESHER 6/18/1823-2/12/1908, with Rebecca LESHER 5/20/1832-8/15/1900 nee Matz


John F. LESHER 1891-1964, with Elizabeth M. LESHER 1891-1976


John S. LESHER 2/11/1842-1/29/1872, son of Henry and Catharine Lesher


Lyman LESHER 5/10/1861-5/20/1863, son of Henry and Rebecca Lesher


Martin LESHER 9/1/1831-5/21/1832, son of John and Catharine Lesher


Paul S. LESHER 9/26/1902-11/22/1964 son of Augustus S. and Lillian I. Lesher, with Marguerite H. LESHER 9/27/1902-9/30/1993 daughter of George Z. and Laura A. Hunter


Ralph A. LESHER 7/28/1904-9/22/1969


Ralph A. LESHER born and died 4/27/1937, son of Ralph A. and Edna S. Lesher


Rebecca LESHER 11/18/1872-8/16/1873, daughter of Henry and Rebecca Lesher


Rebecca LESHER 8/20/1833-2/10/1888, wife of Henry Lesher, nee Showalter


Robert H. LESHER 1885-1945, with Myrtle E. LESHER 1889-1953


Sadie May LESHER 9/10/1896-10/27/1918, aged 22y 1m 17d


Stephen H. LESHER 10/5/1868-3/23/1950, son of John and Amelia Lesher


Susan LESHER 3/31/1851-4/3/1868, daughter of Henry and Catharine Lesher


Paul S. LIED 4/14/1893-6/19/1975, with Ellen C. LIED 4/3/1898-4/1/1966


Unknown LIED 


S. A. M. near Miller stones


Martin S. son of Martin and Lizzie


Melvin R. MEYER 1926-2002, with Betty J. MEYER 1928-1992


Alta M. MILLER 2/17/1895(?)-?/17/189?, daughter of A.G. and Frances(?) Miller


Andrew G. MILLER 8/26/1856-2/13/1910 aged 53y 5m 17d, with Frances S. MILLER 2/18/1860-11/18/1908 aged 48y 9m




George Garfield MILLER son of Andrew and Frances Miller


Mary MILLER d. 3/30/1863, aged 70y(?), wife of Abraham Miller


Edward MISHLER 1/30/1838-5/25/1838, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Mishler


Abraham MYERS 5/13/1811-3/19/1859


Bertha W. MYERS 1881-1969


Blanche E. MYERS 7/24/1886-11/24/1962


C. William MYERS 1878-1963


Christiana MYERS 7/28/1810-7/5/1889, aged 78y 11m 8d, wife of Abr. Myers


Howard W. MYERS 1893-1968 PFC Co. E 328 Infantry WW I, with Alice S. Reddig MYERS 1898-1959, and Walter H. MYERS 1936-1940


James B. NEVLING 8/21/1964-4/4/1986


Amos OSWALD 1866-1936, with wife Susan E. OSWALD 1867-1947


Harriet PALM 10/17/1827-1/5/1847, wife of Charles Palm, daughter of John and Catharine Lesher


R near Raezer stones


A. R. R. 


C. R. 


H. R. 


J. R. 


S. R. 


T. R. 


T. R. 


Andrew RAEZER 2/12/1804-2/5/1876, aged 71y 11m 24d


Charles RAEZER 4/?/1830(?)-7/?/184?, aged 17y(?) ?m 28d(?)


Eliza L. RAEZER 11/27/1824-11/2/1906, aged 81y 11m 5d, wife of John Raezer


John RAEZER 9/12/1821-4/20/1889, aged 67y 7m 8d, Civil War Veteran


Leah RAEZER d. 5/10/1883, aged 70y 2m 4d, wife of Andrew Raezer


Michael RAEZER 10/10(?)/1775-2/12/1847, aged 71y 3m 25d(?), Veteran 1812-1814


Rebecca RAEZER d. 11/7/1872, aged 88y 3m 11d, wife of Michael Raezer, Erected by her son H.(?) Raezer


Edwin M. S. RANCK 4/17/1844-11/7/1891, aged 47y 6m 20d, son of Levi and Catharine Ranck, Civil War Veteran


Mary K. RANCK 3/19/1844-8/14/1874, aged 30y 4m 26d, wife of Edwin M. S. Ranck, daughter of Simon and Catharine Boyer(?)


J. Barton RATHMAN 10/4/1876-5/30/1970, with Lizzie L. RATHMAN 12/27/1877-11/25/1944


Michelle Lynn RAY 1981


REAM  View 2  with Adam 1786-1862, Adam R. 1823-1899, Catharine 1783-1852, Johnathan 1811-1872, Susanna 1823-187?, and Rebecca Ream ROYER 1818-1845


Aaron REAM 3/14/1810(?)-10/28/1879


Andrew J. REAM 6/30/1828-4/9/1902 aged 73y 9m 9d, with Annie REAM 9/7/1833-8/9/1898 aged 64y 11m 2d


Barton P. REAM 9/2/1842-10/5/1904, aged 62y 1m 3d


Catharine REAM 2/2/1816-10/11/1870, aged 54y 8m ?d, wife of ? Ream


Christina REAM d. 3(?)/2?/1860, aged 84y ?m 10d, wife of ?, daughter of Adam(?) and Christina(?)


Curtis REAM 


Cyrus REAM 12/8/1812-8/23/1884, aged 71y 8m 15d


Floyd Lynn REAM Jr. (Riehm), 1930-1987, President Ream Family 1971-1987, USAF Chaplain Service 1948-1987


Forest Vernon REAM (Riehm) 1891-1987, with Eva Caroline REAM 1892-1966 nee Wuchter


Frances REAM 5/1/????-5/1?/1906(?), aged 53y, wife of Barton P. Ream


Frederick REAM 10/11/1771-1/21/1858, aged 86y 4m 11d (sic)


Henry REAM d. 10/?/????, aged 81y(?) 8m(?) ?d


Henry H. REAM d. 11/27/1898(?), aged 70y


Henry J. REAM 1/4/1870-7/18/1899, aged 29y 6m 14d, son of Barton P. and Frances Ream


Johann Eberhard REAM 10/6/1687-8/22/1779, with Elisabeth REAM nee Schwab 10/10/1692-3/4/1761, Pioneer Settler, Migrated From Germany in 1717, Settled here in 1723 or 4, Erected 1960


John W. REAM 4/21/1872-3/7(?)/1873, aged 10m ?d, son of Barton and Frances Ream


Juliana REAM 18??-1885(?), daughter of ? And Mary Ream


Lydia REAM next to Richard


Mary REAM 9/28/1785-1/2/1872, aged 86y ?m 4d, wife of Frederick Ream


Mary REAM ?/17(?)/1813(?)-5/18/1884, aged 71y ?m ?d, daughter of Frederick and Mary Ream


Mary REAM d. 8/18/????, aged 10y 5m ?d


Mary REAM 12/23/1808(?)-9/14/184?, aged 38y 8m 28d, wife of Andrew Ream, daughter of Philip and Maria(?) ---ing(?)


Oliver J. REAM 11/13/1840-5/16/1865, aged 24y 6m 3d, son of Cyrus and Catharine Ream


Paul Wuchter REAM (Riehm) 1919-1971, with Katherine F. (Lyons) REAM 1915-1994


Richard REAM 11/5/1785-1/15/1864, aged 78y 2m 10d


Susanna REAM aged 78y ?m ?c


Tobias REAM 1733-1807 son of Eberhard Ream, with Juliana REAM 1738-1824, wife of Tobias Riem, daughter of Johannes Keller, Founder of Reamstown, Erected 1960;

Original Stones:   Tobias   Julianna


Unknown REAM 


Unknown REAM 


Unknown REAM 3/?/1820(?)-9/22/1820(?), aged 6m 18d


Unknown REAM 


Charles A. REAMS Jr. (Riehm)   Genealogy   7/6/1923-6/28/1986

Charles Albert Reams Jr. Son of C.A. Reams (1890-1958) and Martha Ziegler (1897-19), John Hyland Reams (1859-1921) and Emma Wegal (1865-1935), John G. Ream Jr. and Anna Hyland (1829-1895), John G. Sr. (Ca. 1798-1890) and Nancy Simmons (1804-1881), Johann Geo. Riehm (1769-) and Cristina, Johannes Rihm (1723-1784) and Maria Eva, J. Eberhard Riehm (1687-1779) and Eliz. Schwab (1692-1761), Ruth Dickinson wife of Charles Albert Reams Jr., daughter of Chas. E. Jr. (1890-1969) and Christine Farlander (1887-1929), Chas. Ed. Sr. (1858-1932) and Lydia Weaver (1864-1926), Wm. Dickinson (1819-1885) and Ruth Hurst (1822-1885), Cora Locke (1864-1947) and J.B. Farlander (1861-1952), Ebenezer Locke Jr. (1763-1856) Rev. War, and Hanna Guston


Ada Catharine REDDIG 


Agnes H. REDDIG 6/15/1859-8/18/1910, aged 51y 2m 3d, wife of Geo. R. Reddig


Carl T. REDDIG 1900-1967 US Army WWI, with Thelma D. REDDIG 1903-1991


Catharine E. REDDIG 1866-1940, with Sadie H. REDDIG 1881-1967


Charles H. REDDIG 8/26/1875-9/5/1964 son of John and Sara Reddig, with Amanda H. REDDIG 3/11/1880-6/28/1941 daughter of Daniel and Susan Steely


Christina REDDIG 4/?/1771-2(?)/27/1844, wife(?) of Jacob Reddig


Edna REDDIG 4/7/1884-2/9/1896, aged 1y 10m 2d, daughter of ? Reddig


Elizabeth REDDIG 8(?)/28/1798-4/20(?)/1871, aged 72y 8m ?d, wife of John Reddig


Elizabeth A. REDDIG 7/23/1864-9/12/1926, nee Keller, "Mother"


Elmina S. REDDIG 11/28(?)/1850-5/13(?)/1885, aged 34y 5m 15d, wife of John A. Reddig


Etta E. REDDIG 1899-1995


Evan H. REDDIG 4/12/1878-11/9/1902, aged 24y 6m 27d, son of John R. and Sarah K. Reddig


Fred M. REDDIG 12/17/1885-2/26/1941, with Alice R. REDDIG 6/28/1887-5/5/1975


Geo. R. REDDIG 6/22/1857-4/16/1938, aged 80y 9m 24d


George REDDIG 12/10/1823-2/2?/1864, aged 40y 2m 1?d


George REDDIG 4(?)/28/1796-?/9/1850(?), aged 53y 4m 12d


George B. REDDIG 7/19/87-12/29/88, son of ? and Agnes Reddig


Harry(?) REDDIG 185?-185?


Hattie REDDIG ?/10/18??-?/20/1885(?), daughter of John A. and E----- Reddig


Helen May REDDIG 1/14(?)/1891-11/5(?)/1891, aged 11m 22d, daughter of William B.(?) and Sallie(?) Reddig


Hoyer REDDIG 1870-1956, with Elizabeth REDDIG 1871-1957


Infant(?) REDDIG 


Infant REDDIG 4/18/1898-4/22/1898, son of Hoyer and Elizabeth Reddig


Infant REDDIG born 2/7/1903(?), son of ? And Ma--- Reddig


J. Stanley REDDIG 8/18/1887-4/25/1956, Son


Jacob REDDIG 10/7/1794-3/22/1877, aged 82y 5m 15d


Jacob REDDIG 5/10/1769-4/5/1854, aged 84y 10m 26d


Jacob R. REDDIG 11/8/1826-9/17/1902, with Catharine REDDIG 9/10/1827-3/2/1893


John REDDIG 3/31/1792-6/29/1873, aged 81y 2m 28d


John A. REDDIG 4/8/1848-7/26/1920, aged 72y 2m 18d


John H. REDDIG 1871-1945, with Alice F. REDDIG 1870-1908


John R. REDDIG 9/5/1836-1/23/1918, with Sarah K. REDDIG 11/4/1839-12/18/1897 daughter of Simon and Catharine Hoyer


John S. REDDIG 12/22/1896-6/20/1899, aged 2y 5m 28d, son of John and Alice F. Reddig


Louisa REDDIG 11/14/1830-8/11/1914, aged 83y 8m 27d, wife of George R. Reddig


Lydia REDDIG 9/6/1805-7/27/1854, aged 48y 10m 21d, daughter of Jacob and Christina Reddig


Lydia(?) Mar--- REDDIG 8/6/1853-12/7/1853, aged 4m 1dm daughter of Albert(?) and ? Reddig


Mamie R. REDDIG 12/12/1875-11/13/1945, aged 69y 11m 1d, daughter of Jacob B. and Emma H. Brubaker


Mary A. REDDIG, R.N. 2/10/1895-2/14/1922, daughter of John H. and Alice Reddig


Monroe B. REDDIG 1/7/1852-1/24/1926, aged 74y 17d


Ralph REDDIG 4/6/1916-10/14/1978


Samuel REDDIG 9/?/1902(?)


Samuel R. REDDIG 12/22/1851-12/8/1885, aged 34y 11m 16d, "My Son"


Stillborn Daugher REDDIG 5/10/1883, daughter of Geo. R. and Agnes Reddig


Thomas C. REDDIG 8/12/1863-11/27/1954


Unknown REDDIG 18?3-5/8(?)/1870(?), daughter of John R. and Sarah Reddig


Unknown REDDIG 12/8(?)/1799-4/?/1825, aged 25y 3m ?d


George F. REICHARD 12/17/1888-5/19/1948, PA Pvt. 319 Field Arty. 82 Div. WW I


John R. REICHARD 7/12/1883-1/25/1921


Mary E. REICHARD 8/13/1859-6/21/1934


Winfield REICHARD 7/7/1853-2/2/1938


Abraham R. RHOADS 5/30/1844-5/18/1875, aged 30y 11m 19d, son of Henry and Harriet Rhoads


Cloyd RHOADS 6/27/1875-10/5/1960, with Laura RHOADS 11/17/1878-9/25/1963


Harriet RHOADS 12/8/1818-11/8/1877, aged 58y 11m, wife of Henry Rhoads


Henry RHOADS 11/10/1812-3/27/1894, aged 81y 4m 17d


Sarah Ann RHOADS 1/2/1841-9/11/1902, aged 61y 8m 9d


Tennyson RHOADS 7/17/1900-11/20/1900, aged 4m 3d, son of Cloyd and Laura Rhoads


Theodore Z. RHOADS 11/7/1907-9/30/1915, aged 7y 10m 23d, son of Cloyd and Laura Rhoads


Thomas J. RHOADS 7/10/1849-10/2/1923, with Eliza RHOADS 1/27/1849-9/30/1923


Katherina RIHM 6/24/1757-7/12/1830, daughter of Adam Grill, wife of Johannes Rihm


Mose RIHM 8/24/1811-5/4/1819, aged 7y 7m 10d(?), son of Friederich and Maria Rihm


Unknown RIHM 


Frederick S. ROHRBACH 1895-1959, with Mabel E. ROHRBACH 1889-1977 nee Reddig


Edwin J. ROOT 1868-1953, with Carrie E. ROOT 1871-1955, Ralph R. ROOT 1893-1973, and Kathryn M. ROOT 1895-1996


Infant ROOT 


Emma E. ROTH 9/11/1914-2/9/1915


Herbert K. ROTH 2/3/1890-6/16/1962, with Ellen N. ROTH 5/19/1896-1/2/1986


Isaac(?) ROTH 1787-1820(?)


Rebecca Ream ROYER 1818-1845 with Adam, Adam R., Catharine, Johnathan, and Susanna Ream


Catharine RUTH d. 10/25/1859, aged 27d, daughter of Mary(?) Ruth


Jacob RUTH 4/24/1829-8/15/1894, aged 65y 3m 21d


Rebecca RUTH 12/8/1832-1/9/1913, aged 80y 1m 1d, nee Ream


J. S. 


Katie SCHLABACH 2/19/1898-5/16/1936, nee Lesher


Allen S. SCHLEGEL 3/19/1877-10/22/1944


Eliza C. SCHLEGEL 9/19/1880-4/20/1945


George L. SCHLEGEL 3/13/1882-9/4/1942, with Nora L. SCHLEGEL 3/12/1887-8/12/1975


Robert W. SCHLEGEL 5/25/1914-11/26/1980, S/Sgt. U.S. Army Air Force


Fianna SCHLOTT 2/18/1857-8/31/1906, aged 49y 6m 13d, wife of John Schlott


Hannah SCHLOTT 8/24/1821-3/28/1905, aged 83y 7m 4d, wife of John Schlott


John SCHLOTT 3/23/1820-8/20/1851, aged 31y 4m 27d


John L. SCHLOTT 1/16/1851-4/28/1936, aged 85y 3m 12d


John M. SCHLOTT d. ?/?/1891(?), aged 16d(?)


George A. SHOWERS 9/15/1884-8/20/1885, aged 11m 5d, son of Edwin and Mary Showers


Irene M. SIDLE 10/1/1894-2/15/1930, daughter of John H. and Alice Reddig


Susan Emma 


Philip TOLE 11/23/1835-9/11/1919 aged 82y 9m 18d Co. B 55 Reg. Pa. Inf., with Susanna TOLE 5/26/1832-10/5/1887 aged 55y 4m 9d


Amanda TREXLER 7/10/1857-11/12/1908, aged 49y 4m 2d


William D. TREXLER 4/22/1853(?)-9/1/1896(?), aged 43y 4m 9d


Edward R. TRUBIAN 7/18/19??-12/22/????, aged 4y, ?m ?d, son of Fred and Hattie Trubian


C. U. 


Anna Maria UIBEL 6/29/1823-4/3/1885, aged 56y 9m 3d, wife of George Uibel, "Mother"


Charles D. UIBEL 3/29/1898-4/1/1961, with Ruth R. UIBEL 3/20/1900-10/20/1963


Edmond UIBEL 3/16/1887-3/19/1975


Elizabeth UIBEL 3/1/1857-3/30/1936


Emma Jane UIBEL 10/23/1854-11/28/1884, aged 30y 11m 5d, wife of George Uibel, daughter of Elias and Susan Weitzel


George UIBEL 12/10/1816-2/1/1891, aged 74y 1m 21d


Unknown UIBEL d. 4/?/1891(?), aged 25y(?) 22d(?)


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Note:  This is just a sample of the many illegible ones.  There are at least another 40-50 stones.


M. W. 


Clara H. WALTERS 1882-1938


Ann Eliza WEAVER 8/21/1850-5/16/1891, aged 40y 8m 25d, wife of John L. Weaver, daughter of J.R. and Catharine Reddig


Carrie WEAVER 8/29/1877-9/15/1877, aged 17d, daughter of John and ? Weaver


John E. WEAVER 8/10/1848-9/22/1887, aged 39y 4m 12d, born in East Earl Twp., died at Reamstown


Mabel WEAVER 7/9/1882-2/5/1904, aged 21y 6m 27d, daughter of John L. and Ann Eliza Weaver, "Sister"


William A. WEAVER 


Benj. WEIDNER 1/8/1830-12/31/1916, aged 86y 11m 23d


Mary WEIDNER 7/22/1856-1/30/1929, aged 72y 6m 8d


Rose Anna WEIDNER 9/7/1832-9/7/1898, aged 67y, wife of Benjamin Weaver


Elias WEITZEL 9/14/1822-11/10/1898 aged 76y 1m 26d, with Susan WEITZEL 3/1/1829-8/31/1898 aged 69y 5m 30d


Henry WEITZEL 9/14/1829-12/4/1905, aged 76y 2m 20d


Laura WINEHOLD 2/19/1878-2/9/1930, aged 51y 11m 20d, nee Schlott


Rachel WITMAN 11/5/1799-3/10/1887, aged 87y 4m 5d


Ellen Mary WUNDER 6/30/1866-6/8/1934, aged 67y 11m 8d




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